Wednesday, June 19, 2013


THIS JUST IN MOMENTS AGO ....I emailed my GOI contact last evening and asked him if I posted his message alright. 

Today , he replied and said he read it and wrote me back , on the "Republic" comments by people. He says it's amazing how people get stuck on a word or two and don't read the whole story. THEY (IRAQ) regard themselves as a NEW Republic ( a Reborn Nation, if you will. ). 

Also, one other important tidbit to share and I'll finish with the GRAND FINALE.. Someone commented about the impossibility of a GOI member sharing info with us:  He finished his thought by saying " As I said last night TD , news, especially good news, travels fast in Iraq, so there's really no secrets here". 

Here's the CLINCHER" And again I quote him " Our offer was received warmly by all parties today , indeed our people WILL HAVE the best Ramadan ever, your people will celebrate like it's XMAS in June " . 

I asked him a time frame and he replied "As early as Thursday, weekend is most probable and everyone at the table wanted by July 1st anyway. " 
He then told me also " Sleep well , it's over". 

Then he invited me to visit him in Kurdistan . I told him I would and also that I wanted to donate some money to the very poor in Iraq. He was most appreciative. 

Nuff said ! TD

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