Tuesday, May 7, 2013


[tc0043] Jester Hi how are you today? Excited?

[tradewind] Jester Are we Winning?

[Jester] tradewind oh yeah!

[Spades] Jester cheakmate yet ?

 [Papa Bear] Yes the WINDS just hit

 [Robertprofessor] Papa Bear "Come Sail Away" STYX lol

 [Jester] Spades that game is over... just waiting on the trophy now...

 [bigworm] Jester you know who will be the MVP

 [tc0043] Jester Is everything really done now?

 [Jester] tc0043 just waiting on the dang thing to process out...

 [TexasMom] Jester is Canada receiving the honors of presenting the trophy?

 [Jester] TexasMom seriously doubt it... imo

 [misskitty05] Papa Bear I love sailing to a strong wind lol

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