Monday, March 4, 2013


3-4-13 Stryker: Well it looks like there was a lot of talking going on with all parties this morning with the Kurds hanging out in the hallways and in back door meetings but once again they did not come together. Gamaray brought me up to speed this morning with the actions of the parliament or the none action as we could say when it comes to the topic of the Budget. It has now been postponed until 11:00 am tomorrow 03/05/2013 according to gamaray and his articles. They are getting close tho IMO.

3-4-13 Phoenix3333: Egyptian company wins oil contract in Iraq worth 68 million dollars. "Baghdad, A Petrojet Egyptian company won a contract in Iraqi oil field worth 68 million dollars. Egyptian delegation source which currently visiting Iraq said Petrojet company will provide Iraq consultancy and engineered design of an oil field within a package of future oil projects expected in Basra province. The project is the first to be won by an Egyptian company in the oil Iraqi market." 

3-4-13 Mountainman: Iraq has a huge amount of gold reserves and is planning for a future independent of the USD as the global economic crisis continues to get worse. They want to have a strong national currency and are also working on the tariff issue as they apply for WTO membership. This article explains part of the CBI's plan to strengthen the IQD and their economy.

"The Economist hailed as beautiful, Central Bank action to boost its gold reserve in addition to the dollar as a positive step towards strengthening the national currency. There is a global economic crisis has hit the dollar, the euro, will affect the economies of third world countries, including Iraq.

The majority of world States began distancing themselves from the dollar as the currency for the price of wobbling as a result of the global economic crisis, turned to store gold is safe haven for national currency to keep it from being lost. He added that the Central Bank towards enhancing its gold reserves and reduce dependence on the dollar is a positive step and will support the national economy and the Iraqi dinar. And the reports of international organizations, noted that Iraq resorted to storing gold to strengthen reserves of gold and cash reserves of the dollar in order to maintain his property and stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate.

3-4-13 BGG: "Situation in Iraq, close to partition rather than changing regime, says KA MP." This is really interesting ? I haven?t talked about this in quite a while and here it is AGAIN!! However, I doubt it ? really. This may be what Maliki is holding out hope for. His allies in this thought have turned against him though ? and they don?t need to divide the country if they just get rid of him ? simple. He?s the big reason for sectarian divide.

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