Saturday, February 9, 2013


Posted  Today, 10:12 AM

Greetings,  I have new update for you all. I just got off the phone with my contacts. Here is what happened and this may be very good for all of us, maybe.

The Parliament Session was televised to the public last night. The people were assuming that the budget was going to get passed.

So the Kurds again caused the problem. They now want 4 Billion to pay all of the oil companies back payments that is owed. So the Parliament is now going to revise the budget again by increasing the budget with a larger number of price per barrel of oil.

I really did not see this one coming.

But here is the good news if any, the people are really can I say the word pissed? This will for sure put the fire under the Parliament to get it done on Monday.

So my friends, Monday is the new official date.

This is for sure not what I wanted to report, but remember, we only share the facts good or not so good.

Have a nice weekend and be safe.
As always, God Bless.  Steve

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