Sunday, May 12, 2013


12thman said: Please post this alone. First off Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. I am so thankful God took the rib from Adam and created woman. Without His love for us we wouldn't have the ones who brought us into this world. So I say thank you to my mom and all the others out there. 

On another note, I received a text today to be looking for a World News event or report on Wednesday of this week. The HR that sent it to me did not say it was the RV date but a event that would indicate how close we really are to seeing this. While I still believe it's all done, we still are just waiting for the final Okie email. 

I have a call into my Aggie buddy but he hasn't replayed back yet. He is like most of us spending the day with loved ones. Well that's all I got for now...hope to have a better understanding of the event I am to look for once he calls back. Keep praising the Father and seeking His understanding on what He wants you to do with His blessings that are about to be poured out on us. GOD IS SO WONDERFUL AND I NEED HIM IN ALL THAT I DO...NO MATTER THE SIZE OF THE TASK OR JOB AT HAND. Thank you again Jesus for giving your life for my sins...

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