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[RAJAF] from yesterday: Lxxxxxx… mort my contact told me that they are going to try pulling this off over the weekend (the sat-sun overnight/reset window) any thoughts on that?

mort::: 12:25 pm-8-23-13-just talked with my guy and he said it was suppose to happen last night and christine largarde said it will be done today-so be looking for it today-did not say why it didn't happen last night-but she said it will be done sometime today & she wants this done asap! She is suppose to be on tv today sometime-if she hasn't been on already

[RAJAF] so it's now 2 days later.. looks good to go

 [RAJAF] I wrote this to my group:Just an update on the past couple of days. Most holding dinar have been down this road before, only this time there are many folks working on pushing this through the computer system and hopefully this time tomorrow or earlier, the RV is good to go. 
We just have to wait and see. What we do know is this (the Global Currency Reset of 198 countries) has to be completed by September 1st, so if not tomorrow - this next week.

The rates came out high -much higher then expected and appear to be holding. As soon as the Global Financial Reset goes international (hopefully when the forex opens tomorrow) the 800 number to call to find out what bank will be doing the currency exchange in your area will be emailed out to those in groups or signed up on one of the forums.

 [RAJAF]The 800 number call's center is in Manila (we have a contact from TNT there who has been monitoring that end of things and said they are asking their folks there to prepare to do overtime to accommodate all 4 million folks who are holding dinar. This was the reason that the UST told Wells Fargo to also include the other banks and what took longer to work out at the computer level. Too many people and not enough foreign currency exchange centers.

[jda] RAjaf is this your group

[RAJAF] Now is also the time for us also to be thinking on how to secure these new funds and also be sure to set aside 50% just in case we get dinged by Capital Gains tax. Money is to go into a NEW NON-INTEREST BEARING (NIB) ACCOUNT. Why non interest bearing - because it is insures by the UST and back by gold as compared to fiat FDIA currency account (one that accumulates interest). In the FCIA insured accounts, the bank can use your funds to make money for themselves giving you a small 1 percent interest, or less.

 In the NIB account he bank has to keep the funds available to you. In addition, the NIB account is likely to be taxed at a much lower rate, so you make money instead of giving it away to the tax man. If you also will be exchanging the dong.. be sure to put it into another separate NIB account because it may not be taxed. You don't want to commingle the two currencies.

 [RAJAF] yes.. just some friends and family

 [daz] They're gonna do it....It's happening...the rates are gonna be great...It's gonna be the best thing to ever happen to any of us....It's gonna be AWESOME!

 [funnyface] I Got a feeling, woooo hooo that Tonight's gonna be a good night! ♫•*¨*•.¸ tonight’s gonna be a good good night ¸.•*¨*•♫ woo hooo ¸.•*¨*•♫ tonight $$ gonna be a good good night $$ i gotta feeling ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Woooo Hooooo ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ tonight is gonna be a good night ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ $ ok lets rock the room

[truth_seeker] yep... it's gonna be great.. but the wait... is just way toooo long...

[fuldon35] daz Explain its happening. Is that a statement or hopium?

[daz] its an absolutly accurate statement fuldon35

Lxxxxxx1 I just received a text that all systems are Go. We should very soon see this thing my contacts are saying. I would have been in earlier but I had to speak this morning. I am very excited right now with all the information that is pouring in as I type this. Yes I think this is the End.

[wethrin] This one was from DINARMAVEN just a while ago.......... Great news from contacts last night and into this morning. I'm as sick as everybody that we get to the finish line only to be shut down and disappointed at the last minute. But I can say without reservation that there have been MAJOR accomplishments both technical, political and financial over the last 24 hours that helps to minimize the risk of a shutdown at the last minute this time. I have been told that we are ON and that this puppy is going to go now. That's what I'm hearing and I think everyone else in the community is hearing the same thing from different sources as well. Everyone says they're excited all the time. This is way beyond that... it's pins and needles, edge of your seat adrenaline junky fodder right now. Hope everybody's ready. CAUSE IT'S ON

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