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Bear5642 says to you all, please do not financially support anyone from the sites nor give them give money.  The Feds have been monitoring the sites and looking for predators taking advantage of people. Think about it - if the person requesting money tonight from people on his conference call really had that level of influence, he wouldn't need anyone to sponsor him.  The BEAR has spoken!  Do not trust anyone asking for a handout or asking for payment when offering cash out positions at any bank.  This is a violation of Federal banking laws.

We are all hearing everything is done and they just need to push the button.  No one knows exactly when it will happen, however, Iraq has been diligent in positioning themselves to actually support an RV.  I personally do not see the rate coming out under $3.00.

I have been asking God and trusting Him for our PROMISE.  DebTarHeelGirl has kept the fire lit on the alter with her words of encouragement and reminders to us to TRUST HIM so we need to TRUST GOD.  I have been quiet on purpose - to gain wisdom and understanding about the truth of this investment and I feel 100% it is real and will happen.



Banker: replacement coin make inappropriate at the present time, 24 sept

Banker: replacement coin make inappropriate at the present time 

Caution risk of recurrence of past mistakes Baghdad-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi Control and inspection Director of Rafidain Bank Al-mundhiri abdolhossein from falling in with errors which occurred during the Exchange after system crash.  

This talk at the time the Central Bank tends to adopt a plan to replace the current national currency after deleting three zeros. Banking expert, said Abdel Hussein Al-mundhiri in an exclusive interview for (morning): the controversy over Exchange still chain for many reasons this action promised is not appropriate at this time because it does not help to tackle inflation. 

He noted that prices in the Iraqi market is currently stable and acceptable, especially prices of imported goods from neighboring countries to take advantage of China's philosophy of survival currency low against other currencies. 

He said the Iraqi market with counterfeit currency that are printed mostly in printing press outside Iraq where sneaks these currencies (fake) easily to our markets across more than a border port open, non-controlled in order to promote such currencies in markets and banks so they can be removed later by banks and money transfer companies. 

He added: the Central Bank of Iraq should take the initiative to activate its role and intensify its intervention in monetary authority and begin to exercise pressure on dollar balloon again especially as capable of it whenever he wishes and that he wanted to put away corrupt currents infiltrating inside it surreptitiously on the one hand and on the other hand contribute to return to normal size or at least prevent the perpetuation of this phenomenon more taking into account that the Iraqi dinar is now covered with more than 60 billion dollars is to increase Day after day, which ultimately will lead to the disappearance of zeros automatically one after the other and let us get back to this topic again after several years of seeing positive returns generated by wise policies and legislation. 

Al-mundhiri said benefits delete zeros banking is that it reduces the size of the money supply in circulation and this helps banks reduce the number of Trustees limits (75) percent which reduces the salaries of mutation of one yen. To delete zeros helps revaluation computationally which helps banks use ATMs through ATM cards pull the sheets would be less and less trading volume edition and dedicated money in banks vaults and damage and theft sometimes Bank also assists in the implementation of the programme of the global system of the company implemented its project is 12 digits only while our bank balances trillions with bankruptcy means 15 digits and this impedes system. Al-mundhiri revealed that problems that accompanied the replacement process, many of the previous Central Bank reported not receiving the numbered Edition 192 class 10,000 after 15 days from start switch currency receipt section of this edition which fund officer incurred hundreds of millions of fines and some of them still suffering from weight and had been imprisoned and was fined and still pay premiums to 50 percent of the monthly salary. 

As well as money stolen by banks to the Central Bank of the burn sites of Central Bank and Red inks clearance operations which I have the receipts and was pumped to banks again reported fraudulent amounts discovered loose stamps Trustees lbilat banks this madia know the name of the Bank and the name of the Treasurer unless it detects the amount of confusion caused the Central Bank to create the potential for a replacement. 

Al-mundhiri said has been switching $ trillion one hundred and twenty-six billion dollars in Bank alrfedin fraudulent amounts arose within 28 billion represents 1/4 percent from counterfeit to amounts amounts and manners are few and the 28 lbilat and seals the names of Trustees and back $ 16 billion dinars and stamps does not carry the names of Trustees, represent a percent of the detected amount ratio to total replacement amounts these ratios is 5 percent if we take this rate and consistent theme with total Other banks received amounts of false detections will not represent more than 5 percent and the Central Bank had to be borne by and smother her but he refused it and get it to banks and Trustees.



Currency Chatter Conference Call REPLAY: 712-432-1085 pin # 541268

9-23-2012 Adam Montana: We will have a time frame to cash in higher notes. I think it will be at least 90 days, no more than a year

[hub] hardtorecall the currency trader said he thought it was going to happen last friday. this was what was going through the channels, but we see it didnt happen, but he did not make the call to my friend for conversation, he heard or knows something, so it is closer that white on rice, know you dont want to hear that, but no other way to say it

[SSO_Scooby] Oct. 2003 .. 9 years Ago (almost) Today in Iraq's History: Bush Hails New Currency Ahead Of Launch (October 15, 2003) ... Iraq: Bush Hails New Currency Ahead Of Launch Prague, 13 October 2003 U.S. President George W. Bush has hailed the launch of Iraq's new currency as an important milestone for the Iraqi economy. In his weekly radio address on 11 October, Bush said the new currency will help unify Iraq, which had previously used two different versions of the dinar in different areas.
"For more than a decade, different areas of Iraq have used two different versions of the dinar, and many of those notes were counterfeit, diminishing the value of those that were genuine. The new dinar will be used throughout Iraq, thereby unifying the economy and the country.


[2012jesus] The Kuwaiti Prime Minister said he planned to visit Iraq soon to sign a number of agreements to pave way for Iraq to implement all UN resolutions and exit from Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Ban’s office issued a statement after the meeting saying the Secretary General reiterated his personal commit

[musiccitylady] I know the bank codes! ASNAMNSBS (you must enter these in the lock and turn it five times to the left and ten times to the right, then you have the rv (anysecondnowanyminutenowsecondbysecond)

xyz] Iraq must fully and swiftly comply with all UN resolutions related to Kuwait, affirmed Ban. .


healthscans] Per Poofness, it looks like O is holding things up because he wants more tax dollars.

[heartfelt] healthscans is that what you made of it? I couldn't understand his writing. Thank you for your opinion

[BIGREDDOG] heartfelt It is kinda hard to get his point.

[healthscans] heartfelt yes I think that is what he was talking about because he said, "I was told to tell you folks to 'stay close' despite the delay created by a socialist country in an effort to get more tax money, something that was already taken care of by it's former president.

[Precious] Maliki, and his Kuwaiti counterpart Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah discuss strengthening relations, Iraq - Kuwait Zebari examining the New York ways out of Chapter VII BAGHDAD - morning discuss Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his Kuwaiti counterpart Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah ways to strengthen relations between the two countries. According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office received »Sabah» copy of it, that Maliki received yesterday evening The first telephone call from Mubarak. During the call, which took place in a friendly atmosphere and a positive look into ways to develop bilateral relations to serve the interests of the two brotherly peoples and strengthen the bonds of fraternal relations between the two, according to the statement.

[Precious] Were also exchanged views on the cooperation and coordination between the two countries in international fora to resolve all bilateral issues. due to hold Iraqi officials and Kuwaiti during the next term meeting to close the pending issues as a prelude to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

[Precious] Parliamentary Committees "finalizing" the infrastructure law before voting on it tomorrow Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai is scheduled to hold the heads of parliamentary committees, Finance, Economy and Investment and services in charge of the preparation and discussion of the law of infrastructure, on Tuesday, held a meeting before a hearing of the House of Representatives to put "finishing touches" on the law and procedure Final amendments to a vote in the meeting of the Council of Representatives. Sources in the Finance Committee's "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," that the law has been postponed voting on it at a meeting last week, will face his fate as determined by the parliamentary blocs in the meeting tomorrow, saying that the possibility of postponement is out of the question this time.

[Precious] great article..look at last line lol

[Precious] September 23, 2012 Israeli Ambassador to U.S. arrives in Jerusalem to brief Netanyahu ahead of NY visit Michael Oren flew in for a whistle-stop visit of only 36 hours to speak with PM amid reports of White House discontent at Netanyahu's attitude towards U.S. on Iran In the wake of heightened tensions between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama surrounding Iran's nuclear program, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren paid the prime minister an unusual whistle-stop visit this morning (Sunday) in Jerusalem. Oren met with Netanyahu and briefed him ahead of his trip to the UN General Assembly taking place in New York later in the week.

Kuwait seeks to resolve thorny issues with Iraq; Prime Minister to visit Baghdad to ink deals, 23 sept

Kuwait seeks to resolve thorny issues with Iraq; Prime Minister to visit Baghdad to ink deals

UNITED NATIONS: Representative of HH the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah met yesterday with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
During the meeting, attended by Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti premier expressed the government of Kuwait’s honest desire to iron out all outstanding issues with the government of Iraq including free navigation in Abdullah inlet and the legal cases against Iraq Airways.
Sheikh Jaber said he planned to visit Iraq soon to sign a number of agreements to pave way for Iraq to implement all UN resolutions and exit from Chapter VII of the UN Charter.
Ban’s office issued a statement after the meeting saying the secretary general reiterated his personal commitment towards normalization of relations between Kuwait and Iraq. Iraq must fully and swiftly comply with all UN resolutions related to Kuwait, affirmed Ban. Ban and Sheikh Jaber, said the statement, also discussed the developments in the region including the Syrian conflict and the Middle East peace process.
They exchanged views of the situation in Syria and international efforts to solve the conflict, stop bloodshed and alleviate suffering of the Syrian people. Sheikh Jaber and Ban also discussed different visions to support the UN and boost its global credibility. Sheikh Jaber commended Ban’s endeavors to tackle international issues and reaffirmed Kuwait’s support for the secretary general’s priorities during his second term in office.


9-23-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [when the RV happen it is most likely to start out low, do you think that it will put a time on the higher dinars like the 5k and up to cash in after that it will become worthless to force us to cash them in.]  In my opinion, YES we will have a time frame to cash in higher notes. I think it will be at least 90 days, no more than a year.

9-23-2012  Newshound Guru Mike   what we are waiting on next [is] to see the date of the National Meeting and see if we can get the rest of these reforms passed ...biggest hump in the road for the National Meeting is going to be Allawi and his power sharing and seeing where that goes...I think what you have here is Maliki attempting to back door him and bust up the coalition by dealing with the 140 - great for us - we will take it - We will take it but eventually he is going to have to deal with Allawi...Eventually he is going to have to give up a chunk of his power and that is when he is going to be eventually done and eventually he will drop out of the politics of Iraq.

9-23-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Article:  "Ani: Talabani intends to bend the Allawi and Barzani County National Meeting and working to bring them in a joint meeting with al-Maliki"   These three characters getting together will be of critical importance in the very near future. If Maliki doesn’t get to the table and engage, it is highly likely he will face grave circumstances soon.


9-23-2012  Intel Guru Freeway Bill    The RV, in my humble opinion, based on what I feel is very good sources of information is upon us.  Will it happen tonight?  I don't think so but I don't think we will leave 2012 without seeing our blessing. I am not "giving myself a big window" at all.  I honestly feel that we COULD see it this coming week, but I am not confident enough to jet off to Reno in anticipation.  

9-23-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Look for the National Meeting sometime Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.  If Maliki tries to stir things up at this meeting, look for him to be removed.  I do think we are relatively close, closer than we have ever been.

9-23-2012  Intel Guru Hammerman    no change so far...big proof of the new UST notes but not going into that yet...saw with my own eyes from bankers emails and letters from UST stating high alert for RV of countries in the next few days.


9-23-2012 Yota691: UNAMI representative, Kuwaiti premier discuss Iraq out of UN Chapter VII. "Kobler pointed out that the UN is discussing with the Kuwaiti side FREEING IRAQ FROM Chapter VII, which belongs to the Security Council to decide. Kobler confirmed Iraq should accomplish all its duties in this regard." 

9-23-2012 Labdog (Dinar Vets): I started buying the ID in 2004 and the dinar was in free float market at that time. I realize that the value was low however; I watched it appreciate by almost 40%. Then the price got pegged at around 1170 and has been there for quite some time now. Iraq will refloat there currency and the value will go up fast and they may RV within a short period thereafter. This will all start at any time now and my sources tell me that any RV will occur in January 2013, after the currency floats (the float could happen in 2012).

9-23-2012 Dalite (Response To Labdog): The dinar was on a crawling peg, as the CBI was decreasing the percentage of inflation and increasing the Foreign Reserves. Once the inflation fell below 10%, the rate stabilized, and returned to a hard peg to the USD. As long as inflation remains in single digits, and Iraq adheres to IMF guidelines, it is unlikely to see a further float like we saw while inflation was being brought under control. There is just enough truth in this rumor to give it some legs as far as past float is concerned. That part has merit. The rest, however, while it may be possible, is not probable.
9-23-2012 Mountainman: Iraq is pushing really hard to get out of the Chapter 7 charter. Maliki is strengthening relations with Kuwait and Special Representative for Iraq Martin Kobler is promoting Iraq's departure from the 7th article because of this bilateral progress. The UNSC is assessing Iraq's case and meeting next week for what we hope will be the final push. We've always maintained that having a tradeable currency is one of the stipulations for their removal.

$3.41 RV RATE, 23 SEPT

9-23-2012 MIG Ghost: I was on Randy Koonce's conf call 3 hrs, the intel was all good: HERE IS BOTTOM LINE: 1) THE NATIONAL MEETING [Conference] is the Key! 2) The seated {formal} Ministers will be announced, 3) the Strategic Council {power sharing} becomes official, 4) a day or so later these steps will be announced in the Gazette, 5) The Gazette Announcement makes it law! 6) Then Shabibi can push the RV button! He cannot pull the rv-trigger until these events happen! Everyone happy, all info points to every power player being in agreement, being happy, that the ministers & power sharing are already agreed, PS 2: The Natl Meeting all info points to the Natl Meeting to be held near end of next week, PS 3: Shabibi the Only One it is only Shabibi that will push the RV button, PS 4: 1 to 5 days. All intel points to that being 1 day to maybe up to 5 days after the Gazette Announcement. Once the Natl Meeting is successfully held, the rv cannot be held back. The whole purpose of the Natl Meeting is to formally show the seated ministers {& that power will be shared} meaning the govt is ready! 3.41 RV RATE: 1) that is what the rv rate must be, 2) it is arrived at from UN $ figures: 3) The current Iraq Budget is: 89.1 B expenditures Total Iraq income is: 26.1 B That means the value of the IQD must be raised by a factor of 3.41 to meet their cost needs; do not listen to anyone who tells you it will be 1:1 or less. HCL + ERBIL is not an issue; cannot come out separate from rv, actually it is done, just not announced, will come out when ministers are announced. MANAGED FLOAT: Shabibi has said, several times: "The rv will be a managed float." "I will manage the float." HIGHER THAN 3.41? However, it could eventually go higher than 3.41, it has been stated by {I didnt catch the name} that: 1) "The Iraqi currency will be the strongest in the world." 2) A country's currency value is determined by the natural resources that can be pulled out of its soils 3) no country has more than Iraq. RV IN-COUNTRY? There has not been nor will there be any such thing, it will rv for everyone all at the same time.


The BS is rampant-Keep Your eyes where they belong-Freeway Bill

Ok, I made a rare run through of dinar recaps and dinar guru and read some of the stuff out there and I am amazed with the amount of .... well, just plain out guessing that is going on right now throughout dinarland....

One thing that has been good about not being a steady visitor to the boards is that I avoid all of the contradicting intel.

Tonight I have to give kudos to Okie for staying grounded at a time when everyone needs him to be.  If Okie would have known what he knows now a year ago, he would have been calling it all over the boards.  

From where I sit, I find myself in amazement to where some of this intel actually comes from.  

Let me tell you a little story that may interest you.... last January, when we thought we were there, (now I am talking January 2011) my wife, who does not read intel or talk to the people that I do told a few of us that she felt that we would not see an RV until right before October or November of 2012.  Her reasoning was that she felt that Obama would do everything he could to hold it up until right before the election to assure a victory.  HMMM.... 

Well, before you get your panties in a wad, I disagree that Obama has been the entire holdup and I don't believe the timing has been for a reelection bid.  But, you and I know that it has not happened yet and we are in late September.
In the past 20 months, this RV has been called by many of the steady intel givers on numerous times.  I remember one intel provider that offered to bet all of his dinar that the RV would be done within 48 hours (and this was in March 2011)!  Silly Wabbitt, huh?  Not really!  The RV was set to happen at least 8-9 times since then.  The banks were informed, the governments throughout the world were informed and we were all ready and waiting.  Each time it was pulled, there was a reason.  Many times it made no sense, but often it did.

If you turn to Daniel, Ezekial and Revelations in your BIBLE, you will read many things that are matching up with what has happened over the past 8-10 years and what is going on right now. I will not quote scripture, you need to read it yourself, but "there will be wars and rumors of wars" and there is many references about the world turning their back on Israel.  Just read it and you will see.....

The RV, in my humble opinion based on what I feel is very good sources of information is upon us.  Will it happen tonight?  I don't think so but I don't think we will leave 2012 without seeing our blessing. I am not "giving myself a big window" at all.  I honestly feel that we COULD see it this coming week, but I am not confident enough to jet off to Reno in anticipation. 

Patience is a virtue and I have kept myself grounded by the word of GOD and by my faith and knowledge that the timing is so critical for security reasons.  I, personally could use the blessing anytime, but I am more than happy for it to come in HIS timing, not ours.

So, I am planning on gathering some of the intel givers who I respect and who I know you respect and providing this RV has not happened by the time I can get it together, have a call for everyone to compare, live, where they feel we are and why they feel it has taken so long. I plan to also have some financial information available for all of you post RV.... Not gonna tell you what to do with your money, but will have some financial people on to tell you some of the things that are available to help you keep your money safe after you get it.

Please message me and give me a TOP 5 list, in your opinion of who you would like to hear from.  I think it just might be time for a good old fashion town meeting to see if we can make everyone more comfortable that contrary to what some posts, this blessing is indeed coming and will change your life forever!


Freeway Bill 

Looking for RV by end of Sept, 23 sept

Looking for RV by end of Sept

[onbelay] dealdoctor dwg14 Historian had a good argument as to why it would not come out low in her opinion
[okrocks] OK I do not read OKIE saying anything about those low rates… that was another person… OKIE said do not expect those very high rates and the rate is still being settled… and that a float is very possible
[dwg14] okrocks yet he’s said before rates have been settle for a long time … and he told the person that was a realistic assesment … indicating he agreed
tc0043] okrocks I read the entire post. It was all Okie. We need to remember he is on an NDA and can`t tell any truths or tip anyone off to the real facts. I`ll interpret his comments to be reverse psychology. In other words think the opposite of what he said.
[Coffeeone] Please, listen, exactly to my words, the .86 cent to 1.13 is what is going to be available when they open their budget. It is NOT the RV. It is just an adjustment like it goes up and down, it is to pay the government employees and honor the HCL when Shabs can do anytime..
[~healthy3] I don’t think the PTB will let okie post the true info at all. If he said high rates everyone would go and buy more dinar so if he says low, we keep what we have and be happy…mad later when it’s too late JMO
[Coffeeone] 2mater Yea, but Tony of PTR is saying they are conducting the National Alliance now and should be completed by Monday. :cheerleader: :cheerleader:
[mbd4049] Coffeeone that’s what I’ve heard too lol
[sandytob] blessedandhighlyfavored but don’t forget…..as SweetQueen said earlier….Okie is only posting exactly what he is beng told to post. And in the past he has been told to post things that turned out not to be true.
[dwg14] i just wish he’d make up his mind …. maybe thats the smoke info
[kimskennelklub] just stop assuming and hanging on every word is all i am saying… no one will know until its done, finished and then we will know.. no sense in trying to figure it out.. all i can say is stay postive and hope we are at the end
[spades] tcoo43 I agree . .86 is still better than nothing
[okrocks] tc0043 i read it too… it was another poster stating numbers not okie… he said be prepared for lower rate and not those really high ones and a float is possible as well
[4given] dwg14 im choking on all the smoke lol
[jack1977] okie did not say that rate?
[myprayerrealized] Personally, I don’t care what ever the rate is … just give me the money!
[cruiser] Lets get something str8. The IQD cannot come out at a low rate at all. Anyone thinking that $.10-$2.00 needs to understand that if it comes in at that rate, Property values will be too low and the people with money will come in and buy up all the land in their country. I remember hearing that Iraq had an estimated value of 200T- 250T of in ground assets.
[JstBringIt] cruiser Yep, the hedge fund guys would go nuts!
[childofgod] Whtbuff Okie only shares what he is being told
cruiser] Now I have to ask, Why When Okie posted $42.00 everyone made fun of him. Low he talks of a low rate and everyone makes fun of him. Poor guy cannot win.
[composer55] cruiser Amen!
[okrocks] cruiser I did not read Okie post that way, he said the VERY high rates are not realistic…
[MtnStar] okrocks thanks the word VERY changes the interpretation
[cruiser] okrocks maybe somebody may know something else?? hmmmm
[dealdoctor] Okie has been in this for 9 years. Anyone faithful to the investment that long and also faithful to help others without pay is AMAZING…Go Okie!
[childofgod] dealdoctor AMEN!
[okrocks] Okie snip… Do not pay any attention to those tauting very high rates
[okrocks] cruiser I think a lot of somebodies knows something else lol
Aremel] PLAN YOUR WORK … “Plan Your Work then Work Your Plan”, have your future well in hand; decide today what your future will be, so tomorrow won’t be a catastrophe … (Aremel)
[xyz] Allawi will not attend the National Conference because of,”Aggression against Iraqiya and its followers. And fraud committed against the principles of National Partnership endorsed in the initiative of the president of Kurdistan region, and the following negotiations through which current government was formed, which none of the terms implemented.” He said. In a statement to the press on Saturday, Sep. 22, the source pointed out that Allawi is not willing to be witness on perjury before history, and will not become party in liquefacting iraq’s important issues, He concluded.
aberry] 9-22-2012 BGG: “The security ministries will be resolved over the weekend after the return of Talabani.” If the Ministers are, in fact, sorted out “over the weekend,” that would be Sat/Sun (today/tomorrow). This thing is headed towards an imminent conclusion. The Ministers are a very big piece of the puzzle.
[highhopes] Rumor I just got in a email: Rumor is that Franke Franke is predicting rv tonight – has so much intel and info – he believes this to be true – waiting for one more confirmation. Treat as a rumor though!
[Aremel] The Most Priceless Thing … I knew there was a reason that this morning I arose, it was to be sure that all of you would witness this prose. A treasury is often where most valuables are kept, but at the thought of this my imagination just wept. For they keep trinkets and baubles and replacable blings, and forget what is really the most priceless of things. They forgot about what matters and is most precious of all, Yes it is people that are priceless, and of all people, you all … (Aremel)
zig: Randy says announcing Ministers is key…..No free float……Rate $3.41 to cover budget…….Looking for National Conf. next week…..Looking for RV by end of Sept……HCL was done a year ago, just not announced yet…….
dinar4dave: Zig Did I hear Randy correctly? I thought he slipped and said that maliki wasn’t welcome to meet with obama because maliki had already formed the gov’t. Is that correct? If so, then it seems that Obama does not want the RV. I would think that he does want the rv. Your comments?
Zig: dinar4dave I heard Randy say he probably shouldn’t have said “something” but I was half listening so missed exactly what it was……
[aberry] Blaino: lil update:::::::::::::::: “stuff” is trickling IN…. Nothing i can stand on comfortably, despite the fact that many say “here we ARE!”…. I keep looking around and thinking… “YEAH…. Right where we WERE…. Methinks!” if anything firms up. I’ll be right there to get you the high quality, but not so “all day-every day” intel that we strive to deliver here….high quality stuff simply doesn’t fall from the sky “every day – all day!” … Probably that’s not news to you at this point. We try hard to confirm stuff, rather than just try to ‘stick something to the wall’
[aberry] Blaino: i do hear from the panda express (in several iterations) that completion is “imminent”… Sounds good, less talk, more action we say! Blaino: october 1st is literally ‘around the next corner’ and we were all thinking in the spring that it would be ‘shoppers delight’ by mid summer… But, ALAS… We get a little more time to ‘watch and WAIT’… We have a great deal of practice with that scenario…. But there are many signs of good things on what appears to be the near horizon. Time, as they say, will tell!

Kobler speaks with Kuwait delegation to discuss the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, 23 sept

Kobler speaks with Kuwait delegation to discuss the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII

Published 23/09/2012 11:03 AM
BAGHDAD – “arenas of liberation”
discussed UN mission chief to help Iraq UNAMI, Martin Kobler, with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the total outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, including claims Baghdad out of Chapter VII.
pointed Kobler, Saturday During a meeting the morning that “during the week in which the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs here in New York it is important to ask File Kuwait – Iraq,” noting that“the United Nations has a mandate to deal with all issues of Chapter VII, which is a problem for the Iraqis, and they want to get out from under Chapter VII and the only way to do it is to fulfill their obligations and this is what we are working on it together with the Kuwaiti and Iraqi sides. “
He Kubler that “the decision is not due to because issues Chapter VII belonging to the Security Council and therefore it is up to the Security Council to decide what happens and whether the items have been implemented and the extent of progress and they will assess the reports secretary-general.”
and when asked whether Iraq goes on track to meet the obligations answered Kobler as “following exchanges historic visits between leaders of the two countries, I am confident that we can maintain the status dynamic to overcome the burden and make progress on the missing and border issues and I am confident that we will be able to manage it and you’ll be able Kuwaiti government manage things political will and The Iraqi side also. “
and take Kubler that “the visit of the Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to Baghdad earlier this year to attend the Arab summit gave a boost to the issue of relations Kuwaiti – Iraqi whole.”
With regard to whether he was ready because includes under authorization ( UNAMI) coordinated action high-level international for prisoners and the return of Kuwaiti property Ambassador Gennady Tarasov after leaving office later this year, said Kubler that “this matter is up to the Security Council for a decision.”
said Kubler that “authorization Tarasov continuously until the end of the year and members of the Board Security will have to discuss what happens after that. “

Junior member of Iraq Finance Committee: Postponing dropping of the zeros ill-advised; Should speed up implemention, 23 sept

Junior member of Iraq Finance Committee: Postponing dropping of the zeros ill-advised; Should speed up implemention

Member of the Finance Committee: postpone the project to delete the zeros is Saeb a decision important to deflate
Date: 23/09/2012 11:12:48 Sunday
Baghdad (news) .. Student member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition Iraqi / Hassan Ozmn, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government and members of the House of Representatives, to speed up the implementation of the project to delete the zeros at the beginning of 2013 and not postponed to 2014.
said Ozmn (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The postponement deletion of zeros to 2014, the decision is rightly due to rising inflation, calling for implementation of the project in early 2013 to ease inflation.
added: to Aistojb postponement of the project ready for implementation and there is no hampered or requires postponed, noting that the project will turn Iraq from a country two trillion to the country billions and relieves inflation
Alternate translation:
Member of the Finance Committee: postponement of draft decision unreasonable zeros deleted and is important to absorb inflation
Date: 2012-09-23 11: 12: 48 Sunday
Baghdad (newsletter) … Student Finance Committee member MP/Iraqi/coalition Hassan aozmn, Ministry of finance and the Federal Government and members of the House of representatives to speed up implementation of the project to delete zeros in early 2013 and not postponed to 2014.
Said aozmn (News Agency news) on Sunday that postponing the deletion of zeros to 2014, ill-advised decision as a result of high inflation, calling for implementation of the project in early 2013 to ease inflation.
He added: don’t need to postpone the project ready for implementation and not hindered by or be delayed, stating that the project would prevent Iraq from country to country 2 trillion billion and eases inflation