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[1+1] BWM question for you, have you heard anything about any officials criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security. I wont call any names.

 [BWM] 1+1 hear something to that effect every day... but do we ever actually "SEE" anything come public in the mainstream media... even with the biased news it seems there would be someone to turn the story

[BWM] mamari4 does it make sense that he would agree agree agree and then say no... and continually risk the anger of Sadr and other clerics? I mean this is a country where bombs occur daily and celebrations include AK47's as firecrackers... if someone were really "upset" it seems bullets wouldn't just appear as "strays"

[BWM] so if a dollar is worth 1100+ dinars... what would a dollar be worth if you couldn't spend your money and it was the only form of currency you could use

 [oucrazy] BWM. . . yup!

[dietcokeandice] then what is the motivation toooo revalue
[BWM] if you could buy dinars by the millions at "auction" or another venue... and then you decided to give say 3000 to 1 for a dollar with dinar... and there is no money left in your country... would you take it?

[oucrazy] BWM. . . BINGO!!!!

[BWM] dietcokeandice at the end of the day... they still hold dinar... which is worthless outside THEIR country internationally except for some black market dealings... you can't run a country by black market... it's just too much economy to try to hold together... hence, the inflation

[dietcokeandice] BWM but are they not paying peeps outside the country

[BWM] dollars are only worth something because of the international value they possess...

[mamari4] BWM how long do you think they can limp along like this? I guess that is the Big Question

[BWM] dietcokeandice precisely... because no one wants to take toilet paper in a MAJOR international deal...

[BWM] mamari4 well the problem seems that if IRAQ wanted to solve their problems all they have to do is revalue their currency... simple enough, countries do it everyday. SO, why would we continue to think that Iraq has ANY control over this if they haven't done it yet... it sure seem someone, Shabibi or Maliki would pull the trigger on this just to show they could... but they don't which continues to tell me that they don't have control over their own currency at this time... heavy emphasis on "at this time" as I have stated before at some point it will look like they had control because everything will fall into place... but the final decision did not come from them, they will just be told to proceed

[BWM] mamari4 not like that... I think they are taking advantage of the situation (Iran) since they are under such duress with their needs and the problems they have encountered with sanctions... even with O's new "promises" to Iran they don't have the options

[HeIsFaithful] BWM it's just astounding to me that this has NOT happened!!!

[BWM] HeIsFaithful it's well past astounding...

Announced a short time ago and closely the implementation of the decision to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. , 31 october

Announced a short time ago and closely the implementation of the decision to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. 

Daylight / Economic Section announced a short time ago near the implementation of the decision to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. He then appeared other comments announces lingered government to the implementation of this resolution and postponed to another date .. So is the project will remain a dead letter, as described by the Deputy Director of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh? .... 

And received the decision to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency a lot of opinions pro and con, there Economists believe that the decision will lead to the collapse of the national currency and see some last he would return to the country benefit the country It is unfortunate patient in its implementation because it is a joint venture between the government and the central bank. As long as the government seeks to postponed due to security concerns, it can not be implemented in this year or the year after that - according to deputy director of the Central Bank - Timing is very important in this case is also implemented, they must coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year, so you will not find space for implementation inevitably through this year .. 

and regrets for the postponement of the project because it is economic benefit to the country as long as improve the efficiency of the currency and reduce the impact of large numbers, then dealing with cash needs into categories cash large and small, as will be dealt again categories such as (50 dinars) and (100 dinars) and (200 dinars) in addition to the categories of less than dinar (such as half a dinar) and (quarter of a dinar) and (50 fils) and (25 fils). which is confirmed by financial and economic expert at the Central Bank Majid picture that sees no difficulty in implementing the decision because it will help in process to reduce trading volume of currency in transactions large and will lead to fee pricing policy more accurate in the future as long as it will be dealing thousands and millions rather than billions, as well as its role in the detection of fraud earlier because the central bank will impose on banks to use modern techniques very to detect fraud. adds, "and the techniques that will be used in the printing of the new currency will be difficult to penetrate, but if behind that organized gangs or backed by the state because the specifications minutes and styles to be established by the central bank will be very strict.

 "On the other hand warns economist Tawfiq inhibitor of the collapse of the national currency in the case of the application of the decision to delete the zeros The three of them, pointing to the need to prolong the period of the currency exchange and not withdrawn the old currency and launch new direct, but doing so together in order not to cause harm to the economy or any direct impact on the living conditions of the citizens. Elsewhere sees inhibitor that process counterfeit currency is another reason its collapse and therefore warns that happens, especially as there are great bands and mafias currency capable of forging greater currency in Iraq. seen most citizens to decision deleting three zeros from the national currency look apprehension after accustomed pockets to carry the bank notes and large accustomed stakeholders were dealing with hundreds of millions . 

believes businessman Saleh weighted to delete the zeros will hurt the level of share trading in the Iraqi market for securities, because there are shares lost in case of deletion of zeros. works weighted in stock since 2005 and increased his passion for them when evolved using screens electronic, but does not hide his fear failure of dealing with them, especially since foreign bourse fall leads to block the signing of agreements with foreign investment companies, which believes that the change of currency will reduce profits. In response to these concerns, stresses, deputy director of the Central Bank, "the power of the Iraqi dinar, which became like a hard currency thanks to the policy of the central bank in control of the cash raised in the domestic market." He pointed to the existence of a large cash reserve of hard currency is kept to face the difficult circumstances that may occur in the country gives the strength of the dinar against foreign currencies. The central bank's policy is aimed - according to the benefit - to the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the U.S. dollar, likely equal to the price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar during the next two years after the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency. 

Declaration by the International Committee for the Protection of Democracy in Iraq, 31 october

Declaration by the International Committee for the Protection of Democracy in Iraq

London / range announced in the British capital for the formation of “Global Commission for the Protection of Democracy in Iraq”, which met its administrative in London and elected Dr. Nabil Yassin as its chairman and Dr. Ismail Jalili as secretary general.
statement said the Commission had received the “long” version of it that the meeting also resulted in the formation of the committees working subgroups for Media and Public Relations, as discussed administrative body setup program activity which will prepare for the establishment of an international conference on the laws and draft laws in violation of the Iraqi Constitution, such as a bill of parties and draft Law on Freedom of expression and the bill cyber crime and the law amending the election law, and the development of independent bodies and exposed to seize independence.
statement added she also had discussed efforts to form branches in Baghdad, and ways of cooperation with international organizations and associations in order to create an Iraqi public opinion and international pressure in order to protect the Iraqi constitution and Mans of the freedoms and rights.


10-31-12 Footforward: There is not a lot of dinar info out there. What is the problem? The people that have controlled the world financial system for the past 300 years, the people that want to control the world financial system are the problem, everything else is smoke. 

The RV should happen before the election, they are trying to get it done before the election, will they, I don't know.

There's a group of countries, including Kuwait, requesting Iraq be removed from Chapter 7. Why? Because Iraq has done everything they requested of them. The RV is done, everything is done except for this going live. This is ready to go.

As soon as the good guys take control of the system to make sure we are safe and they are trying to get it done before the elections. It can show up any moment and time, any day


10-31-12 SWFLoridaGuy: Another positive article this morning alluding to Iraq's possible removal from Chapter VII and reiterating some of what was said yesterday. "Beecroft: No U.S. troops in Iraq and are working on getting it out of the seventh item. 

The United States of America confirmed it is working to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to Chapter VI, noting that it worked great for the settlement of disputes between Iraq and Kuwait."

"The U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Stephen Beecroft said the United States has worked hard behind the scenes with Iraq and Kuwait for the settlement of disputes between them. Our office at the United Nations is working to end the requirements of Chapter VII."

"There audits every six months and we hope that turns Chapter VII to Chapter VI. The United States interacts strongly with the Iraqi government in this area and we are working to support them as much as possible and denied the existence of U.S. forces in Iraq, viewing it as rumors false and baseless. It ties security is excellent with Iraq through the arms sales. There is no American soldiers in Iraq and there is no plans to bring soldiers. Talking about the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq false rumors and baseless."

"Iraq has taken positive steps to be a leader in the region, stressing that among those steps the Arab summit and meetings 5+1. The United States wants to see Iraq succeed as a leader in the region and play a constructive role."  


cdjsilver51 says to (06:49:15):  So they want to delay the deletion? That sounds dumb




cdjsilver51 says to (06:52:47): Here they say they are printing the 250 and 1000 to be out in November but they had to have ordered it 6 months ago to get it now. yes very fishy



cdjsilver51 says to (06:56:08): bye Med, thanks for chatting. and yes I agree with looking deeper right now

honeybun says to (06:56:09): Thank you Med


10-31-12 LoriC: There was a great report today from Steve Hamilton-Clark, CEO, TNS MENA (the world’s largest custom market research organization), that said "Iraq emerges as growth hotspot in MENA.

Iraq is poised to be the next regional hotspot and their GDP is set for rapid growth, pegged at 33% over the next three years, with income levels set to follow suit, creating a distinct middle class.

He went on to say as Iraq moves into its next cycle it is fast emerging as the next big consumer market, home to the region’s third largest population, estimated at 32 million. Steve added, this provides a huge opportunity for brands across all categories to increase penetration, introduce new products and services, and build loyalty." 
This report is from the best in the business and another great sign Iraq is quickly on the way to becoming the economic powerhouse in the region. This together with the news of an introduction of new currency next month and the US urging the UN to release Iraq from Chapter 7, this investment has never looked brighter!!

10-31-12 Bostonangler:
I'm beginning to think and this is just my opinion, that all this turmoil is the smoke I've heard about for the past three years. It seems there would be much more outcry from the IMF, World Bank and UN if one of the world's most influential bankers involved with one of the most important developing economies was suddenly taken out of power.

There has been very little said about Shabibi, yet the news is filled with agreements being reached on the HCL, Chapter 7 and replacing worn out small denominations with new bills. It seems that they are really trying to drive away anyone who is interested speculating on the dinar.

It just feels like something is coming and it will arrive without warning. It is too weird how all this is happening in the news and yet no one on the world stage is saying anything. Perhaps, it is the quiet before the storm

10-31-12 BGG:
“Mr. Maliki’s government may be happy to play the sectarian card when it suits him, but he is ultimately driven by a single-minded commitment to ensuring the survival of his own regime.”

“He is supporting an Iranian regime that brokered his own return to power, while also guarding against the possibility that the rise of a Sunni government in Syria could reignite the Iraqi civil war. So it is up to the United States to change Mr. Maliki’s calculations to bring them in line with American interests.”

Which kind of bothers me – it is widely recognized that our current Administration put Maliki in power as well. Does anyone not get the significance of our gang in DC being in bed with Iran?

“He presided over what’s being seen as a witch hunt against leading Sunni politicians, culminating in the sentencing to death in absentia of Iraq’s vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi (and now the sacking of Dr Shabibi – CBI Governor).”

“The next American president needs to increase the costs to Iraq of pursuing its current activities.” Read more

10-31-12 SocalDinar:
The longer we can hold our notes the better for us all. So this is a good thing. If the new currency is truly being printed we have a good shot at making some money as these notes will be the lower denoms we need for this to happen.
10-31-12 Austin-Powers-For-PM:  Well here is my theory of what is going on. I may be totally off the mark, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

If you take a look at Shabs background, nothing in that background screams “Politician.” He is a classic technician with enough leadership skills developed at the IMF to run a country’s Central Bank.  He is personally well off, is extremely educated, and has absolutely ZERO political ambition other than finishing the job at the CBI and enjoying his retirement on a Swiss or Florida golf course.

People like that are not typically prone to corruption. Now if you take a look at Maliki's background, everything in his DNA screams corruption. He has been a street fighting political from day one, and has never loss those tendencies. He only knows either threats or payoffs to get his agenda moving forward. (take a look at each others bio's on Wikipedia. They couldn't be more opposite)
  So do you really think that Shabs was putting his hand into the financial cookie jar when he is programmed NOT to do that? I just don't think so. So why would an extensive investigation reveal just the opposite? This theory may come straight from a political intrigue novel, but I think it holds weight.

We've known that Maliki has always wanted to have 100% control of Iraq, and he has been stymied at every turn. However he has enough power to gum up the political system, and has enough paid off friends to keep him nice and comfy in his P.M. position. So what are the PTB's to do to make him go away? Why of course, play to his greed and power.

Maliki knows that if he controls the CBI, he controls all financial purse strings in Iraq, and thus can dole out money like some out of control Chicago politician buying influence. But of course the IMF, WB, CBI know that too.

So starting last year, Shabs deliberately starts doing fishy things that calls attention to his activities at the CBI. Maliki finds out and figures if he can nail Shabs on corruption charges, he can have him removed, and shazzam he's like Skeletor screaming "I Have The Power." (since he has the money). He slowly investigates this over the past year just to make sure that this is really legit corruption and not a trap....convinced that this is all real he finally lowers the boom on Shabibi.

Little does Maliki know that this is a massive trap. The supposed missing funds have been swept into an account that is actually owned by the CIA, but is put into the name of one of Maliki's shell organizations without him knowing it. He is brought up to Parliament smug in the fact that he is bullet proof, and then suddenly the auditors who audited the CBI then reveal that they have found the money, in Maliki's account.

They then reveal information (probably manufactured) that Maliki framed Shabibi all along. The poo poo hits the fan in the press, he has no way to defend himself, and the no confidence vote comes so fast and furious that even Vin Diesel wouldn't have know what hit him. Bam!!! Maliki goes away from his own doing, Shabs gets the CBI back (and retires a few months later with the honor from the world he deserves).

So why do I think this is plausible? Look at the low-key, passive reaction from the opposition. Look at the IMF's almost deafening silence on all this. Look at Shabibi's somewhat mellow reaction in an interview. Also note that today there have been press reports that Shabibi is coming back to Iraq to face the justice system there. He would NEVER do that unless he has the goods on Maliki and can light him up like a torch in open court.

Look at the timing of this before the supposed January 2013 release of the lower denoms and right in the middle of the effort to get a National Conference done.

Also, the PTB's, just could not just let Maliki take the most important country in an international currency adjustment and run it into the ground. Yet they could not make it look like they took any direction in any way.

So they get Shabs on board, leak just enough info to Barzani, Allawi, and Nujafi to clue them in (without complete details) and start the ball rolling.

Ok, there it is. It may sound like a James Bond novel, but at this point just about anything is possible.


Bluedog: Ambassador to Iraq basically lying about troops being in Iraq.......18,000 to 20,000 back in we know this............Christine Laguarde urged policy makers to use the window of opportunity..........what opportunity????...................US statement about chpt7 basically ready NOW......................changing the money because its wore out lol...............and talk of smaller DENOMS in that article lol............Time for the US to get tough with Iraq why NOW...............one article NOW about that they support O and that's because Russia does so Maliki is a wild beast that sides with Russia he owns the MEDIA.....................troops were put in place with well thought out decision for something not Iran nor Syria .............no tanks were brought to Iraq.........Warning of counterfeit currency during the pumping process of changing .........Really whooooohooooo ..........changing the Currency Hmmmm...............................Economic committee plans to hold an international conference for the advancement of the Iraqi economy........how do you plan to advance lol...............Kuwait denies news dropped billion dollars of Iraq's debt..............I said this would happen but they say its false till RV because Kuwait will Capitalize with Iraq so to forgive Debt is NO PROBLEM now Believe me on this...............................the National conference is just a official meeting but ALL has taken place.........A News agency is doing a study of what the GOI and Parliament has accomplished soon to come out sorta like a Wiki leaks type thing and what has already been passed by Parliament................Remember when I talk about Troops they are not looking like they did before mark my words on that.............................Keep your Eyes on the Prize.....................from todays NEWS....................and Shabibi in a good position right now....................Bluedog


Shredd:Hello all. We've been chatting about what currencies and denominations are being used in Iraq in light of the article that came out a few days ago regarding the replacement of the 250 and 1000 note.

I remembered I knew of a soldier who just came home from a tour in Baghdad. This is the text of our conversation:

Me Shredd: Hey xxxx,I'm working on some research on currency usage in Iraq. Can you confirm you served in Iraq?

Soldier: Yeah I served in Baghdad Iraq.

Me Shredd: Ok, I know USD was and is used over there. Did you all use US coins too?

Soldier: Nope. We only used paper money. For the most part only $5 bills. The people seemed to like that better than [the] ones.
Me Shredd: Hmm, ok. One more question: did the troops or local iraqis use their own currency at all?

Soldier: Iraqis did a little bit. But all Americans definitely use American money and the Iraqis prefer our money.

Me Shredd: Right. Ok. I assume the vendors took both currencies?

Soldier: I believe so, yes.

Me Shredd: Ok, thank you so much sir!

Soldier: No problem.

 Shredd:  So, putting this in the context of the 250 and 1000 being replaced, until Iraq de-dollarizes, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to spend the money to replace these notes.

My hope is there is a plan for these notes to gain value and be used more than they ever have!




[Adam Montana] Good morning everyone - I have a brief chat to go through this morning, I will start now

[Adam Montana] Oh! First - Happy Halloween everyone! For those of you with children, I wish you a safe and fun night of trick-or-treating

[Adam Montana] and for those of you on the East coast, affected by this giant storm... my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families

[Adam Montana] Now to the Dinar - my opinion is pretty much the same as last week. We are in the same holding pattern, waiting on the US Elections to be done. I know a few people have disagreed with my opinion there, and that's fine - everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion. I just feel like the US elections has more of a worldwide impact than some people realize, and it is not in the best interest of the Iraqi people or their economic situation to announce a massive RV during a time when they have no idea who's butt to kiss over here in the White House.
[Adam Montana] The GOOD news is that if you've been watching the news, you will know that not a lot is going on over there right now. The articles have been "less than" sensational, which means things are very CALM... and that is EXACTLY what we want! We don't want huge news, we want all of their attention and focus available for one thing - a major change in the rate of the Dinar

[Adam Montana] there are some questions lined up related to that last statement, so I will take the questions now.

[paperboy] Polishfloridian Good morning Adam, Appreciate your "level head" approach to the dinar. How will the RV be announced and by whom? thanks, Art

[Adam Montana] Good question. I believe it will be the CBI for several reasons, but one reason above the rest.

[Adam Montana] the RATE will be based on what the CBI is willing to pay for it. If the rate is announced at $3, but they will only pay us $1 for it, then the $3 rate doesn't mean anything. Our ACTUAL rate is $1, regardless of what they announce it to be. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is how much you walk away with.

[Adam Montana] So since the CBI is making the market, and they have the final say in how much they are paying out, I have to believe it will be up to them to release it.

[Adam Montana] Of course, once they announce it, Maliki and everyone else is going to get on a podium as fast as possible and try to take credit for it... :lol:

[Adam Montana] So you MIGHT hear it from someone else before you realize that the CBI actually made the first announcement! Either way - it doesn't matter WHO announces it first. I just want someone to hurry up and get it done!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[paperboy] jon29 Adam, as evening approaches on soft padded paw and we wait for developments in the middle east, seating of final ministers, the hcl to pass, and everything to be in place for the CBI and GOI to consider a currency improvement, one question is on everyone's mind: a. Reese's pieces. b. York peppermint patty, or c. Skittles. Thanks, and... Happy Halloween

[Adam Montana] Hands down - Reeses Pieces! You can't top peanut butter and chocolate in one candy

[Adam Montana] next pleasE!

[paperboy] okane Are you dressing up this year? If so, as what? Thanks for all that you do! What? you expected more out of the VIP/OSI group than this??? You're the best!

[Adam Montana] :lol: thanks for the laugh my friend :lol:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[paperboy] SPOTLIGHT Hey there Adam sources like the IMF and CBI claims to have a new currency by Jan 1 2012.My question is shodn a rv occur b4 that.how could two currency exist with two different values...

[Adam Montana] I think you meant 2013, but no matter what date you meant... there have been conflicting reports on that matter since 2009. They originally intended to have the new currency released by 2010, I think that is still listed on the xe.com site under "IQD". There are other reports that state the currency won't be released until 2014.

[Adam Montana] So with that information at hand.... which "source" do we believe? I say none of them - they aren't going to tell us exactly when the new currency will come out, and they aren't going to tell us exactly what they plan to do with the rate. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[paperboy] pokerplayer My apology if this was already addressed. I am curious if Iraq can assess a tax after an RV for profits on the ISX ? We may all be foreign Investors, but technically this a profit. Same idea I think as if an American or Canadian has a windfall outside of the home country. The taxman wants his pound of flesh so to speak.

[Adam Montana] That's a great question, but again - they won't tell us exactly what they plan to do if they are going to implement a major increase in the exchange rate. This is information that we will have to wait to get a final word on. If they choose to freeze all withdrawals on foreign ISX accounts while they implement a tax... what can we do about it? Nothing. That's why I am diversified with Cash IQD, ISX stocks, Warka savings, and both domestic and offshore asset protection(s). [Adam Montana] Good question! Next please!

[paperboy] M.Duke Hi Adam Keep up the good work we all need it, Do you think if they drop the Zero's what do you think RV rate would be hi or low ?

[Adam Montana] It's my opinion that when they make the BIG jump in the currency, it will be no more than a dollar, and most likely around ten cents. If they are smart, they will get away from the US Dollar as quickly as possible, but that may not be possible due to how slow things move there. This is one of those matters that we just have to "wait and see".

[Adam Montana] next please!

[paperboy] new york kevin ANY GOOD SUBSTANCIAL NEWS OUT THERE SIR ADAM? I mean something else beyond this and that good tiny step in the right direction. Getting down in the dumps now with all the delays, and agreements to meet to agree on something.Erbil, HCL, IMF, UNSC and a release from chapter 7, yada yada yada. Please provide hope as I am reaching to pull myself out of the dole drums here.

[Adam Montana] Sorry bud, I don't have anything exciting to tell you... except the fact that there is nothing exciting to report. That fact may be cause for excitement. But then again - I don't want to tell you to get excited about not having anything to get excited about :lol:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[paperboy] TimS Adam....seems to me there is very little fact based evidence that the RV is going to happen this year. How much stock do you put into the belief that if an RV is going to happen, it will happen around the first of the new year? Happy Halloween.....Go Green Bay.....

[Adam Montana] TimS, I agree - there is nothing solid to peg the date to. My feeling is that once the elections are over, we are in a good "window", but how big that window is remains to be seen. :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[paperboy] one2one whether Iraq RV's soon or not---when will they have a worldwide tradeable currency ?---listed on forex,etc. why continue to use our USD ?

[Adam Montana] Good question one2one. Unfortunately, there is no answer that can be backed with facts - it's all speculation. I have no doubt that after the RV it will go on forex shortly, but that's as far as I'm willing to guess.

[Adam Montana] one last question I believe. Shoot!

[paperboy] Sitkadoc Thanks for all you and your staff are doing Adam. Just a point of clarification. Have there been any strategic changes in the Post-RV plan, i.e., Belize et al? Though patiently waiting, just wanted to make sure I haven't missed anything of import. Have attempted to do all the recommended things. COME ON RVVVVVVVVVVV!

[Adam Montana] Sitkadoc, you haven't missed anything. I've taken the last couple of months to iron out all of the kinks, and I am supremely confident that our OSI and VIP plans and resources are the best they can be and ready to rock. Thanks for checking in :tiphat:

[Adam Montana] Ok everyone, that was it for the "weekly". Happy Halloween, and have a great day!

CBI announces replacement of damaged currency early next month; Will only represent 1% of currency in circulation, 31 october

CBI announces replacement of damaged currency early next month; Will only represent 1% of currency in circulation

Alsumaria News / Baghdad – 10/31/2012
Central Bank of Iraq, last Saturday signed a contract with a British company to replace damaged currency with new ones, stressing that the replacement process will be the beginning of the month of November,
As pointed out that these currencies are only 1% of the currency in circulation in the market. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that “the bank has contracted with a British company specialized printing currency to print in small denominations which the 250 dinars and the JD 1000, for the purpose of replacing damaged with new ones,” noting that “this company is one of the large companies, which are printed nearly than 60 % of currencies of the world.
“Saleh added that” the month of November will start replacing currency damaged with new ones from the small groups, “adding that” all these currencies damaged constitute only 1% of the currency in circulation, which are many but the value of a few .
“and citizens suffer from the difficulty of purchasing groups of small markets because of damage and rupture most especially the categories of the 250 and 1000 dinars. carried the CBI, on the tenth of April 2011, bank management responsibility currency traded damaged in the markets, warning of fines on banks uncooperative up to some extent off, as he emphasized that what is being replaced from the currency damaged in the bank does not exceed 30% of the damaged physical.
noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank, with headquarters in Baghdad and has four branches in the provinces of Basra and Sulaymaniyah, Irbil and Mosul, founded the bank independent Iraqi under the Bank Act CBI issued on March 6, 2004, and is the responsibility of the bank is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and management of foreign reserves and the issuance of currency management, as well as to regulate the banking sector.

United States: We strongly support the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, 31 october

United States: We strongly support the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII

10/31/2012 12:00 am
Beecroft: No plans to bring troops and will provide Baghdad with sophisticated weapons
expressed the U.S. embassy in Baghdad for interaction strongly with the Iraqi government in order to exit from Chapter VII, noting it worked great behind the scenes between Iraq and Kuwait in order to encourage settlement in this area . said U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Beecroft told the “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” on the sidelines of a meeting with a number of media that “Iraq and Kuwait countries neighbors, and we want that Eetmtaa relationship better with each other,” noting that the Washington Office with the United Nations works significantly to end all requirements related to Chapter VII.
and expressed hope that is resolved this issue and change the situation for the better as soon as possible through the transition of Iraq from Chapter VII-VI, alluding to say “We are working on support as much as possible when you take the Iraqi side steps that encourages other countries to interact in this area. “
Beecroft counting the relationship between Iraq and the United States are of utmost importance, as the United States’ support him continuously for the success of the principle of democracy it to be a constructive role in the region, noting that the United States has seen positive steps in This direction was hosted by the Arab summit and the meeting of 5 +1 your nuclear program.
said the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, said the United States will continue to interact with Iraq as widely as possible, and give him the expertise and military equipment and training security forces to contribute to the development, as well as encouraging major companies U.S. investment in Iraq, especially in the field of energy. announced the existence of joint committees between the two countries to activate the strategic framework agreement, where she will meet to discuss the energy situation and things diplomacy, justice and the judiciary, noting that this cooperation is to assert the sovereignty of Iraq.
Beecroft categorically denied the existence of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, as reported by some media, describing it as rumors and stories are false, in addition to the absence of plans to bring these soldiers to be in Iraq.
described Beecroft flights bound from Iran to Syria via Iraq as “concern us deeply,” and expressed his happiness that Iraq began these aircraft inspection steps to make sure no shipping weapons to Syria, noting that this beginning, and we must inflict a sequential process of follow-ups or new inspection system.

United States concerned over CBI investigations, 31 october

United States concerned over CBI investigations

Washington concerned investigations are fair and transparent with Central Bank officials
Haider Ali Jawad -31/10/2012-
The United States confirmed Wednesday their support for the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution, expressed concern reversed ongoing investigations with officials of the Bank negatively bank relations with other international banks if fair and transparent.
New US Ambassador to Iraq Stephen bikroft told the media, “NPR.org,” China supports the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq which is compatible with the Constitution and Iraqi laws, “stating that it” does not take any position on the ongoing investigation on officials of the Bank “.
Bikroft said that his country was “encouraged that they are fair and transparent, but said it” is concerned that the non-transparent investigations affecting in this case negatively on Iraq’s banking relationships with banking institutions and international banks.
The Supreme Judicial Council was announced, (19 October), for the issuance of an arrest warrant against former Central Bank Governor and a number of officials in corruption.
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, on (October 24), not linked his arrest warrant Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi, said the turbulence occurred in Iraqi currency stimulate many regulators to investigate the activity of the Bank.
The Iraqi Cabinet decided, (16 October 2012), head of the Office of financial supervision of Abdel Basset Turki, Governor of the Central Bank Management Agency.
He was a member of the investigative Committee on the work of the Central Bank, Haytham Al-jaburi stressed, in (October 14) issuance of arrest warrants and a travel ban against Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi and Bank officials, said the Governor remains abroad will prove charges of corruption.
And Financial Committee called in the Iraqi Council of representatives, (mid October 2012), former Governor of the Central Bank to provide evidence, as she feared that such accusations were “targeted” to the Bank.
Accusing the Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi, (October 14, 2012), certain political forces “trying to discredit” the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq, arguing that the independence of the Bank is necessary to preserve and protect the dinar currency and prevent inflation, with the Government responsible for investigating money-laundering and the detection of beneficiaries.
And the State of law coalition leader Kamal Al-Saadi, in (17 October), the Central Bank policy defenders are clear winners from its auctions politicians and financiers “to terrorism, accusing some politicians affected by corruption in operations off the Bank stand behind, with the Committee set up by Parliament to investigate Bank policy comprise the majority of the political blocs.
He was speaker of the House of Osama ‘s, revealed (7 October 2012), on suspicion of corruption in the work of the Central Bank of Iraq, while he noted that the Board initiated a “thorough” policy of the Central Bank since 2003, pledged to follow the investigation “personally” to the importance of the issue.
The Iraqi Central Bank holds daily meetings for buying and selling foreign currency to involvement of Iraqi banks, with the exception of holidays that the Bank stops these auctions and sales are either critically, or in the form of money orders sold abroad for a Commission.
The accusations escalated pace on smuggling currency that overshadowed the dollar selling prices on local markets and increased the price paid by month, while deputies demanded that the Government stops sale of currency in the Central Bank auction, others stressed that Iraq will lose big money by smuggling a day abroad, despite the acclaim of many specialists regard the economic positives auction in reducing inflation rates and control the value of the Iraqi dinar.

Finance Committee: action against the Central Bank suspended the project to delete the zeros,31 october

Finance Committee: action against the Central Bank suspended the project to delete the zeros

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Parliamentary Finance Committee ruled implementation of Hvz process three zeros from the Iraqi currency next year after the recent actions that took place in the central bank.
said committee member bloc MP citizen Faleh Surrey / JD /: “The recent actions, which affected the bank Central stopped the project to delete zeros from the currency, which was scheduled to be discussed early next year. “
said Sari, that the Finance Committee had decided earlier to have the currency exchange in June next year, the World Bank emphasized the replacement, put the beginning of the year, and accusations of corruption, which affected Bank officials postponed the matter to the notice.
was the Iraqi Central Bank, predicted delayed launch of the new currency early next year due to the existence developments and talks with the government.
noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki demanded earlier with the bank to wait currency switch currency and put it on the first of January for the year 2013.
said Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi in an earlier statement / JD /: “The launch currency early next year is uncertain because of the talks and recent discussions with the government.”
and added Shabibi “will be in the process significant cooperation with the government.”
He’s central bank governor that continuing the process of switching the currency, and previous appointments to put lingering but may delay developments.
The bank had said earlier / JD /: “The launch of the new currency will be 01.01.2013 Despite the demands of the government to slow down the process put forward.”
and the face of the bank An official letter to the Council of Ministers explaining the pros switch currency on the market and the money supply and increased exchange rate and other issues.
mentions that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor on the background of suspicions of money.
According to the report submitted by the committee overseeing the central bank, which included both heads of the two financial, economic and BSA under the supervision of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail: that investigations proved the existence of sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations themselves and that has smuggled to neighboring countries.
mentioned that the Council of Ministers decided to assign Prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki management position of Governor of the Central Bank and the agency, with the issuance of the Judicial Council arrest warrant against former central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases

Audit committee will report its findings about CBI to House of Reps in the coming days, 31 october

Audit committee will report its findings about CBI to House of Reps in the coming days

Member of the Finance Committee: Administrative Committee formed to evaluate the work of the Central Bank will report to the House of Representatives in the coming daysDate: 10/31/2012 07:32:51 Wednesday
Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Finance Committee and member of the administrative committee of the problem to audit the work of the Central Bank of MP / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri, for completing the report prepared by the committee to evaluate the performance of the work of the Central and submitted to the House of Representatives in the coming days.
Yasiri said (of the Agency news): There committees formed in the House of Representatives, one investigative jobs auction sale of hard currency and the other for administrative committee mission assessment and monitor the work of the Central Bank annually. added: that the Administrative Committee completed its report and be submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to discuss in the coming days, as well as study results the investigative specialized jobs auction sale of hard currency at the central bank, which referred the group of bank employees to justice on charges of financial corruption. ‘s cabinet voted during its regular Tuesday (16 October 2012), the mandate of President BSA Abdul Basit Turki assume management position central bank governor agency.
quoted a number of media, in (14 October 2012), sources oversight that the Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant for bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi corruption charges, pointing out that the latter fled abroad after the issuance of the note, with the bank denied the news, stressing that the governor is currently involved in an annual conference in Tokyo and will return to Baghdad. and was a member of the investigative about the work of the Central Bank of Haitham al-Jubouri said, in (14 October 2012), the issuance of arrest warrants and travel ban against Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and officials at the bank, and is regarded as that the survival of portfolios abroad will prove corruption charges.