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cdjsilver51 says to (07:05:21):  I was trying to remember who said July. Was it Jabouri?

Med says to (07:05:28):  YUP

cdjsilver51 says to (07:05:43):  Well does he have any authority?


Mountainman says to (07:06:20):  Hey I like important threads.... lol

cdjsilver51 says to (07:06:26):  oops I better go read. I gues Saleh is the one who said they wouldn't do it in the middle of the year?

Med says to (07:06:36):  YES  HI MM

Mountainman says to (07:06:45):  Morning Med

Med says to (07:06:46):  THE IMF IS PRESSURING THEM

Mountainman says to (07:06:54):  Excellant


Mountainman says to (07:07:22):  about time 


 Mountainman says to (07:08:12):  their oil production is now over 3.2 mil barrels a day  yes super inflation would set in



From 10-28-12 Wang Dang CC 

WANG DANG: There is nobody in the country (of Iraq) that is going to do Dr. Shabibi not one thing. So I hope that anybody that is involved with Wang Dang is looking and laughing and saying this is garbage. There are a lot of things in our country that have politically being going on that are going to come to the forefront shortly dealing with this country. The United States has been misbehaving and behaving oddly dealing with Iraq, both under our ex-president and our present president. The people that they have put in charge of this situation have not been pushing hard enough.

 I am going to tell you guys this thing is getting ready to come to a head and we are getting ready to see our money come out. The United States is no longer going to play with this issue that is getting ready to cause our country a black eye on both sides of the political spectrum, both Republican and Democrat, and now you are getting ready to see them come together after this election and finish these people. Maliki is no longer being an issue to us or anyone else. 

You are hearing it from me first. Having said all that, Dr. Shabibi has nothing to worry about. There is nobody on God’s green earth that is going to touch this man. Not Maliki, not all his cronies from the National Alliance that he keeps having to trump up all these charges. 

Nobody is going to touch Dr. Shabibi. I have been avoiding a bunch of phone calls. Normally like three or four people try to call me and that helps me keep a grip on myself. They are regular people just like me, but I normally take calls from them all throughout the week and let them ask me any questions they want and I answer, but I have been avoiding them. I haven’t been answering the phone and I haven’t been around for them to text me. It’s because I don’t want to say what I know right now, but we are fine as a community. 

We are better then fine and this thing is almost done. So let’s watch everybody come back on line after elections and see how far they are behind. The currency that we are waiting on is getting ready to be given to us. They are going to swipe these cards here shortly or begin lifting the zeroes. Our contact Ali has told us and reaffirmed that nothing has changed. They are still holding on to every Dinar they have. That’s why we are seeing these high bank auctions nobody is spending their dinar and they are flipping dollars. This thing is all but stamped. It’s all but given to us. So let’s sit back and relax. 


10-29-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Central Bank announces replacement of damaged currency early next month"   the question is why replace these?  It's either out of pure necessity (and they are not raising the value for a while) or they plan to start raising the value via a float and expect them to be heavily used over the next several months during that period.   I don't think the article gives us any clues to confirm either.

An article from April states the GOI/Maliki has a "weak dinar" policy... meaning they don't want to improve its value.  If true, it could be a while before we see any raise in value.  On the other side, we had Jubouri (Maliki's nephew) come out and ask the CBI to raise the value of the dinar.  So who knows. 


10-29-12 Mountainman: An economic researcher today said that Iraq is going to be a powerhouse economic force in the region and that they also need to continue to diversify their sources of revenue. He went on to say that Iraqi and foreign companies can develop the infrastructure, banking and industry, and that Iraq sits in a very strategic location in the world. We all can agree that this is true about Iraq. Such a diamond in the rough but not for long. This is a time like no other in this investment. Can you believe our Shabs is really gone, Iraqi police are storming the CBI, arresting CBI employees and the international community remains silent even after the World Bank, IMF and United Nations referenced Iraq's economy as one that will help the global financial recovery.

So, something is going on we are clearly unaware of. Even amidst the apparent turmoil, we have the Deputy CBI Governor saying they are replacing "damaged" lower denoms next month. Yeah, I'm sure they are interested in spending money to replace the same old worthless Iraqi currency. How often do you think they use a 1,000 - 5,000 bills that are worth a fraction of a cent in the market place? They never do. They use USD or a wheel barrel full of 25k notes. This is a cover for introducing the new currency. Unfortunately, the internet has made it extremely hard for them to educate the public of the upcoming change without tipping their hand. Like I said, this is a very interesting time and it's going down completely different than any of us expected.... but it's going down!!

10-29-12 Uncirculd: They do need to implement the agreements with US. We are holding their DFI funds only until Feb. I don't think we will give another extension. They have to implement Erbil and soon. They had said they agreed on HCL, but it was the 2007 version. Still has issues, but enough to get through the national meeting. I want to see maliki give up his power by naming ministers on national tv. Cause I think he might have heart failure or go into shock when he has to do that.

10-29-12 Phoenix3333: Barzani discusses with U.S. ambassador to the issue of Kirkuk and the political crisis. "President of Kurdistan Region Barzani, with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Steve Beecroft bilateral relations between the United States and the Kurdistan Region and ways of enhancing them in the interest of both parties. Barzani and Ambassador Alamarki also discussed discussed the talks between a delegation of the Kurdistan Region political and government in Baghdad."

"Emphasized the importance of continuing those talks between the two sides to reach a radical solutions to the crisis through which Iraq. Also discussed the current situation in the province of Kirkuk and how to deal with him, where he called the U.S. ambassador to the approval of the two sides (Erbil - Baghdad) in the decisions made about Kirkuk, where the U.S. Ambassador to the U.S. embassy's readiness to provide assistance in this regard."


Millionday Sunday Night Chat at PeopleInvested:

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[millionday] i want to make sure that everyone knows that the lower denoms are out and they are beginning the process of changing them out and i am going to tell you about it
[Fresh] millionday wow - can't wait!!!
[millionday] i have the report about it but let me tell you

[millionday] i posted it last night very late at newstime but am going to tell you what is going on first and repost it
[millionday] they are right now beginning the process of having the 50s , 250s and 100s exchanged out if they are damaged which is smart
[millionday] they are having any damaged at all in the country brought in because they will be using them after the three zeros are replaced [millionday] all the new lower denoms are printed and in iraq because of this report -- it is obvious
[millionday] be right back with it
[millionday] smile \
[millionday] now one more thing
[millionday] the process begins with them moving them to the banks ect because this part is the beginning of november
[millionday] brb
[millionday] Central Bank of Iraq, Saturday, his contract with the British company to replace damaged currency with new ones, stressing that the replacement process will be the beginning of the month of November, as pointed out that these currencies are only 1% of the currency in circulation in the market. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview, The Bank has contracted with a British company specialized printing currency to print in small denominations which the 250 dinars and the JD 1000, for the purpose of replacing damaged with new ones,

Read More Link on Right
[millionday] noting that" this company is one of the big companies and that printed approximately 60% of the world's currencies. " Saleh added that "the month of November will begin to replace damaged currency with new ones from the small groups," adding that "all these currencies damaged constitute only 1% of the currency in circulation, and many that are only worth a few." And citizens suffer from the difficulty of buying small groups of markets due to damage and rupture most especially the two categories of the 250 and 1000 dinars.
[millionday] note -- notice which ones they are bothering to replace
[The s family] I don't understand why it's "smart" to do that first??
[millionday] these are the ones that will be in circulation after the three zeros are removed
[millionday] so that they wont have to be exchanged
[millionday] and they will have less work when the process begins
[NUMBERS] millionday would nt the 250 and 1000 notes be large notes??

[MeKevinB] millionday and surely they don't want citizens carrying near-worthless notes for an extended period of time, right?
[millionday] and keep the both on the street until the entire new series is printed next year after the rate is changed / zeros removed
[millionday] there is more
[millionday] right
[millionday] NUMBERS no it would be like the ones we carry
[millionday] 50s and 100s
[millionday] ect

[millionday] brb with the rest
[millionday] He held the Iraqi Central Bank, on the tenth of April 2011, bank management responsibility currency traded damaged in the markets, warning of fines on banks uncooperative to the point of suspension, as he emphasized that what is being replaced from the currency damaged in the bank does not exceed 30% of the damaged actual. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank, with headquarters in Baghdad and has four branches in the provinces of Basra and Sulaymaniyah, Irbil and Mosul, founded the bank independent Iraqi under the law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued on March 6, 2004, and
[millionday] is the responsibility of the bank is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including policies exchange rates and management of foreign reserves and the issuance of currency management, as well as to regulate the banking sector.
[millionday] now see what is damaged is only 1% that is being replaced but 30% is damaged but in the denoms that will not remain on the streets so they are not replacing as it appears right now
[millionday] so this is rocking good news
[B][millionday] meaning that the denoms that will be on the streets and will remain on the streets will have already been exchanged and will be mixed
[lorijeanmarshall] millionday I am a little confused. Is the this the LD we have been watching for just replacing the same currency?

[millionday] like we had here but for a shorter time period
[millionday] replacing the damaged of the ones they will continue to use on the streets after the removal of the three zeros because
[millionday] remember they have been using these for many years and they dont use banks much so they are torn up
[millionday] so obvously the beginning of the process due to the denoms that are really damaged and they have chosen to only replace the ones they will be using after the removal of the three zeros
[millionday] this is great
[millionday] very good news
[millionday] very

[millionday] dont miss any news if you can because it will be interesting to see everything unfold as we watch the one thing we like at pi -- progress
[johnm33] so if i am reading this right, if they bring a 25000 dinar in to replace, they wont get one back, it will be other denoms
[onthewings] smiling
[millionday] it is only the 50s , 250s and 1000s that they have told us will be part of the denoms when they re denominate

[Gary W] millionday, won't there eventually be something lower than, say, a 50 dinar bill; something like a 1 dinar bill?

[millionday] yes but right now they are going to replace the damaged ones of those deonoms only
[para~investigator] millionday aren't they removing the three zeros off of the 1000 dinar note as well?

[millionday] no
[Gary W] millionday Terrific. Thank you, ma'am!
[millionday] yw all the time

[millionday] President Jalal Talabani said, Iraq is keen on closer ties of friendship and broaden cooperation with Turkey in all fields and serve the interests of the people of Somalia de s. This came in a message of congratulations to Turkish President Abdullah Gul said his country's national day (founding of the Turkish Republic). Talabani said, according to a presidential statement received (News Agency news) on Sunday: I am pleased to extend to you and to the Government and friendly people of the Turkish Republic, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Iraqi people, my warmest congratulations and anniversary national day (founding of the Turkish Republic).
[millionday] oh oops read it wrong
[millionday] the region however is partying down
[millionday] Talabani said: on this occasion the opportunity to affirm Republic of Iraq closer ties of friendship and broaden cooperation with Turkey in all fields and serve the interests of the people of Somalia

[millionday] this is interesting
[millionday] ...Called the National Alliance Deputy//Susan Saad, the legislature and the Executive to establish an adequate mechanism to distribute SOA budget amounts for next year. Al-Saad said in a statement: the Government and the House before the genuine national test is to grant local governments in all provinces part of SOA budget determined by the needs of each province, not granted to service ministries have not seen improvement or evolution recalls performed over long years. According to the National Alliance Deputy: it's pointless to devote large sums every year to service ministries and federal case from bad to worst "متساءله how long we spend billions and citizen lives appalling deterioration in services, security and infrastructure in all sectors.
[millionday] genuine national test
[millionday] Explained: everyone should aware that adopting the same mechanism in the General State budget is extremely dangerous because it proved costly and it's time to develop alternative plans will promote real country at all aalasadh the first adoption of a mechanism for granting budget controls service to local governments to see what happens./

[millionday] money moving for next year as a test
[millionday] wish i could sit down and talk to them or at least be in one of the govs to tell you why and what the national test is but i will watch for it
[millionday] to see what happens ? strange report
[millionday] now remember that the central bank meeting in mexico city is on the 4th and 5th of november with the g7
[millionday] we have nothing else in yet so that is the news and oh boy is it good
[millionday] i will keep watching to see if any more comes in but it is not in in the other sources yet


 Devildogmom] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines!

[moonchild] Rocky49 I like what Wang Dang had to say yesterday. I do not necesarily agree with everything but he is not in the habit of calling the RV and has solid reasons for saying that it needs to occur by the end of the year.

[flashing] Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Aliya Nusayif, of the Hurra Iraqiya Bloc, called the US Administration to deal with Iraq as "Sovereign state and not through the disputed political blocs." In a press statement received by AIN, on Monday, she said "The US Administration has to deal with Iraq as a sovereign state according to the diplomatic procedures because Iraq is an independent country with elected government. Since Iraq has a government, it is unacceptable for the US Admission to deal with the political blocs separately to show Iraq as being a combination of disputed blocs where the disputes are related to the internal situation in Iraq and have no relation to its foreign policy," she concluded. /End

[Rocky49] moonchild I like what he said too. I could use it real soon, like yestesday.

[moonchild] Rocky49 yesterday sounds good but not very realistic.

[moonchild] flashing the question is whether Iraq really does have a fully formed government.

[Maryrose] moonchild did you listen to Vic1's call last night?

[flashing] moonchild well i think they already have it

[flashing] moonchild may be they want the rv and US is the hold up ?

[moonchild] flashing more likely that the PTB are the holdup, although the PTB have a habit of using the US to do their bidding, so it is possible.

[flashing] moonchild agreed

[Maryrose] Rocky49 yes, who's the guy that has been hiding out in Turkey, Vice MP I think. He's been back to Iraq, 3 different meetings in 3 cities. Vic believes he is spilling the beans with documentation of Maliki's crimes against the Iraqi people etc. Shabs is doing the same, Parliament is backing Shabs.

[Rocky49] Maryrose That sounds good based on Okie's theroy that Shabs is the one who controls the button.

[Retchie08] Maryrose .. Yes.. His Name is Al-Hashimi.. & His grandfather was a Very integraL figure in iWaq's PoLiticaL Past..most notabLy, HeLping to form & Head New Government in iraq after WW1. Has VERY Strong PoLiticaL ties throughout the ME.


[flashing] Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Hamid al-Khudhari, of the Citizen bloc called the political blocs to cooperate with the President, Jalal Talabani, in settling the political crisis. He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) on Monday "Talabani will not be able to  settle the crisis without the cooperation of the political blocs where postponing settling it is incorrect." "The political blocs have also to adhere to the initiative of The Head of the Supreme  Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, which is related to divide the disputes into phases and settling them will bring the confidence back to the political blocs and hope to the Iraqi people," he concluded

[flashing] just read this line: postponing settling is incorrect . very good news

[flashing] this week is very promising for us .

[2012jesus] flashing yes weeeeeeeeeeee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


[moonchild] the HAARP activity map is very interesting, with higher readings for the northeast US than ever recorded.  why would anybody want a storm in that area now?

[Readynow] Sorry but what is HAARP please

[moonchild] Readynow HAARP is an instrument which is able to create storms, affect weather, earthquakes, etc.

[2012jesus] does anyone think the gov. are causing the weather they days vote yes

[MtnStar] 2012jesus actually HAARP is becoming rather outdated - there are new and more powerful tools

[OILGENRL7] Readynow google harp

[OILGENRL7] Readynow there is one in Alaska

[MtnStar] OILGENRL7 - it began with Navy testing

moonchild] OILGENRL7 I think that it is up around Delta Junction

[pastored] that storm sandy was to go north and then east and not touch the USA

[pastored] now to the storm sandy the reason it is hitting the USA will come out this wk something the leadership did against Israel cause the storm made a very sharp turn in it was not supossed to do that

[pastored] every time the leadership does something against Israel we get hit with something I have it all documented and proof

Ronn] pastored You are right on target!

[blessedandhighlyfavored] IMHO, God is tired of the mess and God does not bless no mess. Hurricane Irene was not enough to wake people up so he is sending Hurricane Sandy "frankenstorm" to finish showing people he is in control. Stock market and local buinesses are closed and millions and billions of dollars lost...hmmmm

[moonchild]   blessedandhighlyfavored IMHO I do not think that the PTB act in anybody's best interest except their own.

[moonchild] there seems to be clear evidence that HAARP is the cause of this storm. The question is who does it benefit?

[blessedandhighlyfavored] moonchild Amen What are they going to do now because millions and billions of dollars are about to be lost? All I can say is go RV for God's children sake!!

[moonchild] looking at the charts of recent and current HAARP activity is very enlightening

[blessedandhighlyfavored] MtnStar You are so correct!!

[moonchild] blessedandhighlyfavored it is not about money lost by the common people, it is about the profits of the PTB. I am sure that this is somehow benefiting them, just do not know how.

[bandit] New York stock X closed today


[Retchie08] The articLe that taLked about reLeasing a percentage of "GROUPS" of New Lower Denom's of currency this week ..Key word ' Groups ", ..SpecificaLLy the 250 & 1K notes..is specuLative to be the initiatiation of impLementation of constitionaL ammendment #140, which is the one we've been waiting for..

[Princess M] Retchie08 do u have a link

[Retchie08] That is the Power Sharing agreement..HCL,ErBiL..& wiL give birth to activation of the Smart Cards & a New VaLue for the currencies..

[Retchie08] Princess M .. Just recoLLecting what Vic1tgk has been saying..

[ctgal] Retchie08. Sure hope he is right on this one.

[Retchie08] ctgal .. He certainly is Very knowLedgeabLe about FactuaL History in aLL of The ME Region..

[ctgal] Retchie08. Exactly

[Retchie08] ctgal .. iT was obvious to me that He & His staff, on the CC Last night were VERY apprehensive & excited about aLL the new articLes exposed of Late..

[Retchie08] ctgal iT was most astonishing of the Podigy of Shabibi as weLL as Mr. Hashemi..They both have Very Strong PoLitical ties throughout the ME Gov. Leaders, & there wiLL not be a Judge anywhere in that Region to try either of these Men..just to save face & embarrassment from the True Legacy of these

eddyeagle] PUPPYLOVE,STITCH....and everyone good morning....has any one heard if THE ISX went global today or not.

[Readynow]  ISX = Iraqie Stock Exchange

[Retchie08] ctgal these Men & their FamiLies reputations & accompLishments throughout History in the ME as WeLL.

[Retchie08] ctgal .. These 2 Men who were supposedLy Thrown " Under the Bus "..are about to come out. iN an ExpLosive way & that Hand of MaLiki wiLL have 3 fingers pointing Back & Him.. & SOON Now.. We Wait & Watch. ShouLd Be a Great Week for Us aLL.

[ctgal] Retchie08 I pray so.

Retchie08] ctgal .. There is a FormuLa that Victgk1 challenged his team to " Do the Math ON ". regarding the 250 & 1K Denoms, in which he says when calcuLated, wiLL refLect cLose proximaty to the initiaL rate for what these New Currencies reLeased wiLL impose....

[Retchie08]  That's where iT got a bit compLicated for me..B'cause it invoLves conversions between the 4 currencies of the countries of Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, & iRaq & their current vaLues.. Cant wait to Hear what the ResuLts of that Computation. GO rv

[Retchie08] Dont treat Any of this as Rumor..RE: the articLes concerning the reLease of these New Lower Denoms that wiLL be put into circulation this week..aLong with some of the Statements from Ms. LeGarde of the IMF.. iT is Very ReaL & factuaL as To the ReaLity of where We are @ This Moment in Time on This. 

10-29-12 BGG: Article: “Parliamentary express reservation to determine the duration bill positions by proxy” This is a critically important issue. This is pretty much I was pointing out a few days ago – they will start chipping away at the powers Maliki has amassed for himself very shortly as in Monday/Tuesday.

Maliki and his opponents: penalty for Hashmi and dismissal of Hbibi ,29 october

Maliki and his opponents: penalty for Hashmi and dismissal of Hbibi 

Amman / Ali Abdul Amir

Seems headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about forming a government majority political new chapter chase to his political opponents, he is if he gave them "carrot" government positions in a while, it did not snatch them that carrot, but also began to punish the standing face to "stick "legal and constitutional, by ensuring a pro his whole stance by the judiciary as well as investment to double the forces opposed to him, it takes its own problems sometimes in their quest tainted by corruption great to get a portion of fatty Alkaakaah other times.

"Stick" Maliki that began waving his opponents out, since he became sole ruler after the U.S. withdrawal late last year touched the death sentence as the case with Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, did not stop at accusing others of corruption and dismissed, according to the charges, as happened with the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Shabibi Finally, before the central bank governor, was "stick" Maliki touched president "Integrity Commission" Judge Abdul Rahim Ugaili, and President of the "Trade Bank of Iraq," Hussein Azri and Communications Minister Mohammed Allawi.

On the other hand sees Maliki's opponents (some of the "National Alliance" dominant Shi'ite government) that "Prime Minister protects corrupt supporters and loyal," they point out that "Mr. strong Iraq" has already "directed and Trade Minister Abdul Falah al-Sudani from prison and allowed his escape to London and stop any prosecution against him, despite the theft of the minister more than a billion dollars in contracts mixed commission of corruption, as well as smuggling and former Defense Minister Abdul Qader al-Obeidi accused deals arms corrupt, versus silence on takeover Maliki on the powers of the Minister of Defense and his formation of leaders military are loyal to him personally. "

Exclusion last technocrats in "new Iraq"

Battle Maliki with Shabibi, who is described as another "technocrats" in the new Iraqi state, began with the rejection last lending the government a large sum in 2009 to finance the purchases electricity generators huge from the United States and Germany, saying that the government's budget where money enough to pay their expenses and thus does not make sense to lend the reserves of the country financial, which under Maliki remembered angrily to Hbibi, as that position last rejecting the takeover Maliki on independent bodies, including the Central Bank did not leave Prime Minister passes unnoticed, came accusations of corruption for Hbibi and then sacked before installing the charges against him and before standing in front of the judiciary.

In the story Shabibi reveals member of the Legal Committee parliamentary deputy for "Liberal bloc" actress of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani, said there was "a scenario prepared against Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi since more than a year," adding "memorandum arrested and accused of corruption tax refusal to inflict the Central Bank government and refusing to attend meetings of the Council of Ministers. " Kanani explains that "the government is planning more than a year ago for rhythm Bcbibi, and began its first steps launching a media campaign to discredit him," expressing his deep astonishment "Speed ​​the issuance of an arrest warrant judicial."

And confirms Kanani said that "judges are not specialists matters financial and economic and monetary policy, and they had to listen to the opinion of experts in this field before issuing the memo," pointing out that "the scenario was intended against Shabibi and directory it has removed from office even before the issuance of arrest warrants in While ministers remain in office and arrest warrants issued against them, was supposed not Shabibi sequestration before his presence in court because they have acquitted. "

Reactions regarding the arrest warrant issued against al-Shabibi, came denouncing the mass of other within the "National Alliance", missed the MP for "mass citizen," Faleh applicable, the government of "putting all independent institutions at their disposal and make them and Heads is a minister and managers who implement government instructions ".

The MP said the bloc representing the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim said "the refusal of some parties in the government independence of the central bank, given to him by the Constitution and the law, took the lives of the Iraqi Central Bank President Sinan Shabibi and figures in the bank."

The sari, a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary, said that "the central bank was professionally independent and scientifically and liberal and specialized, but the government refused this direction, and succeeded by clicking on the bank, and now any step or phase leads to replace Shabibi or his agent, will come later Bchkhos, also came with people others to other bodies, and changed their work, to become in the interest of the government or the people in the government. "

In the same context Committee emphasized the economy and investment parliamentary, that the issue of Director CBI Shabibi, would have "negative repercussions on the Iraqi economy and its reputation," As warned that "what is happening will Iraq's money abroad for prosecution", stressed that "no Sultan on the central bank only through the Iraqi Council of Representatives. "

He said the Commission's decision MP for "Kurdish Alliance" Mahma Khalil said that "the Iraqi Central Bank has an international reputation and must be maintained and observed and preserve the value of the Iraqi dinar at the global level", rejecting "the government will deal with the issue Shabibi through defamation through the media."

Iraqi parliamentary votes believed that "the issue of central bank governor article has nothing to do with financial or files of corruption also promoted, but the cause of impeachment issued following the instructions especially Bcbibi and procedures led to the increase in the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar."

The accusations by the deputies in the parliament to the Central Bank of the existence of corruption and money laundering in the auction sale of the currency. He attributed the Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi on several occasions reasons for the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to "weak domestic production and lack of exports from Iraq (except oil), and the weakness of government measures to attract capital investment, as well as the political situation tense internally and regionally, and the economic blockade suffer from Syria and Iran. "

And as well as opponents of Maliki, who raced in advancing sound angry protest against the exclusion Shabibi, was appointed White House seemed not far from the issue of the central bank governor, has stressed U.S. President Obama's envoy to Baghdad, "the transparency of any investigation about the Central Bank of Iraq."

A spokesman for the National Security Council Tommy Vetter in a statement that "McDonough was in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Monday when he said the U.S. view that any investigation into the Iraqi Central Bank must be transparent, liberty and under Iraqi law and not subject to any influence of political influence in order to avoid undermining the independence of the Iraqi institutions and confirm investor confidence in Iraq. "

Some makers Iraqi public opinion believe that "Shabibi will not be the last victims of al-Maliki has long been opponents of Prime Minister preoccupied their personal interests, and they fail to agree on a mosque and a national save the country from a dictator formative stage, is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Interior and head of intelligence, and military forces associated with his office Profile can perform any operation outside any legal framework, "wondering" Did you pay attention to what opponents attended by Maliki them and finally agree on the need to protect Iraq's fledgling democracy "?

In the context of this tone angry Maliki and his opponents at the same time says writer and commentator Ali Hussein "if we respect the talent and appreciate the value of scientific expertise and professional would not have dared Deputy not reached the age of majority political to say that" the Council of Ministers Resolution judge dismissed Shabibi step in the right direction, "Of course the trend right when MP Commando (from Maliki's coalition) is the central bank becomes a branch of the Office of the Prime Minister, ignorance and backwardness and disregard for all laws ... it is important to sleep, fill the sight of his prime minister without a prick "one law."

And ends with Hussein to say "the most dangerous message can be understood from the sacking Shabibi is that Maliki's coalition says opponents We Senlahakkm and Sndharpkm iron hand if you tried difference with us. Decisions Prime Minister's Office entrenched convictions Iraqis that the only result of what happened after 2003, is to replace Governor despot The dictator, authoritarian political group, may be difficult to dislodge, especially if you decide to act with the logic of "gangs" not the logic of politics. "


Gang of «13» people steal central bank auction , 29 october

Gang of «13» people steal central bank auction 

الكاتب Administrator Written by Administrator Wednesday, October 24, 2012 21:46 

ي It seems that the central bank has become the main concern of all politicians to various ends, but the end that some insist upon and urges the pace and sharpen ideas for it, is the process of stealing the central bank, and plundering the wealth of Iraq. 

And it came to planning thoughtful play group belonging to the brother of a minister who has a close relationship of money, to steal the central bank with the help of staff from within. 

And private sources for "tomorrow" that this person is planning to convert the amounts of several billions of dollars and fictitious names to Turkey, Dubai, Oman and European countries in collaboration with staff from within the bank. 

That person was driving a "gang" made up of "13" people each staff in the bank and other staff in the ministry, led by his brother. 

The sources added that there are some private banks also involved in this process, because they may transfer funds through it. 

She noted that there is collusion between the gang and some of those responsible for your auction to the dollar, and hosted by the Central Bank for the sale of hard currency. 

It noted that the security forces, and after investigations carried out, concluded that there is more than one operating in this manner, and all the gang operate separately, but they gathered for one purpose is to steal Iraq. 

The sources indicated that the security authorities had arrested, yesterday, on "26" employees involved. 

She added that the coming days will witness the disclosure of politicians who were behind the theft of the central bank and the destruction of the Iraqi economy. 

She explained that the process of detecting overthrown by a number of politicians and political figures, some referred to stigmatized. 

The sources stressed that the government continues to move the corrupt files and detect corrupt, and that the next phase Stamit revealed a lot of things latent, Iraqis know they are thieves and those who want to build the country. 

And at the same level, said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was "no secret that for many differences with the government of Directors of the Central Bank and has serious remarks about a lot of activity and monetary policy and so on, but the final issue was not connected government." 

He added in a press statement distributed by his press office, "said the turmoil that occurred at the Iraqi currency, recently stimulated many regulators to investigate the activity of the central bank, including the method of the sale of hard currency, banking, stock exchange and other". The form of the House of Representatives committee headed by Deputy Speaker Qusay al-Suhail and Chairman of the Finance Committee and Chairman of the BSA and other legislators from various political blocs, and it seems that the investigation, which lasted for more than a month, ended up issuing a report carries Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi and others in the Bank responsibility numerous accusations, and the committee in charge of the parliament to lift its site of committee members as well as parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi and the Chairman of the Committee to the Integrity Commission directly, without going through the government. 


Financial expert expected stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar (1189), 29 october

Financial expert expected stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar (1189)

Date: 29/10/2012 08:44:08 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Expected Habeer financial cute Abdul Salem Ugaili, ability central bank to cut the value of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar during the coming period, stable rate (1189) dinars. 
and Zkralekala in a statement (of the Agency news): The central bank strives to reduce the value of the dollar against the dinar is more during the coming period, and possibly up to the price (1189), which aspires to him central, and maintain the stability of the dinar. Between: The prices of the dollar against the dinar during the past six months is Mstqrhh, they are in volatility between high and low, indicating that monetary policy in country is facing major challenges. confirmed Ugaili: that the central bank has proven successful and its ability to maintain the value of the national currency in lost these pressures. has allowed the central bank's (25) private banks to sell the dollar according to certain controls, and gives each bank weekly million (250) thousand dollars at the (1179) and sold to citizens at (1189) that the ratio of profit banks (10), JD to create a balance between the amount of currency displayed and the size of the increasing demand to maintain the value of the dinar against the dollar. / end / 21. n. p /


Maliki Asserts Control Over Central Bank Of Iraq, 29 october

Maliki Asserts Control Over Central Bank Of Iraq

Published on Monday, 29 Oct 07:00 am
By Walid Khadduri
The ousted Central Bank of Iraq Governor has rejected the charges of corruption and currency manipulation being leveled against him. His supporters see it as a smear campaign designed to give the Maliki government and his Da’wa Party control over central bank funds.
The Iraqi Council of Ministers has appointed the Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit, ‘Abd al-Basit Turki, as the new Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), succeeding Sinan al-Shabibi, against whom arrest warrants have been issued on charges of corruption and currency manipulation (MEES, 19 October). Dr Shabibi was abroad at the time of the decision attending International Monetary Fund meetings in Tokyo and has since travelled to Europe. He told reporters that he plans to return to Iraq soon to clear himself of the charges. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s decision was criticized by several political party leaders (including Muqtada al-Sadr, former Vice President ‘Adil ‘Abd al-Mahdi, and Chairman of Parliament’s Energy Committee ‘Adnan al-Janabi) and appears to have come as a surprise to Chief Justice Midhat al-Mahmud, who was not initially informed of the arrest warrants but then acceded to the prime minister’s wishes.
MEES learns that the conflict between the prime minister and the governor has been brewing for around two years, after Mr Maliki asked the governor to lend the government $5bn from CBI reserves and Dr Shabibi refused. This invokes the 2004 Central Bank Law which prohibits any direct lending from the CBI to the government and its institutions. The latest development raises concerns of domestic and regional significance.
Claims Of Smear Campaigns
Allegations of corruption and currency manipulation have been orchestrated by the executive authorities over several months on TV, depriving Dr Shabibi of the right to defend himself in a court of law. The prime minister’s accusations against the respected and independent governor have given rise to widespread indignation, reveal MEES soundings. Around 180 professionals (mostly prominent economists) inside Iraq and abroad sent a petition to President Jalal Talabani, emphasizing that “it is the duty of the Iraqi state and its institutions to protect public funds and the civil and political rights of citizens without smear campaigns to defame their personal and professional reputations, such as those against Dr Sinan al-Shabibi, the Governor of the Central Bank.” The petition concluded by warning that “the previous regime started with smear campaigns, and ended with purges. Hence, we as professionals warn of the end result of these policies.”
CBI Independence Under Threat
If, as Dr Shabibi’s supporters allege, the charges are trumped up, Mr Maliki’s move is a clear threat to the integrity of the CBI as an independent institution. His opponents fear that the prime minister will now proceed to tap into the CBI’s funds, ignoring Dr Shabibi’s advice that the resources of the CBI should be separate from those of the Ministry of Finance. In fact, MEES understands, the prime minister and the head
of his office, ‘Ali al-‘Allaq, are of the opinion that since he is the central authority in the country, he has the right to use the funds available to Iraq as he sees fit, whether these funds are under the direct control of the government (via the Ministry of Finance) or form part of the reserves of independent public institutions (such as the Central Bank). This question about the independence of the CBI is at the core of the conflict between the ex-governor and the prime minister.
Fewer Checks And Balances
The move against Dr Shabibi further consolidates Mr Maliki’s power base without the necessary checks and balances, say opponents of the government. Mr Maliki heads the armed forces and the country’s security affairs, managing both directly from his office through his aides – Da’wa Party members – after several times postponing the nomination of both the defense and interior ministers.
The Dollar-Dinar Conundrum
The charges of currency manipulation have left many of those in financial circles baffled. The official government spokesman, ‘Ali al-Dabbagh, accused the CBI of lacking procedures to minimize the fluctuations of the dinar against the dollar, and particularly the means to stop the flow abroad of hard currency. The Iraqi currency had been largely stable against the dollar at around $1=ID1,200 for the past few years, having appreciated from $1=ID1,453 in 2004. But it then depreciated this year.
With tightening US and EU sanctions on Iran and Syria, the two countries recently resorted to the Iraqi foreign exchange market to access hard currency and this has caused the value of the Iraqi dinar to drop by around 9%. This raised alarm bells, including from the US. An 18 August report in the New York Times had said that Iraq was helping its neighbor Iran skirt US and EU sanctions by providing it with dollars. This was flatly rejected by Mr Maliki’s media advisor, ‘Ali al-Musawi (MEES, 27 August). US sanctions have also been brought against one Iraqi bank – Elaf Islamic Bank – for allegedly being part of a network providing Iran with scarce foreign exchange.
CBI Deputy Governor Mudhar Salih stated in August that the bank had drawn up plans to lower the value of the dollar in Iraqi dinars from around $1=ID1,300 to near the auction price of $1=ID1,189. This measure was designed to discourage those coming in from Iran and Syria to buy dollars, and stop them effectively pushing down the Iraqi dinar’s value against the dollar. The CBI is in a position to boost the value of the Iraqi dinar with its ample foreign exchange reserves of about $65bn held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
According to Mr Salih, to meet rising dollar demand the CBI sold around $100mn in the daily auctions in 2010, which rose to $150-160mn per day in the first 10 months of 2011, and reached around $200mn per day early this year, before peaking at $300mn daily.
The irony here is that Mr Maliki was backed by Tehran for the post of prime minister with the acquiescence of the US. Moreover, the Maliki administration is central to the Tehran-Damascus axis. (Iraq has been accused in recent months of permitting the transit of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and transport of arms to Syria. There are also reports of smuggling petroleum products from Iraq to Syria, despite Western sanctions.) In this context, Dr Shabibi’s supporters contend recent events are a move to consolidate the prime minister’s rule over the country and establish the Da’wa Party as the main political force in Iraq, while the Maliki camp asserts that the conflict with Dr Shabibi is part of a long-awaited campaign to clean up corruption.