Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ministry of Finance is a plan to increase the value of Iraqi dinar , 7 AUGUST

Ministry of Finance is a plan to increase the value of Iraqi dinar 
Ministry of Finance is a plan to increase the value of Iraqi dinar
Iraqi currency

Ministry of Finance has prepared a plan to increase the value of the dinar against the dollar and then delete the three zeros from the value of the dinar to contribute to the advancement of the Iraqi economy in the coming period, while the Iraqi Central Bank denied the rumors by making the dollar worth a thousand dinars, A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Finance (Bayan Jabr) said during his recent visit to the Jordanian capital Amman, said the Central Bank of Iraq confounded financially estimated (twenty two) billion dollars and three tons of gold intended to support the dinar, saying that successful fiscal policy pursued in Iraq have contributed to increasing the value of the dinar against the dollar, noting that all efforts will be channeled to delete three zeros from the value of the dinar.http://t.co/4pBlBcSf 


8-7-2012 **** BREAKING NEWS ****  HUGE Dinar Conference coming soon...CBI Governor Shabibi himself is scheduled to speak!  Here's a quote from the press release "Our support and participation in the conference are the best ways for Dinar Trade to gain visibility into Iraq's plans for the exchange rate of the Dinar and any pending changes in valuation by the central government."  I'll send the full press release to Dinar Guru Members...if you are not a member--simply enter your name and email in the blue box above and you won't miss a thing!

8-7-2012  Newshound Guru Breitling   The rate these guys want to come out at is a buck.  But, do not get tied up on a rate and do not get tied up on a date, and do not apply some conspiracy theory to this investment.  I had a question, "Why don't we just go in there and have them revalue it".  Remember when Shabibi said the dinar would be a world reserve currency for other countries, well,if you look at how they are setting everything up, if they don't have that stuff in place it is not going to sustain it.  They have to maintain the rate.  You just can't go in there & force it  & make it happen, you can't artificially do things.  You have to be patient.  They have a time frame to get it done, what that is. we don't know.

8-7-2012  Newshound Guru Phoenix3333    Meeting brings together Maliki and Allawi. "A meeting between the Prime Minister and leader of the Iraqi List, noting that there were signs of easing the crisis. There are positive indications on the horizon, especially after the return of the Deputy Prime Minister Mutlaq and a visit to his office a delegation from the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki evidence of a convergence of views between the parties."

8-7-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    it's all about the events - not the dates...if things go well - we're not that far off.  I was asked when my patience [will] wear thin...if this gets around the end of Q1 2013 and we're still sitting here looking at Maliki shenanigans I'll be worried...otherwise - we're all good.   I don't look for things to go on much longer - there are some good things getting done as we speak.

8-7-2012   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   I don't care where it comes in at - I have an idea where it's headed. In fact, if it starts in the low three's I may leave a considerable amount in Dinars as I have an idea as to what will happen...my gut says a bit more than a dollar is the very bottom side. Worst case.  I just don't see it at a dollar (unless it's a very short - initial rate). I truly think it will get to a bit over four bucks sometime in the first year after coming out - don't care where it comes out...at some point in the near future, it will be worth more...and that's why - if it starts in at a low 3 number I'm not in a big hurry... I agree the drastic move from a dollar + to over 4.00 in a year would be currency "whiplash" and does carry with it some inherent risks - I am under the impression - both from sources and the lack of any real proof otherwise - Dr Shabibi will directly manage the IQD pricing for some time. I doubt it will be a Forex currency for quite a while.

8-7-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3    i don't buy the rv coming out low and going high at all...that is not what the DR said...and about the dinar not being marketable at the higher price??? Well Shabibi stated they could actually sustain up to $14 plus against the USD.  Then they are not afraid of a run on the bank in country KUWAIT WASN'T WHEN THEIRS CAME OUT HIGH AND EVEN WENT HIGHER before dropping 9 days later??  One to one doesnt help their revenue to rebuild their country.   I have my faith in what I have studied.

8-7-2012  Newshound Guru L.J.  Things are starting to move...it seems that the end of Ramadan is a target time frame...makes sense Talabani is supposed to be back after Ramadan...and we see they trying to have the reforms done before the end of Ramadan...with that we have reason to have encouragement to see something take place and we just hope that with what Shabibi is telling us and what the banking sector is doing that it all comes together like we think and know it should...we are starting to see some movement...please have cautious excitement and optimism because as we have always seen deadlines come and go.


Ow  getting back to jan 1  i see parliament is in full approval of shabs plan but that plan simply states  the new denoms will come out jan 1 and have a rate equal to the dollar

i still think the smalls printed from 2003 will come out first that is still my very stern opinion parliaments moving fast law wise  especially concerning the courts

in other words they are taking away malikis power to use the courts to his advantage the no vote is still very much alive as per...especially sadrs quote  you have 124...count mine as well

now go back a bit and think about the tainted olive branch maliki gave to nujafi heres the ministers...put them in and nujafis reply  not yet'
Think about it  they want maliki on a spit slowly turning till hes done but to get that doneMthey needed to take the courts power away concerning just what maliki can do and that being done as we speak  along with a crap load of laws they already passed and a crapload on the docket  patience

did we see these laws advertised? Nope and thats fine they needed to take the courts power away concerning just what maliki can do and that being done as we speak along with a crap load of laws they already passed and a crapload on the docket patience

did we see these laws advertised? Nope and thats fine cause in the end...we all knew we wouldnt see the final stand presented by the goi and shabs

i know you guys heard us say this before...but i will say it again...let it play out almost home political posturing then...the kill


The facts - viper51
I can see that many have reached a point of high frustration and concern with the Iraqi Dinar endeavor. It is just not with some here at PTR but on every board you go to. It has been a long and continuously trying road with many highs and lows. I will try to give some facts as to why I believe in this RV.

Lets look at some of the facts about this Iraqi Dinar venture and what the reality of the RV is based on. I'am not perfect so feel free to respectfully add or debate any of this info. I will make this as short as possible.

In 1932 the IQD was pegged to the BP and at $4.86 USD. and held there until 1949 when due to conflict after conflict interupting progress the IQD dropped to $2.80. The IQD held there until around 1971 when there was major realignment of world currencies which caused a devaluation of the USD which then boosted the IQD to $3.39.
 By 1982 the IQD had devalued by around 5% and ended up around $3.22 USD per IQD. Some countries did not recognize these rates and bartered rates with Iraq.

Now lets jump up to the first Iraq - US war over Kuwait. At this time the instability of Iraq run by Saddam caused the IQD to become unstable due to sanctions imposed before and after this conflict. The result of the 2nd Iraq-USA war was total destruction of Iraq's financial system and infrastructure.

Once the war was over Iraq was allowed to print and issue new currency in 2003-2004 which is the currency we now hold. The controlling forces over Iraq did not want Iraq having a strong currency early on after the war as to be able to curb their monetary power to support enemy elements in and out of Iraq that would buy weapons to attack Allied forces.

The IQD was then around 1800-2000 IQD = 1 USD. There have been several small increases in the IQD up to this point and the value as we know is around .1165 IQD per 1 USD or roughly 1/10 th of a cent usd at present.

The CBI announces they will drop the 000's and print a new currency that will increase the value of the Dinar against the USD. The new currency will consist of the following new Dinar notes 5 - 10 - 25 - 100 - 200. There will also be coins from 1/4 fil to a 1 and 2 dinar coin - possible 5 coins in all.

 It is also believed they will keep the 50 - 250 and 500 dinar notes with up graded security features. MANY of us already know this but WHY is the NEW CURRENCY SO IMPORTANT to this RV?

Iraq's present currency system requires 2 men and a boy to carry money to make any significant cash purchase! Iraq wants to cut down on the currency that has to be handled under the present system and lower the amount of money in circulation.

 How do they accomplish this? THEY delete the 000's and PUT OUT SMALLER DENOMINATIONS WITH GREATER VALUE!

How do I know this? The whole purpose of the new denoms is for the Iraqi people to have to carry less dinar with greater value and the new notes will accomplish this along with a much wanted dedollarazation in Iraq.

I do not believe for one second that Iraq would release new dinar notes at the present rate of 1/10th of a cent USD. That would mean at present IQD rate the rates of the new notes would be as follows 5 IQD = 1/2 cent 10 IQD = 1 cent USD 25 IQD = 2 1/2 cents USD 100 IQD = 10 cents USD.

The new notes would not be worth the paper they were printed on and Iraq wants to lessen the paper currency in circulation NOT increase it. I dont think the Iraqi people would want to have to carry 200 of the 5 dinar notes which would only be 1 USD to buy a coke. IMHO the release of the new denoms will be the release of the RV.

So look at the history of the value of IQD. Look at the wealth Iraq has. Look at all the goals they have set and some of which REQUIRE the value of the IQD to be as great or Greater than the USD. All the facts of why the Iraqi Dinar WILL RV is right in front of you.

No one knows the date or rate for sure but I do know this for sure the RV IS coming so take this time to make sure you are ready for it.

As my friend WAR pointed out in a post earlier when it comes to intel or info it all changes so fast BUT if you look deep enough you just might find one of the missing pieces to the puzzle. We really do try and give you the best we can and would never intentionally mislead any of you.

You asked us to tell it all, the good, the bad and the unreal even if its not what you wanted to hear. I hope this will help make a better day for all who have doubts. Please keep the faith and hang in there. --Viper--


8-7-2012 Reform Plan: To begin in Iraq next week. Iraq's deputy Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced that the administrative reform plan in the Iraqi government's institutions and directorates would begin next week. According to a plan in cooperation with USA organization, the Ministry would start reforms in Iraq’s official organization. Yara said they have special reform plan to improve the organizations. According to the plan, the process of reform will be implemented at all levels, such as a training course on transparency for directors and staff in government branches, and tackling work routines. A Conference to follow up the plan will be held in Baghdad and a committee was formed for that reason.
Link http://www.aknews.com/en/aknews/3/320644/


8-7-2012 JayLee202: Hello Dinarians, I did get in contact with the two Iraqi citizens I'm in contact with over the weekend and they shared with me that a RV under $1.00 will not remove the USD off the streets. They stated that would be like trading a BMW for a Kia and hoping some day the Kia would kick butt. They also agree with me and I heard Adam mention this as well which is do not expect anything to happen during the month of Ramadan as that is a sacred holiday for the islamic world. Dr. Shabibi and the CBI knows this will not remove the USD and they are committed to the people of Iraq first. I was not given a rate by either of them but based on further conversations I've had with them which I promised not to share at this time, I give my own speculation of a rate range from $1.13 to $2.47 out the gate. I could be wrong just like everyone else have been but I'm sticking to my speculation and I will not change my story unless I give the dinarian community a reason why. God Bless!!


dinarguru - 8-7-2012 **** BREAKING NEWS ****  HUGE Dinar Conference coming soon...CBI Governor Shabibi himself is scheduled to speak!  Here's a quote from the press release "Our support and participation in the conference are the best ways for Dinar Trade to gain visibility into Iraq's plans for the exchange rate of the Dinar and any pending changes in valuation by the central government."  I'll send the full press release to Dinar Guru Members...if you are not a member--simply enter your name and email in the blue box above and you won't miss a thing! "CLINK ON LINK TO SEE MORE INFO ABOUT MEETING" http://iraqfinance.co.uk/

Member of Finance Committee: Iraq has paid only 20% of Kuwaiti debt; Will continue until 2017, 7 august

Member of Finance Committee: Iraq has paid only 20% of Kuwaiti debt; Will continue until 2017

Date: 2012-08-07 13: 46: 51 Tuesday
Baghdad (News) …As a member of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi coalition Deputy from//Ahmad tracks, compensation paid by Iraq to Kuwait only 20% and Iraq will continue to be pay for over five consecutive years.
He said tracks (News Agency news) on Tuesday that Iraq was obliged to pay (5%) Annually the State of Kuwait by the United Nations Security Council resolution, stating: that Iraq pays for the State of Kuwait since the end of the Iraq-Kuwait war and the Iraqi army out of Kuwait, 5% of Iraqi oil revenues.
Tracks: that said Iraq was forced to pay the sums since the war with Kuwait, as a result of actions “reckless” by the former regime paid for new Iraq and will continue to be paid until 2017.

CBI officially informs House its ready to implement currency reform at beginning of 2013; Politicians not sure if timing is right, 7 august

CBI officially informs House its ready to implement currency reform at beginning of 2013; Politicians not sure if timing is right

Member of the Committee on economy: Central Bank officially informed the House ready for a project delete zeros … The interception of a representative around it
Date: 2012-08-07 12: 01: 44 Tuesday
Baghdad (News) … According to a member of the Committee on the economy and investment Deputy/Iraqi/coalition albegari, Nora House recognizes a formal letter from the Central Bank that includes details of three zeros from the currency deleted and called for its application early next year, saying there is no objection by the House of representatives on the implementation of the project that the country still is not formatted to replace the national currency.
She albegari (News Agency news) on Tuesday that the Central Bank of Iraq sent a letter to the financial and economic committees in the House of representatives expressed its readiness to apply the draft three zeros from the currency be deleted during the next year and contains a detailed explanation of the project and implementation phases for the purpose of discussion in the House of representatives and a ceiling to be applied.
Showed: that most of the members of the House of representatives refused to implement the project in the next year as a large project and needs sufficient time for discussion and study, they see that Iraq is still not ready to implement this project and fear that cast a negative impact on the national economy and the local currency.
She added: the parliamentary Economic Committee will meet in the coming days to discuss the project and may be called the Governor of the Central Bank and hosted in the House of representatives to clarify paragraphs stages project and the possibility of their application.
The Central Bank of Iraq was announced (September 29, 2011) to 2013 will see the deletion of zeros and the currency changeover, which warned officials and economists because of the Division of work preparing to falsify trillion Iraqi dinars to replace them in the light of the forthcoming changes.
The Student Council of the Prime Central Bank to wait to delete the three zeros from the local currency, confirmed that a large project and needs sufficient time to apply it.


8-7-2012 Hammerman: Look on the positive side in live. The longer we wait the higher the rate goes up. I had a conversation with Miss Wu they (China) are pushing it to go through. There will be major movements with currency tomorrow with a major announcement. The banks will be done with the paperwork. Look for some new currencies being announced. The global realignment of currencies is in progress has started, guaranteed 100%. The RV will not take place for 2 to 6 weeks. Forget about the RV until after 20th until Sept 25th. Between now and the 20th you will see the world going to asset backed currencies and the RV after that.

8-7-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni  There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle regarding the rate.  Shabibi  has a  lot of issues to deal with inside Iraq.  He has to build the banking sector.  They have what is referenced to as a staging rate of 1 to 1, or slightly above or slightly below.  That rate will not cause a stampede to the banks.  No one knows what the rate will be until it happens, only the IMF and Central Banks have discussed this.   But, this rate would make it a very attractive currency for Central Banks around the world to purchase it & that's why a staging rate of 1 to 1 makes perfect sense. If you put all the pieces together, this draws a nice map to the end result of a higher rate down the road.

8-7-2012 Bluwolf: First of all, madam Wu is our angel and  she will be bailing out the world. She will furnish the international release of the IQD. She is putting the money for this exchange. Second, there are no changes in the scenario. We are still on track. It is the when that has not happen as of yet. We are second by second, period.


9:15 PM [BGG] luckyinkentucky - there will be a number, but if we don't get people used to the new format and using as many "smart devices" as possible there will alway be capacity problems.

9:16 PM [BGG] on traditional phone lines the most we can hold is about 2000 - last time we did this we had about 6,000.

9:17 PM [BGG] I'll have an APP written for Iphones soon.

9:17 PM [BGG] a couple of days.

9:31 PM [BGG] The float will likely be "managed" by Dr Shabibi. Not some "internet rumor" set of guidelines.

9:31 PM [h-spot] BGG but a managed float is 2% every 90 days,isn't it?

9:32 PM [BGG] h-spot - Doesn't have to be.

9:32 PM [amanda] Milliondollar babe we need you on a call as well to share your research

9:32 PM [BGG] and if it were the Central Banks wouldn't put up with it.
9:32 PM [b2stepblue] BGG--PLEASE PLEASE explain if we exchanged in as soon as it RV's, did you mean wells fargo will pay very low or ??

9:32 PM [BGG] Shabibi needs the ability to "build in value" with and escalating price structure.

9:33 PM [BGG] b2stepblue - GO LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE!!!!

9:33 PM [JimmyD] but wouldn't that allow other to buy in before it gets hirer

9:34 PM [JimmyD] higher

9:34 PM [b2stepblue] On there now, where on it?

9:34 PM [BGG] That's what I'm telling you - the spreads could be vicious and these "bank package" hucksters have no clue how banking really works. They will make money on the spread (mainly).

9:35 PM [BGG] There are a lot of banks that don't really want deposits this big. They have to hold insurance and reserves to cover it. It will cost them money. Back when they were raking in 15% and paying out 7 - different story. Not so much now. I'm saying BE CAREFUL!!!

9:35 PM [b2stepblue] 1 dinar (KWD) = 4.029 U.S. dollar (USD)...isnt that good?

9:36 PM [BGG] b2stepblue - That's what you pay...

9:36 PM [BGG] Now go check how much they will buy it back for.

9:36 PM [DOUBLE B] big swing

9:36 PM [sthomas] BGG do you think dealers will be more competitive?

9:36 PM [b2stepblue] we pay 4.029 for 1 dinar correct?

9:36 PM [mckissm] I have a link to UN document stating the the World Bank had approved the rate to be returned to 3.33. It is on my work computer I will post tomorrow when I am at work. Looks like , from what I understand they did a study starting around a dollar then after the study approved the 3.33. The doc is from October 2010.

9:37 PM [BGG] I don't give a hang what "bank code" you have - they intend to make money on the front end of this exchange. I really have talked those in the know over there. It's not the way these people are saying.

9:37 PM [b2stepblue] .25 dinar (KWD) = 1.00 dollar (USD)

9:37 PM [nawlins] wow Kaperoni and Enorste really cleared some major things up on their call.

9:37 PM [BGG] mckissm - Which I believe they will return to - whole heartedly....at some point.

9:38 PM [b2stepblue] so this good right BGG, sorry very very new to this

9:39 PM [BGG] sthomas - it's very possible, but not all dealers have the real connections to get this done. No matter what they say.

9:39 PM [BGG] We need to pay attention right here near the end and don't get sucked into something stupid.

9:40 PM [b2stepblue] BGG what i thought you said was they will not pay us good for or dinar in the beginning, is that correct

9:40 PM [thebuzz] BGG, A friend said she was listening to DA tonight and they said no bank will deal with us until after one year. Have you heard this?

9:40 PM [BGG] b2stepblue - that is correct.

9:40 PM [BGG] Sorry.

9:40 PM [BGG] but my point is - how much will they buy it back from you for???

9:40 PM [BGG] That = the spread.

9:41 PM [b2stepblue] BGG---THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH, so when it does RV cash in for what you need and save for it to grow

9:41 PM [BGG] thebuzz - no and I'm not sure I'm on board with that. We'll have to see how things all come together.

9:42 PM [BGG] b2stepblue - that's my plan...

9:42 PM [BGG] 1) Where else could you take big money and get that kind of appreciation with very little management?? Nowhere...

9:43 PM [BGG] 2) if it sits in a vault in Dinars (lower denoms or "as is") it's not a taxable event. I don't believe...

9:43 PM [faithdinar] BGG I highly respect your opinion. Is there a certain date that if this goes past it, even you will start to feel disallusioned? I feel that we are close but just wondering your thoughts on that. Thank you.

9:43 PM [b2stepblue] BGG, please maybe in your next call our on your web, tell others that, so many i see are confused,,,we need more logic like yours

9:44 PM [BGG] faithdinar - if things go well - we're not that far off.

9:44 PM [BGG] it's all about the events - not the dates...

9:44 PM [faithdinar] Bgg Thanks.

9:45 PM [BGG] if this gets around the end of Q1 2013 and we're still sitting here looking at Maliki shenanigans I'll be worried.

9:46 PM [BGG] otherwise - we're all good.

9:46 PM [love it 2] BGG If i understood you correctly...your saying only "exchange" whats needed to survive on (bills and such) and wait for it to go up ?

9:46 PM [BGG] and I don't look for things to go on much longer - there are some good things getting done as we speak.

9:47 PM [BGG] love it 2 - if it comes in at some kind of staging rate - if not, you decide.

9:47 PM [love it 2] BGG when is this ? around the end of Q1 2013 ?

9:47 PM [satrib] BGG so you're saying there is a possibility this may not occur until 2013?

9:47 PM [BGG] I would be heartbroken if it came at a dime and a bunch of folks gave it all away...just over being mad...

9:48 PM [BGG] satrib love it 2 - not even close - I was asked when my patience wear thin. Not when I think it will happen.

9:48 PM [BGG] wears thin

9:48 PM [stardusty] wow, BGG can chat and live conference at the same time....

9:48 PM [Sam] BGG just out of curiousity...how long have you held dinar

9:48 PM [satrib] BGG oh good! Whew, I was just thinking that is a little too far for comfort

9:49 PM [Sam] stardusty streaming is over

9:49 PM [BGG] stardusty - it was not a long call and I have done this all before.

9:49 PM [h-spot] I wouldn't be all in at a dime, but would seriously think about it at 1 to 1

9:49 PM [mckissm] My understanding from poppy3 was that traders for the most part were risky and banks were much safer because of banking regulations being safe guards. What are the risks with traders?

9:49 PM [BGG] satrib - heard about it the first time in 2004??

9:49 PM [milndollarbabe] hey guys sorry was out bgg heres the link its the minister of planning feasibility report.... http://www.mop.gov.iq/mop/index.jsp?...pid=295&lng=en

9:49 PM [BGG] satrib - it's on the blog.

9:50 PM [satrib] BGG thank you

9:51 PM [BGG] Sam - I've held it a couple of years. And it took me 10 seconds to make up my mind - I thought I was about to miss the boat...having known about it all that time.

9:51 PM [love it 2] BGG I am not asking when you patience wears thin, tho you have the patience of a saint with this for sure ..was asking when the end of the Q1 2013 was in Iraq? ..

9:51 PM [BGG] mckissm - I'm not opposed to banks - I'm opposed to rash thinking.

9:52 PM [milndollarbabe] love it 2 their fiscal year starts jan 1

9:52 PM [love it 2] milndollarbabe TY

9:52 PM [milndollarbabe] so it would be end of march

9:52 PM [BGG] love it 2 - IDK - I'm thinking about our Q1 though - not theirs.

9:52 PM [milndollarbabe] yw

9:52 PM [jackiechan] As long as its before 2023 im all in

9:52 PM [b2stepblue] BGG---We will be using banks for this right, who else would we use?

9:53 PM [love it 2] BGG No problem ..heck i have no clue when my OWN budget year begins ...

9:53 PM [BGG] b2stepblue - we'll have to wait and see. There is no telling what will develop.

9:53 PM [b2stepblue] THANKS

9:54 PM [milndollarbabe] usa fiscal year oct 1...imf fiscal year april...iraq fiscal jan 1

9:54 PM [love it 2] jackiechan 2023 ? ....wow thats aways awy.. you'll be invited to my wedding by then I hope

9:55 PM [yada] love it 2

9:55 PM [love it 2] Hech if were al still sitting here in 2023.. I want to be someones godmother to their child ...

9:55 PM [DOUBLE B] Selling 1.00000 KWD you get 3.54045 USD Buying 1.00000 KWD you pay 3.55265 USD

9:55 PM [b2stepblue] Any one with news or thoughts on the v-dong

9:56 PM [DOUBLE B] That is from Oanda

9:56 PM [jackiechan] Thanks!!!

9:57 PM [faithdinar] b2stepblue was on another call and they said that the VND is years away. Sounded very factual too.

9:57 PM [CoolSpot] Well we need to remember man always wants to go from experience and his natural ways, I must give room to the Lord to do it His way.

9:57 PM [b2stepblue] All i have heard is it will go when dinar goes

9:58 PM [love it 2] CoolSpot Amen .. i'll take my chances and the odds are much much much better

9:58 PM [love it 2] CoolSpot going with the Lord i mean

9:59 PM [stardusty] Thank you so much for your answers and support

10:01 PM [faithdinar] b2stepblue that call was totally in sync with BGG and Poppy3 on the Dinar (good news). But, VND is way off based on sources in Vietnam finance circles according to them.

10:02 PM [poppy3] faithdinar everyone want dinarupdates to reply to information heard from some pumper ,just say anything to be heard site. ????? Confusing to me If that is who they are listening to giving out their information why don't they ask them or better yet why are they listening to them in the first place??? When there is ligitimate changes about the dinar or the dong we share it but sometimes it is days , weeks before any changes are made in the status and there isnt news to report every day.. SORRY BUT THIS IF FACT. POPPY3

10:03 PM [DinarGroupie] BGG, if you're still on, would you like to hear my opinion of tonight's call? Straight from my heart?

10:03 PM [b2stepblue] Im confused poopy are you talking about my question on the dong

10:03 PM [b2stepblue] POPPY3--- Im confused poopy are you talking about my question on the dong


10:04 PM [BGG] Wells Fargo sell rate - to you - today 4.029 per.

10:05 PM [chattels] DinarGroupie opinions from the vicinity of the head and heart are fine, it is points south that are problematic

10:06 PM [DinarGroupie] BGG, with all due respect, sir, I think the call goes better when you don't have Kaperoni on it. I think he dominates the call, and I can tell you don't really agree with him. I'd rather hear what you have to say than him. That's how I feel. And chattels, that was very funny!

10:07 PM [DinarGroupie] I noticed Kap cut in on you many times, whereas you were respectful and let him have his full say, BGG.

10:07 PM [nawlins] i like kaperoni a lot.

10:08 PM [BGG] There were some serious technical challenges tonite - I am in shock it even happened. I have had massive calls flop and I stammered a bit in the beginning while I was working the controls

10:08 PM [DinarGroupie] I thought you were fine, BGG. I didn't notice any stammering.

10:08 PM [faithdinar] poppy3 someone that is a pumper would not say that the VND is years away. They would say the opposite to get more sales I think.
10:08 PM [poppy3] OK I THINK MOST HERE have heard me say many time i don't buy the rv coming out low and going high at all.. I understand their view point but that is not what the DR said. and about the dinar not being marketable at the higher price??? Well Shabibi stated they could actually sustain up to $14 plus against the USD .. Then they are not afraid of a run on the bank incountry KUWAIT WASN'T WHEN THEIRS CAME OUT HIGH AND EVEN WENT HIGHER before dropping 9 days later?? One to one doesnt help their revenue to rebuild their country.. THESE ARE JUST MY OBSERVATIONS so you make your own minds up about what to expect so you can plan ahead. poppy3

10:08 PM [mardom] Anyone who can type and keep their train of thought... is doing a pretty good job

10:09 PM [BGG] DinarGroupie - However, this call happened after a conversation he and I had the other day much like this and I felt it would be good to present the range of possibilities so folks are fully prepared. That is all.

10:09 PM [DinarGroupie] Poppy, I agree with you, and I was glad to hear BGG say that he is not abandoning you and your belief on it. That was important.

10:10 PM [poppy3] faithdinar i was saying people bring stuff here from sites that are pumping and that we have zero idea where this information came from so how could we give a ligitimate answer to that question??? poppy3

10:10 PM [JimmyD] poppy3 I can agree with that. they cant come in low makes no sense

10:10 PM [newshound] poppy3 I am with you on. Tks BGG for all you guys do

10:10 PM [b2stepblue] Poppy3---what is your view on the dong

10:11 PM [BGG] I have said from day one - I don't care where it come in at - I have an idea where it's headed. In fact, if it starts in the low three's I may leave a considerable amount in Dinars as I have an idea as to what will happen.

10:11 PM [stardusty] DinarGroupie I agree; If I wanted to hear Kap, I would be on his site; I joined this site because I thought BGG was big and bad enough to stand alone

10:11 PM [DinarGroupie] The problem with the one to one thing, is that they want the Iraqis to leave the dollar behind and embrace the dinar. They know the dollar is secure, and don't have the confidence in the dinar that Shabs wants. Coming in a one dollar rate would not entice the Iraqis to switch. I heard BGG mention that to Kap, but I think Kap skirted the issue.

10:11 PM [nawlins] BGG exactly

10:11 PM [milndollarbabe] well the higher rate makes sense from the standpoint of the reconstruction which is years behind schedule....we forget that they are still rebuilding their nation and a high rate would go further faster to ensure they achieved those goals

10:12 PM [faithdinar] poppy3 Oh. OK. I understand now. It was Wang Dang (who is very factual like here). Not a pumper at all. Very articles based. Very in sync with you on the Dinar. But did research on the VND with first hand Vietnam sources to conclude that it (VND) is years away.

10:12 PM [DinarGroupie] I agree with stardusty and milndollarbabe.

10:12 PM [newshound] BGG What is your High numbers iyour opinion

10:12 PM [BGG] and where you gonna' to go to get a 10-20 percent return on your money and not pay taxes immediately??

10:12 PM [BGG] nowhere.

10:12 PM [nawlins] if it comes in at $1 we will have increased our investment by 100,000%. Not bad.

10:12 PM [CoolSpot] The call was great, sound was excellent and clear. I appreciate hearing what was shared. This is not man's making, this investments has spiritual dynamics, and we must look to the Lord for discernemnt, because this is not like any natural investment, it has much greater spiritual implications, and many will be suprised when it manifest. But again, I am grateful for what was shares, but also felt the prodding of the Spirit to trust the Lord.

10:12 PM [poppy3] guys you know i have the utmost respect for kaperoni and many other great researchers .But I also have my faith in what I have studied and this is just one of those points that we will just have to agree to disagree. I am not upset with anyone and am glad they have gotten this discussion going because it will make everyone think positive about their investment. poppy3

10:13 PM [BGG] stardusty - I don't have any trouble speaking my mind. But you might be in the wrong house if you're looking for a "glory hound". I intentionally give others their due.

10:13 PM [DinarGroupie] I just wanted BGG to know that at least one of us (me) likes it better when the call is BGG and Poppy, but not Kap. JMO

10:13 PM [Sam] poppy3 glad to see you are feeling better

10:14 PM [Sam] or at least enough to join us for a bit

10:14 PM [BGG] And if all I was after is "top billing" that's easy - I write all the titles anyway.

10:14 PM [nawlins] BGG

10:14 PM [milndollarbabe] i think the main function for tonights call was to say be prepared...until it happens , we could all be shocked

10:15 PM [poppy3] faithdinar if that is correct then why are the two regional bank presidents in vn and two international traders in ny saying they can't believe vn has not rv'ed yet and why did vn go and get permission from the imf to rv on their own and not wait for iraq???? ask him to answer that... poppy3

10:15 PM [BGG] milndollarbabe - my point exactly.

10:15 PM [BGG] in the spirit of open and honest pursuit and debate...which is something we try hard to achieve here...

10:16 PM [faithdinar] poppy3 Thanks Poppy3. I also hold VND so am with you in hoping that is the case.

10:16 PM [DinarGroupie] Poppy, I heard Wangdang, and he actually says that the IMF has placed sanctions against VN so that they can't RV yet, because the IMF didn't like how long they waited, or something. As far as I know, the IMF doesn't place sanctions, the UN does, so that's another mark against his statement, I think.

10:17 PM [Sam] DinarGroupie he is basing his statement on the fact they were told to de dollarize and didnt

10:17 PM [BGG] faithdinar poppy3 - good point. I need to get some ordered in the morning

10:18 PM [Sam] but who knows...i have some too and was hoping it would go so i would have some pocket cash while waiting on iraq

10:18 PM [stardusty] BGG I agree; I want YOUR house and maybe you should read Dinar Groupie's post, we are giving YOU top billing, we want to hear YOU, not someone

10:18 PM [mckissm] Well, as for me, .50 would help me now so I could wait. My biggest concern the power Maliki evidently has. No one...no one has derailed him yet. I am beginning to wonder if anyone can. We have seen no change in his power in months of talk of doing that.

10:18 PM [Honugirl] DinarGroupie I wouldn't put any faith in what WangDong has to offer....just my 2 dinars worth!

10:19 PM [stardusty] else's site

10:19 PM [BGG] stardusty - all right, all right.

10:19 PM [Sam] Honugirl why do you feel that way if you dont mind sharing

10:19 PM [BGG] I've got some good stuff lined up.

10:20 PM [BGG] and some more cool stuff in the works too.

10:20 PM [DinarGroupie] Honugirl, I appreciate that. I can't help thinking that even though Wangdang sounds pretty silly with his 86 cents theory, it wasn't too much different than what Kap was saying tonight, except that WD thinks the full RV comes a week later, whereas Kap measures more in light years, I think!

10:20 PM [Sam] Honugirl or pm me with your answer

10:21 PM [DinarGroupie] On a very positive note I got my nice surprise from Dinar Corp on Saturday. Did anyone else get theirs yet? Very cool!

10:21 PM [poppy3] mckissm there you go again talking against my investment and wanting to accept less than anything just to settle shme on you. poppy3

10:22 PM [BGG] A good friend (great friend) called me the other day all upset about his plight. I just wore him out for about 25 mintues. He was wishing he had it on tape. He was wanting me to give his pal the same pep talk tonite...I was like - I don't even remeber what I said. But I do recall being clear, conscise and directly to the point. Could be time for a plain ole' pep talk.

10:22 PM [Honugirl] Sam DinarGroupie No problem....I heard them all in the past and he is right up there with some other pumping gurus that take information from other sites and report it as their own. There are too many holes in what he reported in the past. Haven't listened to him in a long time. Since I found Dinar Updates I don't go to any of the other sites.....don't have to. I have everything I need right here.

10:22 PM [Taffy] I am grateful for all who spoke on the call this evening. Each point of view is something to think about for each of our individual situations.

10:22 PM [DinarGroupie] mckissm if you notice, BGG has been pointing out how more and more of the props are being pulled out from under Maliki. The lastest is this thing with the judiciary. Soon Maliki will have no where to go.

10:23 PM [mckissm] poppy3 Sorry poppy3 I really believe in a 3 dollar plus rate....I just am having a hard time seeing that anything is being done with Maliki.

10:23 PM [BGG] DinarGroupie - exactly right, sooner or later he has to "play ball" - nowhere left to hide.

10:23 PM [poppy3] well i am feeling some better but my queen is still dealing with the naseau .. I am going take care of her some more tomorrow rich friends poppy3

10:24 PM [DinarGroupie] Poppy3 I hope she feels better soon. Glad you are already.

10:24 PM [BGG] poppy3 - niters Poppy - praying for the both of you.

10:24 PM [poppy3] mckissm ok friend but no more talk of settlening for less than what GOD has set asside for us OK poppy3

10:24 PM [Honugirl] poppy3 Good night

10:25 PM [satrib] BGG after listening to your cautioning about the banks and cashing in....it may actually be beneficial if this does come in at a little lower rate in the beginning...using that initial cash in of a small amount would then prepare us for what to expect when we do cash all in

10:25 PM [milndollarbabe] imo it cant come out lower that $1 or they wont dedollarize....the feasability study mentions the 1.17 for contract rates and mentions the 3.2ish rate as the "real exchange rate"...also says these rates are good for 3 years untill they are reassessed...this was originally done in 2007....lots has happened since them with discovered more oil...more natural gas and more debt being relieved...so maybe they had a range and depended on where they were decided if it was on the high side or the low side....it is my undertanding from years ago that the imf gave them a range based on their completion of stipulations and results of the imf program


0:26 PM [Honugirl] satrib good point.

10:26 PM [BGG] milndollarbabe - exactly, my gut say a bit more than a dollar is the very bottom side. Worst case.

10:26 PM [milndollarbabe] BGG yep

10:26 PM [mckissm] DinarGroupie hope the props are about gone and Maliki is not a cat with 9 lives!

10:26 PM [DinarGroupie] milndollarbabe I wonder if that also takes inflation into account. That was six years ago, after all. Very good point!

10:27 PM [BGG] I just don't see it at a dollar (unless it's a very short - initial rate). They have to build immediate confidence in the pink bills (or Blue or whatever color the lowers are).

10:27 PM [DinarGroupie] mckissm I think Maliki is a cat with nine lives who has just about used up his ninth one!

10:27 PM [DinarGroupie] BGG exactly what I say!
10:27 PM [Honugirl] milndollarbabe Thanks for the insight....I tend to agree with you or at least WANT to see that...maybe it's wishful thinking!

10:27 PM [milndollarbabe] Honugirl LOL

10:28 PM [DinarGroupie] Didn't Shabibi also say it will be the stronges currency in the region? I know I've read that.

10:28 PM [CoolSpot] BGG It will be above three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

10:28 PM [milndollarbabe] yes and you have to consider this

10:28 PM [mckissm] DinarGroupie I hope that is the case!

10:28 PM [satrib] I really don't worry about the rate too much...I think the value is there...I worry more about the constant delays and M's tricks.

10:29 PM [milndollarbabe] who does it benefit to come out higher or lower?

10:29 PM [rlsunsfan] Shabbibi said it could handle up to 14?

10:29 PM [DinarGroupie] Poppy's said it before and I concur. Read Revelation 17 and 18 to find out how very rich and powerful Babylon (modern-day Iraq) is going to be!

10:29 PM [milndollarbabe] the usa benefits quite a bit with a higher rate

10:29 PM [BGG] milndollarbabe - Thanks so much MNDB - you're a Rock Star!!

10:29 PM [milndollarbabe]

10:29 PM [nawlins] DinarGroupie strongest does not mean highest. Strongest means backed by the strongest economy.

10:30 PM [rlsunsfan] I am still of the mind it will come out about 3 and may go to 3.62

10:30 PM [DinarGroupie] If that's all that it means, nawlins, then it is already that. But Shabs said this is something that is going to happen, in the future.

10:30 PM [nawlins] good luck, I'd take it

10:30 PM [milndollarbabe] whether people believe it or not...this is our baby and the IMF works to our favor on it....

10:30 PM [nawlins] DinarGroupie true

10:30 PM [rlsunsfan] It will stop the whole double dipping

10:30 PM [satrib] rlsunsfan I tend to agree with you...Kaps explanation makes good sense...I just don't agree completely

10:31 PM [CoolSpot] rlsunsfan well I am standing in agreement with you, base on agreement in the Word, where two or three agree

10:31 PM [Honugirl] milndollarbabe OK....no more excuses!!!! You HAVE to be on the next call with BGG! We're going to hold you to it!!!

10:31 PM [DinarGroupie] I guess what gets me is that when they artificially lowered the currency in the first place, they just dropped it. Why can't they then raise it just as quickly?

10:31 PM [rlsunsfan] It does make sense

10:31 PM [rlsunsfan] Cool I'm honored

10:31 PM [milndollarbabe] and also with the economy (ours) in the shape its in...a higher rate makes sense in that respect too

10:31 PM [milndollarbabe] Honugirl im shy

10:31 PM [milndollarbabe]

10:32 PM [BGG] OK - here is what I really think...my opinion...

10:32 PM [milndollarbabe] DinarGroupie exactly

10:32 PM [Honugirl] milndollarbabe NOT!

10:32 PM [BGG] you wanna' hear it??

10:32 PM [milndollarbabe] sureeeeeeee

10:32 PM [Honugirl] BGG Give it to us!

10:32 PM [satrib] are u kidding??

10:32 PM [rlsunsfan] Bgg uh duh!

10:32 PM [DinarGroupie] I'm listening!

10:32 PM [rlsunsfan] You got the floor

10:32 PM [faithdinar] BGG yes sir.

10:33 PM [yada]

10:33 PM [jbrentd] BGG I speak for us Lurkers ...we listening too

10:33 PM [rlsunsfan] Torture

10:33 PM [faithdinar] BGG please with sugar on top

10:33 PM [milndollarbabe] jbrentd

10:33 PM [DinarGroupie] Maybe he doesn't have an opinion? JK!

10:33 PM [faithdinar] DinarGroupie

10:34 PM [DinarGroupie] hehehehehe!

10:34 PM [rlsunsfan] I'm not I. My right mind. I nearly told my boss off today and caught the words I quit coming out of my mouth

10:34 PM [satrib] rlsunsfan

10:34 PM [nawlins] rlsunsfan i thought you said you were the boss when you got that heckler fired

10:34 PM [DinarGroupie] rlsunsfan, don't do it, until you see BGG say "it's a done deal!"

10:34 PM [satrib] RV better come quickly then!!

10:35 PM [rlsunsfan] Im the boss at my HOA !

10:35 PM [DinarGroupie] BGG, we're still waiting, man!

10:35 PM [BGG] I truly think it will get to a bit over four bucks sometime in the first year after coming out - don't care where it comes out...at some point in the near future, it will be worth more.

10:35 PM [BGG] Sorry - internet is acting up.

10:35 PM [rlsunsfan] I can see that

10:35 PM [DinarGroupie] I thought that was for dramatic effect, BGG!

10:35 PM [nawlins] BGG i think it will get to $4 pretty soon also,

10:36 PM [DinarGroupie] Me too.

10:36 PM [BGG] so for all those that think I don't have an opinion - all you had to do was ask.

10:36 PM [DinarGroupie] I was kidding!

10:36 PM [DinarGroupie] See my smile?

10:36 PM [satrib] BGG if you answered this earlier, please forgive me...but going by the current news and events...how do you think we stand?

10:36 PM [rlsunsfan] But what do u think it will come out at?

10:36 PM [DinarGroupie] And will it be before the end of this month, or are we going into September with toilet paper?

10:36 PM [BGG] and that's why - if it starts in at a low 3 number I'm not in a big hurry.

10:37 PM [merrymay] what can anyone tell me about madam wu yii that I havent already found out?

10:37 PM [rlsunsfan] I agree. I can do just fine at that

10:37 PM [CoolSpot] BGG I knew where you stood, so I did not need to ask.

10:37 PM [nawlins] madam wuu? hahahahahaha omg

10:37 PM [merrymay] no kidding right

10:37 PM [BGG] satrib - the news and events are almost as unreliable as eyewitnesses these days. It's tough. If things go well - we're not far away.

10:38 PM [merrymay] she retired in 2008 no longer works with the chinese government is what i found out so far

10:38 PM [BGG] how's that for not using the word "soon"??

10:38 PM [BGG]

10:38 PM [merrymay] wu tang clan is a rap group

10:38 PM [DinarGroupie] BGG, do you think the dollar will fall in value after the RV, and if so, how do we protect ourselves? Precious metals? Hold on to dinars? Other currencies?

10:38 PM [rlsunsfan] We're not that far away= soon

10:39 PM [DinarGroupie] Ohhhh! BGG said the "S" word! A very bad word! Go wash your mouth out with soap, mister! JK!

10:39 PM [CoolSpot] BGG you see if you go back and listen to the call Kap was all speaking in the natural, you really did not want to go there, and I picked it up in the spirit that is why you were not flowing as you normally are.

10:39 PM [BGG] DinarGroupie - I doubt anything falls (except gold) for a little while (post-RV)...however, one should always exercise caution.

10:39 PM [DinarGroupie] Okay, thanks for your opinion, BGG

10:39 PM [satrib] BGG yes, I understand that M is unpredictable...just was wondering if you felt the same as I do...I've had very positive feelings about this. Have to say though, with them now adjourning until 28th, I'm thinking probably not til September

10:40 PM [BGG] satrib - 50/50 I win my Sept 11th bet.

10:40 PM [rlsunsfan] I'm going with cools date

10:40 PM [DinarGroupie] Didn't another article say they're meeting next week? Smoke?

10:40 PM [BGG] maybe better.

10:40 PM [milndollarbabe] ok problem is this in coming out low..when they move into art 8 the currency cant move more than either 2 or 3% up or down....now i know people keep saying in 90 days...but i cant find where that is said ...maybe it is and i just havent seen it....but they have to petition the imf for rate changes with a letter of intent....so i cant see it coming out low and continuing to go up...it reallly needs to come out at what its meant to be so that it can stabalize because theres going to be some initial hyperinflation in the beginning hence what the SBA loans could be used to help overcome....so stabilization is first and foremost in shabs minds and hes not going to want to continue to move it around...he needs a stable rate for an extended period of time....not sure what that number is

10:40 PM [b2stepblue] Bgg- if you had the money would you buy more dinar

10:41 PM [rlsunsfan] I would in a new York minute

10:41 PM [yada] milndollarbabe is it possible that they can only adjust it every 90 days but the value can change either way by itself?

10:41 PM [faithdinar] BGG hearing "if things go well" is scary a bit...since things never seem "to go well" over there when we need them to.

10:41 PM [merrymay] nicely put milliondollarbabe

10:42 PM [chattels] merrymay merrymay merrymay merrymay merrymay

10:42 PM [DinarGroupie] If it starts out low, can they leave it in free float until they raise it to where they want it, then do the managed float thing?

10:42 PM [milndollarbabe] yada it only has a 2 or 3% range it can go.....other than that...they need a letter of intent for rate change

10:42 PM [merrymay] How are you chattels?

10:42 PM [merrymay] how is stormy?

10:42 PM [DinarGroupie] Not free float, I mean dirty float.

10:42 PM [chattels] merrymay not bad and you ?

10:43 PM [rlsunsfan] Think about the businesses that are going there. Ford gm. They need decent money to pay for basic vehicles

10:43 PM [merrymay] waitin to be as rich as I am good lookin

10:43 PM [satrib] milndollarbabe See....now where could we go to get such informed mods!!

10:43 PM [yada] I was thinking the trading will cause it to go fast without any adjustments,,this way,,,they only have to back their inital offering and the rest will increase because of trading

10:43 PM [chattels] merrymay

10:43 PM [milndollarbabe] yada but it may not be on the forex

10:43 PM [BGG] I agree the drastic move from a dollar + to over 4.00 in a year would be currency "whiplash" and does carry with it some inherent risks - I am under the impression - both from sources and the lack of any real proof otherwise - Dr Shabibi will directly manage the IQD pricing for some time. I doubt it will be a Forex currency for quite a while.

10:43 PM [yada] lol,,just pay me,,

10:43 PM [milndollarbabe] i know everyone says that but it might not be originally traded

10:44 PM [CoolSpot] BGG here is a little advice from a friend, you walked through a door that you did not need to walk through. You realized it on the call, and that was the reason for some hesitation. That is what I discerned from my prophetic gifting. Prayer you receive it in the spirit that I have shared it.

10:44 PM [BGG] yada - that's exactly why it won't be a traded currency. They won't allow that.

10:45 PM [yada] true that BGG,,Dr Shabibi will have a full time job just watching the fluxuation of the currency

10:45 PM [milndollarbabe] if you will notice in any interview he has ever given...his main thing is stability.

10:45 PM [yada] yes

10:45 PM [milndollarbabe] satrib just saw that

10:45 PM [DinarGroupie] I'm thinking that when they pass this vote so that Maliki can't go running to the judges every time he doesn't like a law passed, they'll either call him in for interrogation, no confidence vote, or he'll give in. Could be any time now!

10:46 PM [yada] I can see the drop in gold becaue gold is being used as a back up for many currencies and w10:46 PM

[BGG] OK gang - great Chats - I'm whipped... TTYL.