Friday, May 3, 2013


5-3-13 Randy Koonce: This has been ready to go since December. All things are done in Iraq. It's just a matter of when our government wants it to go. Even though Iraq will pull the trigger, they still have to have the U. S. say, OK, we will allow you to do this. Why? Because the U. S. still runs Iraq. Everything was ready to go at the end of March. They actually got to the point of inserting the numbers. They went to calibrate the numbers & it didn't work. When they fixed the problem the Prime Minister came out and said we have been asked to wait.

The reason is the debt ceiling that is the fight. That is where we sit. So, I don't see anything happening until the end of May, our window is the end of May until August. The way the debt ceiling is set up, it comes to May 19th, they get an automatic extension that goes to August. There's your window. Can it go past August? I don't think so. Will it happen this year? IMO, 100% Yes. So that is where we are sitting.

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