Saturday, May 4, 2013


12thman said:

Spoke with Aggie buddy just a few minutes ago (2p.m.) and he told me that based off what the HR's are hearing...which isn't much at this time for a reason, that we are looking for it within the next 36 to 48 hours. 

The 48 hours started around lunch time Friday. Based off this, I am not flying back to Mexico until late Monday...that's all I have at this time. I'm not a Guru so my silence is based off the fact that the HR's know its at the end and just dealing with "this and that's" and waiting for the final post.

 I Still have great faith that this will show very soon so don't let the silence or lack of postings get to you. Seek God for Peace within and allow Him to take over your mind so it wont turn hateful or depressed, Seek God to take over your mouth/words so it wont speak hate or be resentful. 

Enjoy what God has given us today...a beautiful day that we woke up to and that alone is worth being happy and joyful about. Thank you Lord for all that you give and do in my life. 

I humble myself before you and ask that you take out all of me and fill me up with You and all your love blessing and joy. Jesus give me strength to care on and when I fall, I know Your love never fails or leaves me...

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