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SYNOPSIS PER TONY: RV happened last night at 7 pm. Plans were to have us in the banks at 9 am. However, there were people again camped out in the bank parking lots, probably in North Carolina again, so they decided that they would postpone it and open the exchange process tonight. Time was to be at 4 pm. Now, it may be later. After the banks are closed, they will keep them open for exchange only. Expect that Okie will make the announcement this afternoon or this evening. Expect that the announcement with the 800 numbers will go out this evening.

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[FLPatriot59] TONY: Good morning, TNT! We're doing what we can to accommodate as many people as we can. We are the largest volume on HD in their entire business and they're trying to work it out.

 T - Today is Friday, Aug 9 and it's a great day and it's going to get better! At 7PM EST last night, something you've been waiting for 10 year for, absolutely did occur. People jumping up and down, excited.

 T - the issue now is how to get you there in an orderly fashion. It's going to be an exciting day! The one will do later today will be better. Not sure what time, but later today and it will be better. I'm highly anticipating doing a call later today.

 T - everything everybody was saying last night about the cards not being loaded, waiting 15 days, etc. are all saying NOW. They're all getting the same info at this point
T - people at the banks were excited last night and are in this morning. They came in early today and have been sent to lunch early, already, an extended lunch, so there will be no excuses when they have to work extended hours.

 T - this is the last time I'll say this: people are posting about the groups and what they're saying is completely wrong. Remember what I told you. They are putting this info out because they think 80% of you will fall in the same group rate.

FLPatriot59] T - more than one bank is accepting groups so you can get the best possible rate you can. After that, I have a simple, simple plan. Here's something very easy to follow and you'll be more than okay: when you get your money,

1.set aside 50% not to be touched before February 2014 (6 months) so it'll cover any tax situation you might have. If you fail to do this and they come out with a new tax in Jan/Feb, you'll regret it the rest of your life.

2. take 25% and put your money to work for you forever.

3. Take the other 25% and do the things you want to do (vacations, homes, etc.)

 T - I was also hoping at this time to be doing something else. It was scheduled for first thing this morning and it didn't. I do have a time, but they're concerened. There are people sitting in bank parking lots and they don't want them there.

 T - After today's mad rush is over with we should see some different things. Regarding the Qi-Card posted in the Forum, I clearly stated on the call it was a Contest Card, not the Qi-Card. TEXT REC'D FROM IRAQ: Qi cards are loaded and cannot be used without new rate. Do not worry and know all cards are loaded with new money."

 T - our problem is that we want everything to go by our rules, i.e, we want phone cards to be used as phone cards, not contest cards, or ATM cards. But their cards are multi-use.

 T - 24 hours from now it won't even matter. The rate is still an outrageous. The street rate is outrageous and it's at more than one bank as soon as tomorrow morning. I'm just putting it out there. I'll be the 1st one, the RV isn't here until we can go to the bank.

 T - If the banks had been opened last night (late) and we had been there you would have been abnle to walk out with cash. That changed this morning and was done for a purpose. They do not want CHAOS.

 T - Banks that said before they would not be involved in the CE have received memos saying they are now involved. Bankers are calling and apologizing to the peeps they told they wouldn't be CE'ing.

 TONY: Q&A STARTING: If you ask me, I'll tell you everything (except the time)

 C - If all this commerce is going on in Iraq ($5B contract with Boeing, etc.), why would they not open it all to the rest of us? T - they absolutely do want to give it to us. It's just a timing thing for the other economies. These are gov'ts making deals with notes to be paid in 90 days.

 C - High percentage for tomorrow banking? T - very high. This morning they fully expected to see you walking in the door today. I'm not making the post. Okie will still make the announcement when it's time and I think today is going to be a great day!

 C - restrictions on cashing in IQD? T - they're trying to make it orderly and make it fair to all so all banks are involved. They are telling their people they had a system in place and now don't think it would work so at the last minute they had to make adjustments, mainly because in one state they're camping out in the bank parking lots.

 C - plan on doing a call today? T - I plan on doing another one today. Tomorrow I want to be out spending money!

 C - a lot going on this weekend, i.e., kids going back to school, I think it'll be Mon or Tues? T - not all all, stuff is going on in DC, yesterday thru the night and today. Everybody is happy. We're in a good place to be and your turn is coming. The system is working and is completed. It's only a time thing for today.

 T - at 7PM EST last night everything change. Your whole world changed and you just didn't know it!

 C - are you saying that we're going to RV today? T - there's no reason for it not to.

 C - what's the VND? T - over $2

 C - regarding banks, my attorney said some of the bigger banks will ask where it's coming from? T -I don't know with $ being wired in/out why they might ask. Banks can give you a letter certifying that your funds are clear and good (Clean & Clear Letter). You should get 10-20 copies of those letters to have for house payoffs, car loan payoffs, etc.

T - Clean Clear FUnds of Non-Criminal Origin = CCC

 C - how close are you on this info; where did you get it from? T - Iraq, the banks, 3-letter agencies, call center people, the guys who are going to CE you, bank executives, etc. from so many sources yesterday that everybody was giddy.

 C - IQD rate? T - as of this morning in double-digits. As soon as the RV happens I can tell you what rates are in 3-4 banks, bottom and close to top rate.

 C - if all banks are going to be equal, do we have to wait for the 800 number? T - the VND you can walk in any bank. With the IQD there is a limit on what you can do as a walk-in. They will give you a number to call and you will give you a location to go to that will not be an ordinary bank.

 T - they are limited in what they CE at one time and the rate is so high you will be over the limit when you walk in. Some of you have 1 or 2 notes, but most of you have at least 1M IQD, which will be above their limit.

 T - they are hoping the rate will be so high you won't want to shop around. But some are going to get more no matter what they tell you. Nobody is doing this for free and I think people get paid for what they do, just not lie to you about it.

 T - the rates have been raised to the ridiculous. Find a veteran, charity, disabled, etc. and help them. The vets sacrificed a lot so we could have this and 80% of them don't have IQD because they weren't told about it.

 C - if I call the 800# and they offer me an $11 rate and require me to leave 20% of it, if I don't like it can I negotiate it? T - my understanding is that deal is a take-it or leave-it deal. You can leave and go somewhere else.

 C - what happened at 7PM EST last night that changed my life? T - Okie will tell you what happened. Even the peeps are saying you can't go to the bank yet, hold your breath!

C - I have a separate group, so should I go ahead with the group appt and if I don't like it go with the 800#? T - you always have options, I believe in competition. For the masses, just walking in and CE might be the easiest thing. But you can always go to any bank with your own private group. The banks are in competition and want your money. You can check out all the banks' rates, and if there are differences you have to look at the details.

 C - will we have enough time to do the group rate thing first, then make an appt with the 800#? T - you have 30 days and you'll need an appt with the 800#, but it depends on locations.

 C - so are you saying you're fairly confident we'll get a notice today from Okie for something that happened last night? T - yes, there was a concrete plan up to this phone call to do that.

 C - when is the earliest you think we can start making appts? T - I think after our call today.

 C - Those have VND, do you think they can accommodate a 25K note? T - you'll start at the teller window then, based on how much you have, they'll send you to a branch manager. It's already a tradeable currency with no restrictions like the IQD.

 T - with the VND you will be able to make a deposit, walk out with 5-10K cash, they'll give you a cashier's check and a new credit card they are now printing at the branches before you leave.

 T - the exciting part is that most are getting the same info, not just 2 or 3, and it's not taking 2 days for others to figure it out either.

C - we've been on this rollercoaster so long, what is the difference this time? T - what's different is that they said before they were going to do something but this time they actually did it. People in Iraq buying things they never thought they'd ever be able to have. This morning in a mosque in Falujah they were told they are the ones who saved the world's economy. Yesterday every mosque was authorized to make the announcement this morning. We called to see if they made the announcement and were told they didn't have to: everybody's already spending money.

 T - it's down to the bank levels like never before. Things in DC are being paid off, transferred, etc. Could it wait until Sat/Sunday? It's here, everyone and other countries will want it publicly acknowledged, but we will wait until this evening.

 C - did you actually speak with people in Iraq this morning? T - not this morning. I have but not this morning. I've talked to the same guys for the past 2 years and I know he's giving me correct info.

 C - I want to hear it right from the horses' mouth. T - I did receive the email this morning from Iraq and read it to you. C - you're talking to high officials? T - yes.

T - a lot has happened. I talked to 10-12 people last night and this morning. If all of them tell me this should I not believe any of them?

 C - I just want to say that last caller should get his own site. My question is that a lady on OMC said it showed in Australia and we should see it here at 4PM EST today? T - let's go to the next question. LOL! Don't watch your clock because last night was the 1st time they were down to the minute. The time has changed since you heard that but the plan is still in motion.

 T - Travelex removed VND from their boards yesterday so we called them. We were told they couldn't get anymore but they could sell what they had on hand.

 C - is Talabani dead? T - not sure but he was invited to attend a meeting this week.

 C - Why are the banks so confused? T - it was down to the teller level last night and if you had been standing there you could've CE'd. This morning that changed so they could address the chaos.

 T - if you go into the bank, there will be 2 types of people: those with IQD and those without. Let's remove those without IQD and close the banks for IQD-only banking. They are trying to control the chaos right now by telling me this now. Please don't go in demanding.

 T - I'm telling you right now, they've already sent their employees to extended lunches today to get geared up. When this happens no one is leaving.

 T - this will affect the market, so they're hoping by Monday things will have settled down.

[FLPatriot59] C - Will the money be instantly available once you make the CE? T - cash is cash and is available immediately.

 C - if you go to a private banker directly will he be able to give the group rate? T - he can negotiate his own deal.

 C - are the exchanges in actual banks in large cities or are they in offices? T - won't be in the smaller banks on separate floors, some in bank buildings that until today you wouldn't have known it was a bank building.

 T - they will ask your name, zip code, and amount you have and that will determine where they send you.

 T - I verified that info this morning again. If you go to a building that's not a regular bank, it will still say "Chase" or "WF" and the doors will be locked. Cannot just walk in.

 C - can I make an appt with my child who has their own? T - tell the operator that when you call.

 T - Just got info on the forms you need at the bank: it's called Clean, Clear & Non-Criminal Certificate - get a bunch of these at the bank.

 C - won't the IQD be tradeable like the VND? T - it will be newly tradeable because of the 3-zero notes and therefore new rules will apply

 C - have they been keeping this from the bank employees? T - those bank employees doing the CE and taking calls had to sign docs that they didn't have IQD and would not purchase any.

 C - any turning back from what happened last night at 7PM? T - the flood gate opened and there's no turning back. I feel really good we are at the end of the road.

 C - any truth to the rumor the rate was showing in Reno last night? T - it was showing on multiple bank screens.

 T - word was going around yesterday about what happened at 7PM last night. I think Okie should be the guy and if I had to guess, unless something has changed, we should be seeing parades on the runway. But it hasn't landed until you can go to the banks.

[FLPatriot59] T - not one person has called me and told me I'm giving out too much info.

 C - on a CC call last night at 1AM EST, there was a mini-blackout and several peeps on the call had our emails frozen, still had internet service but no cell service or emails until 3AM. Could this be the PTB trying to keep info from us? T - as I told you and was on the news they are monitoring your emails. Maybe they just picked up on you...no I don't think so. I talked to a 3-letter guy and he said if we were doing it you'd never know about.

 C - regarding folks in bank parking lots, do you think it would be harmful to wait until Mon or Tues to go to the bank? T - I don't think it will hurt. The first people in will be working with inexperienced bankers. If you can go 4-5 days out it will probably be best. Make your appt 4-5 days out.

 C - a few days ago you mentioned that the bankers don't even trust the bank. How safe do you really think our money will be? T -Are there stories about HS freezing people's accounts? Yes, it's going to happen until they get it cleared up. One lady who works at the bank says she'll only take Cashier's Checks because wires can go missing. The option is to know what it's going on. Be aware. You can't avoid using a bank. Where else are you going to put it? Check your account daily. Pay attention and make sure things are documented. Realize everybody you talk to at the bank works FOR the bank.

 C - is the 800# a trap? T - no, it's not a trap. It's an incentive to bring your money to a particular bank, to get the best deal you can.

 C - I hope when we get the email it will tell us what to do with the reserves and if we can open a new bank account. T - realize it's your money and your bank account if you already have one there. They may give you reasons why you should open one there, which makes sense if you should open a new account and tie it to your existing account. You don't want tellers to have access to your main account.

 C - can I cash in a note to pay off reserves? T - If I were you I would contact group leaders and ask them. They should know before you go to the banks.

 C - did you get that 72-hour window you sometimes speak about? T - We got something last night at 7PM that it did happen and now we are waiting.

 C - Have you talked to any dealers? T - have not talked to them and they are still up and running.

 C - You mentioned the docs we needed (Clean and Clear Cert). Where do we get those? T - get them from your bank. They issue those.

 C - did that hour (4PM) change? T - My understanding is that it changed to a later time.

C - did that hour (4PM) change? T - My understanding is that it changed to a later time.


FLPatriot59] SYNOPSIS PER TONY: RV happened last night at 7 pm. Plans were to have us in the banks at 9 am. However, there were people again camped out in the bank parking lots, probably in North Carolina again, so they decided that they would postpone it and open the exchange process tonight. Time was to be at 4 pm. Now, it may be later. After the banks are closed, they will keep them open for exchange only. Expect that Okie will make the announcement this afternoon or this evening. Expect that the announcement with the 800 numbers will go out this evening.

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