Wednesday, February 20, 2013


2-20-2013 Intel Guru Frank26: Three days ago an announcement was made to the Iraqi citizens and is on the CBI website, the Arabic side.  The CBI has told the Iraqi citizens they will no longer be selling hard cash to the citizens and the CBI will no longer sell them foreign currency.  If you want foreign currency you have to go to the State Banks or Islamic Banks. Also, you will no longer be able to take out 50,000 USD or any other foreign currency per day as you did in the days of Shabibi.  It is no longer accessible to you within 24 hours, you will now be limited to only 10,000 of a foreign currency per month.
When you do a transaction you cannot use your ID card any longer, instead you have to use a passport.  It takes months to get a passport if they can afford one.  They have tied their hand and their feet.  There will be a uniformity to acquire hard cash.  They will allow you to have foreign currency under these limitations, but you cannot go to any bank on any day.  It will be a specific bank on a specific day.  This makes it almost impossible to get USD.  This is to force the Iraqi citizens to give up the USD and say yes to the IQD.

I hope you understand the power behind this. Why are they doing this?  Because they are trying the force the citizens to stop using foreign currency, because they are about to introduce the lower denominations.  Do you see a similarity here?  How much are you allowed to get from a bank here?  $10,000 a day.  The same banking systems that you see world wide, you are now seeing in Iraq and the announcement was made today [Tuesday].

This will not touch their reserves, in fact, it will increase their reserves.  How is the CBI going to make money now?  Because, they are going to sell the lower denoms to the banks at a much better rate.  The Iraqi citizens will not become rich millionaires but the currency will have stability and security.  It looks like they are being mean to the Iraqi citizens. No.  They are controlling their money, preventing the laundering of the money.  I love what they are doing.  This is high technology, this is high tech protection for a currency that is about to go up in value.  Why would they use their currency when they hate it if they were not about to add value to it.

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