Tuesday, March 26, 2013


burk50]  Franks call was good ,est if u listen to replay ,thinks by the 1st

[deb2blessed] JstBringIt ---that is what I say!!!! Just Bring It ONNNNNNNNN

[burk50] Deltas says they r broadcasting lots of info to citizens about hats about to happen wahoooooo

[deb2blessed] burk50 I hope that is true!

[burk50] Well that's what Delta is telling Frank ,no reason to make it up ,it's True

[Robertprofessor] Even though I don't look to Iraq to develop to a particular point and then the r v will happen, I still like to follow for some indication. All of the news, intel and rumors from their seem to indicate we are in the week to finally see it.

[burk50] Delta may be on Franks call tonight after his bible study starts at 7:30

[deb2blessed] Robertprofessor yep---and if we are still sitting here next week--waiting--we will still be saying the same thing---but I will NEVER give up hope

[burk50] If they r telling citizens their currency is abou to increase ,and told about article 4 etc to htm I guess explaining much to the people ,looks like its at hand then imo
[Robertprofessor] deb2blessed Reading and saying the same kinds of things is tedious. We know this will happen, so we hang on by whatever means works for each

WCW] burk50 this is all the good news that we have been waiting on… the end is here… this is our week

[Robertprofessor] I do believe we have been at a point for some time (weeks at least) where this could have happened.

[Papa Bear] WCW IMHO

[WCW] Papa Bear gm and yes iy s IMO

[WCW] well i guess it would be an april fools joke for some of u ya ll have no clue to whats going on if it slapped u in the head

[WCW] all i m saying is some just want their money and have no idea whats taking place for this to happen and it s happening right in front of their eyes and can t see it  i think it will happen this week and it will be tradeable to the public monday imo

[WILDDUCK]  for those that only come here and want the e ticket to ride, and demand info it is hard for us to get the info out.

[WCW] dwg14 all we need is an e-mail

[Robertprofessor] WCW praying your prediction comes true.

[WILDDUCK] Wcw you are so very very right, castle he is telling it straight,

[WCW] wildduck yes u are so right

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK Hoping you can give us information now.

[WILDDUCK] Wcw maybe that is one time line possilble

[care888] WCW ...if happens 30th and tradeable by monday...so when are the emails issued?

[WCW] care888 now till then

[care888] WCW ty,

[WCW] wildduck u know and i know it s done and iraq is putting the finishing touches on it

[WILDDUCK] Wcw that is where we disagree, iraq is the vehicle, but do not have the ability to turn the ingnition on, that is in the hands others, imo

[tradewind] WCW are you still thinking more than 3.42

 [heyu288] IMHO after listening to all the information.... I feel that the 3.42 just might be the rate in country... however it is entirely possible to have another rate outside of country is has a premium attached due to the Oil Credits and the

[WCW] tradewind i have said high high high rate since feb last year

[tradewind] WCW I know you have -- you been pretty constant -- didnt know if something changed

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK You stated that WCW's timeline is one possibility. Are there other timelines that you see and think helpful to share?

[1biz4u] WILDDUCK all indications from Iraqi seems like they are being told to be ready to turn the ignition switch just any day now? Imo

[tradewind] Robertprofessor have I told you I always like your questions -- you know what to ask!

[Robertprofessor] tradewind ty I have no independent sources of info, so I need to ask good questions of those that do. I hope WD will share with us all that he safely can.


 [WILDDUCK]  this is moving we are seeing this popping out on netdania with country currency's like cuba and iran showing up along with iqd and vnd with out having to type them in. They have built a back screen, all so on forwards this morning the euro was showing at .60 to usd,

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK More than a 50% dip in the Euro?

[WILDDUCK]  more and more quiet pieces, europe went basil iii compliant. Cyprus is first shot across the bow that no bank is to big to fail. The briics meeting in south africa putting a user friendly imf like bank together this is in line with the humanitarian goals the chinese are pushing

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK All are big picture pieces. Ty

 [2mater] Robertprofessor amazing watching it fall in place

 [Robertprofessor] 2mater The world including Iraq is changing before our eyes. That's why we should all be encouraged. IMO

 [ablessing] WILDDUCK what do you think about the Frank saying the VND going in a separate basket around June?

 [WILDDUCK] puppylove this is a big big deal, for those myopically focused on iraq, you missing the greatest show on earth. You seeing this roll out right before you eyes and alot of the poof stuff is not going to look so poofy in the short term. Like in the spiritual world here too there are 2 teams on field

[2mater] Robertprofessor agree - trying to read/absorb all I can right now - wish I really understood it all

 [highlander65] WILDDUCK good to hear TY

[WWP] Wildduck thank you sir,as I have been told also about the world changes,thanks again for all you do,imo

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK More changes coming soon in our country that you can safely point at now?

[highlander65] WILDDUCK so you feel this april fool's day will be a special day eh? Well it is also Easter Monday !! :

[okrocks] WILDDUCK hi and thank you for sharing with us!

[paradisegirl] WILDDUCK a lot of clues in the news now, which we didn't get in the past. Hope there is a book eventually on this world-changing event

[WILDDUCK] highlander65 ok a little bit more and i have to go, this is going on right now every day, like i have been saying ever since okie called 2 weeks ago tomorrow, some of us have looked as this from the point of view, once the blew the whistle for the game to start, plays needed to be called an executed

[2mater] WILDDUCK you bear a huge responsibility in sifting through intel/information - appreciate the enornmous amout of time it takes - thanks so much for sharing

[highlander65] WILDDUCK ok sounds good ... thanks for being here today!

[WILDDUCK] paradisegirl that is what i said 6 months ago when you start seeing stuff leak into the public view it wll be upon us already not out in front

[sandytob] WILDDUCK thank you for coming in and sharing.

paradisegirl] WILDDUCK exciting to see - thanks for your insight :)

[Robertprofessor] These are big picture changes happening in the world at an accelerated pace. All must happen for our rv. These changes and how quickly they are progressing indicates how close we are. My interpretation.

[WILDDUCK] 2mater it is a team effort but sometimes it boils down to imo this is what pattern looks like and that translates into a look through the key hole

[Dsatmhk7] How long can it stay hidden? Did Kerry mess anything up really?

[WILDDUCK] Dsatmhk7 it is n0t hidden you just are looking for the wrong evidence

 [WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor that is correct

 [Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK ty for all you provide. Gives both comfort and understanding.

 [WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor it is a labor of love, i got here because inquiring minds want to know, mostly me. The only way i could assure myself i was getting the straight news was to get it from as close to the horses mouth as possible,  as the other end is way to messy for me.

Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK And we're not interested in the messy end. We get a bucket load of that daily from our lamestream media.

[tradewind] WILDDUCK I been shoveling cause I knew there had to be a pony someplace!!!

 [TexasNative] Thanks wildduck!

[bigbear] WILDDUCK TY for what you and Jester bring and your team

[owl] WILDDUCK WILDDUCK I hear you...over the years thats what we MOSTLY get is from the other end! Lol

[WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor thats why it is so expensive but if you like working in that media there is a buck to be made shoveling organic fertilizer

[WILDDUCK] owl yes in short supply these days in our nano second gratification world, however we see what we believe is a crack appering and this thing is trying to hatch out now.

 [Duguid] Okie would say....." Horse Biscuits "......jmo

[owl] Wildduck good news!

[sandytob] WILDDUCK needs a midwife?

[WILDDUCK] sandytob a cattle prod might work as well

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK Do you find recent development in Iraq encouraging to you? More cracks in the egg shell?

[believer55] bernacki talking about global currencies revaluing up or down big clue folke grin

 [WILDDUCK] believer55 he is not seeking a 3rd term as well, maybe there is no job there anymore

[pat] Wildduck did kerry mess anything up or slow the process

[WILDDUCK] pat can't . .. if you listen carefully these guys do not sound like their old selves, imo

[Robertprofessor] Duguid Prefer egg sandwich ... tastier ... may find r v inside shell ... never know ... jmo


[WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor you have to see some of this stuff in public view it is not however up to them so the more you focus there the more you miss elswhere as this is speeding up and imo not reversible not stopping fall back delaying actions by the loseing team yes, stopping no.

 [catz] Wildduck will our banks be safe to deposit RV funds into?

[ablessing] WILDDUCK have you heard when the VND will go?

 [Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK Totally agree but I'd like to add that for me focusing on the day to day in Iraq is disheartening. I can only bear to read it and move on to the big picture.

[WILDDUCK] catz not your financial planner think about all options discard none imo

 [WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor 5 guys in iraq doing the Macarena

[WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor 5 guys in iraq doing the macarena

[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK We've watched the dancing long enough. Need a new tune.

[paradisegirl] WILDDUCK can't get that picture out of my head! roflmao

[WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor change the channel i did

[highlander65] WILDDUCK when will the song end? Lol

[Duguid] WILDDUCK : With or Without " Camels " ?????....jmo

[owl] WILDDUCK WILDDUCK what about the possibility that there MIGHT be a dollar devaluation 'during' the initial CE onset?

 [Diogenes] WILDDUCK Good day. I did not catch all you said, but thanks for the info. May I ask what the Chinese who were pushing this are saying right now if you know. TY


 [WILDDUCK] puppylove WHY

 [puppylove] WILDDUCK trying to catch a fast moving duck!

 [WILDDUCK] puppylove i got a secret i won't tell i won't tell i won't tell

 [*jackrabbit*] Robertprofessor seeing thangs happen in other countries but not much here any thoughts

 [WCW] first time that i have ever seen an emergency broad cast on all tv channels at the same time test only

[Robertprofessor] *jackrabbit* Jack Lew at UST seems to me to be very important.

[WILDDUCK] gott a go now have fun don't fight… but whack the snot out of the nopium talkers, for they no nothing or are out right disinformation artists and there is a lot of that flying hard and fast this morning

 [Diogenes] Robertprofessor Hi. Were you here for everything WD said? If so, can you give a brief summary. Thanks.

[Robertprofessor) Yes, Diogenes I have been ... waited all morning. lol The things shared were of the highest caliber and will no doubt be on Recaps shortly. He does see WCW's timeline as one possibility. Says that the no people know nothing. He showed us much of the big picture. Very substantial info.

[Diogenes] Robertprofessor OK, thanks. It is the big picture that is really holding this than in his opinion. Do I read you correctly?

[olesailor] WCW when was the emergencyWCW broadcast?

[WCW] olesailor just a few min ago

[weneedit] WCW sorry can't scroll up, what was on fox? Was making a bulk delivery Thx.

[WCW] weneedit emergency broad cast test on all channels

[Robertprofessor] Diogenes I believe he is seeing all things lined up. Used the analogy of the r v being like an egg about to hatch open. Sees it cracking all over. He pointed out many world changes. Those details will no doubt be in Recaps.

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