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6-1-2012 BGG: We're in the last minutes of the game folks. There will be a MAGNIFICENT amount of back-and-forth.  Maliki is a true dictator. Do not expect him to lie down and quit.  He knows he will face MASSIVE charges, no matter what. He has nothing to lose.  I don't think the WC (world Court) even has a say here.  Maliki is dreaming up ways to scare everyone.

Economists claim to study the reality of the market and the impact upon the application of tariff, 1 JUNE

Economists claim to study the reality of the market and the impact upon the application of tariff

02/06/2012 0:00

reiterated a number of those interested in economic affairs invited to study the reality of the local market traders and orientations towards the customs tariff and its impact on the reality of the market, wondering about the knowledge of applicants applying this approach the mechanics work border crossings and how it is Dealing with incoming goods to the country.

He pointed to the importance of interested customs tariff in most countries of the world and it provides a civilized system of imports to the budgets of the countries that have sophisticated border ports on the completion of transactions during the period of time not to exceed a few hours supplements as well as other economic utilized when applying customs tariffs in economic development.

economic expert, Mohammed Yasin, in an interview (morning) stressed the importance of customs tariff in the country to activate the role of local production through the creation of ability to compete with imported goods of whether they are in the sectors of industry and agriculture. He pointed to the importance of the adoption of the tariff at the precise adoption ensures smooth entry of goods are pleased that it depends on the nature of what comes out of the instructions governing the entry of goods into Iraq, and stressed that there are special committees following the border crossing points before After the adoption of this system, and pointed out that the imposition of fees on the material must be employed towards the service sector, which shall be subject to tariffs, so they can be as recruitment fees that are imposed on agricultural products to support the agricultural sector in the country, especially in the field of agricultural research, which works to stimulate agricultural production. Yassin and demanded the need for coordination between tariffs and those who made it and the devices or laboratory testing companies that work on the examination of goods entering through the border crossings and achieve the results during the periods do not affect negatively on the reality of import, which provides what is missing from the Iraqi market goods and different materials is one of the necessary requirements in the life of Allowatun. He pointed to the importance that there should be a working system for accurate Aistgl tariff for the purpose of personal benefit and do the process of blackmailing importers and their implications for the citizen.

As the honored competent commercial Mahdi Al Shammari said that the customs tariff system in developing countries, in particular for its role in maximizing the resources of the country, but in Iraq it is different from developing countries and to be here to answer that question Do we have the useful ability to apply a customs tariff, and built-Shammari said the answer to this system we can not apply the current time for many reasons not to stand in the forefront of civil outlets that serves as the border ports broken and suffer from corruption cases, continuous, in addition to not having the border outlets to sophisticated mechanisms of action that suits the volume of imports entering the country, and said the treatment done in neighboring countries within an hour of time in the outlets completed three days and the perception of the size of the suffering experienced by the importer in natural conditions and pointed out that the presence of new doors for corruption when applying tariff in its current form stems from the variation in the proportion of tariff, where the intervention of the day thousands of containers that contain more than one article here and become a special tariff for each subject and it is easy to reduce the proportion of material that high tariffs and tariffs that raise a few article which accept this form of manipulation and can not be applied customs tariff.
He said the need to apply tariffs gradually on materials entering the country after the development of border crossing points. He called on members of parliament Shammari need to go to the border crossing points and unannounced visits regularly to determine when the truth of what is being seen and where the momentum happening there, and the extent of their eligibility to apply this system. He pointed to the importance of benefiting from the Ibrahim Khalil border port and how things are going in this port, although the density of commercial traffic, which cover 30 percent of the country’s need of goods, where the treatment is accomplished in two or three different case with in other ports. He pointed out that the percentage of profits for the dealer will rise in the adoption of the law of gravity, but the biggest burden will fall on low-income citizens.

The Director General of Customs Munther Abdel Amir that the application of the tariff at this time is not accurate and we have to so they can be reviewed in this issue because rates and timing of the adoption of the tariff is not appropriate, and pointed to the importance of promoting domestic production by the imposition of the tariff system, although it is one universal requirements of the international customs. But we need more time and do the exploitation rates of the importer in some ports and can not apply the rules at all border crossing points currently.



generals64] AndieZ1 :...dinar Trade UK ....Waxahachie, Texas has stopped selling the VND...I'll give you the lady's name if you want it...We talked with her this morning...

[xyz] generals64 why stop today?

 [generals64] xyz :...I don't know....there was mention of an in country RV for them...and this is just what the lady told us this morning...Haven't verified the RV for them but did verify the Stop sell.

[rvers] generals64 WF is not selling, said they couldn't keep up with the demand. Who knows if that is true or not.

[ [generals64] rvers :...Wells Fargo told the bank negotiators that yesterday...

[AndieZ1] rvers - did you try to purchase some vnd today?

rvers] AndieZ1 My sister did. I ordered mine a week ago and picked it up today.

generals64] AndieZ1 :..WF said " they had no reliable source to purchase it
AndieZ1] xyz - yes, that is interesting.... the banks aren't selling but the dealers are.... it may be possible they reject the order as well - haven't heard if that happened to anybody

[paintgirl***] generals64 WF stopped selling VND too...I verified that today when I went to pick upi the VND that I ordered from them last week....North Carolina

twisted1967] AndieZ1 no disrespect but seems there's been so many posts but no answers.....what about the news saying tis was it???

AndieZ1] twisted1967 - when the bank packages come out - they will have specific instructions about what you're supposed to do - so don't worry about that too much hugs

generals64] AndieZ1 :...the entire thing is very simple...The packages are really nothing more than code rates and the perks the bank has to offer...As you know, there are more wanna be heroes out there than need to be...The guys who have negotiated with Wells Fargo ahve done a great job....The banks in Canada is a different thing and the guys are trying to make that happen today...

twisted1967] generals64 well since there are so many rumours about theses bank packages being worthless in Canada for starters

[generals64] twisted1967 :...Bank packages right now were done for the US Citizens...the question was presented to Studley and we talked last night and he is trying to get something in place right now. once again, there are too many rumors floating around and our guys are right on it...

BWM] I see the bank packages are in the "news"... let me explain something... "packages" are nothing more than services offered to a client in lieu of their agreement to participate in a particular offering. Something like additional insurance, credit cards, etc.

WITH a stipulation that you participate in a fashion that has requirements for you to do (in other words, keep 20% of your balance on deposit for X months) so please don't get caught up in something that is already part of their offerings as something special... they will want your business and the codes are merely there to help keep the playing field level regardless of the amount of dinar you have.


raptor22] Footforward what happened to rv today?

 [footforward] raptor22 i dont know yet. not to worried about it. moving on and looking for it any time

MrMiyagi] footforward good evening...was hoping for an RV weekend, do you think possible?

 [footforward] MrMiyagi anything is possible

 [oublood] footforward you must be on top of things , I just got a call and said done !!!! hope it comes true !!!but I have heard it before !!

[footforward] oublood lets just see what pops up

BGG] Here's my take - the meeting to "oust Maliki" had started earlier (or will start sometime late today) and based on the outcome (and another snippet of an article) they may well have the emergency session and take the actual vote somtime over the next 72 hours.


Sugar Pie] After they vote and M loses doesn't he then have 72 hours to "comply"?

 [BGG] Sugar Pie - Doubt it - bottom line, there just isn't enough time left to make everyone happy. He's porked!!

[Meatman4dinar] He's in he's out, he's in, he's out, he's in he's out, he's in, he's out, he's in, he's out.,....................

[BGG] Meatman4dinar - HE'S GONE...all this cr@p he just pulled with the military and threatening anyone who votes against him with Integrity commission and terroriam (legal) cases just sealed his fate folks. QUIT WORRYING - it's just a matter of time now.

BGG] It will not shock me to see this starting to show up on Fox news anytime soon.

[BGG] as the "the Iraq crisis"...

 [Sugar Pie] BGG - that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! TY!


Randy Koonce - breaking news 

How you Makin it xxxxxxx
Just dropping a note to keep you up on what is happening... Parliament convened and the paperwork was submitted to remove Maliki. Maliki now has 3 days to respond, we should see some movement tomorrow to that effect in the paper there would be options for Maliki

1. would be to announce the GOI
2. would be to resign
3. to go through the no confidence vote.

Since paperwork is in they have 3 days before the vote so now we wait for the parliament to be called into session which could happen on Sunday or Monday.....

If we get that far then they vote and Maliki would be gone, they then have 7 days to replace maliki with someone else.

The News is moving fast this stuff should show on main news agency.

Breathe Maliki is still in until the above happens but we are beginning to get on a time table.

Once one of the three things above starts then we will have a time table........
So breathe and relax things are coming to an end. I hope this helps.
Good Question...........Next Question.


5-29-2012 BEAR5642: Was on a conference call and I'm excited.  I honestly feel we will see this RV this week and Iraq has well stated their intentions to revalue period.  Mark my words, Iraq will exceed China in less than 2 years.  Microsoft has just launched in Iraq.  They have the largest oil reserves untouched, largest Gold untouched, largest copper untouched, shall I go on?  Not counting with the RB they will be richest nation on the planet and do it with all assets based currency.  So, really excited is an understatement.  Read my lips, I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt we are in possession of a very profitable asset.  My contact in Iraq never told me he is personal friends with Maliki and I asked why he didn't tell before all of this and his response "you never asked me."


6-1-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   I got a phone call that the emergency meeting this evening in Iraq was called to finish gathering the total votes to oust Maliki. We should hear his removal tomorrow sometime and then what procedures they will follow to replace him and activate all the necessary programs to give us all our blessing. This is from a good source but...be patient until the facts come out that it did happen. 

6-1-2012  Intel Guru Jonnywg The die is CAST...The paperwork is done and yet we sit and WAIT...We are still in a good position but the cashin would be better...i hear rumbles all day but nothing yet...we are expecting info and will report as it happens...maliki is for show...China is the power and usa is the vehicle to launch.

6-1-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3  [via BGG]  He did just get word in that the meeting to "oust Maliki" started about 3 hours ago...we'll wait and see the outcome.

6-1-2012  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy   We see a lot of reports coming from the CBI referencing "delete the zeros," "raise the zeros" and "remove the zeros." This information campaign is the Central Banks' way educating the public of the upcoming changes and give them reason to believe that soon they will again be able to have confidence in their own currency, and that the goal of their leaders is to eventually de-dollarize the economy. This is a sensitive balancing act. Furtiveness is imperative to the process. They must delicately educate the public without announcing to the world their plans to raise the exchange rate equal to, or higher than the USD. Removing of the zeros refers to the collection of the larger notes from circulation. It doesn't directly refer to the specific rate change, more to the process of introducing the new currency. ["continued in post 2...stay tuned"]

6-1-2012  Newshound Guru Doc  The question we continually get is will the current Maliki saga ever end?  We contend the answer is yes.  What that looks like is still up for debate.  Voice of Iraq reported yesterday  "Talabani agreed during a meeting yesterday with a number of political leaders to request the withdrawal of confidence from the government of Maliki if he gathered from the collection of signatures [164] deputies," noting that "this figure was exceeded because the Iraqi collected signatures [79] deputies, and that Kurdistan Alliance on the verge of collecting signatures [55] as well as Deputy Vice-block signatures to the Liberals and the amount of [40] vice."  If this is accurate the opposition has 174 votes and will be able to remove Maliki. The article went on to reportthe signatures would be presented to Talabani within two days and a vote of no confidence requested.  Honestly we don't care if Maliki relents and agrees to implement Ebril and pass the HCl.  Either way we maintain we win.  ["continued in post 2...stay tuned"]

6-1-2012  Newshound Guru Mike   for every zero that they don’t delete its going to do damage to them if they don’t remove those zeroes …and when I say remove the zeroes…I mean adjust that rate. THEY ARE POUNDING THE DRUMS AT THE CENTRAL BANK and they are MOVING FORWARD – and the drums keep on saying ADD VALUE TO THE CURRENCY…ADD VALUE TO THE CURRENCY.

6-1-2012  Intel Gurus Frank26 & Delta   Maliki is working hard to get coordination with the CBI (note)...It's happening right now.   U.S. is happy with Maliki and Maliki was told to clean up the mess in the GOI in the next few days.  June 7, IMF and GOI are going to meet...Hmmmmm. June 15, UNSC meeting with GOI for chapter 7 release.  Kuwait said on Iraqia TV- They want Iraq released from chapter 7 right away. The belief is the IQD has a very good chance of going up to an acceptable international rate between June 1- 7.


6-1-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   got a call at 4:30 am saying...several....other countries asking to rv prior to iraq because of all their delays have been given permission to rv on their own...confirmed.  No timing for this has been given and it is not known what countries are included but we know vn has permission. The caller, to remain annonimous, says he thinks all of them will rv prior to june 15th but that was only his opinion?? 

6-1-2012  Newshound Guru Mike    Jeffries was one of the architects for this over there when it was first implemented -he’s now talking about getting the banking system moving and moving forward quickly – ALMOST LIKE THEY ARE DRIVEN TO GET ALL OF THIS DONE.


Ok Folks 6-1-12...This is... OUR WEEK

My sources out of Jordan standing firm with this week being our blessing. This is not an opinion of theirs this is simply what they have been hearing over there in high up places this would be when the announcement would be made this week. This week! Be ready have all in place and secure..

.Many have been posting and stating what all you should be doing to prepare for when this goes down...I pray that you took this advice and you are secure prepared and ready...I will be getting a phone call later today and will post in this thread what I can post about the phone call I am receiving later today...Thanks CC 






[movielife] I absolutely hate to say this, but it really is starting to feel like Malliki is the hold up unless you can let us know otherwise why?

.jonnywg] movielife MALIKI IS FOR SHOW ....................... CHINA IS THE POWER AND USA IS THE VEHICLE TO LAUNCH



peaches105] .jonnywg but that dosent mean we cant cash in right




[wango1] .jonnywg Any word on poor little VND?


jorel] .jonnywg if the VND screens are blank ... isn't that a GREAT sign of something's brewing ...

[sailman] .jonnywg Will we be able to use the Rates and perks given by WF to help in negotiating here in Canada ???




 [SWFloridaGuy] We see a lot of reports coming from the CBI referencing "delete the zeros," "raise the zeros" and "remove the zeros." This information campaign is the Central Banks' way educating the public of the upcoming changes and give them reason to believe that soon they will again be able to have confidence in their own currency, and that the goal of their leaders is to eventually de-dollarize the economy.

This is a sensitive balancing act. Furtiveness is imperative to the process. They must delicately educate the public without announcing to the world their plans to raise the exchange rate equal to, or higher than the USD. Removing of the zeros refers to the collection of the larger notes from circulation. It doesn't directly refer to the specific rate change, more to the process of introducing the new currency.

 [SWFloridaGuy] When the time comes the CBI will send a new adjusted rate to the BIS (in accordance with the IMF and World Bank's approval and instruction) for release either alone or in a small basket back to all the Central Banks. The new rate will go live all around the world instantaneously.

 At that point people holding large notes will be given 2 choices: Trade in for lower denoms they can hold indefinitely or exchange for another currency, in our case USD.

The rate won't have to spend months "working it's way through the system" at our local Wells Fargo branch. This isn't about the US banks. This currency reform project will have global financial implications and the US will witness this the same time as the rest of the world.


[vic1] I have decided to do a SPECIAL Call tonite! We are getting alot of Information! Joey and Myself and the rest of the GATEKEEPERS brought out an Article on March 20th...That was the article that said that Maliki...would RESIGN!!! Well...Looks like the JERK OF BAGHDAD...IS DONE! So, GATEKEEPERS will do a special call ...LET'S GET THIS PARTY ....STARTED!!! The Gatekeepers Team ...(760) 569-7676....Pin# 378652..8 PM EDT.one of the MODS...Please POST!!! Very Important info!!! Vic1

[vic1] Remember...I have always....thanked Okie! You all know that Many....people have tried to keep all in a grounded way! Okie, i have always said...I respect you and love you...always with respect and as always....thank you and all the men and women whom are serving and Have served our country!!! God bless America and all of the people of the world!!! We will top this rock...called mt.^ dinar!!!
[vic1] Patience has been the Hardest thing for many! Yet, When we Thought we were at our last bit...and could not go ON.... Someone....named, Jesus Christ....the king of kings....picked us up and carried us! Thank you...heavenly father for giving us ...jesus!!! Jc4life...always!!! Vic1
[vic1] Three Wise men...knew of the coming!!! They set out on foot to see...the king of kings!!! Following the north star!!! That promise that was given to us, which is our lord and savior....jesus christ... Is and will always remain...our "greatest rv"! The revaluation of our hearts and souls!!! Never ever doubt the love of our father!!! No matter how hard times are...think of job!!! Could anyone of us handled half...of what job experienced? Who...are we to complain!!! All glory to our father...abba!!!
[vic1] thank you all...please receive my words with joy and laughter... God loves all his kids! No more sadness in anyone! No need to stress ...KEEP your minds clear! We have much work in front of us to accomplish!!! We take a short break...then get busy!!!
[[vic1] gypsymama...thank you and all the mods! This has been my stomping grounds ...okie's house...is my house! I come to my brothers home with my head held high...and say...respect in order to be respected! #777
[vic1] love you all! God is great! Always and forever and aday ...AND then some!!! 


[BGG] From Poppy-  He did just get word in that the meeting to "oust Maliki" started about 3 hours ago...

[BGG] we'll wait and see the outcome.

[Poofer] I don't recall anyone giving intel/information out yesterday saying it was going to RV last night, today, etc. But look at WF and all the intel/information providers putting themselves out there with wonderful information. Now are our expectations too high, maybe. Let' re-read the info again.

righton] I don't know when we will arrive at the gate. Yesterday's announcement simply told us to "put the seat back up, replace the tray tables, and store items taken out during the flight because we are preparing for landing." It wasn't said that we had arrived.

Poofer] Until we can manage our own expectations, then we are going to be disappointed. Today is a wonderful day. Relax and enjoy.

Angel] I have a new word for the day.......exhaustipated.............meaning too tired to give a crap

[Digs] rvers i was at my bank last week, (very slow bank, hardley any walk-in traffic).. the teller & platform girls were both talking about the VND, they both got their delivered right before i walked in... 4-employees total in the branch, all 4-bought VND & own IQD
[mack69] A little birdy told me -----R.V. --------- R.V. -------- by 5pm E.S.T. !!!!!!!!!!!!

healthscans] jguy just received a call that we will know for sure by Sunday night what is really going on with Maliki. So you are right, I would look any time from now until Sunday night.

[~PETERSMA] drob1111 I don't think Studley would ever intentionally indicate 'tonight' = close. He knows it could be but he's a very experienced cautious person. I'm happy to hear 'soon' knowing or at least beliving in my opinion that soon means not a great distance out like a year or more that some are saying. I hope he means within the next week or two knowing that it could be any time. Like you, I wait and hope :)

[kittykat4fun] TODAY Would be a great day actually in my opinion we are going into the weekend it would give people time to settled down from the tremendous high they are going to be on before cashing in on a monday so i like fridays of a day to RV

 [kittykat4fun] spicegirl in my experience in this field i find Friday is the most common day for rving...

 [spicegirl] like i said i know it has happened in the past...i was just wanting to see what people thought about it..

[kittykat4fun] starwoman and you should listen to what they say. Studley is a very very smart person and i totaly listen to him i also have other sources and they jive a lot with what studley says

[~PETERSMA] starwoman We all have had our bumps and bruises, but you nailed it. Look not at the information but what's 'behind' the information. I've long held that when I see most intel providers saying the same thing it's either coordinated disinformation being fed to them or its right 'at the time' whether or not it pans out. When I hear / see Studley address us in coordination with an Okie post I tend to view that information very highly.

[wishinandhopin] i think the closest he would ever get is to say what he said, which is I wouldnt be here if i didnt think it were close

[wishinandhopin] trying to pin studley down any more than that just isnt gonna happen

[wishinandhopin] he is way too slick

starwoman] ~PETERSMA - This is an excellent point, and the fact that Studley is making the collaboration known is highly significant. Thanks for the reminder :)

[kittykat4fun] eagles4 people taking the steps to get it all in place is being done but like i think one of our great gurus said earlier.. it will all happen within seconds of deciding to do it. and everyone will know at that time

[kittykat4fun] eagles4 when this all falls into place.. people are going to be in shock overload cause they are to going to really know what to expect. and then bam it is here in the real... I think when people see the packages laid out for us they are going to explode with excitment and why I hope for a FRIDAY for the RV so i can calm down and not forget anything when i hit that bank

drob1111] Now would be a good time for it to happen

kittykat4fun] drob1111 yes it would i think for everyone so we can stop the rollercoaster ride and get on with all the great things we are going to do for our fellow men and women and children of this world

[paintgirl***] Ok...just got back from Well Fargo to pick up my VND and I asked them to verify IF they were still selling VND and they got on the phone with their foreign currency dept. and they confirmed that they are no longer selling it!!! Can anyone explain to me WHY they would stop selling it?????????

Breaking News!!, 1 JUNE

Breaking News!!

Political leaders met in KR able to withdraw confidence from Maliki, says Wardi

Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Liqa Wardi, of the Iraqiya Slate confirmed “The political leaders met in Kurdistan Region are able to withdraw confidence from the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki.” He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) “At the current stage the political leaders will focus on setting the plans to for the period after withdrawing confidence from Maliki and the nature of the next government.” “Many characteristics should be available in the next PM including that he must be able to lead a State rather than a Party, and to consider all Iraqis equally in addition to establishing the institutions of the State,” she concluded. /End/

Today will be very exciting – lots of news!! I put this up at the top - it was so HOT!!

P.S. also affirming statements I made sometime ago – these current meetings weren’t about the vote – they were about what comes after the vote.

Alert!! Alert!! More Breaking News!!

BAGHDAD – “squares of liberation”
Science site “squares of liberation” that Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki ended the meeting this afternoon in Baghdad with the “Council resolution,” in his “call” as well as those close to him in the “cell security crisis” and prominent leaders in the army squad of private security to discuss the measures are implemented in the event of withdrawal of confidence from it Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces at a previous meeting with senior military leaders

A source familiar with the atmosphere of the meeting that “the security arrangements are part of Maliki’s refusal to any attempt to remove him from power, even if this attempt unconstitutional and come across the methods of democracy,” saying it was “part of the pursuit of al-Maliki to announce the Government Tuari be under the sole ruler in the country and is Disable any monitoring device or a constitutional court. “ Prime Minister Maliki has hinted in an interview two weeks ago a journalist to the possibility of suspending the Constitution, as one of the possible options to end the political crisis, which means “the absolute control of power in the country.


Before we get too upset – key wording “Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces at a previous meeting with senior military leaders” - meaning this is not a current picture. It is from some point in the past. However, this type of scare tactic by Maliki means he is “pulling out all the stops”. They really have him worried. Going back to my earlier comments – I don’t think the Iraqi Regular Army will support this move…which is why there isn’t a current photo. JMHO.

6/01/12 UPDATE: My most current thoughts are – there will be a MAGNIFICENT amount of back-and-forth in the media in the last minutes of this game. Relax. We’re in a much better place than we were, say for instance, back in Feb.

There are two primary sources of bad info currently – Maliki’s gang of thugs, the NA/SLC MP’s. and the other side of the fence, the Erbil 5. Maliki’s gang are backed into a corner and there’s no way out…they are trying to “fabricate” a way. On the other hand – we have the Erbil 5. The Erbil 5 brand of “bad intel” is for another reason entirely. I have a sense the Erbil 5 have been telling the US whatever they wanted to hear to keep us off-balance. Us – as in, the United States - not “us” the investors. The opposition leadership does not trust the US or our weird association with Maliki. It is my belief they have been feeding our guys a line so we don’t pull some “last minute” miracle to save Maliki and his band of thugs. I don’t blame them one bit. They are fighting for democracy in their country – just the way it should be.

I want to thank everyone who has spread the word about the new Blog, made a post about us, told a friend or made a donation (at the bottom of the Blog page). You guys are spectacular – I am dead tired but very excited about how things have gone – Thank you so much!! BGG

We also added a donation link to the forum…Thank You for your help with the operating costs of the site… Any size donation is greatly appreciated… So, If you find our website, chats or blogs helpful – please make a donation at http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?3942-Donations-for-www.DinarUpdates.com We couldn’t do it without you!!

*** Current News ***

Iraq unveils a proposal to receive al-Maliki to accept his resignation in return for not pursuing it

Erbil, June 1 (Rn) – The Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi Friday received a proposal to accept Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resign from his position in return for guaranteeing not to pursue him for his tenure as prime minister for the years to six years. revealed the Iraqi List, for the collection of signatures more than 164 votes to withdraw confidence from the Government to be delivered later to President Jalal Talabani. did not announce Talabani, until now no one of his associates for his position on the withdrawal of confidence from the government, but a coalition of state law says that Talabani told him not responding to requests to send a letter of no-confidence government. said Hadi Zalmi spokesman for the National Accord Movement that fall under the Iraqi List, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “some circles that the endeavors to get out of the current crisis between state law and the other political parties put forward a proposal to provide Maliki’s resignation from office in return for guaranteeing not to pursue him for his first term and the second. “ said Zalmi that “this offer may have come to pay of al-Maliki himself after meeting Juma yesterday with (the head of the National Alliance, the House of Representatives Ibrahim) al-Jaafari and (President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar) Hakim,” noting that “Iraq has received offer will examine how serious and compatibility with the standards of the law will not go with any orientation violates the Constitution and the will of politicians. “being blocks the Sadrists and the Iraqi and Kurdistan Alliance consultations in Arbil on the possibility of overthrowing the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki across all signatures of 164 votes in the House. He has called in press statements, all political parties to discuss all the problems the country’s political in the context of the national meeting. and national meeting one of the solutions adopted by President Jalal Talabani, more than three months out of the political crisis, but the parties to a political notably the Iraqi List, refused to attend to him. Abdullah Sabri


This is just one more delay tactic by Maliki. I doubt anyone buys it. There has been a resignation deal on the table for sometime…so that part wasn’t big news. The big news is Maliki is the one who sent the offer to Allawi. However, what he’s asking for is to remain in office thru the end of his second term and then he’ll resign. No one cares – he won’t get a 3rd term. It will be made law long before that happens. He’s offering something they will get anyway. It is interesting he’s using the word resign all by himself though.

Khandan” published the names of the blocs and independent MPs who signed the request to withdraw confidence from the Maliki

Enable the site “Khandan” to get the names of the blocks and independent MPs who signed the request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with the continued efforts of the blocks of the three (the Iraqi List, the Kurdistan Alliance, the Sadrist movement) and other blocs, for all the signatures over to dismiss al-Maliki.

A source from within the National Alliance in a statement to “Khandan”: that the political blocs that have taken place until now to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, are:

1 – the Sadrists (40) deputies.

2 – the Iraqi National List (79) deputies.

3- Kurdish coalition blocs (49) Vice + MDC (8) Congress, the sum of the Kurds of Representatives (57).

4 – Vice-Christian component (3) deputies.

5 – Independent Representatives (Ahmad Chalabi, Sheikh Sabah al-Saadi, Hassan Al-Alawi, Manal al-Musawi, Safiya al-Suhail) (5) deputies.

6 – of the Iraqi white (Kazem al-Shammari, Aziz Mayahi).

The source added that the deputies of the Supreme Council who number (18) deputies would vote no-confidence vote during the session, do not want to sign now, pointing out that Christian MPs handed over their signatures to the President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani.


Ha!! It’s in the low 200′s – just like I said!!

Salem Daly: President Talabani will call an emergency session to withdraw confidence .. And a national consensus to replace Maliki

 MP said / the coalition in Iraq / Salem Deli, there is a national consensus to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, adding that the swords of the parliament held an emergency meeting at the invitation of President of the Republic of the vote to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki.

Daly said in a statement (of the Agency news) Friday: There is a national consensus and the desire of the majority of the political blocs to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki because of his performance, calling for Maliki to give up his job “without limitation or qualification.”

He added that the decision of the political blocs to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki came after Maliki’s refusal to implement all the agreements concluded between the blocks and rejected Balkien reforms therefore have no choice but to pull the blocks in front of him confidence.

He said the Attorney for the coalition in Iraq to: that the parliament will hold an emergency session in the near future at the invitation of President Jalal Talabani to be voted to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki.

The spokesman / coalition in Iraq / Maysoon al, demanded the prime minister to resign from his post in order to preserve his dignity, noting that people want to change the government for not providing services and the continuing security breaches, saying (the news): Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resign from his post in order to preserve dignity and the dignity of people, especially as there is national consensus on the withdrawal of confidence from.

Very interesting transition here – “swords of the parliament held an emergency meeting at the invitation of President of the Republic”…I suspect this is referring to the “leaders” in a meeting and not the full Parliament itself. In any case – very good reference. We’re winding right down to the end. I don’t think there will be any choice – they will have to relieve Maliki of his office. In the end there won’t really be a choice.

Maliki threatens lawmakers and politicians to open their files in the event of signing a withdrawal of confidence from it and coordinate with the Arab group in Kirkuk

BAGHDAD – “squares of liberation”

Threatened to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s deputies and politicians to open their files in the event of signing a withdrawal of confidence from it, started to coordinate and at several levels with the “Arab group” in Kirkuk, which will meet him on Saturday in order to escalate the situation, the so-called disputed areas. A political source is reliable, that “al-Maliki threatened to lawmakers and politicians in the past two days and through a lot of Azlamh, open files, were fabricated in which the charges under the headings of terrorism and corruption to dissuade them from moving forward with confidence from it.”


Does it shock anyone when a thug acts just like a thug?? Maliki is telling all the MP’s that he’ll be opening fabricated “terrorism” and “corruption” cases against them if they vote against him. Let me give them a hint – if this is his how he’s acting now…you don’t have much time before he dissolves the full GOI and you don’t have a job anyway. Time to “man up” and have the vote!!

P.S. the intelligence community refers to this guy as a “blue collar, union boss type thug” – fact.

alternative-Maliki will be exclusively from the National Alliance

Said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, said Friday that an alternative Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the event of withdrawal of confidence from it will be exclusively from the National Alliance, noting that all political forces believe so.

Moqtada al-Sadr said in response to a question from one of his followers over the post of prime minister after the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki, and received “Alsumaria News”, “the candidate of the National Alliance is at peace with it all, and working on all parties.”

Al-Sadr called in earlier in the day Friday, to hold a referendum to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, while the condition of the participation of all the official and popular in it, and under the supervision of independent organizations, stressed the need for education for the referendum and not against it.

Comes Sadr’s call after hours to detect the governor of Nineveh province ethyl Najafi, on Thursday (31 May 2012), that the number of deputies who signed the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has so far exceeded the required quorum, stressing that, including deputies for the National Alliance, with The leader of the coalition of state law Chihod Mohammed, governor of Nineveh province to talk reminds us of the “dictatorship of Saddam,” stressing that the project adopted by the regional countries and the funds allocated to him, urged the Sadrists not to be dragged behind the project

The opposition choosing an “interim” from the National Alliance solves a lot of potential issues before they “get off the ground”. No one wants to reform the whole GOI – just Maliki and a few key “henchmen”. Giving the “caretaker” PMship to an NA member will also smooth a few “ruffled feathers” and leave the bulk of the GOI intact. Makes perfect sense…

  Here are some interesting headlines…

MP calls for Maliki central and southern governates to step up its claim to declare the regions in the event of withdrawal of confidence from the government

This is the dumbest threat yet – if they oust Maliki, Basra and the Southern provinces will declare “autonomy” – go ahead, see how that works out for ya’!! The Kurds have been trying for years – they have their own free-standing army and they can’t get it done.

Hashemi’s case postponed until June 19

Surprise, surprise…told ya’. This is a hinky, political, fabricated, witch hunt and now they’ll try to put it off till this thing in Baghdad is handled.

Means to consolidate National Alliance discussed

Of course they need to consolidate…like I said – they are “fractured” into a bunch of pieces – most of them siding with the opposition!!

Post-Maliki era discussed, three candidates expected, MP 

Likely candidates being Jaafari, Al-Suhail and likely that other character (who scares the “Dickens” out of me!!)…

*** Rumor Comments *** – June 1st!!

Who needs rumors when the real news is this juicy!!

Rumor -  No further comment, other than “Let’s be careful out there”!!


The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, May 31, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay -  May 31, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Straight Talkin Mike's Transcription of the Recap of Tonight's News 
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed  - the following is just Straight Talkin Mikes recap of the news discussed) 

Basically the Central Bank  is moving forward with their plan to bolster the private economy
We discussed they want to bring the private banks into the circle where the government controlled the two banks and all the banking transactions - they want to open that up and let the private banks have that - Its part of what they haven't done in their laws...there are small laws that need to be done
They talked about the money laundering and the CBI came out once again saying we've got a really good idea of whats going here...and theres really not alot of money laundering - what we really need to do is have an official exchange rate and banks that you can officially go to and get that exchange ratre that is happening now -
So now the street vendors are squirming and squirelling because they can no longer do business and make tons of money on what they were doing - because you can go to the local banks just like you can here and get the dinar cheaper than what the guys are selling it for on the streets at the exchange rate that the CBI has set
So they are excited - that's helping to stablize their economy and move forward with the plan - and they are moving forward with the things they need to get done inside their economy
We discussed how important it is as Shabibi talked about last week to get the private sector moving  - you have to grow ...you can give alot of value to your currency but if people are not working and they don't have any place to go and earn more and become productive citizens inside the economy then it just dies - so you have to have that private sector to support your economy....you have to have people who are bakers, etc...all those things that start up that everybody does to do the things that they do to make everything work the way it is supposed to work - People can grow and move out of the lower class to the middle class and they can start building and structuring their economy - when you work for the government you are just going to have one salary - it will raise a little bit - but there is no incentive for you to go out and start a business and do something different thats going to employ people and all that other good stuff

We discussed there is something going on with the No-Confidence Vote of Maliki - Talabani supposed to take something to the Head of the  Parliament tomorrow - things don't usually happen on Fridays...so look for it Saturday or Sunday - looks like they were struggling to collect these signatures - line up and get all of their ducks in a row as we have said before - so they are moving forward
And there's always that last minute chance Maliki will just do everything expected of him and say okay pysche I was just kidding....everybody reset let's go back to what we were doing...because I really want to stay in power

It's truly more about getting this economy off the ground than it truly is what value that currency has to these people...Remember that - they are doing things to get themselves to a point where they can have the economy that supports what they have....they have oil....they need to have other things going other than oil - they have gold they have to get out of the ground - they have all of these things that they need to do in order to add value and of course they are still talking add value and give the stature back to it that it had - if they are using dolllars...I don't care what anyone says....at some point in time they have to make the dinar better than the dollar....period - or people won't use it...so it has to at least have the purchasing power of more than a dollar at some point in time for this economy to work - and that is why we watch this to see whats that is going to be and where it is going to be - Noone knows exactly whats going on - everybody can speculate whats going on with all of that but you cant

We discussed the Oil and Gas Law - as we have discussed they need to get it passed so they can get these contracts going out

We talked about how many companies running over to Iraq to invest.....they are not heading over there with the idea they are going to be broke or that it is not going to work out for them and they have much more to lose than we do - they have billions of dollars in these contracts and they are willing to wait and be patient for however long it takes them to realize what will happen with their investment dollars in the future
Everybody needs to think that way....lots going on ...and its all Good......

If you missed the discussion speaking about truth....what your beliefs are.....It was just one of those days you just shake your head.....All My Rumors....The Young and the Clueless..etc.

And there you have it...
Straight Talkin' Mike On The Straight Talk Express
Bringing You Another Night of Positive News!

The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.'s News Coverage
for Thursday, May 31, 2012


Central Bank plans to convert the  private banks to large financial institutions

Central Bank puts the controls to  combat money laundering

Central Bank: Iraq gets more foreign currency than sell


Electrodes confirms collect 168 signatures of no-confidence-Maliki and Barzani,  Talabani will hand over the lists to Friday

Damluji: We got the  support of more than half the members of Parliament to present a request to  withdraw confidence from the Maliki

Source: Barzani signatures will be presented to the House of  Representatives Talabani today or tomorrow to withdraw confidence from the  Maliki

The oil minister for "news": the House of Representatives to expedite the adoption of the oil law

Iraqi Young People : We have Our Own World


What a great night of news, analysis and discussion and Q & A 
Listen to the call for all the rest of the news shared and more during the Q & A

We are getting closer every day......GET R DONE!!

Conference Call Replay -  May 31, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

As Always.... Discussion and Analysis of the Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News....Pre & Post RV Information...Q & A

Every Tues, Thurs & Sun 8PM EST
760-569-7676  769478# or 712222#

CBI plans to convert private banks to large financial institutions , 1 JUNE

CBI plans to convert private banks to large financial institutions

31/05/2012 02:55
BAGHDAD / Center News for the Iraqi Media Network – The Central Bank of Iraq that he plans to convert the private banks to large financial institutions after the approval of the Government to amend Law No. 94 of 2004 on the integration of private banks small banks-governmental organizations.
Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed’s (center news network Iraqi media) that “the central bank does not currently have the legal authority for the integration of private banks, but has the power of persuasion literature to integrate the private banks.” said the appearance that “the central bank awaiting the approval of the Government to amend Act No. 94 of 2004 for the integration of private banks with the government to make large financial institutions .
He added that “the State-owned banks dominate 92% on the domestic market and that private banks do not exceed its dominance of the 10%, which does not take space from the Iraqi market.” and concluded by saying “when the government’s approval to integrate the private banks will handle the central bank with all government and private banks on the same laws recognized when the central bank. ” and emphasizes the CBI that the number of private banks arrived in Iraq to 40 banks while capital is still weak and need to be that banks more aggressive with each other to form a capital strong. and seeks the Iraqi Central Bank to restructure private banks in line with the general structure of the Iraqi market and the nature of his relationship with other global markets.

Deputy for Iraq: no agreement on holding an emergency session to withdraw confidence from the Government, 1 JUNE

Deputy for Iraq: no agreement on holding an emergency session to withdraw confidence from the Government

Date: Friday, 01-06-2012 12: 12 pm
Baghdad (newsletter) … The leading Iraqi pool confirmed Deputy/Iraqi/coalition of rational political blocs Zebari, which met in Erbil and Najaf and Sulaymaniyah, not yttarko until now to hold an emergency session to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
Zebari told reporters (News Agency news) on Friday: the figures collected to withdraw confidence in Maliki, permanently incomplete, and the leaders of political blocs who met did not confer them at an emergency meeting to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, referring to the difficulty of forecasting in the image of the end of the political situation and it claims to replace Maliki.
Iraqi Deputy said: (the Iraqi list, Kurdish Coalition, comrades) in addition to independents, continuing to hold meetings and dialogues on withdrawal of confidence in Maliki


6-1-2012 Poppy3: I wanted to let you know about a phone call I got, that the emergency meeting this evening in Iraq was called to finish gathering the total votes to oust Maliki. 

We should hear his removal tomorrow sometime and then what procedures they will follow to replace him and activate all the necessary programs to give us all our blessing. 

This is from a good source but I warn everyone to be patient until the facts come out that it did happen. This sounds very legitimate. Gods love to all.Poppy3

Jun 1 6:11 AM [poppy3] going back to bed but got a call at 4:30am saying that what i stated last week about other countries asking to rv prior to iraq because of all their delays and they confirmed several have been given permission to rv on their own. 

No timing for this has been given and it is not known what countries are included but we know vn has permission. The caller to remain annonimous says he thinks all of them will rv prior to june 15th but that was only his opinion?? 

This could be good news but that is also unknown at this time. Now sorry rich friends i will try and get some more sleep. Poppy3

This article shows China and Japan moving further away from the USD as a reserve currency. ( HISTORIAN POST), 1 JUNE

This article shows China and Japan moving further away from the USD as a reserve currency. 
They have now opened up direct foreign exchange trading between their currencies.

JapanToday.com | June 1, 2012 10:00 am JST | China and Japan begin direct currency trading | SHANGHAI — China and Japan started direct currency trading on Friday as Beijing marked another stage on its journey to foster the yuan’s use internationally in line with its growing economic clout….. Foreign exchange traders began swapping Japanese yen for the Chinese unit without having to use the US dollar as an intermediary currency when the market opened in Tokyo….. The new system paves the way for “full-fledged direct exchange trading,” Japan’s Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Tuesday..... China is Japan’s largest trading partner, but about 60% of their mutual trade is denominated in U.S. dollars.http://www.japantoday.com/category/business/view/china-and-japan-begin-direct-currency-trading

For related articles and an earlier announcement by China and Japan to trade using their currencies - and bypass the USD - see my post of May 23, 2012.http://www.thegetteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,34159.msg57673.html#msg57673

What I find most significant is the increasing frequency of articles that announce movement away from the USD and Fed Reserve system by the world's major economies.

Have a great day! :  Historian




Anyone signing up will get the codes directly......................... We thank the negotiators for clarifying this ................. As stated no name, address or personal info needed.................... by Friday we will have over 10,000 people registered. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Our package will include extras as we will have a link to the pre negotiated BANK PACKAGE in the email sent with the Bank Cash in Codes.


[generals64] petra161 1+1 :...I have read all the recaps and promises out there already this morning....I have had my daily dose of Chewing outs.....I know what was said and I read the statement. This is being handled so professionally I am amazed.....Studley and his partner have done a great job and I am standing along side of them.

Some of the stuff printed out there is just assumptions...Remember that....There is a goal in mind and we all (even the others) are on the right track....now, don't go buy a bunch more because I said that...This is the silliest deal I have ever been in....Quit worrying and enjoy your life and new found friends....When this happens...You will be so surprised as to how easy it is.

You'll also see just how strict and professional this group (which you are involved with) has been....Lying to you guys is not my forte' and most of you know that....I have been banned from a lot of sites for making the leaders tell the truth....just quit worrying....The cash out procedure is going to be so, so simple if you know how to follow instructions...
[homeschoolmama] generals64 I totally agree!!!! As much as we need this the Iraqi people need it more....I pray it is soon but life goes on till then so we just keep going forward!!! I so appreciate all of the mods and intel providers for keeping us all up on the info

cantwait] generals64 GM Do you have any idea what the HOLD UP might be???? seriously –

[generals64] kyf58 :...would you believe me if i told you????

[kyf58] generals64 The cash out process will be good, I have all the confidence in the world about that. I think we, all of us, are looking for a more defined date of when the RV may happen. So many predications without results.....just saying. Thanks so much for all that you do for us!

[generals64] ready4riches ;...It's imperative that we all follow the instructions that we will receive....I am signed just like everyone else....It's that simple....

 [generals64] kyf58 :.....First, there is absolutely NO WAY that anyone will tell us when this is going to happen...Think about it....If they gave a specific time and told everyone then all the world would be buying the dinar etc. There are people (mainly lurkers) that take too much to heart. So, when the date is established we'll probably know about it about 2 minutes before we see it.....

[lynncool] generals64 what made studley and you and everyone put out all the info yesterday if we aren't VERY CLOSE?? Ty

[generals64] lynncool :...think about it.....

[codreamer59] lynncool Truly - read between the lines.

[generals64] Now, back to kyf58's question....My Promise as is Studley's and kcmana and the rest of the group is to make sure you guys know as fast as we do....If all the leaders and intel people would bond (or band) together this would be a very simple process. You guys...kcmana and those people have done it right....Even the banks are impressed with all of the scheduling, logistices and professionalism...

generals64] You guys, i know these people....I have spent so much time talking with them and comparing notes....The leasers of this site are doing all they can to make this come out smoothly.....This should be done from what I am hearing...Also, it's within the banks not the countries...Read recaps where they are discussing the transference of Japanese Yean and the Chinese Yuan....

 [generals64] Just tell you stories and give out recipes and be calm...You will need to be settled in when you start the Currency Exchange process....Why Wells FArgo??????????Because Wild Bill Hickok worked for them and because my Grandmothers Cousins robbed their Coaches...Kin to the Younger boys...yikes....

 [generals64] Seriously...Wells FArgo made the best offer and gave the best service and made it easier for you guys....it's that simple...

 [cantwait] generals64 I appreciate all that you, Studley and Kcmana have done for this group. I plan events and I know how much work goes into organizing. I'm also sure there are many others that have worked behind the scenes. Big thanks to them as well. hugs

bamanana] generals64 Someone posted that their bank (WF) was going to charge 10%.......is that possible?

[generals64] no

Digs] generals64 based on yesterday's "announcements" i would suspect that WellsFargo is getting bombarded with new clients opening accounts with them today...(regardless of how many time being told DO NOT CALL BANKS).... i'm sure that they (WF) knew that would happen when they gave the OK to post

Digs] citizensoldier I agree... very well orchestrated move by WellsFargo to allow the release of the post

[TexasT] generals64 Sir,,do you think we should do this Frank Dodd acct. or put our money in other currency's please sir?

 [AndieZ1] TexasT - you will be required to exchange in USD first

generals64] TexasT :...I am NOT a financial person...i am basically a retailer that used to do a lot of horse trading. MY personal banker told me to leave the bulk of what I was getting with Wells Fargo and work with their professional Wealth Management staff...

[AndieZ1] generals64 - maybe this will be our last day/weekend (hope)

[generals64] Boy, I hope so....I want to meet you and kcmana at the casion for the barbque in KC

generals64] tobit2 :...Here is what i am going to do.....I am going to get my appointment.....Then I am going to do a "Currency Exchange' of ALL the Dinar i have....Then I am going to find someone that knows investing and work with them....Waiting will be wrong...That is my opinion and my opinion only...Why not get it done?...Waiting for a higher rate ain't going to happen....