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MONDAY… My contacts said 11.77, 8 dec

MONDAY… My contacts said 11.77

12-8-12 WILDDUCK: OK, I guess it depends on time zones and international date lines, but we have gotten 2 sources outside of the Dinarian world to confirm a cogent question that we all want to know. Now the problem is stuff changes in between. So this is what I have now: MONDAY. My contacts said 11.77
Kuwait took 6 hours at 9 to 11 dinar to clear Clinton’s debt and give a surplus they are still talking about. So how long will have to stay up at 11-13 to clear 16 trillion? Then it drops out the floor like the Kuwait dinar did, history is a good think to read, and Just PANDA plus 2 other independent sources outside of this dinar world people not invested have verified an event on MONDAY. This as good as anybody else. Anything can change in this world.
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5:31 PM [TERRYK] Nujaifi: Ki-moon arrives in Baghdad on Thursday; Removing Iraq from Chapter VII on the agenda of his visit Published on Wednesday, 05 December 2012 Said Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, Wednesday, that the Secretary-General of the United Nations will visit Baghdad from Kuwait tomorrow, hoping that the visit would contribute to ending the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait. 

  Najafi said that "Ki-moon will visit Baghdad on Thursday from Kuwait," pointing out that "the visit, we hope to contribute to the Collapse and finish the outstanding issues between the two countries and out of Iraq from Chapter VII."

To that reported political source for "obelisk", "The visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations takes only one day," noting that "the Secretary-General of the United Nations will meet President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will also hold a joint meeting at the Conference Palace with the parliament speaker and heads of blocs and parliamentary committees.

" The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, that "the moon would discuss with Iraqi officials in the executive and legislative branches a number of issues, particularly the political crisis in Iraq and the situation in Syria, in addition to the political crisis in the country and the issue of removing Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations" .

The Secretary-General of the United Almtaaln said in remarks before the visit that "Iraq wants to get out of the provisions of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, but I strongly encourage the Iraqi Prime Minister to speed up the closure of many important files in the fastest time possible."

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and head of UNAMI in Iraq Martin Cooper arrived in Kuwait, Tuesday, to post the reception of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is visiting Kuwait from Qatar in the territory round include Iraq, Jordan and Turkey.


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[BLESSME] Wildduck any good news for us

WILDDUCK] ok, I guess it depends on time zones and international date lines, but we have gotten 2 sources outside off the dinarian world to confirm a cogent question that we all want to know. Now the problem is stuff changes in between. So this is what I have now

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 [WCW] january my contacts said 11.77 if its .50 more now the wait has been worth it

 [Coffeeone] wildduck Monday? Rv ? 
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 [deniseanderson] WCW just got back moving furniture, are you saying JANruary,

[WILDDUCK] WCW kuwait took 6 hours at 9 to 11 dinar to clear Clintons debt and give a surplus they are still talking about, So how long will have to stay up at 11-13 to clear 16 trillion

[weneedit] WILDDUCK so you think we may know sunday night ?

 [WCW] BLESSME it did try to yes in january

 [Coffeeone] Oh please let this happen before Christmas!

[WCW] deniseanderson this past january i had contact in iraq

 [okrocks] WILDDUCK Good question, how long do you think?

[WILDDUCK] weneedit 2pm Sunday PST the currency trading desks open, but then again according to some nedania AKA Thompson Rueters lies

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 [Coffeeone] WILDDUCK Now what could they be lying about?

 [deniseanderson] WCW oh didn't understand couldn't find question to go with your answer so I had to ask so are you thinking any time or what are you hearing sorry to have to ask these questions I'm just in and out thanks

 [wheezer2] Coffeeone WILDDUCK WILDDUCK and besides....we know NOONE ever lies lol

 [pmw1973] 6pm cst sat till 5pm cst sun everything is closed

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 [WCW] Coffeeone that was jan this year 11 months ago

[deniseanderson] WCW I think your week end on monday am is that correct

[WILDDUCK] okrocks 3 days I will run with that but nobody knows till it runs the race

 [okrocks] WILDDUCK ok we will give that a try ... ;) thank you

 [WCW] they tryed to rv then and couldn t cause of the chapter 7

[WILDDUCK] deniseanderson MONDAY

 [deniseanderson] Wildduck thanks

 [Coffeeone] WCW oh......... thanks for clearing that up!

 [wheezer2] WILDDUCK question.....do you know who owns Thompson Reuters?

[okrocks] wheezer2 Thomson Reuters Corporation is a Canadian media and financial-data firm based in New York City. It was created by the Thomson Corporation's purchase of Reuters Group on 17 April 2008.[3] The Woodbridge Company, a holding company for the Thomson family of Canada, owns 53% of the group

[max13th] wheezer2 corporation

[WILDDUCK] okrocks Then it drops out the floor like the Kuwait dinar did, history is a good think to read, and Just PANDA plus 2 other independent sources outside of this dinar world people not invested have verified an event on MONDAY. This as good as anybody else. Anything can change in this world.

okrocks] WILDDUCK yes and it often does...

[WILDDUCK] okrocks take a look at the currency exchange sources they use to report the trades

[WILDDUCK] okrocks Netdania pulls from four differ trading desks

[okrocks] WILDDUCK are all 4 showing the "anomalies"?

[WILDDUCK] okrocks not the point, the numbers are right the decimal is in the right place, how do I know called them up and asked them.

[crossways] WCW Well I for one am glad they didn't succeed last jan. I didn't get into this investment until april. I wouldnt be able to build this ministry for abused women. God's timing is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

 [WCW] crossways always on time

[crossways] WCW yes, always ;)

sananddan24] I pray this will some be over for all of us....we all need some joy and peace ... in our lives

[WCW] this is a great weekend cause the wait is about over

 [Jester] WCW i do like the way that sounds...


TLAR:  The world needs Iraq's oil and the world needs Iraq's money.  There are no dissenters in the UNSC to any move that is necessary to insure Iraq comes to fruition.  All 5 permanent members have been on board since the invasion until today.
KAPERONI:  I will say, the UN coming to Iraq regarding the CBI is great news.   But there are two issues here.

1.  The CBI and policies
2.  The currency reform and implimentation

The problem that persists is Maliki's unwillingness to add value to the dinar.  And I don't see him all of sudden saying...ok go ahead.   Either the IMF/UN or others will have to tell him to "bud out" or he will have to be removed IMO before the CBI can move forward with this.

  Maliki folded like a deck of cards when the IMF said no ration cards and no gas subsidy, so the IMF has something that Maliki wants, and that gives the IMF and friends leverage. 
 Maliki has also been slapped by Turkey and the US on the Russian arms deal, the UN arrives at the CBI for coffee this morning, his dictator buddy Assad is ready to be executed or exiled, the US publicly published a replacement name for PM, and he is still begging for arms from the US, while the no-confidence vote is still on the horizon. Maliki may be grabbing up agencies, etc., but what looms within the larger picture outside of Maliki world.?

 I am not too sure that all is going Maliki's way and it may just appear that way on the surface. JMHO.

  How can you truly be a dictator when you have the U.N. breathing down your neck and watching your every move.  Lets hope at some point M realizes it is in his best interest to give value to the currency.  Cause if it is not in his best interest, it won't happen.  Maybe just maybe enough pressure can be applied.  I wonder because I don't know what the terms of the billions and billions of forgiveness of the debt in re to the Paris club agreement.  Does Iraq have to do certain things???  Is one of them add value to the currency???

  the best news in months what ive been saying right along world money power will not let a thug like miliki derail their money train ...you can bet the farm that shabibi has been spilling the beans to the imf, world bank and the u.n in the last few weeks ...miliki you in deep deep dodo.....release from chap 7 seriously doubt it with miliki throwing a new monkey wrench in on a daily basis  naughty boy and they have been watching you

  All may not be as it seems.  my best guess is they are not meeting with the CBI to investigate the claims of corruption any more than the deputy of defense met with maliki to discuss the strategic alliance between the US and Iraq.  This is not business as usual over the last couple of days. 

First the US announces that they have picked a successor to Maliki as part of a possible interim government until the new elections, then Moon visits Maliki at his office supposedly to discuss the Kuwaiti relationship, then the Deputy of Defense pays Maliki a visit to supposedly talk about the military alliance and partnership with Iraq and now the UN going into the CBI under the guise of investigating corruption and calling the bank an International bank which it is not.. 

The world just got all over this IMHO.  Something is afoot.  I believe Maliki has stepped in it.  I have said since 2008 that Iraq is too important to the world to let it go to h***l in a hand basket.

 An article just came out that said by 2023 it is expected that Iraq will be producing half the oil used in the world.  Iraq cannot be lost to a despot who does not have an interest in developing the resources and continues to cause turmoil that long term might lead to a civil war. 

This is a battle the world cannot afford to lose and I think we are witnesses to a world intervention.  Remember they can't be seen as interfering or trying to control a sovereign nation.  This is a mission of last resort and I believe we are watching this mission unfold as we speak. 

The world needs Iraq's oil and the world needs Iraq's money.  There are no dissenters in the UNSC to any move that is necessary to insure Iraq comes to fruition.  All 5 permanent members have been on board since the invasion until today.


12-8-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Further – he pointedly contradicts the assertion that anyone in the CBI had any hand in wrongdoing…He then goes on to blame Maliki’s overwhelming desire to borrow from the CBI reserves to do his bidding as the root of this drama.  Iraq wouldn’t have a care in the world if they got rid of Maliki and put in place a true power-sharing GOI. They have (quite possibly the biggest in the world) some massive financial reserves under the control of the UN and IMF they will get their hands on once they are released from CH 7 sanctions (which is highly unlikely while Maliki as at the helm).  [post 2 of 2]

12-8-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Continuous documentation war.. Corrupt files in the Central Bank"  Very good news that Dr Shabibi is “still in the fight” (he’s on Arabic TV doing so) – alongside the UN, the Maliki opposition and quite likely the US (at this point). He points out (and re-butts Dr Suhail’s assertion the CBI should be an active investor in Iraqi infrastructure – by 8%) the foolishness of the current plan of the CBI to invest up to 8% of their reserves in Iraq. Shabibi is like – “who in their right mind does that???” – Not any other Central Bank even thinks of such things. Which is exactly why the CBI is supposed to be semi-autonomous…away from the GOI.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-8-2012  Intel Guru TerryK   ...everything is on track.

12-8-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   One article today talked about the currency auctions.  That was a great article because these "auctions" were never intended to be long term.  Simply the method used until the dinar has international convertibility.   Maliki does not understand economics so his decision clearly shows a lack of understanding.  I for one want to remain optimistic that this float could start at anytime.  But it is hard to believe that it could happen as long as Maliki is against it.  He has won out each time the CBI tried to move forward.

12-8-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   Regarding Chapter VII & Iraq's Reconstruction. The U.S. plays a vital role in the reconstruction. I believe this will always be in Iraq's hands though (in part) because any large currency appreciation shock depends upon stability and faith that they can maintain long-term stability.  However, that's not to discount that other powerful entities and countries like the US that continue to exert their influence...we are quite involved, committed and heavily invested in Iraq's reconstruction.   I'm just saying that 
for this to work the conditions must be ripe to ensure the success of the project

CBI’s Saleh: Dollarization and interest!, 8 dec

CBI’s Saleh: Dollarization and interest!

Published in: 1:25 pm, December 8, 2012
The dollarization and one of the most important challenges facing policy makers in developing countries in general and Iraq in particular, which means the use of the U.S. dollar or any foreign currency have the capacity for the replacement of the national currency in transactions and contracts internal financial Auadha other words means payments local parallel to the national currency unit account and a store of value at the same time.
And despite the fact that dollarization financial, formed mostly of local loans granted in foreign currency through a long period, and that of up in some Latin American countries to about 70% of the total loans granted locally, but the monetary authority Iraqi has adopted one of the concepts of financial institutions International amended, to express the phenomenon of dollarization in Iraq. The prevailing concept of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding partial dollarization partial Dollarisation is more an expression of the reality of the phenomenon of dollarization and sovereignty in severe yield economy monetizing. If foreign currency bank deposits to money supply in the broad sense about 30% or slightly more, the country is living, for example, the phenomenon of partial dollarization.
But if we take into account the installation of the money supply in Iraq, which is dominated by the character of the currency in circulation relative to the money supply and that up to about 50-70% of the total supply, then we must find, that the United States dollar cash is still the other realizes as a currency parallel to the local currency in circulation outside the banking system Parallel Currency in settlement of transactions and cash payments of the Interior, as well as several store good value as we have indicated in advance, so we can say that the phenomenon of dollarization partial is still prevalent and exceed 30% in the settlement movement transactions and payments cash in the national economy Orobma up to a higher level Pktherahiana.
Despite the progress, the monetary policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq in the framework ستراتيجيته efforts to achieve the goal of stability, has shown that the financial system Almdolr taking moving towards gradual decline and dollarization phenomenon partial and rooted are today less than previous despite recent volatility edits in price dinar against the dollar, because freedom of foreign exchange and monetary policy is still working to enhance the external value of the Iraqi dinar, which rates rose dinar exchange in recent years to more than 25%, where it has rational expectations of the audience, all of which serve to keep the Iraqi dinar because of the gradual improvement in value of the Iraqi dinar and the high exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.
Monetary policy has also initiated, to establish an effective framework works towards strengthening confidence in Iraqi dinars. It helps confidence in the local currency to create the conditions for strong and deep in the stability of the financial system.
And it has become the case Alladolrh de-dollarisation and one of the key targets of monetary policy in many countries that suffer from partial dollarization. Where grants addressing the dollarization of the central banks ability elder to reformulate its monetary policy and in accordance with the targets set in the stability in prices and building growth and push the operating in macroeconomic and strengthen at the same time the link between domestic interest rates and changing the aggregate expenditure or domestic demand, and supports the effectiveness of the movements of exchange rates, for all in improving the mechanical moving cash, any transfer impact operational objectives of the monetary policy any control over the levels of domestic liquidity to achieve immediate goals of the policy itself to impose stability and reduce inflationary expectations. and force to address the dollarisation, a measure of policy effectiveness Cash in providing effective signal make the Iraqi dinar more attractive and usually reflected the stability of money demand function or low speed handling and stability of any money due to the impact of stoplights Sarabv interest and positive variables effective in stabilizing demand cash and cash mechanical strengths of the transition at the same time. To Ivotna, that policy Alladolrh, is one of the sources of revenue strong generating fees release cash Seignorage arising from the growing demand for the local currency, which reflected positively on the Income Statement within the annual financial statements of the central banks and strengthen the center net wealth of the balance sheet in such banks or banks Central
Although, we would like to make it clear strategy of monetary policy in the construction path of stability in that transition and difficult experienced by Iraq as it seeks to provide a stable climate is attractive for growth, particularly its sector cash becomes today a strong and firm and confirmed by policy intervention in the money market and as follows:
First: The window of foreign currency to the Central Bank of the means of indirect monetary policy affecting the cash basis for the country in order to control aggregate demand and counter inflationary pressures. As this window, which was called an auction, three objectives are:
1 – intervention tool to achieve stability in the value of the Iraqi dinar by defending the equilibrium exchange rate, which reflected positively on the general level of prices, especially imported goods final production inputs and strengthens the export base.
2 – as a way to apply the tools of indirect monetary policy in the management of the economy and liquidity control Mnasebha, and express window for cases of the application of open market operations required on an ongoing basis to achieve balance in the money market and strengthen the opportunities for financial stability.
3 It is a key source of financing private sector trade of goods and services needed by the Iraqi market and almost unique window alone for being a key financier of the private sector’s foreign trade.
Second: all goes monetary policy adopted in all directions towards providing opportunities for stability and success of the national economy. It only policy that is unique also such overall objective in addressing inflation and lower rates of annual increase in the general level of prices and the strengthening of stability in the financial system at the same time, as is monetary policy itself a producer of a public good is unique in its importance is good to maintain the stability of purchasing power of the national currency , especially after linked that policy Bajrat reformist basic synchronization where the goal to strengthen the bonds of the money market and brokerage operations with the necessities Astaqrarsouk foreign exchange and support the stability of the external value of Danaralaraca, as led Twasenhma to achieve signals Sareeten powerful of market signals that Tbnthma monetary policy to achieve its goals mentioned by the two reference interest rate on the Iraqi dinar and the reference exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar over foreign currency.
Valthrr financial markets have been experiencing Iraq over the past eight years, embodied actually the domestic financial market through freedom of the banking system and the launch of its ability to determine the interest rates payable and receivable, has, which promised a fundamental pillar of strengthening financial intermediation which is the essence of financial stability, particularly after it was disposal for measures are coercive policies were monetary and regulatory previous adopted through means direct, and resorting to policies indirect dependent market forces to avoid the phenomenon of braking and financial control compliance and of developing ceilings on bank credit or select a credit or impose interest rates administrative outside market forces and balances . Where he led the braking financial past policies during the past two decades to deviation financial market and weaken climate mediation where, as well as adoption of a policy Monetary cheap for the purposes of lending the general budget, which has delayed economic development for decades and plunged the country in a wave of hyperinflation and continuous and dissolved speculative price on goods and services for investment product and low total savings, which plunged the country into a long recession led to the deterioration of the economic and social development, and its origins to the level tattered economies, a phenomenon that still live in some of its negative effects so far.
The progress made monetary policy current in the face of runaway inflation of the country and use a reference interest rate monetary policy policy rate as part of its dealings with the banking system, have had the greatest impact progress in the face of inflationary expectations continuing and escalating, which was ridden in Asagraralblad and crushed investment decisions real when the benefit sectors speculation. And this has earned signal nominal interest rate on the Iraqi dinar for the first time with a hint of the nominal exchange rate momentum Astaqraraa strong, reflected in turn the stability of transactions in the national economy and helped keep real interest rates is negative for the first time in the history of the country (and after more than three decades) outweigh the nominal interest rate on inflation, boosting the ability of the financial system to continue and give the money market opportunity stability and permanence in the most exceptional circumstances experienced by our country in recent years that followed 2003.
With declining inflation basis of 34% annually five years ago to between 3% to 6% annually with the present and into the era ranked decimal per inflation, the reference interest rate adopted by the central bank have fallen are the other with falling inflation of 20% per annum to 6% Currently, after he made a reference interest rate monetary policy aimed at achieving strong returns on the Iraqi dinar and convert it into an attractive currency and bumper strong in the face of inflationary expectations that have plagued the country over the past eras of time and shook the pillars of stability. Noting this occasion to need Ttmina Profile Per pens, which opposed the measure extraordinary in raising interest rates for a period not long at the time, but we have to say that the root inflationary expectations inherited from the era of economic decline earlier that were produced by phases wars and punish conflicts on the country, necessitated surgical procedure sharply the phenomenon of inflationary, through militancy in raising the reference interest monetary policy temporarily, which came in agreement with the International Monetary Fund dictated the Paris Club agreement in order to complete the write off 80% of the debt of Iraq’s foreign and accumulated until August 6, 1990 and bore the consequences of financial barbed and bitter were parked on the economy of our country.
Despite market liberalization of financial and subdue monetary policy to work according to market mechanisms, as well as giving the financial system in general and the banking system in particular the freedom to determine interest rates Bnevshma without the direct intervention of the authority of the Iraqi Central Bank (except firing signal interest monetary policy), but the central bank has noted regrettably that the banking sector has remained stick signals high interest on loans granted to the public and rates still exceed inflation rates are widely which is displays financing for development in this era of stable witnessed macroeconomic to risk economic stagnation and disabling physical and human resources to the private sector and the general market National.
It is still loans granted by a lot of banks convergence of averages annual about 13%, but may reach the interest levied on loans granted to the public in some of them to between 17% – 20% per annum which is totally unacceptable whatever the pretexts advanced by national banks Under the cover of exaggerating the dangers of the market!!
That the exercise of influence or persuasion literary set with national banks and urged them to reduce interest levied on loans and encouraging them to give credit interest Misrhgar arbitrarily ordered to serve economic activity development in the country, a move necessary may resort monetary authority to promote the adoption of additional measures motivational, such as the pursuit of Configure a bank loan synthesis between banks for the purposes of real investment or even work through legal means available, including possible monetary policy of reducing the points spread between bank interest payable and bank interest city (as is still interest rates and unfortunately when some banking entities is less what can be on savings deposits and top what can the credit granted to the public) by making points spread at normal levels that do not exceed 3 points and according to المارسات traditional banking and natural, instead of its current adult 7-10 points Awakther which is intersects with goals of financial stability which Tacherh Principles and standards of banking supervision contemporary which is based on assigning any orientation leads to provide a climate of stability in the banking market.
Conclusion: The importance of promoting the idea of ​​establishing a loan synthesis provided by all banks and cost benefit Twaznip and led acting, for a group of banks, and one of the national banks, in order to finance important projects vital to serve the public directly and consistent idea and generate an atmosphere strong and sound to deepen financial intermediation and activate and means, at a time when the economic policy of the whole country to encourage real investment and strengthen the development opportunities and promising development in the private sector through the incubator stability, and work development program with the strong push, which requires the establishment of a coherent network of investment projects that depend each other in rival inputs and outputs and strengthen models of balanced development other by establishing industrial parks with activity-based interdependent As noted or establish integration projects agro-industrial and other activities cluster or complementary direct impact in strengthening the opportunities the widespread use of the work and investment skills of different human and strengthen technological opportunities and capital within the framework of movement building Iraq signing or shifting to a market economy and contemporary visions within the partnership option between the market and the state transition.





[prissynell] WCW is there any kind of chance for this weekend

 [WCW] im hearing a good chance

 [sananddan24] WCW if we get a rate tonight will it be possible to cash some out at travelex on tomorrow?

 [Bear'sOpenHeart] WCW A lot of People talking good things and coming out of the woodwork.

[WCW] sananddan24 anything is possible but the rate might not be live till sunday evening

[findmoney] Im not buying into the hype that were done on this deal.

Rocky49] findmoney I do not think any of us are 100% sold that this is it. We have been down this road too many times. We are hopeful, cautious, but hopeful.

 [bubbles1] WCW are you really confident about this happening this time 
[WCW] bubbles1 everything is pointing that way

[sananddan24] WCW do you have any idea when it will go public?

 [WCW] sananddan24 when we are told and not sure if it will happen tonight are tomorrow night and most likely get rates sunday around 4 cst if everything pans out to be true

 [sananddan24] WCW ty I was thinking it may go public on the 15th and hopefuly we cash out before then

 [Jeff] sananddan24 find out when international currency trading stops then adjust your expectations

 [dinar1203] sananddan24 we can not cash out before it goes public!

 [WCW] sananddan24 i hope so to but if we get it by the 15 th i will be happy but need it now we all do

[findmoney] Listen to this . It was from May 2012. # 2 in the Treasury under Reagon. Listen from the 11 min mark!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=gzF9Q5Cy5y0&feature=endscreen

 [findmoney] Im calling it a nite. Leave you with this. I look very hard at both sides of this deal. Good and Bad, Iraq/ Global deal. I can tell u for a fact Global deal is way over Iraq in this. Thats why over 50 warships. Not just USA has surrounded the ME in the last month, We have no intentions of letting   Asia and Russia undue what we have planned for years

 [Rocky49] BLESSME Blanio states that it could happen tonight if not by Sunday for sure. That is what I understood him to say. I sure hope he is correct.

[Rocky49]  but like I always say, "Treat all info as rumor until you get to the bank, then treat as a blessing from God.

[fantasia] 18 days until Christmas :Sure hope Santa is on schedule and that he has all gifts ready for delivery!


[hardtorecall] Does anyone know where I could find Jim Demint's speech?

 [hopeful2&2] hardtorecall we heard it on fox

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 what did you hear?

 [hopeful2&2] jim demint said that they was going to be recieving revenue before the end of the year, and there was no need to raise taxes

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 are you sure that's what he said?

 [hopeful2&2] hardtorecall and then pat888 put that link in here while ago

[hopeful2&2] hardtorecall yes we heard it last night

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 I'd like to hear it or read the transcript

 [hopeful2&2] hardtorecall well i don't have that.

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 That sounds great. I can't think of any source of revenue that would be coming in

[hopeful2&2] hardtorecall an rv would be

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 Yes it would!

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 Then it's not "done"

 [hopeful2&2] hardtorecall sure it is

[hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 Ok, you conviced me

[hopeful2&2] lol


Dec 7 10:37 PM [62VETTE] has anyone heard of large sums of monies being sent to wf and chase in recent days

 [chattels] 62VETTE only footforward has that depository information-do not ask me how

 [62VETTE] chattels just wondering a friend informed me that it has taken place.

 [chattels] 62VETTE i ws at wells fargo today and they did not mention it to me nor was any of it in my accounts

 [chattels] 62VETTE a friend with first hand information ? or anecdotal ?

[62VETTE] chattels the info i received was second hand.

[ajay214] 62VETTE - They may be, but it means nothing to us in regard to the RV. Not even WF will know about the RV until possibly just before we all do. Rumors like that are likely a lie from pumpers to get you to buy more dinar.

[chattels] 62VETTE i always hope that such things could be true and relate to the rv, but every so often there are rumors of cash money being stockpiled at banks

[chattels] most all of it will be digital so i wonder

[chattels] 62VETTE i do not mean to reject your info out of hand, but , again i wonder

[62VETTE] chattels i know just asking if anyone had heard the same thing.

[chattels] 62VETTE i read it from footforward on dinardetectives i think, but that is it

[ajay214] It is estimated (and I have no idea if this is true) that some 300K people in the us have dinar. Most of those have small amounts. Why would the banks be moving money around with so few people having dinar. Most will only take out small amounts of cash and the banks will likely only allow minimal cash withdrawals. I have several million dinar and when I 'cash out', most of my money will go to accounts within the bank I deal with. It will all be electronic. Again, money moving about is a pumpers lie to get people excited.

[DOUBLE B] 62VETTE so many times in the past, I can't remember how many.

[62VETTE] DOUBLE B as long as the banks have enough to cover my debit card thats fine with me.

Moon vows to seek to remove Iraq from Chapter VII , 8 dec

Moon vows to seek to remove Iraq from Chapter VII 12/08/2012 12:00 am 

Baghdad inform the United Nations that it has fulfilled its international obligations 
BAGHDAD - morning 
flag "Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network," that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon vowed to officials in Baghdad to work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, despite the assertion Some international obligations are not met, which was denied by the government by stressing that Iraq has implemented all its commitments. 

said President Jalal Talabani during a meeting in Baghdad yesterday (Thursday) Secretary General of the UN, the important role of the International Organization in removing Iraq from under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. President explained that Iraq has met its obligations to international commitments, has returned to the international community and play a major role in maintaining peace and security in the region and has active participation in international forums. moon had arrived in Baghdad on Thursday morning from Kuwait to support the strengthening of relations between the two countries (Iraq and Kuwait) and resolve the outstanding issues, as he was greeted by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. He also met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Secretary-General of the UN, and praised al-Maliki during a meeting on the role of the international organization, stood with Iraq in different circumstances and on the cooperation between the two sides. 

Prime Minister praised the efforts of the moon in this area, calling that culminate in efforts to derail Iraq from Chapter VII. On the relationship with Kuwait Prime Minister expressed his optimism resolve the remaining issues the cooperation of the two countries in this area over a short period, and considered that the UN role influential in Collapse this page. Search House Speaker Osama Nujaifi with the Secretary General of the United Nations, several files, including removing obstacles between Iraq and Kuwait of border demarcation and the freedom of navigation and the missing and compensate farmers. 

Nujaifi said during the meeting to effective UN role in Iraq and the need for courageous decisions to resolve contentious issues between Iraq and Kuwait, and to be the Security Council has the final word to exit Iraq from Chapter VII. middle of this picture, a political source said early for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon vowed to officials in Baghdad to work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. 

source said: that some Iraqi officials were shocked by the announcement moon that Iraq has not met all its obligations and that many of the files have not been resolved, noting that government officials denied that, asserting that Iraq has met all its commitments and that it continues to do so. source noted that the moon pointed to the survival of the files still need to solve missing كالتعويضات and border demarcation and water and Archive and joint oil fields and apologize.