Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Good evening everyone.  There has been a lot of information put out today to explain why the RV did not take place.  I won't spend the time writing all of it here, but will talk about it on the call tomorrow.

I know must of you don't care why it didn't go, you just want to know if it's going.

Well I'm happy to tell you once again that there are no computer problems, the banks have the rates and they are matching bank to bank.

Every 3 letter agency has indicated that they have signed off on the release and are just as frustrated as we are that it has not been completed.

Iraq has done all that they can to make this happen.  They are in full agreement and their process has been completed enough that they only need to continue playing their role until the announcement. 

This has brought and continues to increase the last thing that was required of them......peace and stability.
Now what you really care about is have I heard that the RV is still scheduled to be presented to us and when. 

Well the answer is a resounding YESSSSSS.  

Several agencies in D.C. and contacts from all around the world are confident that this could at any moment, but the best times are when all U.S. banks are either open or closed.  There is a time scheduled for tonight, BUT WE SHALL SEE.

The banks brought their people in early this morning and they were ready to receive the masses.  So the banks are not the holdup. 

The call centers and cashout centers are manned right at this moment and call center employees are currently on lockdown.  Several banks have notified their centers that this should be the last night (lets hope so).

Guys you and I both know that there are some other factors that are involved in this that we don't discuss openly on the forum.  If tonight is not the last night, I will have a open discussion about (I think, unless I get advised not too) it.

Do not buy dinar or do a reserve on this information.  Do not stayup all night looking for the RV.  If it happens we will send you a text.

Hopefully we won't be doing our regularly scheduled call tomorrow, but if we have to I'll be there.

Enjoy the rest of your night.


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