Sunday, August 25, 2013


[Ghost-Rider] See y'all about 5pm EDT - play nice now !! (wave)

[CountryGirl59] :::::➥➥➥➥➥ SUNDAY BLAST with TNT TONY 8-25 1pm est-Things are looking GREAT! This has been a great weekend for news. We are hearing what others are hearing.

A good time to start looking for this would be: - this evening as banks are on HIGH ALERT - Tomorrow morning before Nasdaq opens as the system is complete and has been tested again Tuesday morning has great expectations for other things that can not happen without the RV!

Go out and have a GREAT DAY! TNT Tony ( this is posted in the forum under TNT Blast with TNT TONY - top of the forum ) ;)
  <<< KANO i'm just over HERE IN ASIA watching things.. and we look good. Wells got upset to hear the peeps are gonna do so well, so they tryed to up there fees..

As of right now it can go now, tmr, wed like it did last week.. but now we have a new lil problem.. they shut down the stock exchange 3 hours..

so they drew a lot attenion to things; they are dealing with that now, and i don't know their plan..

 only 3 to 5 do and never will it leak out now.. so we wait, we’re good and from where i see it.. i'm the first to actually see it coming over here ..as it happens..

MY INTEL IS BASED ONLY ON ACTIONS, NOT HEARSAY - we gonna get a rv tmr (tomorrow) intel.. and we look really good.

It's like the extra inning at a really good play-off game in baseball and we are in the 12 inning, 3 on, no outs and our best hitter at the plate..

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