Friday, February 8, 2013


[FLPatriot59] Good evening friends. Any updates?

 [1biz4u] FLPatriot59 hello Jester said everything lining up!

 [FLPatriot59] 1biz4u Apparently!

 [BLESSME] FLPatriot59 I thought you were bringing the updates

 [FLPatriot59] BLESSME My contact is on lock-down.

 [misskitty05] FLPatriot59 maybe that's a good sign

 [FLPatriot59] misskitty05 I do believe so!

 [BLESSME] FLPatriot59 sorry since when? What was the latest?

 [FLPatriot59] BLESSME All day, since late last night.

 [owl] FLPatriot59 FLPatriot59 I'm of the HUMBLE opinion that the US Treasury 'regularly' has locked-down shifts -- SECURE facilities are prevalent these days!

 [FLPatriot59] owl Well my source isn't with the UST.

 [BLESSME] FLPAtriot59 must be close. praying can you share the info you received before lockdown
 [FLPatriot59] BLESSME Don't take desperate measures. It's all done.

[owl] greasee5 greasee5 one thing for SURE as this RV/reset process plays-out ... WHATEVER HAPPENS will have been planned all along

 [owl] FLPatriot59 WHAT then?

 [BLESSME] FLPatriot59 ty IYhO do you feel we will see this weekend?

 [FLPatriot59] owl Hang tight. This is all about to be complete.

 [myprayerrealized] Just read on recaps that some are under the impression that Jack Lew was placed as head of UST today. That is not possible since the Lew confirmation hearing are set to begin on Feb. 13

 [keiji] myprayerrealized he could be temporary since Geitner is gone

 [myprayerrealized] keiji He may be temporary, but that would have started the day he was nominated, which definitely wasn't today ... that was the point I tried to make

 [keiji] myprayerrealized sp why couldn't he make an announcement as a temporary?

 [midtex56] keiji Is Geitner arleady gone?

 [FLPatriot59] keiji Deputy Secretary Neal Wolin is acting Secretary of the Treasury until Lew is confirmed.

[greasee5] midtex56 yes geitner is gone

[keiji] midtex56 yes

[misskitty05] keiji if he's the acting head I would think he could ... he would have apparent authority IMO

 [myprayerrealized] keiji I don't know that he can or can't make an announcement. My point is that the person who brought the info to the room said he was placed in the job today, & that isn't correct

 [midtex56] FLPatriot59 is absolutly correct

 [FLPatriot59] midtex56 Geithner resigned on 1/25

 [greasee5] myprayerrealized keiji Lew may have a hard time getting confirmed anyway, charges of misconduct, as something to do with medicare

[myprayerrealized] FLPatriot59 TY I didn't remember the name of the person placed in charge, but I know it usually isn't the person who is nominated & not confirmed

[ [OILGENRL7] midtex56 timmy boy has now joined CFR

[ [FLPatriot59] myprayerrealized Correct.

 [myprayerrealized] greasee5 TY for that info. Personally I don't care if he is or is not confirmed. Someone will eventually take the job

 [keiji] FLPatriot59 wonder why Markz said he heard that Lew could be making a statement tonight? just wondering

[greasee5] myprayerrealized yw! point is it is being said he will make announcements regarding treasury, and he may not even get the job, so i dont know about that

okrocks] keiji I was wondering the same thing...

[okrocks] misskitty05 dont know unless it has something to do with his present job... but the thing is nobody will announce an rv... just currency talk or readjustments is all IF anything

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