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rightontime] BWM BWM - your thoughts on Canadian dollar?

[BWM] rightontime it's a little frenchy... but you know the color scheme works I think.. kinda kitschy

[BWM] rightontime ok but seriously... I am interested to see what effects a downgrade of our economy might have on canada... hopefully none since they have proper backing for their currency

[dietcokeandice] BWM what they don't just print money for the want to

[puppygirl] BWM However, when the big guy next door goes down, it is easy to get sucked down with the wave created.

[BWM] dietcokeandice crazy ppl... actually have things to back their currency... what a concept huh

[BWM] puppygirl that's one theory.. OR they could rise with the opportunity within the closeness of "border purchases"...
[wisewarrior] BWM i heard the other day that the AUD has yeild......that should be encouraging.....aussie dollar

[BWM] wisewarrior no gun control... how long before things get crazy if suddenly they become a place to go

[puppygirl] BWM yes and since the vast majority of our trade is with the US, it becomes more difficult to sell to those with no money.

[BWM] puppygirl but really when you look at it... is it that way? I noticed an article other day about canadians coming across the border to shop and how "upset" ppl in the U.S. were about it.. because of currency exchange... think.. if they shop here technically doesn't that help our economy vs. theirs

[rightontime] BWM BWM - Doesn't their currency have Brits on it ?

[BWM] rightontime it's mixed.. some french appear on their currency as well as the queen of England

[rightontime] BWM BWM - which currecies you thinin' of?

[BWM] rightontime china, gbp, canada perhaps german (if they break away from eu)

[BWM] rightontime you can order currency NOW... not sure how things will change once this occurs... but I will do what is necessary to accrue the necessary notes

[dietcokeandice] BWM what will the stock market crash do to the ordinary man or woman

[BWM] dietcokeandice it's hurt my father over the years... I got out now 3 years ago.... I just couldn't trust something with so much manipulation and I had no pull in it


terryk 10:19 pm cdt 8/20/2012



[cruiser] highlander65   http://www.cnbc.com/id/48725644   Here's the Goldman Sachs article: .

dealdoctor] Hey guys...that article about Goldman Sachs and the fiscal cliff was a wowser. I agree cruiser and Jeff we are about to see a big adjustment in the market. There was the dot com bubble, then the housing bubble and we are about to see the banking bubble burst. It will be a mother IMHO

[steveg] Jeff ok but here is my question; these analysis get paid to be right in there opinion of the market place. They get paid by clients that invest in their recommendation. Why is it that very few predict this big change. These guys would lose credibility thus clients.

[MtnStar] dealdoctor and NASA is predicting solar flares that can knock out the electric grid - change is coming - and ultimately it will help to readjust - I am hoping for the RV to get myself into a sustainable position and set a new parameter of living for children & grandchildren
2mater] When I got into all of this I had just received a tub of lemon puffs (160 pcs.) I just knew the RV would happen before i got done - well - after your oder 10 tubs you get one free - it came UPS today - this is not good

Cruiser:  it is going to be scary. I think it will start Thursday this week. Just an opinion.

[2mater]  cruiser we've been hearing for months that the US economy will wobble after the RV

[1biz4u] cruiser So.. i guess we all can believe by this time next month..we all will be a memory of each other?? Thanks .

[jetpack] 1biz4u pray that's the case :)

[cruiser] 1biz4u yes

[cruiser] wheezer2 here. Talking about deleting 000 and liquid gold.

[wheezer2] jetpack i am no longer balanced....iam CYNICAL lol

[RdRiver] cruiser u belive that?

[2mater] cruiser why this Thursday

cruiser] 2mater Just a feeling. Have a little insight. Plus the FED minutes are either Wed. or Thurs. This week,

[highlander65] cruiser I know I thanked someone for posting a link to the Goldman article about telling their clients to get out of the market but that link didn't work. Was it really in the news?

[2mater] highlander65 yes - Reuters

[gretco] highlander65 - it is under Yahoo news financial

cruiser] 2mater It will not be just the U.S economy. The global economy is taking a hit. How much longer can it go. Even if they ECB, the FED , THE BOE , THE BOJ and the China central banks all can pull a rabbit out of the hat, the damage is done.

[2mater] cruiser can this all be too little, too late then

[highlander65] cruiser I think he meant your comment about something starting this week? Were you referring to a drop in the markets?

[cruiser] highlander65 YES http://www.cnbc.com/id/48725644

[rustyc] cruiser the markets were fairly flat today will that continue until thursday?

[highlander65] cruiser So IYHO you feel the markets will start dropping on Thurs. this week?

[rustyc] cruiser the financial guys seem so positive that the market is on the rise!

[highlander65] cruiser and what will cause it? overbought? news that QE3 aint happening? ???

[cruiser] highlander65 News of QE3 not happening will cause a drop. There really is not anything else that they could say. There has to be action and the lack of action will casue a drop.

[andisgram1] cruiser but if they announce no QE3 how do they explain the rv influx of money and does that delay the rv?

cruiser] andisgram1 No one will know of the RV. Remember, Private event.

 [gunny] cruiser TY. So, with what you stated last Friday regarding the QE3 "quietly" happening, did not actually happen?

highlander65] gunny so then ... why would you make the announcement to cause the rise -- do nothing -- and now waiting for the eventual decline and selloff ??? cruiser?

[TLane] gunny Cruizer is only stating what he reads and what he see's. Please don't hold him responsible... He really doesn't want to mislead you!

[cruiser] gunny it did. look at the over value of the markets. The announcement of it will not make the markets go up, but the announcement of QE3 not happening will force a sell off.

[sssmith] cruiser How can the RV be hidden if the IQD goes up in value and is a a tradeable currency?

[mr_shoemake] cruiser so the question is am i going to a rv party and then a retirement party this month and what should i wear

[highlander65] cruiser ok so while last week the announcement caused the rise without it actually happening, this week not seeing it come to fruition will cause the decline...makes sense. Thanks BUT I thought they were going to use it as the spin for our baby.

[gunny] cruiser Thank you, sir. Just wanted to make sure.

[gunny] highlander65 Exactly. TY.

[TLane] Things are changing all the time..

[cruiser] gunny cruiser It is ok. I do not mind the questions. Just as long as everyone is comfortable.

[cruiser] highlander65 Our baby will be a very silent. The re alignment will be a solution and the bank change will cause a stir.

[gunny] cruiser Well, I appreciate what you bring to the rest of us, especially when you have your hands full. Very respectable.

sandytob] cruiser highlander65 With the invisible QE3 and the virtual non announcement of the expected event....causing the markets to go up and down....it's really like living in a virtual world.

[chrivers] cruiser so do u agree that we might c this thing by sept. 1st?? iyo

[cruiser] chrivers Better. This is really getting played out.

gunny] sandytob It's interesting to see how things are manipulated

sandytob] gunny nothing is real anymore.

[tessa] cruiser are we headed for depression?

cruiser] tessa Who said we were not in one now?

[gunny] sandytob This is true. Hard to tell the difference between the smoke and the mirrors.

[cruiser] sandytob we really are living a movie. With all of the staged events that are going to be coming out, all of us will just sit and say. Wow I knew that as it unfold.s

[mr_shoemake] cruiser over the past few days i have seen rates as low as .30 to 14.86 would you be happy if they split the difference

[cruiser] mr_shoemake multiply them, then divide by 6. Drop 7 zeros. and then do not call the banks. Then you will have the rate roflmao

[TLane] cruiser Every day this RV doesn't happen I sure get more Depressed!

[DrRod] kimskennelklub I'm great. Thanks for asking. Just reading stuff and asking myself some questions... I read "Austin Powers" on DR and had a great laugh... You know what... It was 99% true. He was having some fun and it was a good laugh.

[sandytob] cruiser I really appreciate you stepping up with all the information you bring. You and a few others have added so much in the last few weeks. It was just what we needed rather than just cheerleading.

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Good evening everybody. Are we all ready for an "Earthquake" tonight?

[kimskennelklub] Austin-Powers-For-PM hello and hell yes

[ontime] Austin-Powers-For-PM roflmao that was soooo funny!

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] ontime sandytob Glad you liked it. I had just as much fun writing it.

[presley] Austin-Powers-For-PM OMG!! That's was the BEST post ever!!! :superlachen: :superlachen:

[cruiser] Austin-Powers-For-PM Hi Excellent post today!!!!!!

Austin-Powers-For-PM] RdRiver I had to bring out the flavor and personality of every guru I could think of that is unique.

Austin-Powers-For-PM] Sometimes we just have to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

presley] Austin-Powers-For-PM You left a few out...may need to do a part two... lol

Central Bank: talking about deleting zeros and Exchange early 2013 "utopian", 21 august

Central Bank: talking about deleting zeros and Exchange early 2013 "utopian"


Baghdad-and street- take the CBI, talk about the deletion of zeros and replace Iraqi currency early next year 2013, "utopian", stressed that the currency is replaced in the new fiscal year.

Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance in a press statement, "the draft restructuring of currency and delete zeros still just proposals and not yet validated so far remains on paper", stating that "the Finance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies still traded with the Bank on command and the time in which to Exchange".

Saleh said "any thought about replacing the new currency after deleting zeros starts with the beginning of 2014 and upwards if the Cabinet's approval of the project that the Board's decision to wait still continues even now," talk about deleting zeros and replace Iraqi currency early next year "fantasy hit 2013. He drew the interest of the Exchange must be with the new fiscal year, "the Iraqi Government's accounts cannot be registered in the same year, two forms of financial values" 


[Honeybee] on the ticker tape….. comments about iraq brownnosing iran…….that doesnt sound good for our investement ???
[jonjobe7] Honeybee doesnt sound good for the troops that left their blood there imo
[michigander0131] yes honeybee and they are talking about putting sanctions on iraq also until they co-operate
[michigander0131] الأحد, 19 أغسطس 2012 11:20 | – reported the report of the British press on Saturday, that Israel is planning to direct a ground assault on Iran through Iraqi Kurdistan .. This came in a report published today by the newspaper The “Sun” British, which added that the report relies on British sources, adding that the attack by saying will start from Iraqi Kurdistan, to be played by the forces of “naval commandos” http://translate.google.com/translate?
[michigander0131] Ali Abdullah – 08/20/2012 AD Said the chief of staff of the American military Gen. Martin Dempsey, who will visit Iraq later that “Iraq told us of his intention to strengthen military ties with the United States, eight months after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from that country.” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki discuss by telephone Friday with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden range of topics, including the crisis in Syria and agreed to hold consultations between the United States and Iraq more and at a high level, in the light of common interest of the two countries with regard to developments in Syria and the region It was also stressed that the strategic partnership between the long-term the United States and Iraq represent an important source of stability in the region. Dempsey said in remarks to reporters before his visit to Afghanistan and then heading to Iraq, “I think the Iraqi leadership realized she missed the opportunity to establish more normal relations with us.” http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=auto|en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.burathanews.com%2F


8-20-2012 Mountainman: I'm very excited to see what happens when Talabani returns.  Maliki's opposition has completely halted the no-confidence proceedings and has reached an agreement that will be announced publicly at the National Meeting.  We cannot forsee any additional holdups once permanent Ministers are seated and the GOI has real power-sharing.  The CBI just had a press conference where they said the national economic project to restructure the currency will begin once the political tensions are resolved.  Can't get more clear than that. This is a very exciting time to be invested in Iraq.

8-20-2012 Dalite : I am painfully aware of that rumor, as is everyone in dinar land. All of the improvements in production, and they still can't feed their people, and the GOI runs deficits. Why, or how could they afford to take in less for payments than they currently are now, and still continue to develop. The CBI is required to back the exchange rate at 100%. That is what all the noise about increasing Foreign Reserves is about.  They are finally able to do so, with additional reserves left over for future expansion. Currently, if they abide by the restrictions placed on them by those they have borrowed from, they can support the value by approximately 130%. If you figure on 1200 dinar to a dollar, the value could be supported to the level of 1200 - (1200 x .30). I believe that would work out to a new ratio of around 800:1.  A 30% increase in value at one time is a very large revaluation. That is 400 dinar increase for every dollar invested, and it should increase periodically after that. Currently, there are no other bank generated profit options with that great of a return that I am aware of.  Even with the gold that is touted in the similar rumor that started this thread; think about it... Iraq is in the middle of the area that is a part of the oldest reported history of the world. They have had longer to mine and produce gold than any other area in the known galaxy.

 There is great potential, but absolutely minimum cooperation at doing anything that is beneficial to the country, at the expense of lining the leader's pockets. And this is not a new dynamic. Iraq has more experience at being a failed civilization than any other failed civilization in history. The US and China are far more likely to forge any three way deals with Kurdistan, where civilization isn't as mich of a foreign concept as it is in the rest of the country. Sadly, they haven't. The rumor that the UST would pay for the RV in exchange for gold, according to all unfurnished proof, is nothing else than social engineering for profit. The country has tremendous potential; the same great potential that they have possessed since Biblical times. Yet, against all historical precident, they harness less of that in the 21st century than they did in the time Christ walked the earth. There is a vast opportunity for them to increase the value of the currency, but they have to put the groceries in the bag; before anyone can tote it home. There are truly enough tangible assets for them to have future wealth, without having to resort to unfounded rumors to justify a belief that the currency value will eventually increase. But it is far more likely to happen the proven way; improving production and the plight of their people first.  It is hard to produce the economy that is touted to be the richest in the world, depending on a population that is potentially on the edge of civil war.

8-20-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   Article:  CBI: The project to delete the zeros will pass after the end of the political crisis. The CBI announced announced that the project to delete the zeros will pass within the House of Representatives and Minister after the end of what he called “political storm.” Saleh said the project to delete the zeros will pass within the House of Representatives and that all the blocks are in agreement on its importance and relevance for the Iraqi economy. A national project such as deleting the zeros of interest to a lot of officials and advisers will not be neglected, noting that the next phase will see the final approval.

8-20-2012  Intel Guru Tony   We were waiting for the end of Ramadan.  We are waiting on announcements between now and the end of the month.  Agreements are in place, proof of those agreements have been coming out all over.   They already have an announcement schedule, they already have a television schedule over there, a lot of people already know what is being said and done. Looking for the rate to be above $3.22, $3.50, looking for a good, good rate.  My belief is the Dong will RV with the IQD and you will be glad that you made that investment.  I'm excited, their excited.


08/20/2012 The facts - viper51 

I can see that many have reached a point of high frustration and concern with the Iraqi Dinar endeavor. It is just not with some here at PTR but on every board you go to. It has been a long and continuously trying road with many highs and lows. I will try to give some facts as to why I believe in this RV. Lets look at some of the facts about this Iraqi Dinar venture and what the reality of the RV is based on. I'am not perfect so feel free to respectfully add or debate any of this info. I will make this as short as possible.

 In 1932 the IQD was pegged to the BP and at $4.86 USD. and held there until 1949 when due to conflict after conflict interupting progress the IQD dropped to $2.80. The IQD held there until around 1971 when there was major realignment of world currencies which caused a devaluation of the USD which then boosted the IQD to $3.39. By 1982 the IQD had devalued by around 5% and ended up around $3.22 USD per IQD. Some countries did not recognize these rates and bartered rates with Iraq.

Now lets jump up to the first Iraq - US war over Kuwait. At this time the instability of Iraq run by Saddam caused the IQD to become unstable due to sanctions imposed before and after this conflict. The result of the 2nd Iraq-USA war was total destruction of Iraq's financial system and infrastructure. Once the war was over Iraq was allowed to print and issue new currency in 2003-2004 which is the currency we now hold
The controlling forces over Iraq did not want Iraq having a strong currency early on after the war as to be able to curb their monetary power to support enemy elements in and out of Iraq that would buy weapons to attack Allied forces. The IQD was then around 1800-2000 IQD = 1 USD. There have been several small increases in the IQD up to this point and the value as we know is around .1165 IQD per 1 USD or roughly 1/10 th of a cent usd at present.

 The CBI announces they will drop the 000's and print a new currency that will increase the value of the Dinar against the USD. The new currency will consist of the following new Dinar notes 5 - 10 - 25 - 100 - 200. There will also be coins from 1/4 fil to a 1 and 2 dinar coin - possible 5 coins in all. It is also believed they will keep the 50 - 250 and 500 dinar notes with up graded security features. MANY of us already know this but WHY is the NEW CURRENCY SO IMPORTANT to this RV?

Iraq's present currency system requires 2 men and a boy to carry money to make any significant cash purchase! Iraq wants to cut down on the currency that has to be handled under the present system and lower the amount of money in circulation. How do they accomplish this? THEY delete the 000's and PUT OUT SMALLER DENOMINATIONS WITH GREATER VALUE!

 How do I know this? The whole purpose of the new denoms is for the Iraqi people to have to carry less dinar with greater value and the new notes will accomplish this along with a much wanted dedollarazation in Iraq.

 I do not believe for one second that Iraq would release new dinar notes at the present rate of 1/10th of a cent USD. That would mean at present IQD rate the rates of the new notes would be as follows 5 IQD = 1/2 cent 10 IQD = 1 cent USD 25 IQD = 2 1/2 cents USD 100 IQD = 10 cents USD. The new notes would not be worth the paper they were printed on and Iraq wants to lessen the paper currency in circulation NOT increase it. I dont think the Iraqi people would want to have to carry 200 of the 5 dinar notes which would only be 1 USD to buy a coke.

IMHO the release of the new denoms will be the release of the RV.

 So look at the history of the value of IQD. Look at the wealth Iraq has. Look at all the goals they have set and some of which REQUIRE the value of the IQD to be as great or Greater than the USD. All the facts of why the Iraqi Dinar WILL RV are right in front of you. No one knows the date or rate for sure but I do know this for sure the RV IS coming so take this time to make sure you are ready for it.

 As my friend WAR pointed out in a post earlier when it comes to intel or info it all changes so fast BUT if you look deep enough you just might find one of the missing pieces to the puzzle. We really do try and give you the best we can and would never intentionally mislead any of you. You asked us to tell it all, the good, the bad and the unreal even if its not what you wanted to hear. I hope this will help make a better day for all who have doubts. Please keep the faith and hang in there. --Viper--



8-20-2012 JayLee202: Not to debate or knock down any believers of the low rates but If any low rate at all came from any articles I've seen here on DV and other sites was a rate of 1 to 1. I'm staying with my belief of a range of $1.13 to $2.47 (Just my 2cents) just because of Iraq's pride of never thinking small.

This is amongst the wealthiest countries in the world and they would care less what outsiders make off the RV. They do not need to come out low and I don't believe they are going to come out low. 
  AsiaCell in Iraq is like the Verizon in the US who've already stated two years ago that they are no longer doing dealings with the USD and is now using the IQD and they wouldn't do this for a currency worth lower than an already lowering valued currency like the USD.

GE is set to do the electrical work in the country for a currency worth .15 cents? In that case, why not do the work and get paid in USD since Iraq is circulating the USD these days?

The reason they will not do this is because they also know the IQD will be worth much more than the USD.

I know some may not like it and rather settle for .15 cents but ask yourself if you would settle to do work for a currency that's worth much much less than your native currency sitting right at your feet.


8-20-2012  Intel Guru Tony   We were waiting for the end of Ramadan.  We are waiting on announcements between now and the end of the month.  Agreements are in place, proof of those agreements have been coming out all over.   They already have an announcement schedule, they already have a television schedule over there, a lot of people already know what is being said and done.Looking for the rate to be above $3.22, $3.50, looking for a good, good rate.  My belief is the Dong will RV with the IQD and you will be glad that you made that investment.  I'm excited, their excited.

8-20-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3     More than one group is pushing to get the HCL completed and activated. I am one of few that knows it is very important for the sale of their oil and their economy yet I don't think it is necessary for the RV. I think the Ministers, Erbil and 140 are our key details.. Even though Dr Shabibi has included it in his things that need to be done, I don't think if all the others were implemented it would hold up the RV. TIME WILL TELL SOON. 

8-20-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   Article:  CBI: The project to delete the zeros will pass after the end of the political crisis. The CBI announced announced that the project to delete the zeros will pass within the House of Representatives and Minister after the end of what he called “political storm.” Saleh said the project to delete the zeros will pass within the House of Representatives and that all the blocks are in agreement on its importance and relevance for the Iraqi economy. A national project such as deleting the zeros of interest to a lot of officials and advisers will not be neglected, noting that the next phase will see the final approval.

8-20-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Here’s just a few of the things they have planned for right after “the feast” – the Erbil agreement, Article 140, HCL, Security and Defense Ministers announcement, a National Conference (upon Talibani’s return), The Supreme Judiciary Law and the Amnesty Law…(that I can think of...All of which get kicked off after August 23rd).


[millionday] Gulf Air announced to re-launch its services to some cities in Iraq including Baghdad, Basra, Erbil and Najaf as from September 20, 2012. The airline is so pleased to restart its operations to Iraq and expects to fly many Iraqis business and leisure travelers in Bahrain and the GCC countries. Gulf Air affirmed its flights schedule for Iraq: The service to Najaf will start from September 20 with four weekly flights. The service to Baghdad will begin from September 21, 2012 with five weekly flights. The flights to Erbil will operate with four weekly flights from September 23, 2012. The Basra route will operate with three flights a week as from October 29, 2012

[millionday] -MP, Burhan Mohamed Faraj, of the Kurdistani Alliance called upon “The political blocs to unify their stances and resolve the disputes through negotiations so as to reach an agreement and present it in a national meeting to be held after the return of the President, Jalal Talabani, who is currently in Germany for a medical rehabilitation.” Faraj stated to IraqiNews.com “All the political blocs are waiting for the return of Talabani to start intensive political movement in order to bring views closer among the political sides.”

[millionday] Talabani has direct contract with all political sides through his Vice President or by his office in Kurdistan Region,” he added. He assured that “All the political blocs look forward for someone working to bring politicians’ views closer with each other,” confirming “The person who is accepted and respected by all politicians is Talabani.” 
[millionday] The Secretary General of the White bloc, Jamal al-Batiekh, called the political blocs to adhere to the call of the President, Jalal Talabani, to settle the political disputes. In a press statement received by IraqiNews.com on Sunday, Batiekh stressed the necessity of “Not ignoring Talabani’s call in holding the national meeting,” calling to “Set the good atmosphere before Talabani’s return from Germany to hold the national meeting.” “The White bloc assures that the current disputes cannot be settled without holding the national meeting which became a necessity that the political blocs must take into consideration,” he added

[millionday] The national meeting is the best solution to all the crises in Iraq if the intentions are true and the personal benefits are not considered,” he pointed out, calling to “Adhering to the constitution and conduct dialogue to settle the crises.” Earlier, the President, Jalal Talabani, recalled the political blocs, on Saturday, to hold a meeting that gathers all the political blocs to settle the political disputes

[millionday] he seems to have called and asked them to move forward
[millionday] he seems to have called and asked them to move forward
[millionday] the respect they have for talabani is huge
[MeKevinB] sounds like it

[millionday] Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President Joe Biden during a telephone conversation a number of topics including the crisis in Syria. According to a press release to the White House that Biden and Maliki agreed to hold consultations between the United States and Iraq more and at a high level, in the light of common interest to both countries with regard to developments in Syria and the region. The statement pointed to the two sides also confirmed that the long-term strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq represent an important source of stability in the region

[millionday] nice -- the national as soon as he returns

[millionday] Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President Joe Biden during a telephone conversation a number of topics including the crisis in Syria. According to a press release to the White House that Biden and Maliki agreed to hold consultations between the United States and Iraq more and at a high level, in the light of common interest to both countries with regard to developments in Syria and the region. The statement pointed to the two sides also confirmed that the long-term strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq represent an important source of stability in the region

[millionday] the strategic framework agreement should show in the new contracts and the hcl ect -- the most important part of it is that the US agreed to help release them from chapter 7 -- but with all the contracts being rewritten in oil -- we should see the contracts coming out that were mou`s as well
[millionday] brb with more
[topgun3182] Bolton thinks we have lost all influence with Maliki gov. (Fox News ... today)

[millionday] A member of the parliamentary legal committee Muhsin al-Sadoun said the draft amnesty law would support most of the political blocs when it was introduced to a vote in the House of Representatives. Sadoun said to (Center for Brief IMN) that "the legal committee completed the formulation of the general amnesty law after studying all objections made by the political blocs on the law, so as to ensure the approval of the political blocs to vote on it." He added that "the law will be submitted to the vote at the resumption of parliament to parliament after Eid al-Fitr holiday." The government had earlier expressed the fear that causes a proposed amnesty law to release detainees accused of doing the work of a "terrorist", and the government says that a proposed amnesty law passed by parliament in 2008 allowed the release of terrorist elements.
[millionday] so this is the ammendments of the amnesty that they asked for to put in place
[millionday] the law being passed through is what has begun the political crisis resolve

[millionday] the feast for kurds is or was today and tomorrow is iraq --
[millionday] meeting should take place right away by the request that was sent
[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] At a time when it renewed the President Jalal Talabani invited to a meeting Adject all political tendencies in order to get out of the political crisis list by satisfy everyone and taken into account the interests of the homeland and the citizen, above all, informed sources revealed that the political blocs held important meetings after the Eid holiday to discuss the paper reform, while the Sadrist movement vowed to enter as an actor in the debates aimed at ending the crisis in the country. Talabani said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, received "morning," a copy of which: that the ultimate goal of the proposed meeting is not to reach a compromise fragile may not last for long, but agree on the terms of a clear guarantee bypass current disputes.

Aug 19 6:36 PM [millionday] He added: More importantly, it will ensure progress in building the state and its institutions permanent foundations and pillars of constitutional intact, and to ensure the independence of the branches of power and cooperation among them and not to extend any of them on the powers of the other and check real partnership in decision-making and assume its responsibilities partnership working Solidarity Takaful and not Almnakdh or uniqueness . Talabani said in his speech: that our agreement on whether the word is of exceptional importance in dangerous conditions experienced by our own house in order and become internal staff, and cemented an urgent need to ward off the risk of strife and discord nature of sectarian or national that there are those who try to stoke fire.

[millionday] He said: There must be a clear understanding of the reality that the safety, prevention and strength of any component of the Iraq sister but derives from invincibility Iraq as a sovereign state does not accept interference in its internal affairs or violation of its territory, its territories or despising the dignity of any party. He continued the president: "I have always been trying to be on the lookout detailed what is happening in our dear country, has sent a joy and satisfaction to myself that the last few days have seen the beginning of the decline of the state of crisis that troubled sky country for the past few months you will no doubt have noticed me that the tone of spasticity The tension has subsided, "I do not say completely still" in political speeches to be replaced by the tone of hope and optimism.

[millionday] He added: There must for any successful dialogue of references and clear for jurisdiction to and be guided by them, first and foremost the Constitution, which we agreed to respect its provisions, as well as the Convention on Arbil, which is built on the basis of which the Government of the partnership, as well as the eight points contained in our initiative and discuss other Securities and initiatives that have been formulated in Erbil, Najaf, Along with the reform paper proposed by the brothers in the National Alliance. To the MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, that the political blocs held important meetings after the Eid holiday to discuss the reform paper, as pointed out that the terms of reform paper includes three stages.

[MeKevinB] wow, so they don't want to half-a$$ this. they want a solid long-term agreement. nice!

[millionday] Said Mohammed Chihod in a press statement, "The Chairman of the Committee Reform Ibrahim al-Jaafari held during the last days of side meetings with the political blocs to inform them of the reform paper," noting that "the political blocs held important meetings after the holiday to discuss the content of the paper reform." He added that Chihod "reform paper was divided into three stages, including what is Annie and another average and third long-term," he said, adding that "the paper will be integrated after the vision includes the rest of the political parties." A source familiar with the National Alliance has revealed "the Center for Brief Iraqi Media Network," said the paper reform includes 70 items.

[millionday] In the same context, the Sadrist movement has vowed to enter as an actor in the debates aimed at ending the political crisis in the country, stressing that without the dialogues will be no solutions to the problems. The Secretary General of the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Zia al-Asadi's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) "We were and still encourage and support any dialogue between any political party and another, and we believe that any problem will not be solved without dialogue and communication between the political parties."

[millionday] He added that al-Asadi, "Sadrist party will be supportive and active in any discussions take place between the political parties in order to get out of the political crisis," calling at the same time "the political blocs to maintain the continuation of dialogue." The National Alliance announced last July, for authorization Reform Committee set up by the approaching other political blocs and dialogues with them, stressing the importance of calm media by all political parties. For its part, called on the Iraqi bloc white political blocs to meet the President of the Republic call for an end to the current differences.
[millionday] The secretary-general stressed bloc beauty of watermelon in a news release, Sunday, "the need not to ignore the invitation of President Jalal Talabani to hold national meeting," calling at the same time to create the atmosphere before the return of Talabani of travel for the purpose of holding this meeting. He added: "The mass white reiterates that the current atmosphere of Atahedo only hold national meeting, which has become an urgent necessity must take notice of all the political blocs to it." He believed that watermelon national meeting is the best solution for all the problems of the country if the intentions are good was abandoned personal interests, calling for political parties to strengthen the language of direct dialogue to resolve all outstanding problems and resorting to the Constitution as a reference to solve the crises the country.

[topgun3182] Hope'n M is going along with all this... Hate to say it... (Not holding my breath)... Comforting to know Joe Biden (Master Diplomatic Negotiator??) is our spokesman
[millionday] The Iraqi List, has called for the inclusion of anti-corruption within the financial and administrative reform paper, A member of the list MP Khalid al-Alwani told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network), the need to include the fight against corruption within the main items of paper reform, noting that corruption in state institutions for the less dangerous for terrorism, if not the most dangerous in some joints. He said that "the fight against corruption seriously is one of the most important ways to achieve real reform."

[millionday] so this is saying that even sadre has given up and they have reached a point of no return -- the reform will begin after the feast
[millionday] and for some reason we have all made it to that point in one piece it looks like

[millionday] so the meetings shall begin and we should have a week full of news and many things to hear about -- it should show check check check
[ROBINREDHED] from you fingertips to gods ears
[rod86018] and we will feast after.........lol
[NUMBERS] millionday sounds like im closer to my rv of 14.38 per dinar lol
[millionday] tuesday will be the day that the feasting is over
[MeKevinB] checkboxes = $$$

[millionday] we like check boxes and talabani giving a speech of national partnership is what shabibi told us years ago would be the check of all checks -- so

[millionday] so the speech was very encouraging ---
[topgun3182] Think we need to recruit TINDER BELL and send her over with a bag or two of "Magic Dust" to sprinkle over the National Conference !!

[millionday] it should start to roll for us with all the reforms

[millionday] The member of the Finance Committee MP from the parliamentary coalition / State Law / Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri to "conference was held by the participating economists to prepare a mechanism to work on the issue of the Central Bank to transfer money to overseas." He said in a press statement today, "said Finance Committee formed a sub-committee to follow up the work of the Central Bank and Bank We have directed to a number of inquiries and investigations in the forefront of selling currency and what the benefit of selling these high quantities in these auctions."

[millionday] He Yasiri "The committee was discussing with the central bank to change and re-printed currency and delete zeros and what is intended and what are the companies that deal with the central bank to re-print the currency as well as to the existence of assets belonging to Iraq as the central bank deposited in international banks an estimated $ 67 billion and what the interest of keeping Iraq with the money and need it today. " "There are great fears of the process of money laundering and there are accusations of mafia within the Central Bank," but did not mention the names of these mafias and those behind them, pointing out that "all countries of the world sell the dollar once in a while and there is no country in the world sells constantly currency and central bank justified us that he wants to raise the value of Iraqi dinar.

[millionday] He asked Yasiri about "how to grant leave to the currency conversion companies in Iraq and how they are monitored." The CBI said: "The sale of the dollar to banks aimed at withdrawal of liquidity from the market as is the case in the majority of the world's central banks" The bank said in a statement on 15 of the month: "The majority of markets where the price of an official and the price of a parallel, and the bank seeks to minimize the difference between the two rates through the inspection teams, to comply with the instructions of the Central Bank, which sells the dollar to all government and private banks and branches of foreign banks and not for the banks, civil only

[DINARHOPES] millionday we are so done
[millionday] He pointed out that "monetary policy was welcomed by the International Monetary Fund.
[millionday] He pointed out that "monetary policy was welcomed by the International Monetary Fund.
[millionday] He pointed out that "monetary policy was welcomed by the International Monetary Fund.
[millionday] He pointed out that "monetary policy was welcomed by the International Monetary Fund.
[DINARHOPES] millionday woohoooooooooooooooooooooo

[millionday] so love it
[millionday] they are setting things up for the revalue
[DINARHOPES] millionday we are soooooooooooooooooooooodone yahoooooooooooooooooo
[millionday] let me look and see if there is anything else that effects us
[brett123] millionday millionday millionday millionday millionday millionday millionday
[millionday] whooop whoooop!!!
[millionday] brb

[topgun3182] millionday ... Did you happen to find a statement from IMF confirming the same ???

[millionday] The Representative of the religious authority in Karbala province, Ahmed al-Safi, called “The officials to respect time in order to serve their country.” During the Friday ceremony in the Hussieni Holy Shrine, he said “The countries get developed by respecting the time,” noting that “Iraq suffer from wasting time by the officials.”

[millionday] seriously though -- i am very excited to see what is going to happen now that the cbi and imf conference is done  


8-20-2012 Milndollarbabe: The RV helps them to supply more goods and services and rebuilding the structures. A RV brings to them more purchasing power and finalizes their debt release from the Paris Club countries as well as donar countries. 

They in essense become virtually debt free and free to begin anew with a currency that has value and can be traded internationally also with more purchasing power. The HCL will come into play giving the peoples monies from oil proceeds and these things will truly benefit the people of Iraq greatly.


    [guardian] yes   ok

       [guardian] yes

    [guardian] i saw it a few times on the net

    [guardian] was it alsumaria.com? i think it was there

     [guardian] alsumarianews.com > http://alsumarianews.com ··· ls-.html

    [stlou] hey Med..  can I throw something out here?  If you are hosting an international conference (CBI) on investment/whatever on Sept 18-19..with this kind of talk by Saleh..who in God's name would attend?

    [Med] NOW

    [guardian] oh that's where harry's came from, would need to look for others


    [stlou] Najib?


    [guardian] maybe rehashing what was said, but plans have changed

    [stlou] right..


    [stlou] and Saleh could also be putting out false info so as to stave off speculators


    [stlou] Med..think about it..


    [stlou] you are hosting this conference saying you are open for business

    [stlou] how can you be open if your currency is worth TP

    [guardian] another one said when the politics whirlwind is over then they will remove the zeros

    [stlou] and saleh could be out there to try to mislead speculators/

    [cheeks] stou thats the way i im think about it

    [guardian] i agree stlou

    [cheeks] this is ready set go

    [guardian] msnbc video saying maliki is the one filtering dollars to iran via the cbi...whoda thought

    [cheeks] is today or not a holiday today in the sand box

    [guardian] yes it is  until the 23rd   Eid El-Fitr 


8-20-2012 LoriC: This past week we've seen more progress than ever before.  The GOI has reached an agreement and is just waiting on Talabani to return from Germany. The Finance Committee is supporting the CBI's plan to redenominate after the reforms are passed. 

The redenomination addresses the introduction of the new currency and does not mean a "lop." The word lop is not even real financial terminology.  This is a common misconception in Dinar Land. 

Iraq redenominating is a given and the grand debate is simply over how much/if they will raise the value of the currency. Of course we believe the RD will include a revaluation of the exchange rate and the target date is September to January.  2012 is our year!!

8-20-2012 Tenmillion: Are appearances everything? For more than a decade, countries have been trying to appear to be running a more flexible exchange rate regime than they actually are—a trend that is increasingly coming to light in the IMF’s exchange rate regime classification system, which reports both de facto and de jure regimes for all member countries. 

Take the following examples. • In the “hollowing out” years of the late 1990s, a number of countries reported themselves as floating, but they were classified in de facto terms as pegged. subsequently, a number of them were compelled to exit to de facto floating regimes under market pressure.  

These days, 25 countries report that they are running a flexible arrangement, although they have a de facto conventional peg. Another 14 countries report themselves as operating an independent float, although they have a de facto managed float. 

What’s behind the discrepancy between what is said and what is done? It probably reflects the desire of countries to be perceived as market friendly, as well as a reluctance to be seen as committed to a particular level of the exchange rate.

Nelson 0528: The reason the IQD is pegged to the USD; is due to the fact that most of their revenue (90%-ish) is generated from the sale of oil, which is sold conveniently enough for petro-dollars, which is USD primarily (although quite a few countries are slowly shifting to buying and selling oil with other currencies now). 

So, when they convert their "paychecks" from oil; the CBI (who governs the exchange rate) sets the exchange rate and holds the auctions to convert the funds... not the "absolute" mechanism; but a relatively simplified idea of how it occurs.


8-20-2012 Austin-Powers-For-PM: The Dinar RV is sort of like an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault in California.  We know it's coming, we don't know when, and we don't know how big.  So if the guru's were all earthquake experts, how would they be reporting this to us?

Let's take a look: Bluwolf:  Would be standing right on the fault screaming "Any Second Now," but nobody would be paying attention to him anymore.

"The earthquake should have already happened."

Dan (Checkmate):
  Would be talking incessently about why we need to get our earthquake preparation kits in order and why all the other earthquake guru's are wrong

"It's a great day for an earthquake." 
  Gary:  "Dr Todd is still scratching his head wondering why this earthquake hasn't happened yet."

  Adam Montana:
  Believes that the earthquake will start small, and then there will be multiple earthquakes getting bigger over time.

  He has been told that the U.S. Geological Survey is giving him exclusive rights to announce the earthquake to the entire world.

  Keeps staring at the seismonitor screens waiting for the earthquake to register.

  Tells us once again that we will not have to go through another weekend without an earthquake.

BGG:  Believes that Maliki is somehow stopping the earthquake and until he is removed from the San Andreas Fault, it' won't happen.

  "The corrupt politicians have figured out a way to stop this earthquake, and they have to be removed."

SWFG:  Would produce endless reasearch articles detailing exactly why the earthquake has to happen, but still wonders if this is all true.

Would be sitting in a Starbucks near the San Andreas Fault talking aimlessly about geological events that might be happenng soon, but nobody can understand what he's really trying to say.

  "Y'all know that I'm the smartest earthquake predictor in the entire world, and I have it on great authority that the earthquake will start in Reno."

Will sound like Billy Mays as he does infomercials selling his brand of earthquake prediction insturments to the public.

  Says the earthquake won't be happening for years and years down the road while he still eagerly sells earthquake insurance to the masses.


8-20-2012 Freebird: National Meeting is a go finally!!  We have had reports from every bloc inside of Iraq that as soon as the President returns, they will hold a National Meeting and sign the reform package (modified Erbil agreement) into action. The GOI will get this done in time for the CBI make there move starting in September.  The UN is also helping Iraq put the HCL into action. We truly are close now.  Keep the faith.

8-20-2012 Poppy3: More than one group is pushing to get the HCL completed and activated. I am one of few that knows it is very important for the sale of their oil and their economy yet I don't think it is nessary for the RV. I think the Ministers, Erbil and 140 are our key details.. Even though Dr Shabibi has included it in his things that need to be done, I don't think if all the others were implemented it would hold up the RV. TIME WILL TELL SOON.


Just Hopin 
When the CBI first announced the process of currency 
reform two dates were tossed into the news as when the printing 
would beging...June 2012 and Sept 2012. Its difficult to prove if 
it started in June so at this point we must rely on Sept
ember at the latest...But that is just the printing..not placing them into circulation (or releasing as Pama suggested). The actual process of placing the currency into circulation is what is under big debate right now among the Iraqi politicians and the Iraq Finance Committee. Some politicians believe more time is needed to not only educate the people and but to prepare the GOI better to protect itself from forgery attempts so they suggest July 2013. 
The other politicians side with the CBI and believe it should 
happen ASAP and in Jan 2013. All we can do is wait to see how all 
of this transpires. It is a possibility the dates could alter 
some to offset currency speculation.

Oil Ministry: Iraq desperately needs oil and gas law, 20 august

Oil Ministry: Iraq desperately needs oil and gas law

Oil Ministry: Iraq desperately needs to oil and gas law because it gives our contracts with foreign companies sedate and puts an end to the jurisprudence of the oil wealth
The spokesman for the oil ministry official Assem Jihad said approval of oil and gas law in the current period is very important for Iraq as it strengthens contracts entered into by the Ministry of Oil with foreign companies.
And Jihad said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} today that “oil and gas law aimed at proper management of the oil wealth that belongs to the Iraqi people and emphasizes the coordination between the center and regions and identify the tasks and responsibilities of each of them.”
And stressed that “Iraq needs to approve oil and gas law because it gives the contracts entered into by the Ministry of Oil with foreign companies and the power of immunity, as well as putting an end to the many interpretations that come from here and there with regard to Iraq’s oil wealth.”
And called for Jihad political blocs to speed up the approval oil and gas law to resolve all crises related to oil side to be able to pass a law making the public interest above all other considerations bypassing the narrow personal interests to achieve the highest economic return to the country through the proper administration of the oil wealth. “
It is noteworthy that the adoption of the law of oil and gas, some laws are still pending in the Iraqi parliament because of political differences between the political parties.
The spin several disagreements about this law, especially between the central government and the province because there is several drafts not agree on one of them until now.

Economist: measures to reduce the high dollar is viable it needs time, 20 august

Economist: measures to reduce the high dollar is viable it needs time

Monday, 20 August / August 2012 14:54
He economist Bassem Jamil Antoine measures taken by the government as limiting the rise in the dollar is it needs a long time.
He told all of Iraq [where] the day that “these measures are related to economic conditions the country’s public and control procedures as the central bank can not afford to control and decide because there are many, including economic and honest and should create some sort of cooperation with them in order to reduce the high dollar “.
He Antoine that “Iraq is in the long run can prevent high Ataran by subtracting the amounts of dollar equals slate spent and this is what we see through the lack of a significant difference between the official price of the dollar and the market price at the moment” .
He noted that it was “natural high exchange rate in the holidays and events such as the holy month of Ramadan, as there is a huge demand for shopping, which makes it difficult to control the exchange rates in addition to the situation in the region, especially with regard to the crisis and the Syrian economic blockade imposed on Iran.”
And Antoine that “the House of Representatives does not follow professional in the selection of members of the central bank and there is a politically motivated control it,” pointing to the existence of “a wave of criticism of the central bank and a number of officials which in addition to the accusations without evidence official is that these accusations quickly Maglt. “
He stressed the need to “be criticism building and aims to reform and not for destruction,” and wondered “Is there suggestions and measures official economic professional, not political, for the treatment of the problem or just a political process dropping against people technocrats have enough experience.”
And Antoine went on that “the Finance Committee that you submit the evidence and the names and show people accused of these acts and are they strongman government or Mtshehadon or is the process of accusation false.”
He stated that “bodies Alsmottaglh including the central bank has become a target and I think that Iraq and its economy will lose in the event of a change is deliberate and non-professional, because one of the reasons set back Iraq’s economy is the reluctance of professionals and isolate them from contributing to the development Alaqtansad Iraqi and conducted at random.”
This has escalated in recent days the accusations against the central bank’s involvement officials where currencies money laundering and financing of terrorism, where he accused MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki of whom he called by figures partisan influential] is working to provide a cover for money laundering and smuggled out of Iraq.
For his part, attributed the member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Salman al-Moussawi inability House of Representatives to monitor the performance of the central bank because of the lack of the Council to the experts in financial management and banking, “noting that” Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi rejected earlier that the central bank is subject to the supervision of the executive branch as an independent body and that the Constitution made the central bank controls linked to the Council of Representatives. “
He was a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy Haitham al-Jubouri had demanded earlier in the House of Representatives to intervene presidency to stop what he called “bleeding the hard currency and money laundering in the Central Bank of Iraq.”
The CBI expressed surprise at the accusations against him about the involvement of officials in which economic crimes and supporting terrorism.
The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh [where] that “the charges in some quarters about the involvement of officials of financing terrorism or helping to money laundering or economic crimes are charged and that you personally did not Aacherha but remain charges and suspicions are under investigation but that they actually exist, why silence and inaction at them, whether by the state agencies concerned or has information and wonder what there impede law enforcement or to fight against so hopefully answer this question?! “

Iraq denies helping Iran avoid sanctions, 20 august

Iraq denies helping Iran avoid sanctions

BAGHDAD — Iraq insisted on Monday that its trade with neighbouring Iran was above board, and denied reports that it was helping the Islamic republic skirt sanctions by smuggling oil and secretly moving cash.
Ali Mussawi, spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said that Baghdad's trade and dealings with Tehran were below "the permitted level" for neighbouring countries, and dismissed claims Iraq was selling oil on Iran's behalf as a "big lie".
"We are dealing with Iran in a public and transparent fashion, we have not done any secret deals," Mussawi told AFP.
"We feel that we have dealt with Iran less than the permitted level."
He said of enforcing sanctions against Iran: "There is always a permitted level for neighbouring countries.
"International officials and Americans always emphasise that the international sanctions on Iran do not apply to Iraq for many reasons."
The New York Times reported on Sunday that Iraq was carrying out an array of tasks within a network of financial institutions and oil-smuggling operations that have helped funnel cash to Iran as sanctions choke its economy.
Mussawi, however, insisted that Iraq's central bank was an independent institution and was not subject to Maliki's orders, and said of the Times's claims Iraq was selling oil on Iran's behalf: "This is a big lie."
But he added that some oil was being smuggled through Iraq's autonomous northern Kurdistan region, which he said was not only breaking sanctions, but also infringing on Iraq's sovereignty.
"We have warned about this from the beginning," Mussawi said. "It (oil smuggling via Kurdistan) is not only breaking sanctions, but Iraqi oil is being smuggled out of the country, and not through Iraq's main pipelines."
Iran and Iraq, which fought a 1980-1988 war that was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the past century, killing an estimated one million people, have drawn closer since the US-led invasion of 2003.
The US sanctions, and others imposed by the European Union, aim to pressure Tehran to roll back its nuclear activities, which the West fears are geared to developing atomic weapons. Iran denies its programme is anything but peaceful.


8-20-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   Article:  CBI: The project to delete the zeros will pass after the end of the political crisis. The CBI announced announced that the project to delete the zeros will pass within the House of Representatives and Minister after the end of what he called “political storm.” Saleh said the project to delete the zeros will pass within the House of Representatives and that all the blocks are in agreement on its importance and relevance for the Iraqi economy. A national project such as deleting the zeros of interest to a lot of officials and advisers will not be neglected, noting that the next phase will see the final approval.

8-20-2012 BGG: Here’s just a few of the things they have planned for right after “the feast” – the Erbil agreement, Article 140, HCL, Security and Defense Ministers announcement, a National Conference (upon Talibani’s return), The Supreme Judiciary Law and the Amnesty Law…(that I can think of… All of which get kicked off after August 23rd.


 sunshine] praying TODAY IS A GREAT FOR ALL OF US....LORD make it happen today RV. praying

[heyu288] soooo Now down to business...... what in the in world is going on??? roflmao Talibani is back/ No he's not... yes he is... M is under control/ No he's not.. yes he his.... coins out Sept 1/ No there not.. yes they are... gezzzz I'm getting a stiff neck from jerking back and forth.. rofl

[cruiser] Hi and good morning everyone!!!! Why are the banks going this? Could be they need to raise their tier1 capital (Basel III Requirement) Banks Use $1.77 Trillion to Double Treasury Purchases


[meggie55] cruiser Is this a good sign with the banks

[cruiser] meggie55 Absoulutly!! The banks are showing that they are moving towards the requirements for Basel III.

greek1212] cruiser was there a date put out that US banks have to be Basel III compliant?? or is it just a movement in the industry at this point

[cruiser] greek1212 2019 is the year. But do not sweat that. There are certain requirements that they are required to meet know and those are the important ones.

[greek1212] Do you think that we havent heard from any of the intel providers b/c were that close?? NO FF, Sooner or anyone lately

[cruiser] Media is at it again. Euro Crisis Revving Up Again – Fasten Your Seatbelts: http://www.cnbc.com/id/48721827

[cruiser] Now this is very interesting: Lord Rothschild in $200 Million Bet Against Euro: Report. Just so you know, that is the equavelant to us betting $20.00, to him. http://www.cnbc.com/id/48721839

[Stitch] cruiser chump change??? rofl

[blue skies] cruiser in my case $1.00

[mbillions] cruiser omg... that is more than interesting...

[dinar1203] cruiser - panic to set in shortly

[cruiser] dinar1203 why?

[dinar1203] cruiser - reality of the euro

[cruiser] dinar1203 It is not going anywhere. At least for another year or 2.

[captaincaveman ] HHaven't had time to look at markets or news. Anything good?

[dinar1203] cruiser - it's the perception of

[mbillions] cruiser I don't know Cruiser.. Maybe Mr. RC knows something we don't...

[cruiser] dinar1203 This week we will hear that Europe is in trouble again. Greece will be leaving. Spain and Italy are broke. Blah blah blah etc. The truth is the ECB has a plan, but cannot do anything until the secret plan is revealed ( wonder what the secret plan is? :)

[puppylove] cruiser hmmmm... :)

[mbillions] cruiser rv rv

[cruiser] mbillions 200M is peanuts to him. That is his donation for making Billions throughout this process.

[best1154] i wonder how secret the secret plan is

[blue skies] cruiser could it be maybe out blessing.?????

[dinar1203] cruiser - exactly most people do not know all this and panic will set in, with a hero to save the day!

[cruiser] dinar1203 I thought that also and it could happen that way. Just have to get to the starting point, before we can see who takes credit.

[cruiser] mbillions the Euro has not moved this morning. down very little. We just have to see if there is any momentum from what he did with his bet.

[dinar1203] cruiser - kind of like the struggle in Dinarland who will get credit for the announcement- they struggle to fight for credit! lol

[cruiser] dinar1203 lol

[mbillions] cruiser It will be very interesting to watch.

[Readynow] cruiser I'm sure I just missed it, but who is "he"?

[cruiser] got to start the day. BBL

[cruiser] Readynow Lord Rothschild in $200 Million Bet Against Euro: Report

[imperium] When the Roths make a move it's not a "bet"... it's a sign of certainty.

[mbillions] imperium I think I will have to agree with you on that one hon... gm

[tman42] My son starts to work at WF next week as a PB! They r hiring like crazy!

[tman42] The puzzle is almost finished

[Stitch] tman42 great news!! lol

[tman42] The puzzle is almost finished

[gretco] tman42 - what is a PB?

sunshine] gretco PB private banker

[tman42] Stitch it is I told him he can watch our Money! lol

[blue skies] tman42 that's the best news for the day.. ty

[gretco] markets futures are down - cruiser knows what he is talking about................