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 The tarfiffs are in place and the WTO will not let them even trade without a REvalued curerncy that outta say a lot.  They are up against the wall, Iraq is backed up into a corner and they have to do something.  

Chapter 7 will not go away either unless they RV.  June 15th still on track for UNSC (Chapter 7 release?) and tariffs implemented July 1st. Hard to see us getting out of June 2012 without an RV on the IQD (and VND). 

OH and don't bother to call ScottiG he is with me 100%. Maliki is not the issue, Iraq needs the money now and with Tariffs in place and the WTO saying they can't trade without a RV'd currency, puts them in a tight spot.  Iraq needs to do this period, that's all and the banks are well aware of the pending RV.  It will be soon, I'm hoping by June 15th.


Hammerman: ok comfirmed through no less the 3 USA an 2 overseas contacts ,,,, ok here we go ,,,, dinarian.com 6-8-2012,,, by the truck driver ,,thats funny ,,, there is about 800 CIA ,,, secret service ,an FBI ,,heading to iraq region

,,,,there is also about 3000 USA special forces in plain clothes heading to Bagdad ,,,, they are prepping to protect over 50 other country delegations heading to Bagdag ,,, there is also a lot, alot alot of world news media staying in the region there is no room for them in Bagdag there is so many coming in.

,,,,,,,,so theres other hot news but not going into it cause can not prove yet ,,,,, but these people are getting ready for something ,,,, so yall smile ,,yall will get more as i comfirm ,,,,,,, live ,,,love,,,, an learn


6-8-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The more pressure Maliki is under, the more likely he is to finally stick his neck out and force some movement in the GOI and/or Arbil-Erbil-Irbil, the closer we are to resolution on the HCL.

6-8-2012  Intel Guru Hammerman  no change in info...all we can do is hope for next week...this event will happen when the timming is right...everybody thought the dong would go yesterday...everybody with intel goverment contacts...and banking contacts...this is so nuts...live love and learn.

6-8-2012  Newshound Guru Doc   Money supply needs to be reduced to support a significant RV.  We will not argue the absolute value of the current money supply since it does not matter.  Lets just say it is 10s of trillions and has to be reduced to support a RV.  Without a reduction even a RV of $1 is economic suicide.  The value of the dinar would be greater than all the currenciescurrently in the world. This is also why when anyone who proposes ridiculous rates like $3+ obviously have no clue of basic economic principles.  

6-8-2012  Newshound Guru Mike   Nobody knows the time or the date...Watch what is going on…This is a process – its not something that is going to happen overnight.  Are we moving forward?  YES we are moving forward…We are moving someone out of the way – The CBI is in place and lets look at all the next steps as we come forward...its just a matter of time…and in the great words of Iraq…any moment now…which we all know what that means.  

6-8-2012  Intel Guru BWM    I still believe what is going on in Iraq is a "theatre" of sorts... just waiting for the world to tell it to "wrap it up" and close the curtain after they announce their final to-do list.

***** Poppy3 Update - last nite - they were just waiting for scans so they could come home. At that point they thought he just had a broken shoulder blade. However...he wasn't feeling too good, the scans turned up 3 broken ribs and some internal bleeding. They kept him overnite.***** 

6-8-2012  Intel Guru Frank26   one of the WTO prerequisites is to have an internationally recognizable and tradable currency in order for them to be full member. The only way that’s going to happen is for them to be accepted as part of the world economic community. This is why...the UNSC, which is the USA, will not give them the keys to their shackles, the final part of chapter 7, until they raise the value of their currency; because that is one of the prerequisites to enter the WTO, which also is the USA. Do you see the catch 22? We are in control. We will not allow them to do anything until they know what they are doing with their currency.  From the 7th – 15th we are looking for the birth [RV?] to be announced. Then on the 15th the UNSC can give Iraq Chapter 7. If not they will be moved over to next month and so will the tariffs on the 30th. 

6-8-2012  Intel Guru Ray  my contact...was telling me...the people in Iraq...want Maliki to complete his term of 18 months that are left. They voted for him and want him to finish his term. They are also saying that if Maliki goes, then they are going to protest and ask for the removal of Talabani, Barzani and Allawi too. They feel Maliki can finish the job and want the Kurds and Sunnis to butt out and work with Malaki. They are upset with the Kurds trying to do things on their own instead of following the Constitution. They truly want democracy to work and not have just a few leaders try to dictate how things should be. I still truly feel this investment is going to happen as you do.


PETERSMA] AndieZ1 I think that should be the new topic "When you start to get discouraged remember Ice Cream makes EVERYTHING better. - Petersma LOL


Hammerman: really no change in info ,,, all we can do is hope for next week ,,,, im still trying to see just really is going on in iraq with malki ,,,, to many different storys out there ,,,, not a lot of calls from there but ,,none match ,,an all sources are trusted ,,,, so back to building a puzzle i go ,,

,i truly think we must just sit an hang tight not really worry about what is going on ,,,,, this event will happen when the timing is right ,,,,, ,everybody thought the dong would go yesterday ,,, an i do mean everybody with intel goverment contacs ,,,, an banking contacs ,,,, this is so nuts ,, live love an learn

Precious] Geitner's report to talk to EU about QE3 was very good news for us..it will explain and cover for the rv..think it is coming soon
Precious] trigger51: Seriously crazy out there..My friend just called she said her guy from Merrill Lynch said the same thing as My financial guy says...THEY ARE WAITING as well for this thing to RV...ugh

[hollyberry] Ok Musketeers. Let's review so we're on the same page. The bottom line is you can either laugh or cry, be positive or negative, whine or dance and take a sip of wine!

Precious] Baxter1243: Listening to PTR call..they are saying the Dong will do nothing but go down unless it waits for the dinar to revalue first...

[Precious] ff says it almost looks like the rv has gone through.......not calling it..but....it looks like it just not showing up yet

[Precious] the tax tariff was posted in the Gazette which makes it bible

Precious] effective July 1st

 [Precious] Josh7t2: Eurika, that is pretty spot on, because for all the goods to go up 50%, since the people have a hard time paying for stuff as it is then if the RV does not happen right before tarrifs are finally implemented then the people of iraq are in hot water....

[Precious] Josh7t2: For someone to say that the rv doesn't have to happen before or right at the tarrifs being put into place finally they don't understand economics...

[tornado] The intel providers are all doing their best with what is given to them but do not bank on it,if it happens then great,its that simple..

peganded] 6-8-2012 Dan (PTR): We've got some incredible stories about things going on behind the scenes that don't seem to be stories anymore. I didn't use to believe the RV could happen on a Friday. I don't know if I believe that anymore. I didn't use to think it would happen on a Monday. I don't know if I believe that either.

They need the RV to happen as quick as possible. I think everything is in place and the day that it happens we'll see everything we think is needed like Erbil, Ministers etc all announced and it will be done, over with. I think everything is done and we're waiting on the PTB.

Tony's been saying this was going to happen every day for the last year so I don't think he thinks the GOI needs to be seated either. I think the government powers are in place as much as they need to be and we're just waiting on the announcement.

However, I do believe they can't release a new currency with instability. I think they're in the best situation they've been in decades though. Tariffs were postponeduntil the end of the month but there's a lot of rumors out there so I'm not sure.

[dogguy] Hi.....My name isdogguy, and I'm an ADDICT! I cannot GO for a Day without my fix! I have even been known to sit in McDonalds and Steal their WiFi to get my fix on my laptop! When I can't get my fix I become agitated...and aggressive!

[dogguy] I've been known to harass folks for info that they may know about Dinar when I can't get online to see for myself! HELP ME! I prefer restraints to where I can't type....as Long as there is a Conference Call that I can listen to! :) GO GO GO RV!!!!

[dogguy] hello every one



Investigations and contemporary society : the deletion of zeros from the dinar .. Where to? , 8 JUNE

Investigations and contemporary society : the deletion of zeros from the dinar .. Where to?  

Faris Al Shammari
Of us who recall the currency switch categories of the former regime in 2004 the new currency, and the concomitant difficulties of flour bags transported by car and the emergence of large quantities of counterfeit ones, as well as the emergence of the original quantities of currency (Swiss) and the resulting activity brokers and manipulators among the general public, banks and bribes that accompanied those processes ..

Despite the passage of years the circulation of the new currency, but the economic situation continued to suffer from the chaos and retreat, Blur and reflected on the case and the movement of the market and standard of living of citizens. Vocabulary and replaced daily trading revenues and financial income and the dollar and the shadow of the limited indicator of the numbers of new millionaires and billionaires and Altriolanat and returned the process of computerized personal use when calculating the local currency against the dollar and vice versa .. In trading operations and the sale of assets, transfer and exchange, and increased people's fears of credit and debit transactions, transportation, and appeared gangs kidnapping and robbery to exercise its crimes in light of the precarious security situation, and the accompanying crimes of forgery, fraud and bribery inside and outside the official institutions and the civil and individuals ..
And replaced phrases (book) and the figures in the transactions and trading and trading at shops and merchants banking .. For the purpose of reconsidering the reality of financial and monetary, which appeared burdens bank announced the Iraqi Center for his proposal to reform the financial structure and cash and his project by deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, and processing the vast amount of papers of the national currency and reduced to the operations of accounting and control of the traded against the dollar and preserve their value, as well as scalable expected inflation and the counting is suspended from the counterfeiting of currency and current work on organizing and restructuring the financial sector in government banks and give a greater role for private banks in the sectors of development and achieve a state of economic stability.
Details of the reform process and its impact on economic activity in general and the financial and monetary particular, and the opinion of economists and money in the pros and cons of the process and its relationship to the movement of money between individuals, institutions and banks, and the relationship existing with Saraf dollar exchange dinars and vice versa and the effectiveness of the performance of services, financial control, the stock market and foreign exchange and foreign investment in Iraq and others. And the lifting of the zeroes from the currency benefits and costs occur researcher Dr. Falah Hassan Thuwaini from the Faculty of Business and Economics Palmstansria MacKay referred the benefits anticipated by saying: It's one of the justifications for the monetary authorities in control of the trends in money supply through its performance of its functions in the management of liquidity, monitoring and supervision of the national currency and its financial stability of the value of and absorption of the surplus that results from high rates of inflation, and therefore reduces the phenomenon of the illusion of monetary and inflationary expectations and also the process is necessary to keep pace with economic changes and policies of economic reform or part of the long-term strategy for monetary reform .. They also contribute to the national currency for the legal force and also contribute to the reduction of the process of dollarization in domestic economic activity, especially with the wasting of large segments of the local currency ..
The researcher adds benefits .. Reduce the cost of printing currency notes and coins in the medium term in the event of reduction of the money supply resulting from the issuance of banknotes of larger denominations currency .. Also lead to the simplification of the constraints in the accounting records and the ease of expressing monetary values ​​through a substantial reduction in the volume of transactions also decreased the amounts in the records is also promoting the use of coins, and also to ensure efficiency in payment systems such as the use of ATMs .. And reduce the security risks associated with carrying large sums of money.
And is transmitted to the researcher Thuwaini the negative effects of the process of lifting the zeros fact that the process may return to the causes and factors and political variables that affect the adoption process to rename the currency ideologies, such as the ruling parties and the nature of the relationship between the executive and legislative branches, as well as join a certain political blocs .. And sometimes pose obstacles to foreign investors during the period of conversion to avoid the risk .. And the possibility of a temporary increase in prices and adapt to the new situation .. The costs also withdraw Champions Banknotes and coins old and also the costs of interpretation of laws and systems of accounting.

Reasons and justifications

The researcher Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, head of economic studies at the Center for Arabic Studies Mustansiriya and international has pointed out, inter alia, the objectives of the process and excitement of the expected positive economic process of change and delete the zeros, and also the justification process as agents of economic and technical .. Here, praised the efforts of the Central Bank and his tight monetary policy effective for the years 2006 2011 and achieved variables positive direction of the change process, was the stability of the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar, or the external value of the dinar and the high value of 25% during the years 2008 2011 and this stability has helped to control inflation, the foundation's annual arrived to 3% in 2010 after it was 5.3% in 2006 and building a strong reserves of more than $ 60 billion is the dolly to the value of the currency and protect the integrity and balance of payments of the external shocks .. As well as on the status of the stability of the market and the proportion of commodity supply through flexible foreign exchange and promote trade and also control the Bank and the control of the dinar exchange rate through its daily auction .. And the justification for the deletion of zeros from the technical point shows the al-Mashhadani that the achievement of the economic indicators need to be addressed issues including: the existence of mass cash exporting a large number leaves 4 trillion paper and increase the value of 30 trillion dinars to the various groups which is a large block size and value in the economy is recovering day by day while the budget of 117 trillion dinars in 2012 how much you'll need if its budget totaled $ 300 billion over the coming years ..!
He says al-Mashhadani: Currently, the largest category of cash is 25 thousand dinars, equivalent to $ 21 almost and this requires a larger great effort to settle the daily transactions in terms of time of counting, sorting, acceptance, safety and so we find the settlement of most of the daily transactions that increase Akiemha about 20 million are in dollars ..!! There are a large proportion of the damage to private currency in small denominations and inadmissible in circulation and one-third of the money supply and not to replace them almost out by the Central .. And also note the difficulty of holding accounts in light of figures Asfarha increase the number of 14 zero in practice, technical error occurred and the possibility of adding either zero or deleted .. Finally, try forgery gangs and constant currency pumped into the local market for the destruction of the national economy and that spread recently.

What about the Central Bank of Iraq?

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, of the need to initiate the restructuring of the Iraqi currency MacKay referred to the economic conditions and volatile financial and the pressures of inflation that has befallen our country previously and led to negative effects on the commercial market and the labor markets and production and the level of living of citizens, so the generated distortions many structures and economic relations, including the presence block cash many zeros of little value and not commensurate with the future developments in the present and the future of the Iraqi economy, which requires a solution to these conditions and their offal from these solutions the reform of management system currency through the structure and the deletion of zeros to control the flow and management of the money supply in a way represent .
He added that the trading block cash exporting over 30 trillion dinars in various categories and reflected by the number of securities traded $ 4 trillion paper money is the product of a long period of inflation and economic decline, for example, index of consumer prices foundation in 1993 from 100 to 200,000 in the middle of 2003 and means that item that was sold for 100 dinars became sold for 200,000 dinars, and so on and so under the circumstances and the deterioration of the value of the coin currency rose most of the 25 dinars to 25,000, which means that inflation is added, these zeros ..
Another example .. Before the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war was a category of 25 dinars, equivalent to $ 75, the purchasing power of that time, or Iedha present 300 thousand dinars .. So said inflation for three decades to the zeros in the currency did not increase when the zeros of the purchasing power of the largest class of 25 thousand dinars, which is equal to $ 21 today.
Indicates Mohammed Saleh of the benefits of the reform of the payments system cash For the horizontal level (deleting three zeros) such as transforming (30) trillion dinars to (30) billion dollars and replace them with a new currency will make it easier to deal arithmetic with numbers are less numerous on the level of the federal budget and budgets of banks and companies as well as balancing family Cash (individuals) without incurring any change or alter the offer or monetary wealth of the people and not to its effects on the transactions and obligations, a so-called generating function sports homogeneous of degree zero as long as the amount of new money the smaller number covers the interchange package commodity itself in the old money of the largest number .. One advantage of the restructuring of the currency and installed as the level vertical shows the deputy governor said .. Currently category large (25000) JD form alone (two thirds of the amount of securities traded), the issuance of categories of the largest mean reduction of four trillion paper money in circulation and converted to a number equal to (2.8) billion banknotes any Stakhtzel large groups of the coin nearly 90% of the total groups exported to the circulation. Thus, the cost of cash transactions will fall inevitably in terms of the cost of counting and checking ..

Details and features of the lifting of the zeroes
From the currency

And the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, the details of the study on the mechanism of implementation of the restructuring of the currency and delete zeros and the three transactions cost. He noted that on replacement begins on the first of January of 2013 and continue the unity of the replacement of the coin the old El Jadida for a period of two years and through the banks defined for the purpose of inspection and audit in order to avoid counterfeit currency and after the expiration of the replacement process for two years we will continue the operation for ten years, but within a single window of the Bank will announce it later .. . any that can not be traded as currency old .. Leakage and guarantees and how to counterfeit currency detection of the branches of banks at the central deposit .. Said .. With the contracted services with modern technology scans the old currency in all categories and select branches of banks that are sent to a central where the devices after the screening and isolation of Ripper currency and counterfeit them and then returned to the bank, which came from and went to them penalties against negligent ... The classes will be the new currency and the other metal, paper ..Valmadenah will be (25) fils (50) fils (100) fils (quarter of a dinar) (half a dinar) (one dinar) (Two Dinars) and paper knowledge Dinars (5) JD (10) JD (25) DT (50) dinars (100 ) dinars (200) DT also answered a question about the new currency, including in respect of technical specifications and symbols .. He said .. For I take any pictures of people but symbols containing historical and tourist, cultural, and important events such as school Mustansiriya, ziggurat, Babil, Mosul Dam, the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, Bridge of Imams and others ..Will be charged phrases in Arabic, Kurdish and English .. And will be printed with the latest technologies to prevent warping or imitated in the future ... On the emergence of problematic accounting figures between the old and the new transactions, said Mohammed Saleh .. in the old currency appeared to have difficulties and mistakes in reading and administration figures in trillions .. But when you delete (3) delete the zeros means (3) COMPUTER fields will be any change in the number of Securities set a new and assumed here that normalize large groups .. And on the willingness of the central bank to carry out an awareness campaign in the community before and during the replacement currency?He replied .. We will launch a public relations campaign to raise awareness and education among the various circles of community, coupled with illustrative images and information programs with a wide range of different media and banking institutions and official and private financial and professional .. As well as on the participation of regulatory agencies and follow-up and security field, including the development of prices of goods and materials presented in the currency markets, new .. It also answered the opposition of some experts to the project to delete the zeros and the replacement of the currency in the current circumstances .. He said ..There are those who wants us to go up to train recurrent evolution in peace .. But we want to train the rising rise of evolution and progress, because the central function to ensure efficient cash management system and a stable currency .. He said .. Sorry for curriculum development in Iraq failed .. Let us be bold initiative to reform ..Everyone is afraid and requests deferral reasons of the existence of counterfeit currency .. On the possibility of increasing the exchange rate of the new dinar to the dollar .. replied improve dinar depends on the form of inflation and its sources ... and on the response depends on the surplus currency and central bank reserves and also depends on the form of inflation and confiscation .. .And on addressing the counterfeiting of currency .. He said it's a national task but not limited to the activities of the central bank only is the mission of every public and private institutions and organizations, media, security and control.
Statements of experts between the rejection of the project and pro-
He sees Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafiz in an article published recently entitled (the essence of the deletion of zeros .. a technical or economic), and if we wish to offer on such a step we have to look at the economic reality and analyze it carefully, it's economy is not uniform and suffers from gaps seriously .. He even When we take the monetary policy we have to work out an account of the situation in the field of banking, we have (7) state banks and close to (42) banks, civil strife and will not play .. monetary policy unless there is life sound banking. In fact, refers to the dominance of banks big possess 90% of bank deposits and otherwise, the 10% return the deposits of domestic banks are actually more like houses of private financial and this is a big problem for Iraq .. and wonder Hafiz .. Is the state dealing with private banks in a natural way as dealing with banks government? I think this does not exist now, which he referred to World Bank report issued last September on the status of the financial sector of Iraq on the status of the financial sector in Iraq, so I do not agree with the notion that the issue is technical .. how and you have the economy is not uniform and distorted structurally and institutions Broken and ineffective. And calls keeper to discuss what is the problem that arise relating to inflation and currency. But he answered them. I am the truth so far have not absorbed fully Inflation is not a case separate from the state of the economy because trade policy we have supported are now on the outside .. You can not now be moving in any field unless you think about the import of this item or that return, we note that domestic goods more expensive than imported goods such as fruits and vegetables and things similar. and even politics our business which fails to protect it without definitions Kmarkip complete a rarity in the world .. and even we can not exercise control over currency and that we announce the deliberations of cash is justified if it were not for your keys and clear to all the economic situation. Add to that our policy is now based on the financial expenditure in the first place because a guaranteed resources and derived from the oil and if there is any problem for the oil, the economy stops!
And the impact of Khzv zeros from the currency on the activity of the Securities Commission said Chairman Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi .. Iraq is not qualified economically to delete the zeros from the currency to the presence of a significant impact on financial trading in the stock market .. because some record companies less financial appropriation of the dinar and the deletion of zeros would make it the third volume of trading dinar, the Iraqi market for securities billion Iraqi dinars a day.
In what the government expresses its fears of the project because it will increase the phenomenon of money laundering, according to belief and supports the concerns of the Securities Commission for its impact negatively on the financial trading in the stock market.
But a member of the Economic Commission representative Abdul Hussein Abtan believes that the process will contribute to addressing economic inflation and include cooperation with banks and reduce disparities living community .. he said, adding that the process to change the currency will start next September 2012 in what He said his colleague MP Hussein Almrobei that the Economic Commission does not know a lot of information for the work of the Central Bank only publishes what the media refers to news of the high price of the dollar against the dinar, which impact negatively on the political situation and accused some neighboring countries as well as information that the existence of counterfeit currency.
Commenting on the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank to the media about the existence of measures to reduce the use is necessary for the currency or in order to combat money laundering and have asked the participants in the auction currency to provide the central bank with detailed information on all their customers .. appeared that most of the dealers to the dollar Aimitlkon accounts in this participating banks auction currency. which is contrary to the instructions of the Central .. He said Mohammed Saleh .. what influenced the work in the price of buying and selling of the dollar in the domestic market is the decline in the size of Central sales of foreign exchange by the demand of banks participating in the Mzhadath disclosures clients .. and show they are only traders currency do not have fixed assets of a bank, which caused lower sales volume .. and the appearance of counterfeit Iraqi currency, said Mohammed Saleh said .. there is a smear campaign terrifying presence of large quantities of them in the local market and perhaps behind this campaign, political disputes between the rival blocs, but the truth constitute a small percentage very He Statistics conducted by the Iraqi banks in 2011 with the magnitude of the money traded refers to the presence of (11) thousand paper forged from various categories and does not constitute something in front of the volume of funds in the market. with cast security authorities arrested the gangs operate forging currency and helped bring an end to this it .. For his part, chairman of the economy that the banks raise zeros is an urgent need to raise the value of the currency and maintain the balance in the market and the procedure needs a political decision .. The move did not involve any negative consequences arising from the intensity of criticism, one of the problems we have suffered the banking business ...

The opinion of the citizen to the project?

Abdul-Hamid Zahir (retired teacher) expressed his concerns over the process of lifting the zeros from the currency and believes it will raise the problems between the citizen and the seller, government departments, banks, companies and private contracts and obligations with suspicion actively weak people in the promotion of rumors for the purpose of the graft as well as increased entry of counterfeit currency and the resort of some to the purchase of foreign currencies ..!
And disagreed (Mazen Abdul Ilah) an employee as an opportunity to get rid of the astronomical numbers in daily transactions and preempt the risk of fraud and forgery, fraud and theft .. and add .. the project an opportunity for a sense of citizen confidence Bammelth and strength and confidence to get out of without the need of the discharge when traveling and the signing of commercial contracts .. But we need for awareness campaigns in the community and at all levels for a long time.
The student (Souad dry), said it was concerned people to accept the details of the lifting of the zeroes in particular it was concerned people to accept the details of the lifting of the zeroes, especially with the circulation of coins and that prevailed twenty years ago. Change course and dry .. We accept the newcomer of our national currency and dismantling of restrictions on dollar transactions everyday .. Vhaoura despite my fears .. To be a move to treat the conditions of our country's economic and social development.


JOHNNYcashin] Do you know why the delay?
 [generals64] JOHNNYcashin :…I have heard about 5 different scenarios…3 are stupid 2 are possible…I have made the calls to the RIGHT people and when they answer me I’ll tell everyone….Also, the Reno groups are real… I too thought they were bogus but have now done the research and 2 of them are for real…the other 2 were bad guys.
[Skyman] generals64 – It just speaks to the maturity level of some providers and peeps… 
[generals64] Skyman :…The bad thing is watching people still follow the stuff from some of them….I had promised not to “Bash” any of them when I came over here so I don’t
[generals64] Oh, might not be over yet as I am not “barking” at anyone it’s just that we as smart adults (hopefully) need to not listen to those who are not telling the truth….If we hear something in our group we all start digging…Ask AndieZ1….she’ll vouch for it…
[undertaker] generals64 Thanks buddy, trying to find the link for you on the USA TODAY ARTICLE….. and I’m with you do you believe everything you read as true……..NOT and sometime YES …. so do the research … but the article I have talked about says they doing fine and the political world over there is ?
[codreamer59] generals64 – So glad you didn’t go to Reno
 [generals64] codreamer59 :…If the right person from Reno calls I told them I would come and visit….but, I would make sure everyone in our group would know everything they say….Including the Friend of mine who works for the Securities Exchange Commission
[TexasT] generals64 What is the Reno Group? [fishinmama56] Obviously I may have missed something today…delays?? What delays and whats going on?
[generals64] TexasT fishinmama56 fishinmama56 :…The Reno group is a group much like any other group of people trying to convince you to cash out with them… However, there was a group that were scamming unsuspected people out of their dinar….
Now, I don’t think “O” has anything to do with this right now…….I think the guys that we have working on this are staying on top of it…..If we really think about this…There has NEVER been a DELAY….The only delays any of us has ever seen were the delays put forth by some of the so-called do-dahs…think about it…The government hasn’t announced anything… Just those that think they know….That is one of the main reasons NO ONE in the Generals64/Studley Group is allowed to give a date or rate…We as a group agreed on that…
[LibbytheLab] generals64 Would a Reno trip be worth the $$ is the question.
[generals64] LibbytheLab :…No, they don’t have anything until it RV’s themselves…We have everything in place that they don’t [LibbytheLab] I am as you know strongly in the Studley camp and believe totally in him
[generals64] LibbytheLab :…Me too….we try to talk frequently
[JOHNNYcashin] Help me to understand why many have SAID all is done and we will see the in a day or two by the 5-8-12 !!! What happened to that?
[generals64] JOHNNYcashin :…Look at the source….I was guaranteed it was ready night before last… didn’t happen… Didn’t report that either did we???Once this is done:…We (Generals/Studley) and Dinarwishes/BWM will know about 30 minutes before and you guys will know 29 minutes before….For anyone to keep saying they KNOW it’s done is garbage….
[mimiover21] Are you confident all is still well? Just wait on GOI??? 
[generals64] mimiover21 :…I am still positive…I too am ready and i too get discouraged….I get so many “it’s done” calls and i won’t repeat them until I hear it from Studley’s voice…
[JOHNNYcashin] generals64 I know, right? The intel is misleading! 
[generals64] JOHNNYcashin :…The intel should be re-worded as the “story-tellers…”
[Believer2] Generals64, when we go to the bank with the bank code in hand, will we automatically get one special rate? How long will we have to use that rate? With so many people, not everybody can get an appointment right away
[LibbytheLab] You folks are not understanding that when intel is solid YOU WILL receiive THE e-mail. Pushing us for intel WILL not work 
[generals64] LibbytheLab :…The way this is set up is like this: when our guys/gals hear it for real….there will be an INSTANT e-mail to everyone in our group….with instructions…It might take a little while for everyone to get the e-mail as there are so many people…
[JOHNNYcashin] generals64 I think there is no delay. I think it has happened and we are just waiting for the post from those who know!!! 
[generals64] JOHNNYcashin – Wrong…I promise
[LibbytheLab] Should I tie-in and help like the old days or not? [LibbytheLab] Generals its papabear 
[generals64] You should let me know when you change your screen name….and yes, you should help but not by using the others who have made such a mess of things and you know whom I am talking about
[sailman9] Those registered with your group that are out of country (CANADA) — Do you have ANYTHING for them other than the “CALL”
 [generals64] sailman9 :…You should ask kcmana about that…I have no access to any of the names or any of that as I didn’t want it..
[mimiover21] I rarely get discouraged. It is an investment—but the lies and stories—geezzzz. From people who MANY think really are in the know. It is crazy. I walk away for a few days–but staying positive is not so easy
 [generals64] mimiover21 :…quit reading their stuff…DW and BWM and AndieZ1 are of the same belief that only the truth should be told….If it can’t be verified then don’t say it….
[generals64] There is a person who thinks she is the “Town-Crier” for the Dinar world….She sends an e-mail to everyone who will listen and puts all (true or not) on the e-mail….that is nothing but confusing for everyone….all of the do-dahs have a diffeent opinion….Noe of them are really dealing with the negotiating team with Wells Fargo. Because of so much “garbage” being quoted they have been asked to step aside and let these guys do their job.
[mimiover21] So what is your timeline now? You have any updated news?

[generals64] mimiover21 :…You know better than anyone I don’t have a timeline….I want it done as soon as possible…
[LibbytheLab] I am not here to cause in trouble. I think inside you know that

[generals64] LibbytheLab :…I do….and you know that there are a bunch of do-dahs who really have no clue….You know they put their heads together and tell what they think the people need to know (In their opinion)…I’ve been invited to be on those calls also remember…
[mimiover21] ASAP is good!!!! Randy Koonce still says when GOI is seated [generals64] mimiover21 :…Mimi:…GOI was announce 90 days ago…Go and read it in Dinartrade.org 
[generals64] quit over analyzing this thing….
[undertaker] Did you read the item in the USA TODAY “Can Iraq Go It Alone?” dated Thursday, June 7th
 [generals64] undertaker :…Don’t know… Personally I think it’s out of Iraq’s hands right now for a revaluation…
[LibbytheLab] Folks, no ONE will ever know the correct date and rate until e-mails. PERIOD 

[generals64] LibbytheLab :…what are you seeing on the charts young man? [generals64] LibbytheLab :…I can tell em the date and rate – June 8th, 2012 and 1161 to 1 [generals64] hehehehehe
[undertaker] By the article it sounds like they are doing well over there and the political issues are still the same in chaos, but they are moving right along building back the buildings and moving forward? Please read and give your thoughts on the article…. Thanks
 [generals64] undertaker :…We are trying to to make this happen…. We are dreaming this is happening…. but we should remember who is building their stuff and how they’re paying for it….. China holds the largest contract…. They are getting paid in IQD (don’t know the rate)…. this whole thing revolves around OIL and you all know that….If China allows them to pay in IQD then who will Iraq be owing?….Now, there was (June last year) an international trade agreement made with Vietnam (go do the research) and they signed for oil barter on coffee, rice, fresh produce for the Iraqi world…. Now, who is backing Vietnam? (China)…. Who co-signed for Vietnam to remain in the WTO??:… China…. Why would China be doing this?….they (China) need the Vietnam work force… Go dig it up for yourself…. I have told you guys this a dozen times… Now, think about it…. that is all factual and not heard from a friend’s friend…
[LibbytheLab] All the Dinar family has the RV as its objective. RIGHT GENERALS?
[generals64] LibbytheLab :…yes….
[generals64] There can be all kinds of information shared but when you get down to it if China controls the IQD then they control the country…. I am not a conspiracy person period…. Just do the homework… Don’t take even my word for it… Go and study it and read it…. Oh, might not be over yet as I am not “barking” at anyone it’s jsut that we as smart adults (hopefully) need to not listen to those who are not telling the truth…. If we hear something in our group we all start digging… Ask AndieZ1…. she’ll vouch for it…
[citizensoldier] China has been collecting debt for decades. They should own a majority of the planet’s debt by now.
[generals64] citizensoldier :…They do…

Economist: the work of the stock market is disproportionate to the economic potential of Iraq, 8 JUNE

Economist: the work of the stock market is disproportionate to the economic potential of Iraq

05/06/2012 10:25 PM
BAGHDAD / follow-up to the East: Description of the work of an economist Iraqi market for securities that are not commensurate with the big money and the economic potential possessed by Iraq, because of the weakness of the private sector.
He said economic expert Majid picture of the National Iraqi News Agency that the stock market affected the general situation in Iraq and that the number of companies traded in the market does not exceed 100 companies.
According to the picture that despite the great changes that have occurred in the marketplace using the latest technology in stock trading, but the work of the stock market does not fit and is owned by Iraq’s economic advantages and big money to the lack of practice of transparency of the private sector because of the weakness and lack of experience possessed by the exercise of his role in the economic process.
And said: “The goal of the financial sector banks is the most effective continuity and the fact that banks continue to work in spite of all the circumstances.


6-8-2012 Frank26: The UNSC, which is the USA, will not give them the keys to their shackles, the final part of chapter 7, until they raise the value of their currency; because that is one of the prerequisites to enter the WTO, which also is the USA. 

Do you see the catch 22? We are in control. We will not allow them to do anything until they know what they are doing with their currency.  

From the 7th – 15th we are looking for the birth to be announced. Then on the 15th the UNSC can give Iraq Chapter 7. If not they will be moved over to next month and so will the tariffs on the 30th.


UPDATE: Current updates for today…

Poppy3 Update: When I talked to Mrs Poppy last nite – they were just waiting for scans so they could come home. At that point they thought he just had a broken shoulder blade. However, I got a text from him at about 1 AM – he wasn’t feeling very good at all, the scans turned up 3 broken ribs and some internal bleeding. They kept him overnite. I’ll be headed over there in a bit to see how he is. I’ll check back later.

Let’s keep him in our prayers – he would do the same for us!!

Dinar Update: Did I or did I not say – MAGNIFICENT back-and-forth towards the end?? What exactly did you think MAGNIFICENT would look like??

However, take heart – the main question you have to ask yourself…If Maliki is in such good shape politically, why would he be up to (or against) the things he is??

Breaking News: Looks like June 19th is the “real vote”…

Two boxes and four judges and a secret vote
  A source at the head of the Iraqi parliament for the Speaker and his deputies Osama al-Aref Tayfur and Qusay al-Suhail agreed that the vote is secret in the case of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister at the behest of a large number of deputies. The source told (people) that the vote of no confidence will be on Tuesday, June 19 and that this vote will be secret in order to give full freedom of Representatives to vote away from the pressures of the heads of the blocks. The source indicated that the papers will be distributed to MPs includes two fields, one of them carries a yes of no confidence and the second no-confidence, and the Attorney indicates that on one of the two fields and then put the ballot paper in one of two funds Ciodaan on both sides of the hall. 
*** Current News ***

Director, Office of the death of Qusay al-Suhail after day operation targeting a terrorist

Office said First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Dr. Qusay al-Suhail, the death of Private Secretary to the Suhail of wounds sustained after exposure to a terrorist attack south of Baghdad.

 Unidentified armed men attacked with weapons with silencers, area Saidiya afternoon Asad Muhammad Sohail’s private secretary, which led to serious injuries in his head and was taken to the hospital to die there.

This looks an awful lot like a sanctioned “hit” – to either put Al-Suhail out of commission or scare the “prophet” out of him!! I’ve been saying for some time he’s the “dark horse” Sadrist candidate for “caretaker” PM. The above (late breaking news) is even more possible motivation for a move like this by Maliki!!

If Maliki were in such good political shape – why is he sending “death squads” after his potential replacement??

Talabani’s party: our representatives signed the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki is now in political office to be at its disposal

Said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Jalal Talabani, said its members in the House of Representatives have registered their signatures approving the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has been handed over to the political bureau of the party to be subject to disposal.

And the transfer of the Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a spokesman for his political Azad Jindiyani to say in a press statement that “the members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives of the National Union registered their signatures agreeing to withdraw confidence from the Nuri al-Maliki, the prie federal government and is now the political bureau of the party to be at its disposal,” noting “What concerns us is sure to remain a unified Kurdish position of strategic issues.”

He added that “our party believes that the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki complex and bring with them in case of withdrawal of confidence or lack thereof and the continuation of al-Maliki his job a lot of problems seriously,” stressing saying, “But the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) does not go beyond the unity of the Kurdish position and ultimately the priority for this unit.”


By all appearances it has looked a little like Talibani was delaying – he is…but for what reason?? They need to get the next PM settled first. Period. His own party (of which he is the leader) don’t seem to be confused about their position on the matter of Maliki – why are we worried??

If Maliki were in such good political shape – why did his only ally (according to the “Waffle House gang”) just submit such a “slam dunk” vote??

Urgent: Kurdish and Iraqi forces and Sadrists hold a crucial meeting shortly

An informed source in the Iraqi List, was held for the Kurdistan Coalition and Iraqi forces and Sadr Alttiara a crucial meeting in the next few hours.

Aoukal source told the newspaper “integrity of electronic” on Friday, the political blocs that the three will announce its final and decisive with regard to the withdrawal of confidence from the Nuri al-Maliki, adding that the meeting will come out the results of critical and including the question of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, as well as examine the latest developments political about it.

A source familiar with the Kurdistan Alliance has revealed the day before yesterday Wednesday that the political forces that met in Erbil, Najaf and Dukan deliberately raise the issue of questioning the signatures of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the government for the purpose of confusing al-Maliki.

I also talked about this yesterday – it’s not “rehash” – it’s an extension of the same series of events. I really like the wording – “on Friday, the political blocs that the three will announce its final and decisive with regard to the withdrawal of confidence from the Nuri al-Maliki”.

If Maliki were in such good political shape – why are his biggest three adversaries meeting today to decide his fate??

State law reveals three scenarios for the session to withdraw confidence from Maliki

Sources in the State of Law coalition on various scenarios for the vote to withdraw confidence from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The sources told Al-Watan Kuwaiti MPs that «the rule of law» have told the political body of the National Alliance that they will not attend the voting session, and therefore can prejudice the quorum required for the session. If the right of their deputies the small blocs of Iraqi and Iraqi Free white and the Virtue Party, which is blocks from the Congress no more than 15 deputies.

 She added that the second scenario, to request a coalition of state law to host Maliki before parliament to announce the outlines of his policies during the two years remaining life of his second legislative, and leave the door open to the questions will be answers Maliki about, the obligations of an official during the National Conference or National Meeting, hoped to take place beginning next July, as a substitute for the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki with the consent of majority voting in the House of Representatives for the renewal of confidence in Maliki.

“The third scenario, he let things go to their ends in the subject of withdrawal of confidence and identify a special session for that, suggested these sources it may be in the second week after the conclusion leave the parliamentary, and to address the Supreme Judicial Council nominated a number of judges to oversee the funds, secret ballot to answer a specific question for the approval of the refusal to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, which works by the Office of House Speaker Osama Najafi from now.


If Maliki were in such good political shape -Why on God’s green earth are Maliki’s own guys talking about the various scenarios of a “no confidence vote” unless they are thinking it is imminent and are trying to get out in front of the “damage”. Politics 101.

 Mthjama on Maliki …Najafi: any law speaks of this dictator!

Shen House Speaker Osama al attack on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying “any law speaks of this dictator, a committed himself to agreements not include anything unconstitutional, asking,” Do you forget Maliki when he pledged to us to happen sectarian balance within the military and end the era of ablation final “and the release of senior former regime without a trial and challenge him a deny all these facts.

Nujaifi said at a scientific conference at the University of Mosul, “said Maliki deceive his audience of our brothers is raising the slogan of the de-Baathification in the media” which is the same return of thousands of officers, private security and intelligence and intelligence in the era of the former regime and the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces filled with dozens of them, as well as team leaders who condemn his allegiance Asttnahm shred of ablation is the privilege of a double standard.

He Nujaifi wonder if you know drummers of the owners and Almstmaton for him that al-Maliki committed his coalition in the agreement of Arbil on the terms of less Maigal her humiliation of Iraqi Kurds for survival in the prime minister and not to leave for the position and supplements secret Convention revealed overturn the table it and can not undeniable because the Toukaaha personally. ”

Najafi and revealed that the “al-Maliki Astjdani in order to mediate for him to meet with the Saudi monarch and the latter refused Maliki has promised to sign a blank paper if the Custodian of the Two Holy agreed to receive him in Riyadh.

If Maliki were in such good political shape -Why is the Speaker of the Parliament (the guy who will preside over the vote to determine his future in office) outlining publicly the very core of his (Maliki’s) acts that got us here?? Najafi then finishes off with “he’s filling the military with Baathist loyalists, won’t hold up his end of the Obama deal that got him his job and the Saudi’s won’t even talk to him anymore.

If Maliki were in such good political shape – why is all this going on?? Short answer – he’s not.

Here are some interesting headlines…

Hassan Al-Alawi al-Maliki calls for resignation and surrender to the status quo through a written message

It appears even some MP’s close to Maliki are suggesting he resign…this may be a storyline to follow??

White: to withdraw confidence from the adventure is over thanks to Talabani, Maliki

Great – always good to hear from the “Waffle House” gang (because they are just barely big enough to fill the back booth at your local aWffle House ;) ) !!

Iraq: Some of our representatives signatories to withdraw confidence from the Maliki exposed to the temptations of (and) threatening phone calls

Good Ole’ Chicago, mob boss, politics at it’s finest!!

Urgent …Source: Allawi, Barzani is required not to undo the confidence of the Maliki

Sadr, Allawi and Barzani are in no mood to back down – no matter what bunk the Maliki “spin goons” put out. These three guys are serious…they haven’t forgotten how Maliki dealt with them over the last couple of years.

Iraq: Maliki Alasaib used to scare others

Maliki is using the military, special police and WEAPONS to scare others – NOOOO!!! You don’t say?!?

 *** Rumor Comments *** – June 8th!!

Rumor - We were mislead last night as someone stepped in and stopped the procedure.  Thus no major announcements.

Somebody is being mislead – that is for sure!!

Rumor – We are very close and all significant problems are resolved.  For security reasons. I cannot disclose the area I am not in IRAQ.

This is untrue – Maliki is a “significant problem” and he is not resolved – yet. The not being in Iraq is the only truth here!!


This is more over-embellishment. No biggie. It happens – usually when they run low. Especially with all the “Dong talk” lately. You can buy Dong from numerous outlets – right now. Will it happen – probably. Today or tomorrow – who knows? Is this a key indicator? Not even close.


The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, June 7, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay -  June 7, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Straight Talkin Mike's Transcription of the Recap of Tonight's News
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed  - the following is just Straight Talkin Mikes recap of the news discussed) 

Highlights from some of the CBI Economy News 

As we have talked about - this is another article about the building of the private sector - another positive step in the building of the economy in Iraq
We have drawn the plan out for you and we are moving forward with that plan - Outstanding to see from an economic standpoint the birth of this country and their economy
It is wonderful to see the private sector moving forward and the banks doing what they need to do - The Future of Iraq Project .....this is the Last Chapter - and we are watching it happen right before our eyes - Great News
We have heard in many articles IN THE COMING DAYS they are going to be doing X Y Z.....he was laying the groundwork for these Letters of Credit  and closing off the street vendors
Article again talking about the private sector
When you put these two articles together and as we we have been talking about them building the private sector you can now see what the plan of the CBI is and they are working it - stabilizing their economy and getting them moving...stabilizing pricing..stabilizing the dinar....very key when we talk about stability when you RV you can not have all of these things
in the way - This is like the last rabbit hole they have to close up - the street vendors - squeezing them out - they know what they are doing
Their plan is coming to fruition.....Awesome article

CBI ...WE KNOW THEY ARE READY.....LIKE CLOCKWORK....getting the private sector moving in the right direction

Government - Listen to the call for Straight Talkin Mikes recap of where we are before the articles...



CBI Rolling right along....they are trying to get things in place
with the last articles that we read - they are intent on really trying to keep tariffs moving forward and Shabibi is taking it seriously
They are opening up the State Banks to cash in - to give out dollars and exchange dinars for dollars and all that- giving them a lower rate than what they can find on the street - They are going to keep that rate within a 2% margin so they can squeeze the street vendors out so that the larger money will come to the bank because it will be a better deal....the average person still going to exchange on the street and pay a higher price - - thats what they will do but the larger dollars will come to the banks  because they won't want to pay 4%  of $4 million...$10 million..etc - in the article they used $400 million.....7, 8, 12% becomes huge dollars to these people who are transacting business - we found that most of these transactions are for goods coming thru Syria, etc..they are basically to pay for goods and pay for projects
They talked about the Letters of Credit coming in and these Letter of Credits will be able to keep the major players out of making more money on it - Its going to guarantee people on both sides - Its going to save the bigger customers who truly truly need the money to do what they are doing and transact the business will go ahead and do the Letters of Credit because it will be easier for them - they will save alot of money - 2 or 3 percentage points on $4 million is alot of money when you start to get up there 400 - 500 million
on large transactions you are going to have an easier way to make sure that your money is there - it lets them know where that money is truly going because they are both locked up - theres no middle man in the middle taking the cut - $1 million for himself and throwing out $3 or $4 million on the other side - funnelling that because thats what happening- when they talked about the smuggling, etc - its not really smuggling - its deal making and people making money off the exchanges of these currencies over there and they are getting really ready to shut that down.......
We like that....
Multiple Outlets to sell - The Finance Committe on Board - they are moving forward - they have stabillized their rate and they are continuing to stabilize their rate and hopefully Shabibi will be ready for the next major thing he is going to encounter which will be his tariffs coming up and ready to go


Maliki the cat of Nine Lives has certainly staved off vote of No-Confidence at this point...
Talabani has decided that he really wants to work this out amongst the presidencies and get everybody together
Kurds have kinda flown back to Kurdistan - hanging out there trying to figure out what there next possible plan of action is
and they realize they want to pressure - they want to get the 140 implemented and they want to get the things that have been decided on done and ready to go
We've got changeover coming in with America's US representation over there and the political ends can start putting pressure on them to get things done
Personally we don't have a dog in the race other than we want to see the government formed well enough so they can RV
and obviously Shabibi seems to be moving at breakneck speed to try and stave off these things to get this done
He wants to feel somewhat confident though he's not truly looking at the political situation more so than how it affects him...
If you have a government that wants to come and take your reserves for whatever crazy reason and take over your bank...you certainly would want to have all the laws passed that make it free and independent  - Once your banks are free and independent of the government then the government can do whatever it wants
They are not quite free and independent of the government yet so thats why there is concern from him - because he doesn't want to get something started and have the government take everything away from him - put him in jail and take over the banks because the way the laws are set up it favors that to a certain degree - He would like to see these legislative things done - get the Finance Committee on his side so they can pass all this legislation...get it done..get it thru - change regulation so that banks have more freedom to do the lending
We talked about lending to the people in the second article we read - lending to the people - getting small business loans to the people so they can do what they need to do to start their own businesses....just a tremendous plan being worked and moving forward from Shabibis side

From our side we are going to watch the way this political process plays out - What we want from the standpoint of the RV - We want to see 140 implemented - we read about the 140 Commission saying it is pretty much here - we have the groundwork laid for you guys - lets go ahead and figure out how to solve the 140..
Now some people will say well they are signing contracts then that means they must have it in place - Truly you can't have the 140 in place because they are telling us they don't - so it means all of these things being signed are unconstitutional - they can sign them but somewhere down the road when it comes time to pay or collect the people who are not being considered in the transaction which is either Baghdad or Kurdistan one of the two can come up and challenge these contracts - and the people left holding the bag are the oil companies people that signed them.....They are going to say well you signed them with these people....you knew there was supposed to be 140 but you went ahead and signed them with the Kurds anyway - then you say well we did it because we wanted to take early advantage of the situation - that was the risk they all took but that would take away so much and so much more money would flow at that point in time from the oil companies because they would know they are going to get paid and its not there - It doesn't mean they can not sign contracts..they can sign contracts all day - its just the constitutionally of those contracts....so keep that it mind
We are rigorous thinkers - we don't take things for granted -we look at the logical conclusions and say this is what they need
in order to be stable so they can exist in the business community because thats how business is done on contracts that are constitutional to the governments that are there...Thats the way it is done in the Middle East

We would like to see the ministers seated - that would be great to start sharing the power - Give these people more power - the Kurds and the other people that need it - truly if he gets 140 passed the Kurds will probably be a little less aggresive on that side
because you know what they truly know that each region is going to have their own support - their own armies, etc - not really well defined just yet - those battles can be fought down the road a little bit longer because they really don't have a huge army like Sadam did at the time he was there - It will take them a long time to build that up for projection purposes so I think you can see alot of these things going on....we are settling down now with everything we see out there

We read about the violence going away  - We talked about more people coming back...its getting safer over there so people are coming back - we discussed the government is starting to punch out some money to the families and people - what better thing can you do to start the middle class and get them going - RV your money - give them value - give them more purchasing power so they can actually start to buy and want to invest, etc....This economy will Boom with all these things happening.....
Remember the taxes tariffs are probably not so bad.....having those there they can start to restrict the flow of money going in and out of the country to keep alot of that in the country while they are moving thru this implementation of the RV of their currency
So lots of positive things happening when you put it all into perspective
And of course we talked about the taxes and tariffs are getting done...pushes it thru quicker and quicker

Mike and Tim discuss "Currency Classifications"
Exotic Currencies now called Emerging Market Currencies...
Great information to read - Check out the link under News Articles below and on our website

And there you have it...
Straight Talkin' Mike On The Straight Talk Express
Bringing You Another Night of Positive News!

The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.'s News Coverage
for Thursday, June 7, 2012


Good is called an advance of 5 million percent salary

Iraq is trying to once again support the dinar and the dollar to stop the flow of outside

Deputy: open multiple outlets to sell the dollar is good, and does not affect the cash reserve



Jaafari confirms the continuation of efforts to eliminate the problems that hinder the progress of the political process

The Commission on the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution issued its fifth annual

Internal resettlement to end in Iraq soon

Iraq Taxes and tariffs law ready for implementation



What a great night of news, analysis and discussion and Q & A 
Listen to the call for all the rest of the news shared and more during the Q & A

We are getting closer every day......GET R DONE!!

Conference Call Replay -  June 7, 2012
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