Saturday, April 13, 2013


[CarrolBeams] Good morning everyone.
 [CarrolBeams] can we post Nesara news heading here?
 [turkeyhtr] CB, when do u think the emails will be sent?
 [CarrolBeams] turkeyhtr sun/mon
 [falquar] CarrolBeams Does that mean, if we've already paid our taxes ---do we get that money back??
[CarrolBeams] falquar that's what they said
 [CarrolBeams] rv -- republic rumors updates Informed by Intel Sources --- from multiple sources that: Dinar Rate still climbing ---- above 8. Confirmed Dong Rate above 1.0 and climbing. Liberty day ------- irs terminated 4/15/13. All communications to be returned after 4/14/13. Awaiting corp govt terminated 4/15/13. Awaiting announcement pending and rv for tier 3 on monday april 15. Public can exchange in banks/currency dealers throughout the country. Awaiting irs termination to allow for safe gold treasury currency distribution. Fed reserve and irs have no access to the treasury bank system. Global settlements & distributions --- green button has been pushed. Sign offs completed in Hong Kong and Singapore. Thank our loving lord for these Blessings. 

[CarrolBeams] jasme56 yw...made mine toooooo
[CarrolBeams] dkg done enough for me to hit the beach today
 [falquar] OK guys, you're confusing me --- do we get the money back that I just mailed yesterday??? They won't get it until Mon. or Tues.
[CarrolBeams] dkg yeppers
[CarrolBeams] falquar I "heard" long time ago..all 2012 irs payments went to ust..not irs.
 [Precious] CarrolBeams correct I just made my check out to them yesterday U S Treasury..not IRS
[CarrolBeams] Precious perfect
[Precious] CarrolBeams and I thought hmmm. different
[Grandmaster] CarrolBeams Man o man....If I ever lay eyes on you and am going hug and kiss you till you can't breath       
 [CarrolBeams] Precious that's why...bye bye Irs.
 [CarrolBeams] Grandmaster I like kisses
[Precious] but we still pay    
[falquar] CarrolBeams OK, thank you. Can't hurt to wish, as we could really use it in the interim while we're waiting for the CE.
 [CarrolBeams] I read midnight blue on recaps this morning. Made me smile..cuz he quizzed me like no tomorrow..now he says same things
[jonjobe7] i thought maybe with everything else changing, that might change, too
 [CarrolBeams] jonjobe7 it will...Debt forgiveness is coming as well
 [jonjobe7] CarrolBeams thank you
[CarrolBeams] jonjobe7 The Chicago Plan..(google it)..Imf working papers for new financial plan...
 [mykitty] CarrolBeams Are you on the phone?   
[CarrolBeams] subtle NO 
 [CarrolBeams] mykitty I got up to dance 
 [CarrolBeams] mykitty travel the world..I am setting up a foundation to help Orphanges 
 [jonjobe7] CarrolBeams are you familiar with George Mueller? 
 [waynoiam2] Whats the holdup? 
[CarrolBeams] jonjobe7 no 
 [CarrolBeams] waynoiam2 an alphabet agency needs to be gone.then we CE 
[waynoiam2] thought we were to be at the bank weeks ago 
[CarrolBeams] jonjobe7 ty 

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