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[cruiser] Hi and good evening everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great Night!!! Banks are at it again!!! Deutsche Bank’s Business With Sanctioned Nations Under Scrutiny    http://www.cnbc.com/id/48713222

[cruiser] This was from earlier. Not sure if it made it out there. Please take a look. For those wondering if the gold standard is coming back?https://www.enumbered.com/gold_standard

jetpack] crusier what u thinking tonight ?? Rv before sept?

[cruiser] jetpack I really hope so!! For all of us. Just so that wach of us can move on with our lives.

[cruiser] jetpack did you see the CBI screenshot from last night?

[weimar_police] cruiser I did, but wasn't it a test screen shot?

[cruiser] weimar_police not sure. Kind of strange IMO. Why only 20 minutes and why only the USD. 
[cruiser] . http://www.myinvestedgroup.net/ScreenShot2012-08-17at9.23.40PM.png

[jetpack] crusier I did

[weimar_police] cruiser I was excited to see the posting too, just don't want to get too excited

[jetpack] I want to get excited but I saw something similar about year ago just not same values so could be something

[jetpack]  I'm not sure a year ago was testing their new live banking system and software

[redsnowbird] goldman Was a MOD at MIG that took the shot cool clown fish... the Euro was also not changed in relation to the USD... but if a test, I don't think everything has to be right..

[ontime] cruiser Well, if it was a test, they still have time to make it right! roflmao

[goldman] cruiser i would agree that it is lower than I would like but do we really have an idea of what it should be?

[goldman] redsnowbird you may be correct

[Jeff] cruiser 3.68 with 20%? possible

[Jeff] I mean 3.22 plus 20% sorry

[musiccitylady] Jeff $3.86

[ontime] Jeff That would not make it the highest currency in the ME (as Dr. Shababi has said they would have.)

[cruiser] bryan1972 should be over 4 easily. Will not be the same as Kuwait. I always thought around 5 and change . J?ust for the impact. It all depends on if they use oil as a hard asset.

[Jeff] ontime in time it will

[musiccitylady] Jeff I believe that will be it!

[ontime] Jeff Just asking, but do you really think they are going to let Kuwait one-up them in the beginning?

[musiccitylady] Jeff $3.22 pre Saddam plus 20% for inflation, correct?

[redsnowbird] ontime Doesn't have to start as highest.... just end as highest... and I am not going to quibble about $3.61 vs. $3.86 lol

[Jeff] musiccitylady me to but like Cruiser says may be higher now due to global shifting economically that difference in the barrel per oil we negotiated and the barrel per oil they sell could accomdate a much higher RV rate

[BigB] cruiser Why couldn't it come out higher and Kuwait's value rise with the RV so they are both high but camparable?

[cruiser] BigB It could. and they both can rise. But it will all depend on the tier 1 assets and if oil will be one of them.

[ontime] redsnowbird There are egos involved. Rember this is the ME. Also, remember, we have heard Kuwait is in the basket to increase in value.

[redsnowbird] BigB I think Kuwait may be higher as well.... if a lot of the currencies are revalueing... some maybe a small increase or decrease.

[redsnowbird] ontime I think Kuwait will increase as well, too!

[ontime] redsnowbird Yes, we have been hearing this for almost a year.

[goldman] barb thanks...there are a lot of come backs! I set myself up on that one

[barb] goldman oh did you ever, you must be tired buddy... I have full day tomorow, may turn in myself

[steveg] BigB One thing I don't understand - if we are saying that a country currency is going to be based on assets why would Iraq be anywhere near Kuwait. Don't Iraq have a much greater value based on assets in ground?

[redsnowbird] ontime And another thing... Kuwait came in high for a few days.. don't think they will be too upset if it is high for a week or so, then settle back down...

[BigB] steveg Definitely

[BigB] steveg We just are talking close to Kuwait's.

[BigB] steveg I believe we will see double digits before this is done.

[sailman] cruiser What's all the stuff about Maliki and Iran ---also CBI selling GOLD ???

 [sailman] cruiser Did the Iran info really end up in the NY times?

[cruiser] sailman   http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/19/world/middleeast/us-says-iraqis-are-helping-iran-skirt-sanctions.html?emc=na

[kord] cruiser What is your opinion of the NY Times article? How or will it affect the RV? ty

[wheezer2] jetpack interesting! what would be purpose then ? and now?

[cruiser] weimar_police jetpack TY both. Just want to make sure I am not the only thinking it could be a good thing.

[weimar_police] cruiser / well with all I have seen in my short ten months holding dinar... however, a year ago, i was in Iraq working :)

[cruiser] kord I think it is great that the NY Times is covering a story about Iraq. Do not think it is a big deal.

 [BigB] cruiser Good Evening - great post last night

[cruiser] BigB Ty

[cruiser] BigB do not know if you have seen this yet  https://www.enumbered.com/gold_standard

[BigB] cruiser – yes, I/ve been reading about metals for quite a while. We have to go back to it as things are going downhill fast with the fiat money

[cruiser] BigB but this is an actual Bank, using gold standard

BigB] cruiser There is one operated by the American Indians on a reservation out west.

[steveg] Good evening. I mention this earlier but I think it may be worth discussing and Crusier I would like your take on it if you don't mind. I think the article you or someone posted yesterday about O tapping into the oil reserves. (SPR) can be rather important if in fact true.

[steveg] As stated in the article - releasing some reserves would have a short term impact on price at the pump but as the article says it would increase quickly because O would have to replace that reserve according to law.

[steveg] If the US stake in the RV is oil at $33 per barrel what better way to replace the released reserves at a much lower cost. O gets the political benefit of helping the consumer with lower gas prices right before the election with the add value of saving the taxpayer $ to replenish. Just a thought

BigB] steveg I read an article on that in the last few days.

[steveg] BigB It may be a leap but hey....

[redsnowbird] steveg We as dinarians take big leaps all the time.... what do you think we are doing here! lol

[BigB] steveg No - it makes perfect sense. Anything to get re-elected.

steveg] BigB It may be a leap but hey....

[BigB] steveg It is actally my exact thoughts when I read it. Timing is everything.

[steveg] redsnowbird AT lease it has all the components - the economy, oil, election, the RV.

[cruiser] Steveg I think it is strange that the government is even entertaining the idea of using the SPR. Oil is not that high right now.

[Jeff] cruiser I read where the experts stated that it would spike gas prices by shrinking supply; could be as there were one or two fuel refineries that shut down due to low margins and higher regulations up in the NE.

[cruiser] Jeff You beat me to it. Just think it is an election year.


[dealdoctor] HEY guys VERY interesting article on the front page of the New York Times says Iraqis Are Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions. Bottom line Maliki is in BAD trouble with Obama. Maliki, Iraq's PM, is aligned with the religious and political leaders of Iranwww.tinyurl.com/8ote6ow


 [ontime] dealdoctor That sounds like a repeat article we read last Nov?

 [dealdoctor] It is Maliki PESONALLY and his political party. Shabbi at the CBI and the other factions are not so suportive of Iran. I am not sure what this means for our investment but it coming out NOW might mean something. We need to all think about this and how it affects the RV.

 [dealdoctor] ontime Perhaps but it is detailed and a follow up to the one about the bank in Iraq that was funneling money into Iran that got Obama so upset. Now it seems there may be as many as 4 of the banks doing the same thing. It has mixed messages in the article but coming out NOW..who knows?

 [thudz04] dealdoctor hmmm not sure I like the sound of that...

[dealdoctor] thudz04 It might be a set up for USA support for Maliki to be ousted with the vote of no confidence I really am not expert in all this but right on the front page of our largest US newspaper. Wow!

 thudz04] dealdoctor you are one intelligent individual, and you may be on to something there..

 [dealdoctor] So if everything on our RV is already determined and out of Iraq's hands it means nothing. IF the newshounds are right it might be a good reason for the members of the Iraqi Parliment to get Maliki OUT because his party has totally alienated the USA with their love affair with Iran. My best guesses

 [dealdoctor] In any event Maliki is NOT a friend for us getting our RV if the newshounds are right and seeing him under more pressure would be a good thing for us. The article suggests Maliki is taking control of the CBI and I simply do not believe that. That he would TRY to do that I assume.

 [billuke] dealdoctor that explains those high currency auction figures - I got that NY Times alert too

 [thudz04] dealdoctor totally agree. I'm sure Maliki wants nothing more than to control the CBI, but there is no way that will ever be allowed to happen.

 [dealdoctor] billuke The Recaps article on the relationship between the Dollar and the Dinar is also very good on this subject. But YES if they Iraqi's are selling DINAR to Iran at auction to help them with their sanctions due to the value of the Dinar it would up the sales of Dinar outside their nation.

 [dealdoctor] This very negative article on Maliki would be the perfect set up for a National Conference to kick him to the curb

 [dealdoctor] Night all ...just wanted to share the NY Times article..all in all I think it helps us..but in any event it is powerful stuff...we need powerful stuff to shake this LOOSE!!!!

 diverdown] Wow, its my first chance to look at the Forex today and the only pair still updating is the USD/IQD very, very interesting

 [diverdown] so who thinks tomorrow for our Blessing?

 [spankey] diverdown: thinking tonite would be great !

 [thudz04] diverdown I do find it intriguing the CBI site was doing testing themselves last night as well. There could be a correlation with all of this supposed testing going on...

 [kids] ? Does the "traders" Forex get updated by UST?

 [diverdown] thudz04 I watch the forex testing last night too, interesting for sure

 SGD3] diverdown I checked netdania at 8am this morning and it hadn't changed since before midnight but now it's at it again.....Sure hope this means something for us

 [cruiser] Hi and good evening everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great Night!!! Banks are at it again!!! Deutsche Bank’s Business With Sanctioned Nations Under Scrutiny



[Papa Bear] Good evening Dinar Family this is Staurday Night Live with Papa Bear. My phone emails and textshave been fillrd with FEAR people are receiving.Please have faith and know that All will be OK .Those who want to let fear run their lives will always be around. IT is a choice you make in your life. Please chose to live life to its fullest without the CHICKEN LITTLE SYNDROME. We have all heard the sky is falling many times. But WE WILL PREVAIL. PRAISE THE LORD

Papa Bear] Smoke is good now look for fire

[xyz] Papa Bear as long as i dont get burned lol

[Papa Bear] xyz Always hot but some need the heat to stay warm.LOL

[dealdoctor] Papa Bear We have faith not because there will be no problems but because we will triumph THROUGH those problems and be better on the other side. All giants will FALL...all floods SUBSIDE...All storms end in CALM

[DebTarHeelGirl] ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Deck The CHAT Here Comes The RV, Fa La La La La, La La La La♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Deck The CHAT Here Comes The RV, Lets Cash In Lets Cash In! Lets Cash In! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

[DebTarHeelGirl] Hello everyone GOD Bless you all tonight - hope all are doing well and have your hopes up high!!!
dealdoctor] debtarheelgirl With all the news on Recaps it sure seems like the prayer warriors are getting through! Thanks for your leadership with that part of our community Deb.

debtarheelgirl] dealdoctor dealdoctor AMEN AGREE

[weathernut] debtarheelgirl I am expecting this tonight!

[debtarheelgirl] weathernut weathernut you were thats good - God is never late he will be right on time with this exchange

[debtarheelgirl] AMEN thank you LORD for the end of the wait is behind and the BEGINNING OF YOUR BLESSING is approaching!

[debtarheelgirl] when the announcement shows you will be all settled in your New Destiny's in GOD! YOU were chosen for this ya know – AMEN SO LETS CHEER UP – ITS COMING!!! +++++++

[debtarheelgirl] ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪RV Bells Are You Listening, Oh The Gold It Is Glistening, A Beautiful Sight, We're Havin A Night Watchin The RV Wonderland.... ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

[debtarheelgirl] ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Oh Rv... Oh Rv. How Lovely Your Funds Will Be ...Oh Rv... Oh Rv. How Lovely Your Funds Will Be Under Neath My Bank Account Where We Can Give God A Praise And Shout ...Oh Rv... Oh Rv. How Lovely Your Funds Will Be!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

[debtarheelgirl] Just like a child being birthed, the mother is tired & way ready for it to appear = that’s where we are = BUT if we let GOD be GOD & allow HIS TIMING TO manifest, all things will work together for our GOOD & will be PERFECT in His plan. Amen!

[debtarheelgirl] read this one this one tells it all ….♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪I'm dreaming of a GREEN Christmas Just like the one I'd like to know Where the tree tops glisten and the children listen how we had to get counseling for Dinarpsychosis…OHHH I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas….♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

[debtarheelgirl] hahahah now thats funny even if I say so myself

[debtarheelgirl] WE have ASKED for this RV - GOD KNOWS its coming - so lets turn our asking in to praise - the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho and praised for 7 days then BAM the walls fell down JUST FROM THEIR PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING - so lets turn our asking into THANKING the LORD NOW AMEN!!!

[DebTarHeelGirl] Ok folks good to have been with you a while tonight - I need to go prepare for my beauty sleep(ha) - I am on PowerPoint duty tomorrow in sound booth so got to get up early for church - KEEP THE FAITH WE ARE almost there, we are, hang on cheer up you can almost touch it - hugs & LOVE to you all! NITE

[dealdoctor] FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real Perfect LOVE casts out all FEAR....a room cannot be filled with light and darkness at the same time. Fear OR LOVE but never both at the same time! It is better to be filled with faith, light, love, hope, joy and the good stuff because SOMETHING will fill you!

[dealdoctor] I think this period of waiting and patience is preparing us for the kind of PERSONS we will need to be to handle WEALTH in a responsible loving way...WE are more important than the money!

[dealdoctor]  Hey guys. I think we are in an excellent window for our RV between now and the end of August due to all the facts we have now. Some gurus think between September to January latest. I myself think sooner rather than later but like oil gushing from ground we will RV!!!

[dealdoctor] There is a long discussion on Recaps about the realationship between the dinar and the USD. In it I found it interesting that when other countries hold USD they are called Eurodollars as opposed to the euros. Because other countries "buy" so many of our dollars even if our balance of trade is

[dealdoctor] negative the value of our USD is stable because we EXPORT dollars as one of our "products" Intersting concept. SO If we get to the point where the world does not value the USD it will severely impact its value because it will not offset our lack of exports JMHO

[dealdoctor] A change in the way the world does banking to the new Basel III system that is asset based will make our USD not as much of a "product" for export anymore. Then what WILL we be exporting or selling the world?

[dealdoctor] I may not be understanding this all correctly but this is the way a silly layperson like me interpreted that part of the article.

[dealdoctor] This WAR between the Powers That Be PTB is really one that deals with control of the balance of trade and who gets the poker chips. Currency is just one more thing of VALUE on the board at this point and IF the way it works internationally is changed it will change POWER and WEALTH...winners/losers

[wahine] GA here is my dinar moment: Last night went to a Chicago hot dog place in Vegas. Started to talk w/owner who had pic on wall of all the teams in Chicago and ones of him in uniform in Iraq. Since he is about 70 and the pic's looked fairly recent...had to ask if he was holding Dinar! He was a translator for the DOD in Iraq! Said he has 1 mill and thinks it will revalue soon. Said the Gov't is so corrupted in Iraq and the people there wish Saddam was still there as they only have 2 hrs of electricity a day.

wahine] He also is in the processs of closing with all the Obama taxes and etc for small businesses he has been here 20 yrs

[wahine] Very sad, does not like O!!!

[BeemerBiker] due to a freak happenstance, I just had a 10 second peek into a PTB (Powers That Be) meeting... they were all standing around a well stocked bar singing; "I hear you knocking but you can't come in, come back tomorrow night and try it again!" dirty ruckafrussa bat rastards... they're just taunting us

hopeful2&2] ok if no one else will say it i will, look for it from tonight through tomorrow night, with codes coming out at 1:21 eastern central time, unless something unexpected happens which could happen. now western time zones should get it first unless easern central gets it first, in that case it will start in the east and head west. if we start having movement tonight, i may be back with an announcement unless i go to bed, stay tune for more info


8-18-2012 Phoenix3333: Calls for Maliki to take quick steps to name Security Ministers. "Block free calls for Maliki to take quick steps to name security ministers. Demanded the Liberal bloc of Prime Minister Maliki in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to take quick steps to end the file name and the Ministers of Defense and Interior. Military leaders have assumed the office for more than six years."

8-18-2012 BGG: "CBI - We seek to adopt an electronic system in financial transactions." Here’s an interesting piece when coupled with the other implications and the various technical aspects of a possible currency adjustment in Iraq. This will help out with some of the “mass hysteria” that is sure to accompany this event. They also don’t want common people getting robbed of “hard currency” immediately after coming into some money (post-RV).  THERE HAS NOT BEEN A NATIONAL CONFERENCE YET!! As I cautioned last night – do not be listening to “uninformed providers”.


8-18-2012  Newshound Guru Eagle1  In the last couple of days, Dr. Shabibi has announced that the CBI will release 1 Dinar, 5 Dinar and 25 Dinar coins for public use and trade on September 1. It makes no sense whatever to issue a 1 or a 5 Dinar coin if the RV has not taken place. What good is a 5 or even a 25 Dinar coin if a loaf of bread costs 3,000 Dinars (current price of a loaf, pre-RV). If indeed the plan is to release these coins for use on September 1, then August 26 makes sense for the RV announcement. (And that doesn’t mean the announcement will wait that long. It could actually occur even sooner.)   [post 3 of 3]

8-18-2012  Newshound Guru Eagle1   Shabibi made it clear some weeks back that he wanted Talabani to make the actual announcement of the RV.  Iraq’s President Talabani has just returned (according to unverified info) or will return before the end of this week. Talabani has already indicated in advance that he will be calling a public event on Sunday, August 26th. While there are possibly other reasons for this announced event, there is a general consensus among our analysts that we will have our RV announcement on that date.   [post 2 of 3...stay tuned!]

8-18-2012  Newshound Guru Eagle1   12 days ago Dr. Shabibi announced his intention to begin selling some of the gold in their vaultsbut it didn’t actually begin until yesterday...what does this have to do with the timing of the announcement and the rate?  I can tell you that when bankers are faced with unknown prospects such as those the CBI faces knowing that they could very well have more folks cash in their Dinar than their statistical model indicates, they tend to be almost overly cautious.  From a banker’s perspective, it is very prudent for them to increase their U.S. Dollar reserves in preparation for a potential run when the announcement is made.   [post 1 of 3...stay tuned!]

8-18-2012  Newshound Guru Randy Koonce  [via Patrick]   when Talibani returns we will see a conference and then soon after that this whole thing is over. One of the biggest falsies is that the GOI has to be stable before it will RV. Truth is that the GOI will never be stable until they release the money.


8-18-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    If they get much passed this holiday, I think Maliki will be in a world of trouble.  People are starting to realize who is causing their day to day drama.  There is also a possibility they will remove Maliki, they will take him out, this is still on the table.    Talabani was to be back about the 16th and hold the National Meeting. I wouldn't worry...I think he will be back soon, I think it will be delayed about a week.   I think we will see the National Conference in the next 6 - 10 days. The fact that Talabani is coming back and will announce the National Conference is massive, huge.  Between now and next Friday, we should know where we are headed.  This is not a berrible set back.  I think the next few days will be very interesting and we are in a great spot.  They are very close to the HCL law, they have never been this close. I do think we are in the end game here.  I think we are pretty close.

8-18-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3  Talabani was scheduled to come back to Bagdad on Thursday, but that changed. The rumour that the ministers were seated is not true.  The people on the streets of Iraq are getting more of the truth of what is going on and are getting more pissed off, they know who is causing it. They are having closed door meetings and making progress.  It's a timing thing, timing of the National Conference.  Everything is pointing to the end of this thing.

CBI adopts scientific programs to stabilize dinar exchange rate, 18 AUGUST

CBI adopts scientific programs to stabilize dinar exchange rate

Date: Saturday 8/18/2012 6:00
working Alpetk Iraqi Center to adopt plans and programs of scientific effort to create stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar, while welcoming Almusariq civil assume the central bank responsible for overseeing the system divided the national rather than foreign companies, which will bring huge boom in the work of banks .
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on the status of plans and programs of scientific by the central bank to lower the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar to reach its price natural market of $ (1190) in the coming period.
Saleh said (of the Agency news): The increasing demand for the dollar continues in the market, has led to the case of confusion in the market by increasing demand to buy the dollar suddenly, which led to increased price even arrived (1300) dinars per dollar during the last period.
said: that the policy of the central bank and plans of before the devaluation of the dollar gradually until he settled on a price (1240) dinars to one dollar (in the market), although the central bank auction selling dollars b (1189) for banks and customers, to keep the local currency from degradation because the increase in the dollar exchange rate to more than the selected number is causing a deterioration of the national currency.
continued: was developed plans and programs of scientific and deliberate devaluation of the dollar further against the dinar even up to its price real to settle the (1190) dinars and (1200) dinars in the market and then be thinking away to make the dollar worth dinars through put long-term plans after settling the political situation in the country and abroad and at diversifying the fiscal revenue of the state.
has seen the U.S. dollar has increased significantly and unprecedented him its value against the Iraqi dinar during the past few months, reaching a rate of exchange one U.S. dollar (1300) Iraqi dinars, after was conservative on the price for a long time b (1170) dinars to one dollar, which was born great fear in the economic circles constantly increase its price and its direct impact on the Iraqi economy.
noted that the dollar exchange rate current equal to (1240) dinars.
Meanwhile praised the Association of private banks take over the central bank responsible for overseeing the system divided the national instead of foreign companies, which will bring huge boom in the business of banks.
association said (of the Agency news): The supervision of the Central Bank of the work system divided the national will in the next few days will bring booming for the work of banks in Iraq, the best of the foreign companies that offer the service are narrow in scope.
said: that divided the national will include all government and private banks under the supervision of the Central Bank, which will work on a settlement bank accounts through the system calculations connected to all banks and under the supervision of the Central Bank.
explained: that the system of divided National will serve as a central point into which bank accounts all year round and will settle the bank accounts of banks and credit condemnable in order not to fall banks financial loss.
pointed out that the use of the system divided the national sing the banking sector from use of offshore companies and reduce costs and risks of dealing with foreign companies .
so expect a banking expert Mohsen Ali withdrawal small banks with capital from the few Iraqi market for securities, noting that the Iraqi Stock Exchange needs to be developed more easily for stock trading between companies. Ali said (of the Agency news): The securities market in Iraq since (2003) and yet still not encouraging and the palaces in spite of developments in it and the introduction of technological aspect and the use of electronic devices, continued: this is due to that society has a vision deficient on this market and perhaps there is doubt about the role of the stock market to achieve economic development.
added: investing in the stock market is an investment indirectly through the contribution of corporate development, banking finance, noting that the Iraqi banking sector is still unable to perform his role properly in the development process Economic despite the fact that Iraq was relying upon that lead important role in the economic reform process of the country.
explained that Iraqi banks small if it does not develop itself to possess large amounts they withdraw from the stock market in the event of entering large banks with high capital may be integrated with other banks because they are not able to compete with those banks.

Attorney Al-yasseri on hard currency reserves: Diversity is essential to avoid the impact of the depreciation of the dollar against the national currency, 18 AUGUST

Attorney Al-yasseri on hard currency reserves: Diversity is essential to avoid the impact of the depreciation of the dollar against the national currency

Date: 2012-08-18 12: 02: 07 Saturday
Baghdad (News) … Invited Member of the Finance Committee, the National Alliance Deputy//abdolhossein Al-yasseri, need diversity of hard currency reserves by the Central Bank with international currencies as euro walbaon Sterling to avoid the impact of increased dollar on the economy and national currency.
He said Al-yasiri (News Agency news) on Saturday: Although the dollar has generally accepted in all States of the world, but rely on for all transactions is incorrect, because the increased demand and higher value will affect the local currency, so you should encourage banks to deal with other international currencies as Euro Sterling walbaon, in addition to the dollar.
He added: to accept the currency in international transactions depends on the general orientation, the States economy strong, but its currency is not as Japan and other countries have significant cash reserve and also its currency is not international, while some States placed a good commercial and its currency are not accepted in the world such as China, noting a general orientation by the Nations of the world to dollarization, international currency are treated even in villages and rural areas.

High reserves gives the Iraqi dinar additional power, 18 AUGUST

High reserves gives the Iraqi dinar additional power

Date: August 18, 2012
The Central Bank of Iraq that the high reserves of hard currency to 67 billion dollars, it returns a positive, given the dinar additional strength.
The deputy governor of the Central Bank, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in a press statement yesterday, said that there is a correlation between the direct current account surplus of the balance of payments and trade growth cash reserve of foreign currency.
He stated that this correlation passes through the federal budget of the state, where they pass through state revenues from oil to foreign currency dinar through the Ministry of Finance, which convert the dollar to the local currency, pointing out that every dinar currency or foreign currency exporter covered with the Central Bank.
He explained that the management of the cash reserve be in accordance with evidence of investments and in accordance with international standards in the management of central banks in terms of diversification in the currency diversification and investment tools, which are always treasury bills and the guarantor countries with high credit.
The central bank has recently announced high reserves of hard currency to 67 billion dollars, stressing that these reserves are the largest in the history of Iraq, and that these reserves is one of the monetary policy to reduce inflation in Iraq.


Eagle 1......his opinion...he was in international banking for years.

From CC with Frank 26 8/17/2012

Greetings to all of you!

It’s been four weeks since I sent out the last update. Been meaning to bring everyone current with the news and developments, but things have really been a zoo for us.

Last night, Frank (Villa) and I did a world-wide conference call in which we discussed much of the following. I’ve clarified some of the issues in this email that we didn’t really expand into last night.

This update probably could have been posted several days ago, but we were waiting to see if the Central Bank (CBI) actually followed through with its plan to begin selling off a portion of its gold. 12 days ago Dr. Shabibi announced his intention to begin selling some of the gold in their vaults, but it didn’t actually begin until yesterday. This, along with some other developments, is a very significant event.
First let me provide you with some numbers and statistics so you know where I’m coming from.

According to the CIA’s statistical reports at the end of 2011 (and they provide these reports for all countries or nations of interest), the CBI held some 80 metric tons of gold in its vaults at that time. (We know, by the way, that this number has increased significantly since then; and the CIA is reporting that central banks worldwide have been purchasing massive amounts of gold for their treasuries. The Federal Reserve purchased some 400 metric tons of gold during the past quarter, just as an example.)

So that you understand the significance of these amounts, let me break it down for you.

There are 14.57 ounces of gold in a troy pound.

There are 2200 pounds in a metric ton.

That equals 32,054 ounces in a metric ton.

Multiply that by a rounded off $1600/oz. and you have a dollar value of $51,286,400 per metric ton of gold.

Now let’s pick an arbitrary number and say that the CBI is going to sell of a quarter of the gold reserves they had at the end of 2011. That works out to $1,025,728,000 (a trillion, 25 ¾ billion dollars) in cash returns to the CBI for the sale of that gold. A trillion plus dollars to add to their coffers.

Why would they do this?

Let’s look at the amount of Dinar that the Central Bank has outstanding worldwide. According to the latest figures provided by Dr. Shabibi, there are between 35 – 37 trillion Dinar in circulation outside of Iraq. The U.S. Treasury holds a lion’s share of that amount, and there are many other countries that have purchased significant amounts of Dinar. China has been scarfing up Dinar (and silver) like there is no tomorrow. Italy and Greece each hold something on the order of 500 Billion Dinar.

According to the Year-End Report issued by Ernst & Young (December 31, 2011, and signed off as accepted by Dr. Shabibi on February 2, 2012), Iraq’s Central Bank held a total of $76T+ in monetary assets (cash on hand, foreign currencies, gold, treasury notes, silver, diamonds and other tradeable securities). I just about did a double-take when I saw that figure. $76 Trillion in monetary assets is not pocket change, folks! Iraq is one VERY RICH country!! None of these figures take into account receivables in oil revenue, oil reserves, proven gold and diamond reserves or other commodities.

You’ll all appreciate that the U.S. military, when fighting the war against Saddam, stationed soldiers in the streets of Baghdad. When fighting broke out in the streets, soldiers began digging fox holes and trenches in the streets of the city from which to fight. As they dug, they discovered extremely rich veins of gold running through the middle of the streets. At this point, no one really knows how much gold Iraq has in the ground, but when you remember that this area was part of the Garden of Eden, it all makes sense!

Back to the question of why Iraq would sell some of its gold: having been in banking, I can tell you that when bankers are faced with unknown prospects such as those the CBI faces knowing that they could very well have more folks cash in their Dinar than their statistical model indicates, they tend to be almost overly cautious. From a banker’s perspective, it is very prudent for them to increase their U.S. Dollar reserves in preparation for a potential run when the announcement is made. Last week, the IMF announced that the CBI had 130% of its minimum needed asset requirements to begin the RV. That may sound impressive, but that’s 130 percent of 15%. We can round this off and use a general figure. What the IMF was saying was that Iraq had cash reserves amounting to roughly 20 cents on every dollar (or dinar) outstanding.

That’s a whole lot better than any U.S. bank, but let’s look at that in actual numbers. Let’s assume that investors are going to cash in 5 Trillion Dinar within a two-to-four week period of the announcement, and that the initially announced rate will be $3.86. That means that the CBI will have to cough up $19 Trillion+ USD. It takes no great rocket science to see that a sudden demand for that amount of cash could easily put a strain on things – their monetary reserves notwithstanding. Apart from the USD the CBI holds in its vaults, it has something on the order of $5 Trillion in U.S. banks and around $750 Million in Canadian banks. Selling off some of their gold is a pretty smart move, and they could easily sell off half of the reserves (or 40 metric tons) if it seemed prudent to do so.

This is all fascinating information, but I hear the questions: namely, what does this have to do with the timing of the announcement and the rate?

Iraq’s President Talabani has just returned (according to unverified info) or will return before the end of this week. Shabibi made it clear some weeks back that he wanted Talabani to make the actual announcement of the RV. Talabani has already indicated in advance that he will be calling a public event on Sunday, August 26th. While there are possibly other reasons for this announced event, there is a general consensus among our analysts that we will have our RV announcement on that date. There is other logic for believing that.

In the last couple of days, Dr. Shabibi has announced that the CBI will release 1 Dinar, 5 Dinar and 25 Dinar coins for public use and trade on September 1. It makes no sense whatever to issue a 1 or a 5 Dinar coin if the RV has not taken place. What good is a 5 or even a 25 Dinar coin if a loaf of bread costs 3,000 Dinars (current price of a loaf, pre-RV). If indeed the plan is to release these coins for use on September 1, then August 26 makes sense for the RV announcement. (And that doesn’t mean the announcement will wait that long. It could actually occur even sooner.)

That’s it for the moment! There is another development unfolding behind the scenes but I’ll hold off on that for the moment. While it could be related to the RV, or not related, it will certainly have worldwide economic consequences. Let’s see what happens over the next ten days or so, and if it seems appropriate I’ll send out another memo for your consideration.


[STORM69] This is some info that I recieved last night from a very good source

Aug 18 4:10 AM STORM69: ok, starting 5 yrs ago from today,,,and today is the end of the collapse of the economy which will start a new beginning........The stock market should crash or start to crash on monday..........and all futures expire next friday, --what ever that means, (chuckle) and our dollar should rise because we are buying it with dinar, which should equal the RV........................The global reset should be this weekend

 [STORM69] And Ali even said over 1.5 yrs ago----that iraq will never rv untill they are producing 3+ million barrels of oil a day,,, and as of 3 weeks ago , they are

 [STORM69] its really crazy to say that this RV never could of taken place until 3 weeks ago....crazy huh

 STORM69: oh, he even thinks that the new treasury notes should be coming out between sept. 1st ---
[STORM69] and we all know SHABIBI is not a liar----and he did say, a long time ago-----IN SEPT OF 2012, THE LOWER DENOMS WILL BE PUT OUT-----we need an RV for that to make any sense

 [STORM69]  im really hopeing that this is IT.....THIS weekend should do it,-we hope--if they are smart,,,,they will have an excellent --al fidir feast, after RAMADAN...........................IT really makes the most sense for the iraqi people to celebrate their celebration with the feast that will never be forgotton

 [spiderman] storm69 I pray your right but I don't think we will see this till after al fidir feast but thats only a few more days anyway, I can start smelling an RV :)

 [spiderman] i read an article this morning that showed a rate of 3.61 on the cbi site for about 10 min, I assume this was a holding rate but I'll take it lol

 [bobby] Spiderman whoever took that must have messed with it with an editing program like paintshop

 [spiderman] no they took a snapshot of the iraq cbi site but like I said it was only there for about 10 min and I don't think that will be the rate

 [STORM69] bobby no , it was real, ---it has happened many times

 [bobby] Spiderman but the guy who faked it screwed one thing up...the Buy rate was higher than the sell rate lol

 [STORM69] spiderman nah, just a test rate, just like they have been doing for over a year

 [spiderman] I agree storm69


8-18-2012 Mountainman: I couldn't be happier with where we're at today.  The GOI is going to name the Interior and Defense Ministers, Parliament is pushing the Investment law through, Talabani is returning to implement the negotiated new Erbil reforms and the CBI is preparing the banking sector by updating to the latest electronic technologies.  

When you put all of this together it is very clear Iraq is urgently preparing for something big and I think we all know what that is.  I've been invested in Iraq for years and this is by far the most excited I've ever been.  We are very close!!  

8-18-2012 LoriC: We're getting closer to seeing a seated GOI and National Meeting and in my book, that's the best news we could have.  Next week Parliament will get to work and we should see some very important investment laws passed as well as a version of the Amnesty and HCL submitted. 

Talabani has been receiving updates on the reform paper they are negotiating and seems pleased which is also a great sign. Both the gurus and the newshounds seem to agree that between now and September is a great window for us. This is the first time I've been watching this closely in a long time.


In the years I have been involved in this blessing, I have heard this saying so many times I could cringe.  "I am SOOOOO tired of waiting on this, aren't you?" Well, here is your sign .... lol  I feel like answering "Nah, I like the suspense and the agonizing over what day it is going to happen, week after week. I just don't know what I will have to agonize over after this thing pops!"

Of course I am as tired of waiting as all of you!  But, you see, the difference may be that I have been involved in so many business deals that took years to develop in the past that this one is just not as stressful on me.  I need the money, just like you.

 I have been attacked by Obamanomics just like you have. But, I get up every morning with faith and hope that we are where we think we are and that soon the blessing will come and I KNOW it will!

I received messages from prayers that this is indeed going to happen soon and that our patience will pay off.  I, personally introduced this opportunity to a dozen people or so.  Thank GOD I did not do any more than that because then I would have to answer that many more texts and emails every day. 
I have benefited from this experience in the fact that I have met literally thousands of wonderful people through this either on the boards or on the phone.  I never would have met these people any other way.  I get dozens of texts every single day and answer as many as I have time for.  But, I am not sitting by the phone waiting on the CALL and that is what keeps me grounded.  

This is in GOD'S timing and nobody else's.  Today, I am more prepared than I would have been had this happened a year ago.  I am more in touch with where I want this blessing to be used than I was a year ago. 

I have been able to testify to thousands upon thousands of people about the gifts from GOD that both I have received and many other people that I have met received through this channel and that, my dear friends is as valuable, if not more than the blessing financially.

So, hold your head up and keep on keepin' on.  The blessing is about to arrive. I know it, I feel it and I have faith in it.Do you?

Freeway Bill 


SocalDinar:  The first line is interesting to me.

Said the Iraqi Central Bank: "The sale of the dollar to banks aimed at withdrawal of liquidity from the market as is the case in which the majority of the world's central banks and the bank said in a statement yesterday:" The majority of markets where the price of an official and the price of a parallel, and the bank seeks to minimize the difference between the two rates through inspection teams,  But what does through inspection teams mean??


Maggie123: SocalDinar I am no Stryker Just guessing here...

"Two Rates" = old dinar new dinar? "Inspection Teams" = cash in officials?

I love the part about "withdrawal of liquidity from the market". I hope they are talking about dinar!
Read More Link On Right

http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=auto|en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.beladitoday.com%2F   Link is article That  Stryker comments  on

http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2012/08/strykers-thoughts-post-by-dinar-detectives.html  is Stryker's  comments  posted on  Blog

Lots of  discussion & comments on Stryker's Post about  above article: Interesting read --

Hame55:  Secondly I like the "reduce liquidity" statement where the CBI sells dollars to local banks in exchange for trillions of dinar (presumably to keep their dollar economy going...) This is good news as it confirms taking dinar off the Iraqi market.

However, Keep made a good point in another thread (the parliament 3 zero one) where he states they are still shipping dinar to the US for us speculators to buy by the pallet...so how do you explain these two diverging goals? Good question, Keep. One seems to be an in-country reduction of dinar, and reliance on the dollar, the other seems to be foreign sales of dinar to help finance the country in addition to oil sales.

This actually seems plausible and believable. They are not necessarily in conflict, that is, if the amount of dinar sold abroad is LESS than what is taken in at auction and seems likely it is The Example given here is 3 trillion dinar bought in a month in Iraq at auction. Don't tell me they sell 3 trillion dinar here in the US a month - that's absurd - that is multiple billions US dollar sales a month.

Therefore, this theory supports the idea of a two pronged approach - use dollars at home, and suck in dinar to the CBI until the RV, all the while selling dinar to speculators overseas for extra cash on a prearranged deal with US and other coalition members like the UK where the CBI might expect a future cash-in to be paid NOT by the CBI but by the US Treasury in dollars backed by the UST's own dinar and cash.

Let's not forget when the dinar RVs Iraq will have plenty of it in their own vaults to pay speculators in dollars, euros, etc esp. if those dollars decline in value due to petrodollar/global reserve currency changes currently in motion.   Just my thoughts Hame55

SocalDinar:  Hi Maggie, I like your thinking. I was reading minimize the difference between the two rates as minimizing the difference between the USD and IQD . Which means close to equal. 1 to 1 would be parallel   Good news article to ponder all weekend! LOL  SocalDinar

Cooked:  I think they are most concerned with the amount of dinar on the Iraqi streets. They don't really care how much is out of country. They just don't want too many Iraqis waking up millionaires in n=the near future.

They want wealth for their people buy they fear that if all of a sudden there were 5000000 new millionaires in Iraq there would be mayhem. There would be no workers there, they would have to bring in workers and wind up with much of the wealth leaving the country in ways they cannot control. JMHO.

BG888:  However, Keep made a good point in another thread (the parliament 3 zero one) where he states they are still shipping dinar to the US for us speculators to buy by the pallet...

I'm not attempting to hold you accountable for Keep's commentary, but find it interesting that someone can just make a claim like this (with no links to support it) and we are supposed to accept it as being true... Who says that Iraq is "still shipping dinar... by the pallet?"

I'm not sure that what is being sold has not been here in US for years and is just recirculating from folks who bought too much or now have to sell and move on. NO ONE has documented proof of this claim either way do they? BG888

Rockfl9:  Two rates refers to the CBI Official rate (1166) and the street rate (could be as high as 1300/USD) This is the "money laundering" they are complaining about .They want the street trade to dry up..

The "inspection teams" are the CBI audits they want in place to assure the dollars are going to legitimate businesses to import goods not to the "mafia" dealers. The liquidity they want is to REMOVE dollars to force more trades in dinar.e.g. more flow of dinar.. .rockfl9

Dalite:  bg888 -- The following figures represent the largest lot offered by the major dealers. They do not indicate the quantity of lots they have in excess inventory.  Company initials followed by largest lot

DB. 1,000,000,000

 DT 500,000,000

TD. 100,000,000

TV 500,000,000

GA. 100,000,000

The 67 billion USD worth of reserves didn't come from collecting Coke bottles for return deposit. The recent 7 billion dollar (roughly 7 trillion dinar) increase is not a one day haul. The CBI gets a 13 Dinar "bounty" on purchase of Dinar and for transfers abroad.

This info can be found in their documents describing auction proceeds. If the CBI moved 12.5 trillion dinar in April, May and June, then they will have taken 50 trillion of the 30 some trillion off the street by the end of the year.

If the Auctions were taking dinar in, the foreign reserves would be shrinking, rather than growing- and the volume of the auctions would have taken all of the dinar in circulation off the street in less than 2 years.

But to answer your question, the CBI does not list a specific field on their balance sheet for over seas sales by country.

As a possible rule of thumb, if the dealers are listing in lots of a half billion dinar to a billion dinar, they probably have inventory on hand, and the Pumpers keep pumping. You can't pump from a dry well, and the " water", in this case, ultimately came from Iraq.

The largest hint is the steady increase in Foreign Reserves from Zero to 67 billion in less than a decade. There are few major exports in Iraq; Oil and Dinar top the list. The money from Oil goes to the GOI. the CBI gets profit on the Dinar, and interest from making loans and selling securities.

What is your best guess where 67 billion Foreign Reserves, measured in value of the USD came from?

Zul:  Hame55 - First and foremost, like any other central banks around the world, CBI dont ship their currency outside their country. It is simply not part of their operations. Not directly anyway.

The dinar that are being shipped out of Iraq are bought from the Iraqi banks.....legally I hope :D

But I'm quite sure, if their objective is to "reduce liquidity", CBI would have put some kind of check in place...Zul

Maggie123:  SocalDinar - OF Course! That makes much more sense! And "Boy Howdy" do I like that!   Hame55 I appreciate your thoughts too, I am still learning so much, but I actually could keep up with with ya.   Butfldrm Thanks for the link. That's going to be major homework for me

"Sterilization in macroeconomics refers to the actions taken by a country's central bank to counter the effects on the money supply caused by a balance of payments surplus or deficit.[1] This can involve open market operations undertaken by the central bank whose aim is to neutralize the impact of associated foreign exchange operations."   http://en.wikipedia....ion_(economics)

Dalite:  SocalDinar - SoCal, respectfully - they don't seem to have anyone qualified to know what they were seeing.  The problems are being created by Maliki's drones to keep the CBI from making any changes to the currency.

Maliki has attempted to take over the CBI at least once in the past, and is doing now, what he does best; extortion by rumor.

The entire financial end of Parliament doesn't seem to grasp the concept of the auctions, but the auctions are a well-known monetary tool.

I think "Tool" is a useful word  here. Their depth of understanding of monetary tools seems to be as complex as understanding a hammer.

Easyrider:  The US dollar is still the currency of choice in Iraq.  wont be for long.... as soon as they get the new currency out and raise the value then the dinar will be what they use not the US dollar any longer. Its the currency of choice now because there is little to no value with the dinar to use it to buy things with.

 8-18-2012 Easyrider: From what I know the dinar is an exotic currency. So, I dont see how it can be pegged to anything at this point but I do see it how it reads on the CBI site.

Once internationally recognized then they can determine to peg it to the US dollar or some other currency but im almost positive it will be pegged to the US dollar but there have been talks in the past about pegging to the GBP so who knows.

Since the US dollar is used widely throughout the world and we basically liberated Iraq then id say they will peg it to the dollar but who really knows in this world anymore. Easyrider

8-18-2012 Keepmwlknfny: The dinar has been pegged to the USD since 1959. Before that it was pegged to the GBP. "The dinar was pegged at par with the British pound until 1959 when, without changing its value, the peg was switched to the United States dollar at the rate of 1 dinar = 2.8 dollars.

By not following the devaluations of the U.S. currency in 1971 and 1973, the dinar rose to a value of $3.3778, before a 5 percent devaluation reduced the value of the dinar to US$3.2169, a rate which remained until the Gulf War, although in late 1989, the black market rate was reported at five to six times higher (3 dinars for US$1) than the official rate.   


http://www.cbi.iq/index.php?pid=History     (even has it mentioned on the CBIs own website)

" There hasnt been any changes to what they are pegging the dinar to although if there becomes a problem with oil production/revenue/demand they would probly change the current monetary policies. Most oil producing nations are pegged to the USD or to a basket of currencies that mainly consist of the USD. Haven't seen any indication of the dinar being pegged to anything but the USD. "

Countries that primarily export oil or have direct trade with the U.S. as a major component of their GDP are the most likely to have a U.S. dollar peg."

If anyone can bring up anything that suggests otherwise it would be appreciated.

Dinaris4me:  The Central Bank of Iraq has been conducting foreign exchange auction on a daily basis since October 4, 2003. The central bank followed a policy of exchange rate stability which has translated in a de facto peg of the exchange rate since early 2004.

However, from November 2006 until end 2008, the CBI allowed the exchange rate to gradually appreciate. As a result, the exchange rate arrangement of Iraq was reclassified to the category of crawling peg effective November 1, 2006. Since the start of 2009, the CBI returned to its earlier policy of maintaining a stable dinar. Consequently, the exchange rate arrangement of Iraq was reclassified effective January 1 2009 as a stabilized Arrangement.

It is a crawling peg...why wouldn't they start raising the rate like they did in Jan if they have removed that much dinar? Why wait to do it all at once? Dinaris4me

Keepmslknfny:  Dinaris4me - Most likely because they havent..... If they were able to, you would think they would....but then again, I think the limits are 2% for every few months or so....keepmwlkfny

Carrello: Easyrider - And....the US Dollar is the currency of choice in many countries. Getting off of the US Dollar has nothing to do with pride or a welfare program, it is practicality and good business. This is why I believe the revalue will be slightly above 1:1 in order to dedollarize.

If you are a degreed accountant, you have studied the following and would not be confused:

"Finance Programs

Students in this field may choose from degree programs from the associate's to doctoral degree level. The curriculum for this type of degree focuses on transferring the skills needed to manage and value the assets and investments of an individual or organization. Typical classes required to earn this degree include economic theory, financial accounting, financial planning and analysis, insurance, statistical analysis, money and banking, and credit administration."

International use of the US dollar

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The U.S. dollar is the world's foremost reserve currency. In addition to holdings by central banks and other institutions, there are many private holdings, which are believed [by whom?] to be mostly in one-hundred-dollar banknotes (indeed, most American banknotes actually are held outside the United States). All holdings of U.S.-dollar bank deposits held by non-residents of the United States are known as "eurodollars" (not to be confused with the euro), regardless of the location of the bank holding the deposit (which may be inside or outside the U.S.).

Economist Paul Samuelson and others (including, at his death, Milton Friedman) have maintained that the overseas demand for dollars allows the United States to maintain persistent trade deficits without causing the value of the currency to depreciate or the flow of trade to readjust..."  Carrello

Dalite:  Dinaris4me - They stopped the incremental increases in the exchange rate about the time that inflation crossed below 10%.

As long as it stays in single digits, the CBI has moved back to a fixed peg and apparently sees no need for the increases. I do expect to see it move up to 1000;1 at some time, for simplicity in de dollarization.

The yearly inflation numbers VS changes in exchange rate gives an outline of one of the CBI's tools for maintaining a stable exchange rate.

It is very unlikely that they have removed Dinar ; to do so would tax their foreign reserves, which have continued to go up.

However, as oil output increases, the GOI has more USD to exchange for dinar necessary to pay salaries and for local consumption.

The CBI could be just holding the line and not printing as much as they have in the past, as another tool to control inflation.

There hasn't been anything solid that points to the CBI removing Dinar from circulation for a bigger RV. If anything, they are having to put more out to offset the USD the GOI is taking from increased oil output. Dalite

Dinaris4me:  They moved again in jan 2012. If was worth more why not move it more?  I think the 2% limit is only on openly traded currencies Dinaris4me

DMCC: Iraqi dinar attracts our attention, 18 AUGUST

DMCC: Iraqi dinar attracts our attention


BAGHDAD / JD / .. He Dubai Multi Commodities that the Iraqi dinar currency to attract his 

attention, pointing out that the quality of the Chinese currency of currencies that can not be 


The CEO of the Dubai Multi Commodities Ahmed bin Sulayem, in a press statement to the 

newspaper (statement of economic) that Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities looking forward 

to the inclusion of decades new currencies meet the needs of the market, pointing out that 

the focus of attention for these products is focused on adding more volumes and values ​​

trading , given that brokers and members are looking forward to seeing the large volumes of trading.

He added that if the Russian ruble on the top priorities of the members of the stock 

exchange, we will be lucky to look in this matter, and that the Iraqi dinar currency to 

attract our attention, however, pointed to the inclusion of such currency since the first 

month of the founding stock market is wrong.

In response to a question on the possibility of including currency yuan Chinese, he replied by 

saying that this currency is not the quality of the currency that can be excluded, they are a 

strong currency represents the economy a big country, and pointed out that China's entry 

into the global market has come recently, and that he personally as Chief Executive Officer of 

DMCC Multiple need to be sure the availability of knowledge among the members and 

brokers how to deal with this type of currency.

For his part, counting CEO of Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities Gary Anderson, the goal of 

the development of derivatives trading in the Middle East that reflects the influential role 

and it is important for the markets of the Middle East in the higher levels and trading 

volumes, and demonstrated that by pointing out that more than 80% of trading volumes in 

the stock market comes from the Middle East.

He pointed out that stock market is looking forward to the launch of initiatives and new 

products designed to attract new members from different sectors and geographical areas 

around the world, as the number of members of the stock exchange to 264 members by July 

of this year, and expressed his belief that the new initiatives will lead to more diversity 

customer base in the stock market.

In the same vein, the values ​​of Iskandar Najjar, General Manager of Bari Middle East Middle 

direction bourse towards the expansion of the range of investment products that can be 

traded on the stock exchange that will certainly help in promoting growth, and 

demonstrated, however, that trading volumes in gold mining stocks rose the equivalent of 

172% During the past six months, despite global market conditions remain difficult 

throughout this period, stressing that he did not see any reason why Borse Dubai Gold and 

Commodities continue to perform well.
He noted that last year alone, saw the launch of some products and new initiatives for trading, such as futures contracts for copper, and options Indian rupee, and the extension of trading hours, and the launch of the first Academy of derivatives trading in the Middle East