Friday, January 4, 2013


Few days ago, I happen to listen to Kim Clement's New Year's broadcast. ( some may not agree etc, and that's fine, but myself and I'm sure allot of others might be interested in some of what he had to say)

As I was listening to his broadcast, he mentioned the words.. NO MORE DELAY! NO MORE DELAY! and couldn't stress that enough! said that what was being held back from us by the wicked, will NO LONGER be held back. he also mentioned the word SWIFTLY, SWIFTLY ...... that it will come SWIFTLY!

He filmed this in Israel, and said that Israel had found more natural gas sites? ( something to that effect?) and not only enough to feed Israel for the next 40 years, but enough to feed more than themselves for 150 years!!! WOW now that is incredible! and that Austria Invested $1.3 Billion to help with Infrastructure

Said 2013 will be the year where your mountain of debt will be removed and conquered! AMEN!

Anyways this was just too good not to share with you guys! ( i know some may not agree etc, and that's fine too, but i thought most would want to hear this! very interesting indeed!)

God BLESS ALL of us..... dinarians! I also feel 2013 will be a YEAR most GOOD will be DONE!!!

~May we all have MUCH abundance of not just wealth and freedom from debt, but also good health, peace, love, and forgiveness in our hearts, and kindness for mankind in this year of 2013~   Over & out,    Truckerbabe67

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