Friday, July 12, 2013


12thman said: Please post alone...received a call from my Aggie buddy about 20 min ago. We have not really talked since we got back from Peru since we both needed some family time. However, I'm glad he picked the phone and dialed my number. He told me that he has received several texts and calls today with intel all pointing to Sunday into Monday for our blessing to show.

 He shared with me that our ex-treas gov official called him today and feels like this is our weekend. He also said that both current sen. Reps contacts texts him saying the same thing. I'm just passing along what I was told. I pray that Okie will post tonight and share with us his take on our position and any info he has gathered. I'm staying in continues prayer for this ride to finally be over so we all can go on our ways blessing others. God is and always will be in control of all...I thank You Heavenly Father for all the blessing you have given me. Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

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