Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I see rupture between partners, the true one is expulse out while the negative ones stay, you know that seems to be happening around a lot. But there's always a good ending to all this mayhem, the truth shall set you free. 

We are just hours away from this blessing so going into detail is not worth it. This ride is over no matter what some Tom Dick or Harry may say. And we shall be highly favored. The new experience flourishes before your eyes, the people of Iraq since the 25th have been living and accepting there new blessed fate, they now are thankful for the food and wealth they now have before them. 

The boy that cried wolf 3.46 is right on. The 4th of July shall have a new meaning for us dinarians, while others celebrate some shall be taking care of business. 

The last thing I can say today is, WE DID IT, WE ARE THERE.... 

Happy Journeys Bluwolf 

(a message to all who repost this, notice that my message is only so positive, please keep the negative vultures away from my writing, I don't need there feedback and neither does the good people who read me. Ty Blu)

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