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So what does the post RV future look like?

The Coming Economic Collapse

Oh no!  We have not yet seen the collapse. I bring you this concern because it is a concern I have for all my dinar family here on TNTDINAR. I do not write this because I mean to create fear. But let me address something that perhaps you may not be aware of or thought of.

Remember in 1929 when the panic began in the markets. Why was there a panic? It continued till 1933 until we felt the full impact. It was a global situation. Everyone wanted in on a good thing. The market was doing so well.
It was mostly speculative cause there was no real value in the companies. The prices rose so suddenly, everyone was buying and selling and making fortunes. It was a fever. Then all of sudden what happened?

Now to post RV year 2013- there will probably be over 3 million plus new investors in the markets taking their post RV money and investing it. That is a lot of dough being placed in the market all at once. How will the markets react?  No one really knows.

For the most part most will use private bankers who will sell you these investment portfolios. As you may know by now I do not like these portfolios. I think they are for suckers!

These portfolios are designed to be controlled by automated systems (computer algorithms) that buy and sell based on market conditions. So we can see that a large sudden influx of capital once again and suddenly infused in the market can cause problems.

Prices will shoot up again very suddenly but again no real value in the companies to back up the price. This will simulate the buying frenzy of the years 1929-33. A tiny hick- up in the economy could cause these systems to suddenly sell off shares in a short period of time. If the timing is just right and the dollar has a sudden decline (which we all know is coming) this could trigger a crash and it could be sudden.

There may be other reasons too. Something to think about when you invest in the markets. This is why I do not recommend this to be your best approach to making money post RV.

This is how many of you could be broke in an instant. This is why I say be careful what you wish for !  Be ready to gamble if you decide to heavily invest in the market. You know what happens when you gamble. You can lose it all.

The Pressure Builds

Sorry I have not been a date and a rate person in the past but I have to tell you for the first time in this investment I have gotten calls from all my sources without even calling them to check the status of this investment.

They called me instead and all were very excited.

All are now in sync and this has never happened before. They all tell me this RV could happen by mid Sept and maybe in this week, maybe in the coming days is highly likely.

I tend to believe this news since I am aligning my intel also with the recent news from Iraq and the US government. Here is what I am hearing from these sources

Iraq- Iraq is now under extreme pressure to do something. This RV has been postponed too long already. Last week they allocated yet more funds on the Qi Cards to satisfy the masses hoping this would help.

They are afraid that if this stalling continues  they will see massive bombings and maybe assassinations bombings at the homes of some of the prominent politicians. They have uncovered already many plots to do so.

The green zone is now a safe haven and is secured. They are now also saturating their news media about a pending RV in the coming days. All good news for us.

Syria- The threat of war with Syria is not over. I was hoping that the USA would not go with this  insane plan. As I have said in my previous post they are concerned about a blockage in the Strait of Hormuz.

The US Navy ships are now securing this region of the Persian Gulf. Your navy fleets are there already and waiting orders to begin missile launches on strategic targets in Syria.

They are not worried about the so called super sonic anti ship missiles since they have plans to take these launching pads out prior to any attack.

Thank god for the Navy Seals…lol.. To make a long story short I believe, and this is my personal feeling, that there will be no bombings until this RV happens. I have heard that  the decision has been made to RV international to distract any Iranian terrorist now operating in Iraq. 

They also want to complete the border defenses with Iraq/Iran. There are other reasons too I can keep to myself.  I pray this does not happen.

In Summary

I know this has been a very long post having 3 parts. I am glad you made it to part C. But I wanted to get all this news out to you now. Time is very important right now.

You can see I have had many post recently.  I am not of course an expert but I believe that this global reset, when it happens, is not the end all solution and may in fact even make things worst in the long run since the global reset is much more than just currency resets and banking reforms.

Just look at the signs and pay attention. I do believe in my whole heart and soul that from what I am hearing from many sources, one of which is connected to some extremely wealthy individuals, that this global reset is actually a reset of society.

One last final control on the American people and of the world. Take this for what it is worth. This is not a conspiracy theory, a lecture or trying to scare anyone and create fear.  

I wish everyone happiness, abundance and to live a loving and fulfilled life. A life where all our dreams can truly be manifested in our lives post RV and we can raise generations of free, healthy and intelligent children. 

So I have eluded to the fact that we better think twice about what we wish for. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing amongst us telling us things and making us promises about this global reset and what it will bring us.

Be careful in how you invest your funds and try to take the precautions I have outlined seriously. The years to come may be a bumpy road.

There are also some other issues that greatly concern me now but I have to confirm some of what I am hearing before I bring any of this news to you. Stay tuned.

I know….thank God this post is over…..lol….

Peace and Luv to ya,

mnt goat

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