Saturday, February 9, 2013


Update for Saturday February 9, 2013.

 My contact just called and said he will calling me and sharing what the results of the vote is. Yes it is in the middle of the night for me. Please watch this post as I will keep this updated. So yes they are voting on the budget.Steve

  Greetings Members,

I think this week was a great week regarding news and the progress. Ray and I have spent many hours talking to our contacts and verifying the news being reported. After reading may articles, we both came to the very same conclusion, do not believe everything you read.

Many articles on this forum are causing a lot of confusion. For all of you members, I do take the time to read each and very one of them, and I truly thank you for doing that

Please remember, Ray and I are not physically in Iraq so we have to rely on my partner in Iraq and other contacts, plus all of Rays contacts he has reached out to and has come very trust worthy.
Many just do not realize that we only share what we are being told. We have never gone beyond the facts and twisted any statement to benefit us, but rather just the opposite. We do stick our necks on the line. Heck you all know my real name and my wife's name. Can you say that for any other site? Probably not.

To my knowledge there is no prize for being first in a date prediction (you sure have me fooled), no first prize in getting the rate correct (also had me fooled), but rather we just share what we know.

I have a very large circle of friends that do tell me what others are saying but it is only to advise me that we are doing a great job of being factual rather than fictional. I will leave it at that.

Our sources did share that they were going to vote on the budget Thursday the 5th. They did not complete the vote but did in fact finish adjusting it and they did agree on moving forward.

Because Friday (our today) is their holy day, not much got done except a bunch of articles that were a misdirection of the actual facts. Each agency seemed to have their own version So you can now related to news that is not factual.

Please do not forget that each news agency is out to gain subscribers and is not doing this for the fun of it. News is a huge business, so why would Iraq be any different.

We, all of our contacts collectively are being told that they (Iraq as a country) is out of money. Ok, that maybe false, they have mega billions, but not able to access them.

I read that there are two budgets (DV concept) one budget is for the country and one is for the RV. That is so far from facts that it does not make any sense. Great for keeping members (maybe) but not so for being real.

I want you all to watch when the budget is officially posted, recorded, or whatever the case may be, I will tell you that it is now not based on $90 ppb but a different amount (higher).

So when this is over, I am not sure who will really care, but I do know for a fact who will, and that will be the Iraqi citizens.

A few more comments and then I will end this post.

Everyone says that Iraq is still under Chapter VII, and their is no HCL law in pace and the list goes on. So instead of taking bits and pieces of this post and twisting into your warped negative way, why not just let this next chapter unfold and then determine who is right and who is wrong.

Please feel free to provide any solid fact to dispute it.

For those that say there is no way it will revalue or end up being a value of over $3.00 then go find the facts, find the proof, find anything to dispute it, but if your are going to use some "will I think" concept, then do not bother.

What blows me away is all of the negative comments and the mentality of "this will never happen" or whatever you believe, so then why are you invested?

You invested with the belief that you would gain more than your initial investment and have followed this very closely. Some more than others.

So if you would rather be negative about what your are currently holding then why would you want to bring down the hopes of others? You know why, because in the back of your mind, you know it is going to happen. If you didn't you would not be bashing everyone and everything.

My final statement is this. Please feel free to have at it.

The Iraq Budget of 2013 was configured and derived with a new dinar rate (and now adjusted). The rate will be returned to a value that is comparable within its region. You should see the new rate within a reasonable time frame.

This saga will not drag on for weeks, so you all can now all write your version of how this will end.

I did all I am going to do and it is your turn to contribute to something positive. We here at Peoples Dinar will have a happy ending, but you other, start writing your final summation of this happy ending.

For all you members of Peoples Dinar and who have stuck with us, including the wonderful mods, we will finish this with integrity and with class.  I love you all.  Blessings, Steve

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