Saturday, May 4, 2013


[Precious] Rumor...rv--dinars rumors from wells fargo Informed by Intel Sources --- from multiple Wells Fargo sources that: more corrupt folks found in the banks and being removed. These characters were to steal your funds upon rv. 

Old wf ceo and his staff tried to stop rv and supreme court judge roberts interceded with direct orders. New ceo is to proceed with the rv countdown. T

The new system security measures are working. Thanks to the good guys. Seven white knights were killed during battles with the bad guys. 

Further details may be provided later, not now. Christine lagarde went to the world bank on thursday to be allowed to use her card number to swipe for the global reset. Rothschild provided a dummy number to delay the process. 

Hmmm --- guess he don't want the rv! Awaiting wells fargo per the rv and bank code email notifications. Monday, monday perhaps? 

Jl - new treasury secretary prepared announcement video and was to be released yesterday, friday. Bad guys fighting this rv right down to the wire. Awaiting the announcement but not required for rv. Pp deliveries and all humanitarian programs awaiting rv.

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