Monday, July 29, 2013


07/29/13 Frank just said on his CC .. speaking with (I TEAM) contact that was in Saudi spoke to the owner of the largest bank in Saudi Arabia that was in charge of distributing the Iraqi lower denoms in the other countries ... said we will see the rv at the end of EID 

ALAN:   Ok, well first off I had no idea that what I described was refered to as a LOP.. I dont even know what it stands for.. But I guess i gave the definition and didnt realize it... I have been in this for about 2 years but only really in the past few months started educating myself and the LOP hasent been in my vocabulary.. So what you refer to as nonsense on the forums is actually me asking a sincere question that so many before you seemed to gladly answer.

Why dont ya just call me stupid and call it a day.. The team could have went over it 1000000000 trillion times but if I somehow missed the whole LOP conversation then I see no reason why I cant ask..

Would your response to my question been the same had I been a first time poster???? Probably not so just consider me a newbie on the LOP scenario.....

So next time instead of asking a question ill just go through the last 20 CC's, 1000000 of pages on the forums to ensure that the question I ask isnt nonsence.   And no im not mad im irritated....

Frank:  Today a post You made asked the qt ....... Is it me or a coincidence that an argument or disagreement starts when I make a post?
  Frank Continues:  Do not have a comment on that .......... But I do on this:

Communication is worst done via a ............ Posting. That is why I use smilies a lot. May I help You?

Never again consider Your idea as an eventual possibility for the IQD.......... You NOW understand it is defined as a LOP. That will NEVER happen in Iraq!!!

You are innocent ........... But You patience's is not.

If posting does not come across successfully than may I recommend reading the Book of Revelations. IMO.......... It makes it clear to me that Iraq is about to explode financially on the international theater. That Alan .......... Is not a LOP.

Take care of Yourself in Afghanistan ............ To take a break from the IQD........ Try studying the caves of this land !!! They lead to history and THINGS they were looking for.   KTFA,

Frank:  Hmmmm God.Give me Strength or ............. Give me permission.

That my voice can be kinder.  Insensitive is too ugly for me.  KTFA, Frank

  sluggo wrote on July 28th, 2013, 8:33 pm:Hey Frank, How about a preview of the topics for tomorrow's conference call.   Just to spice things up a bit, I for one would sure like to know. :thumbsup: 

Frank:  Monday's are always packed ............. One project is that I will reverse engineer an article from 2012 that said they would lift the 000 in the 7th of 2013......July. Will use it as a template to analyze their progress.

Qi Cards.

"I" Team report from S.A. where leader had dinner with BANK and gave his point of view on a date.

DELTA recording  M's position ......... Fetal.

A baker's dozen. And more........... C U in 22....... :hibye:  KTFA, Frank

Aunderdu:  wrote on July 28th, 2013, 8:44 pm:Hey Frankie how about a small Homework Assignment before the CC??? Wait a minute... Did I just ask for Homework??? :lalalala: :lalalala: :lalalala: :heeheehee:

Frank:    Will Bernake leave ?.......... Abandon O.  KTFA, Frank

Vet__1975:  the quetion remain the same, will they pay there people, will the Q-card be louded?, will the UN Exchange rate be publish on the 30 of July? time will tell August is aroun the coner hope that all will be well this week

Frank:   Star Trek use to call it the "Prime Directive".

We are back in great numbers ......... Only to watch THEM and protect THOSE that actively work on the process.     It is NOT the moment to interfere .......Yet.

KTFA FAMILY:  I promised not to give Time Frames any longer.

But to accomplish Your CC tonight I am asking Your permission to do so just one more time.

Please post Your opinion on this subject for tonight.

I will only do it for this CC .........Then stick our new format if we find ourselves still waiting after this chronological study.

TY Kindly .........Aloha Ohana no ki oi ....A hui ho........ \m/ :hibye:   KTFA, Frank

prosperitynow wrote on July 29th, 2013, 11:35 am::thumbsup: Hi Frank! Thank you for all that you and the Team do for us.  YES YES YES PLEASE - give us a timeframe!

I'm even going to 'burn the midnight oil' here in the UK tonight to listen to your call instead of the recording.  Much blessings!  Prosperitynow

Frank:  Jolly good governor ............ :handshake2:

It is a Time Frame that contains three circles (Wheels) within a circle of time.

IMO........... It is of Strong Sound Logic.  C U on Your CC in 7.  KTFA, Frank

  Frank:  My word of honor to You and all............ Directive will be very Direct tonight.

The frame is 3 days or less.  KTFA, Frank

mcdan wrote on July 29th, 2013, 11:55 am:Frank when a Dove brings you a Branch would You not be prepare to say Land Ho. IMO Yes

Frank:   Unless the branch is of ............ Poison Oak.

In this case it's ahui ho............. :hibye:   Yes ........ Tonight ...... I come in peace.  KTFA, Frank

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