Friday, June 14, 2013



[morethanready] Hey everyone how are all my freinds tonight 

[oilerfan] morethanready hi there are we there yet , are we there yet , hu , hu lol lol 

[morethanready] Yes yes yes almost better than ever ..better with every second that goes by today

[morethanready] I have a surprised for you all 

[morethanready] BRB

lgtennis] Hey hey hey everyone

[lgtennis] oilerfan i am here

oilerfan] lgtennis hi there how are ya

[MANGIABUONA2] roflmao 

[lgtennis] I am great how are you guys

[lgtennis] oilerfan good news on the way

[Precious] lgtennis spill it hon

[lgtennis] Just be patient alittle longer 

[tina] lgtennis why did you change from your morethanready name?

 [lgtennis] Wonderful to see all u guys again 

[lgtennis] Cause xx outted me haha 

[Precious] lgtennis haha

[lgtennis] Not a biggy we are at the end anyway 

[lgtennis] LOL

[tina] I think a lot knew... you were the only one that didn't LOL

[oilerfan] lgtennis maybe it was a hint lol 

lgtennis] Its good to see all my old freinds 

[pastorart] lgtennis missed you,glad to see you

cherryberry1] lgtennis do we have to be patient as in days or hours lol

[lgtennis] Hours i am hearing

[lgtennis] We are for real there and i know its hard to believe but we are there 

[lgtennis] Man cannot tell u guys all that needed to be done to see this all these years 

[Precious] lgtennis we were there remember? haha

[lgtennis] Precious yes such crapola lol 

[Precious] lgtennis lots of it....

[gsmj] lgtennis Are you a tennis player? 

[lgtennis] gsmj now what gives u that idea haha

[MANGIABUONA2] lgtennis 2.20/11.68 ??

[lgtennis] Yes hearing those rates 

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