Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Posted Today, 05:05 AM

Greetings members,Steve asked me to pass this on while he is out of town on a working vacation.


I talked to several of my guys in detail and we all still extremely excited about the timing of our investments. Apparently Iraq was not quite ready for change the value of their currency yet, but boy are they close.  

Many of us felt that within several days from the lifting of the UN Sanctions Iraq would move forward. Looks like they are doing just that.

Several members have sent me some awesome articles regarding the fast moving progress and was very impressed with all that is getting done. 
Several of my conversations discussed the upcoming Ramadan which starts this month would delay things, but was told that this time has nothing to do with any delays. 

This is about Iraq moving forward. Personally it may happen before that, but time will tell. I believe the entire "Guru Community" is all on the same page regarding the timing. 

It is very hard to stay grounded as the excitement builds daily as our lives are about to change. I am so happy for the Iraqi citizens on the giant progress they are making.

I am working very close with several financial institutions for the exchange of the currency. I feel that we are that close that the timing is now, not later. I will share more when I return.

You all have a safe Independence Day Holiday.



I will pass more along as I receive them, so until then, have a peaceful day.


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