Tuesday, April 2, 2013


04/02/13 [poppy3] ok rich friends short and sweet here is a brief update of what i am being told . I have verified most of thie as true according to sources and will say right up front all i have been telling you is still good solid information I am not sure of exact small issues that has held things still but i assure you all in country and out are still standing on we are waiting hour by hour. most are telling me this delay was even unexpected for ieraq so we don't have a clue the exact problem only that it is avery short delay. onemore post coming with more details of whay i am being told.poppy3

[poppy3] ok i have hyeard from last week like i reported then that smart card widows and orphons from the war would be paid first and that was scheduled for april 1 and didn't happen it was delayed till april 3 like tomorrow. I don't know why except they also held up on opening the budget even though they did publish it saturday just like i said would happen last thursday. I have been told part of the delay was that one part of iraq where prevented by soldiers that held the trucks delivering the gazette to one region of the country this is unconfirmed but sound probable. Poppy3 one more coming

[poppy3] the kuwait president is supposed to arrive wed tomorrow april and he had originally been scheduled to arrive on april 1 delayed to april 3. Have two rumors stating that iraq tv is saying the budget will be implimented on april 3 unconfirmed but recieved twice. You judge and watch the news. All indications to me are telling me maliki is in control to some point and najafi and parliment are moving forward as we said last week and the rv is going to happen soon and i still think it will be within this week if not tonight or tomorrow we should here at least what they are still waiting on. Like the bear sitting on the block of ice the tale is told. Poppy3

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