Tuesday, February 26, 2013


2-26-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   "The Real Timing For The Iraqi RV"  A couple of weeks ago I said the timeline was 30 - 45 days out.  I believe that this is a real investment & anything can happen and I believe we are getting closer to the end & that timeline is a very valid timeline.  I believe Maliki had been given a specific timeline by a group of players, one of which is the U.S., I believe, by the end of the month to get this thing straightened out.  If he doesn't I suspect they will go after him.  There was all this build up about the budget and then yesterday, no budget.  They are going to put off on the budget until after the 1st.  So, the bottom line is, it isn't about the budget, the budget is already figured out.  What they are doing is they want to see if Maliki is going to do what he said he was going to do.  We all know that he is not

So the real timing of the RV is not in the budget, nor is it in a speech or a banking article.  Are these all good indicators?  Absolutely.  We want to watch these things.  Barzani is talking about a National Meeting.  How can you have a National Meeting with Maliki?  You can't.  Barzani already knows the outcome.  I don't see anything until this weekend.   It all depends on how directly they approach Maliki.  Friday is March 1st, one day past the deadline.  We will see a lot of stuff happen after that.  So, the real timeline is the one I gave already.  I said two weeks ago, 30 - 45 days, two weeks of that are gone & we are right in that window. Let's see what happens over the weekend, keep you eyes on the news.  It will all happen right in front of you.  That is the real timeline for the RV, barring some major catastrophe.

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