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Post By Eagle1 » September 29th, 2013, 10:31 pm  •  [Post 96]  And a good Sunday Evening to all of you.

It's been awhile since I posted one of these updates, but I'm pleased to say that this one should be the last, pre-GCR!

As you all will have heard by now -- and especially those who have heard me comment on Frank's CC's -- the IMF took control of the GCR on September 5th. We've had many alerts since that date thinking that things were finished.

In fact, there have been a series of events which had to take place prior to the Global Currency Reset being released to the world.

We've talked about the necessity of funding things like the Alpha Fund, the Omega Fund, the Prosperity Packages and -- finally -- five UN projects.
  Without rehashing a lot of previous discussions, the various funds and packages represented multiplied trillions of dollars. The numbers are so high that it boggles the imagination.

The Omega Fund, for example, represented a series of investments backed by gold that the U.S. seized from the Nazis in 1945.

Nations were allowed to take advantage of this in order to plan for a prosperous day in their future that would make each of them debt-free with years of financial freedom.

The Prosperity Packages were enabled by the Omega Fund, and they totaled in excess of $25 Trillion alone.

The UN Projects were designed initially to provide unlimited financial capability to fund multiple research endeavors in order to provide some kind of normal life for the Wounded Warriors.

We've known for the past couple of weeks that the Omega Fund, the Alpha Fund and all of the Prosperity Packages had been taken care of, and the monies necessary to satisfy the requirements repatriated and properly disbursed.

What has been the last hang-up has been the final UN Project.

That project represented several trillion USD all by itself, and it has been under the watchful eye of a Federal Judge ever since several bank employees attempted to sidetrack it and utilize those funds for personal profit.

I received a telephone call on Friday night from an individual who works within the Federal Government, who also had participated in the last UN Project.

This individual informed me that the Paymaster for this project was on track to complete things by 11:00 PM Pacific, and that funds would be able to be seen in the respective bank accounts by Midnight.

I was assured that a telephone call or a text message would occur as soon as those funds were confirmed.

That call did not come until Saturday morning. I was advised that the project's Paymaster had completed things on schedule, funds were visible in each respective account, and a 72-hour hold was put on those funds pending the GCR going "live" Tuesday, October 1.

The reason for the 72-hour delay apparently lies in the fact that Panama has, for several decades, been using the USD as its currency in place of its old currency, the Panamanian Balboa.

I received a message from within the IMF that Panama had been in the process of preparing to restore the Balboa and dump the USD as its currency of trade. In order to accomplish that, Panama has been acquiring gold in order to provide asset backing.

Additionally, they had never installed the Babylon II software within their banking system. (BTW, the newly posted UN Operational Rates chart shows the Balboa at 1:1 with the USD.)

On Friday, all banking institutions in Panama shut down for a four-day period in order to complete the changeover of software.

That four-day period ends on Monday night at midnight, and Panama will be Basel III compliant in preparation for the GCR.

What this all means, folks, is that Tuesday looks like our payday! I have multiple contacts within banks who are saying that with the release of the GCR on Tuesday, they will be ready to do their exchanges on Wednesday. Does that mean we have to wait until Wednesday to do our exchanges?

That remains to be seen. I believe Frank has some updates that he will be able to share on Monday night's call.

It is my understanding, however, that where prior arrangements have already been made, people will be able to do their exchanges on Tuesday.

It really looks like we're there, folks! Praise God!  Eagle1

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