Tuesday, March 26, 2013


WCW] childofgod i want to talk about the rv thats coming lol

 [snowwolfsdee] WCW hi, you have my full attention

 [redhead1] WCW - okay put it on us

 [WCW] redhead1 time is running out be ready it s coming imo

 [tc0043] WCW Good to hear

burk50] Franks call great Delta was on ,may still be ,between now and the first ,sounds like wahooooooo

[burk50] Frank said u could google about WF is hiring thousands of people ,has been

[honeybelle] burk50 so we r there?

[burk50] Honey belle says could be tonight ,between now and the first… yes we are.. I believe imo

 [burk50] Franks call with Delta ,was excellent ,put many pieces together article 4 was important and liked article 4 to bridge with article 14 to bridge with article 8 ,I don't get it ,but they do ,Smart cards Monday to pay widows and many others ,should be loaded then ,IMO

 [pat] burk50 i'm still on the call, if this isn't rved by the end of the 30 days, they will be forced to rv or it will kick in automatically. this is by the 12th of april

 [okrocks] Frank said he saw .26? or in other words 3.86 for a quick time on forex last night

 [burk50] Pat YES

 [weneedit] Wow thx burk50 sounds great with the rest of the news

[burk50] WCW u would have liked Franks call ,Delta was on ,between now and the first wahooooooimo

 [WCW] burk50 are they steeling my intel lol 

[Drod] WCW Give me that rate Playa!! :

WCW] Drod high high high 

lickops] Drod WCW is that after the rv to get high or prior.

[WCW] slickops i think everyone will be happy

[burk50] WCW he said could be tonight ,anytime now to Monday

[WCW] burk50 same as i said

[b ray] Not much talk on the VND , is it still in the same basket as IQD

 [burk50] On Franks call in same basket But not RV for few weeks to a month or so ,come in shortly after IQD IMO

[okrocks] b ray yes on Frank call they talked about it and said its in the basket but will be a very short span between it and the IQD

[b ray] Burk50 , wouldn't China lose billions with all the double dipping .. Doesn't sound like they would allow that

[okrocks] b ray the way I understood them it would be very quick but we could do that I guess

[gigi50 ] Jeanne i was on the hub call and Poppys friend came on and said that Poppy said it is to Rv tomorrow and for rate to show Thursday

[deniseanderson] I was on chat when he posted said he got 33 calls today, also said the info is coming from different sources that do not know each other 2 from iraq they are all saying within 48 hours of each other one said tuesday one thursday thats the 48 hrs of each other

[WCW] gigi50 if un updates tomorrow for monday it has to show tomorrow imo

[gigi50 ] WCW that's what I'm talking about!!! :-)

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