Monday, May 27, 2013


LATE Sunday Night:


jacque47] 5-26-13 WCW: We wait and see if it did happen last night it should show today when 4x opens so everyone cheer up this could be our day IMO IMO IMO. Intel from everywhere saying it was. It wasn?t just me that got that intel. The 4x should be up today cause tomorrow is not a holiday for the rest of the world imo imo imo

[jacque47] Tony had a up date post at the ptr SITE... This morning t v broadcast ran special news reports telling the iraqi people that the first part of june they will see the revalue of the iraqi dinar , it is also scrolling across the bottom of the screens continuously , so once agin it doesnt make sense to me for them to do this unless they plan on having a r v real soon ( not in a couple of months or next year ). : i have additional information that i am going to give you right NOW... It is going to be sooner than you THINK... Enjoy your weekend

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