Friday, May 25, 2012


5-25-2012 Duckyboy Newsletter: So, here we are, again - Friday.  The WGS Gurus have come out of their man-holes, pump and dumped and retreated back into the man-hole.  These are the Gurus looking at the banks for an answer, which they won't get because the banks MAY only know a few minutes prior to when we all know. 

Why would anyone trust a banker with this information?  They would be buying up all the IQD left out there.  It's just silly. 

What we do know, kind of, is that tomorrow the day that we MAY see something start to happen with Maliki.  
Personally, I don't believe Maliki is going anywhere just because we don't know what is really happening behind the scenes.  All that I can say is that IF Maliki does get booted out, then a whole new GOI would have to be formed, back to square #1. 

So, part of my belief is "hope" and that's a word I am weary of hearing, saying and writing. 

We have many smart political and financial researchers who have come out with valid arguments/analysis as to why the RV needs to happen and why some news stories are "smoke", but the bottom line is that we don't know for sure and no one on our site, let alone any other IQD site knows for sure. 

We have all been wrong.  I won't pump you up with the garbage we hear often, "Iraq RV's on Fridays" or  "it's a 3 day weekend and Shabibi stated that this is what he needs for an RV (I have no clue where they heard this one)."

 However, most of us here and the BBP do feel that the RV is just around the corner.  How long it will take us to get through that corner, we don't know. 

We are still looking at the the tariffs coming into effect next Friday and yes, we are still following the Maliki issue (SWFloridaGuy is the lead on this).  And finally, Yes, I am hopeful that this will come to a conclusion soon


[Bulldog75] 8:31pm cst: we are thankful for our gifts of world re-valued currencies that come forth now at the discretion of god. I am the messenger. We are honest, positive, prosperous believers. We are here to change the world to be a better place for all mankind. We realize a higher power of the universe is that of god, spirit & total 100% love. For the light of the heavens shall shine upon mankind and bring forth ‘the fruits of the harvest’ to those who believe in the "king of kings" and the 'lord of lords' and the "alpha & omega". This vast universe is orchestrated by one omnipotent power. This is so and mankind now believes and accepts this truth, for those who have been searching no longer search, jeremiah 33:3. All races and genders shall know god, who is creator of the universe & is unlimited forever in truth, power & love. For where there is light, love, happiness & foregiveness, there is no darkness or fear. We are here now to accept, know & believe these truths herein which come to mankind's minds forever & change our world to be a better place to live. The god in us brings ‘love & prosperity’ now. Our manna comes, & our time is nigh, for this ‘blessed moment’ shall come in the wink of an eye. This is inevitable. Amen. 


Soonerfan62 5/25/12 6:00 p.m. EDT Good Evening everyone. I have not be on in a couple of days and trust me you don't want me on chat, you want me doing what I do everyday, and thats figuring out where we are. I'm sure you have noticed not many intel prividers have done much posting lately and I will let you figure out why. I will say this all of us, I mean myself, Freeway, Lojak, Papajack1952, Debtarheal, Studley, OKIE, Bulldog, Greg, Cap1, LGtennis, Texred, QF1, Dash, Tom, Johnny, and many, many others have not stopped trying to bring to you guys are best.

Soonerfan cont'd..... Remember we want this for you as much as us (well almost as much LOL). We are in the best position since any of you have been involved, even those of you who have been in 8 years or more (Don't know how you made it). Remember Monday for all those who have lost their lives so that we could even be in this blessing. If fact, thank all of those who serve and have served and I am proud to say I was one. Relax and enjoy your weekend with your families knowing you're lives are gonna change REAL SOON for many generations to come based on your choice to get involved. Soonerfan62


Koonce Info text from 5.25.2012 

How you makin it XXXXXX,

I am dropping a note because of the amount of email and calls I am getting and this will get us to Sunday..

Maliki will not be out he is willing to do what the big guys want. The reason we have not seen it is because of the 5 in 1 meeting between Russia, china, US and others this has slowed down the process... this meeting was to only be a few hours and lasted 2 days....Since it is over and we are in the holy day then we are expecting some things to move by sunday...

Do not worry about bank screens, but this ride is coming to an end.


5-25-2012 Newshound Guru Doc We were just made aware of an article dated 5/24/12 which states "Revealed the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Thursday, that the agreements of Arbil, which was formed under which the government has been agreed upon between the Islamic Dawa Party, led by Nuri al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani."  The article goes on to reference the agreement from 2010.  While we are not absolutely certain we suspect this is a two year old recycled article.  It is the only recent release we can currently find that reports of an agreement and, therefore can not be verified.  We will do more due diligence throughout the weekend.  We report, you decide.

5-25-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru ArizonaHeat  I still believe that something needs to be done to settle political differences before anything can move forward. And if the articles have any merit, we should see some type of conclusion here in the next few days. Washington people DO NOT believe that Maliki will receive a N/C vote, and that he will play nice as the time draws near. Other than that we just wait.
5-25-2010 Newshound Guru Doc
 We had a feeling Maliki would not go quietly into the night...It was recently reported he would "... send hundreds of elite troops to Najaf and spread in areas leading to the house of the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr." ...What we do believe is Maliki's opponents have enough votes to have him removed as reported by Sumerian News "...Maliki's opponents have to 200 seats in parliament and his team will lose the round."  If this is the case it would explain why the Fab 5 appear to be going full steam ahead. Allawi, on Thursday, said that the time limit granted to the National Alliance to provide a replacement for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister ends next Saturday... This weekend should prove to be interesting.[Stay tuned for the rest of the story in Post 2]

5-25-2012  Intel Guru BWM   they've...named replacement in articles...that doesn't mean anything...I belive for this to be settled properly M will step down...a no confidence merely puts civil disorder in play which I think they want to avoid...I think you see the immediacy in the articles even...Iraq wants/needs this done, as does the world.

5-25-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru ArizonaHeat  I spoke to some friends in Washington and they totally agree with the gradual climb of the Dinar in the coming months, they don’t agree with the statement of printing the money. It is of their Strong belief that process was finished a while back. But I’m not here to cut hairs. They are in total agreement with the larger notes working side by side with the smaller denoms for 12 to 18 months such as the 25k note to be equal with the 25 dinar note, and no that does not affect us. They DO NOT agree with the scenario of a LOP. And as far as the timing of the smaller note with the larger notes, they were looking over Shabibis timeline of this September. Thai wa a statement he made at a meeting back in February I believe. But to do that you would need an RV. ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

5-25-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru ArizonaHeat  Things are still moving forward, and we see ALLLLLLL kinds of articles out of Iraq, or Iraqi news from Europe based media...all this hoopla with Maliki is only in the Iraq news? What gives? Here is what gives, the news out of Iraq or news agencies out of Iraq are not trustworthy.   Most of the info I’m getting is we are getting a bunch of smoke and mirrors at this point, I do agree that the little boys playing in the sand are not playing nice but that is the way the conduct politics and business there.   ["continued in post 2...stay tuned"]

5-25-2012  Intel Guru BWM   I believe this is more of a situation where the IMF and world governments are looking for some semblance of stability before allowing this to go through... simply put, if a government holds a large portion of dinar and the country fails... they have nothing.

5-25-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   Saturday will be big for all of us and it is the last day of the required 7 for Maliki...they have scheduled their deciding meeting for that day also. They are in a hurry just like we are. They will rid themselves of the 900 lb gorilla on their back and we will see some sunshine. 

5-25-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru ArizonaHeat  I for one NEVER think this will never happen, way too much info that says different...this will happen, we just dont know when...so kick back relax and see what happens in the next couple days.

5-25-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   I think...Too many mad, mean, ship-jumpin', back stabbin' MP's for Maliki to survive this one and the bad news is they are all (the good, bad and ugly) on the other side.  Tariffs won't trigger an RV - Maliki's head on a platter will. the politics will trigger an RV.  Nothing else.

5-25-2012  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3  They don't exist yet, (Kurdish language bills) haven't even been designed yet. The design could start in June. They don't matter at all to our investment. Lower denoms are ready to distribute and 509 ATM machines have been loaded and ready to use since last February. Rest easy, all is well. 

5-25-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  This looks really serious for Maliki – his own inner circle is openly looking for a replacement for him in the event of a successful “no confidence” vote against him. I really think they will wait too long, Jaafari will be the “caretaker” PM and their only shot at avoiding complete dissolution will be to stick with Jaafari…afterwards.  They only gave the NA 7 days to find a replacement when they held the last meeting in Najaf!! It now appears this is the next “benchmark” (Saturday).  I think everyone feels it will go lots smoother with a candidate out of the NA.  Probably will result in most of the rest of the government remaining intact.


.jonnywg] all is good

jonnywg] Montreal Montreal planning a trip

[.jonnywg] Montreal Montreal out looking at bar stools..............imported

.jonnywg] all is well in bankland as they prepare for the long weekend......... not much we can talk about so why don't you tell me what you think and maybe i can comment

[Angel] .jonnywg will this be over on Tuesday, lol

[.jonnywg] Angel possible.....but limited

mawbell] .jonnywg .jonnywg I think Tuesday looks like a good day!!

[.jonnywg] mawbell like it

[misskitty05] .jonnywg are our Chinese friends happy at the moment?

jonnywg] misskitty05 yes

[gsp4] .jonnywg Are the banks putting in extra hours this weekend?

[.jonnywg] gsp4 a bit

[taterhead] .jonnywg Can i go ahead and put on my business clothing this weekend?

jonnywg] taterhead u do not need to dress up either way

noway37] Rumor is.. the usa gave them the ok to kick M to the curb.. and if thats true.. it could be next week before the RV could happen.. also they are holding the vnd as long as they can to keep it with the iqd.. can you also give your thoughts on the double dipping thing??

[.jonnywg] noway37 m is still there as at this am

FIREFIGHTERGIRL] Who cares about dressing up I'll go in my PJ's it I can..lol

[.jonnywg] FIREFIGHTERGIRL hey .... keep it clean ........ lol

 [missionary] .jonnywg one of the big four banks from texas, bankers called a dinarian within my dinar group yesterday and told him he had paperwork on his desk saying we could see rv today and no later than Tuesday. would your information agree with that?

[.jonnywg] missionary not really as there is no paperwork ....... all digital

 [misskitty05] .jonnywg have we moved forward at all since yesterday? Thx

[.jonnywg] misskitty05 yes we have

[Angel] jonnywg was the dialog with you and montreal, a code of some sort?

jonnywg] Angel absolutely

 [wittsend] .jonnywg To follow Miss Kitty's ?, can you tell us how this has moved forward?

 [.jonnywg] wittsend no

. [sananddan24] will the vnd go first or will the vnd and iqd go together!

 [.jonnywg] sananddan24 we think together

xyz] .jonnywg i pray this is not going to be another friday, another memorial without rv thud

[[.jonnywg] xyz xyz so do i

[.jonnywg] sorry guys ....... several calls to make

[.jonnywg] bbl


  BOMBSHELL annoucement!! Updaters Chat 5-25-12 By: BGG
2:51 PM [BGG] BOMBSHELL annoucement!!

[BGG] Washington has told Sadr, thru Barzani, of course - they have no issue with a Sadrist candidate to lead the country vs. Al- Maliki. That support and the recent poll out showing 60% support for a Sadrist instead of Al-Maliki spells DISASTER for the dxxxxxbag NA gang!!

 [BGG] They should have named a replacement and thrown their support in with the FAB 5. They would have at least not faced the next 20 years in political obscurity.

[BGG] My thinking is I highly doubt we see an end to this weekend - but it is coming soon.

[BGG] DC has officially thrown their boy under the bus...


[kmiller68] bout time

[booshay] well its about time DC did it

[poppy3] hey we already knew that lol,lol all we need is activation    poppy3 wow this is a giant leap for all of us. Now start the bus and run him over and lets get this trip started. Poppy3

[hurricane] poppy3 | then throw the bus in reverse for good measure!!   

 [newmonies] you da man BGG !!!! TY Sir for that Awesome update...

[poppy3] hurricane no i don't want they to back up a inch roll man roll poppy3

[hurricane] poppy3 | sounds good to me!!   

[hurricane] I'm just getting in for the day ... any word on the VND today[poppy3] no word of change on the dong have calls in to two sources we will hear something soon. As i said before with things promissing in iraq i think v/n mof will hold as long as possible. Poppy3

[hurricane] okay ... do you imagine we'd be at least middle of next week before an rv of the vnd?

 [wheresmyrv?] poppy3 once they achieve in moving Malarki outta there how long will it t

hurricane] I'm just getting in for the day ... any word on the VND today?

[poppy3] no word of change on the dong have calls in to two sources we will hear something soon. As i said before with things promissing in iraq i think v/n mof will hold as long as possible. Poppy3

[hurricane] okay ... do you imagine we'd be at least middle of next week before an rv of the vnd?

 [wheresmyrv?] poppy3 once they achieve in moving Malarki outta there how long will it take them to fill in a seated PM and a full GOI? Could it take a long time?

[poppy3] hurricane i am not sure just how fast they can move but feel they will go as fast as their consitution will allow at this point. wheresmyrv? No it will be FAST... Poppy3

[wheresmyrv?] great to know, thanks Poppy3     

 [rileyjones] Maliki has formally endorsed the eight items of Talabani and prepared by the constitutional basis for dialoguehttp://www.dinarupdates. ··· post5280

[OfCourse13] I go away a while to work and come back to BOMBSHELL!    OK, so I'll go away more often!    [hurricane] OfCourse13 | maybe you could make the rv appear?    


[drob1111] Maybe we'll be shed of maliki this time next week

[averysgrampa] drob1111 hopefully

[drob1111] Maybe sooner if we are lucky

[brsuperduty] drob1111 or maybe tomorrow

 [docremeyer] brsuperduty Well then, ler 'er rip!!! If Maliki is queering this deal, then he must go!! He's putting 98 countries in peril, plus killing off what countries will do with the money, like make lo and no interest loans. In other words, this fat little man is controlling world-wide commece! Aut Mischta!

[brsuperduty] docremeyer i think he was liking controling this whole thing but it backfired on him

[BWM] well I know we've discussed this in general in the past but have gotten this question lately a lot..."does it matter what day of the week?" no, it doesn't matter what day of the week it is at this point IMO... I know friday is the big day from the past and tuesday thru thursday are the big bank days but this has become a situation that overshadows what day of the week it is...

[wittsend] BWM BWM Hello! has anyone established that Maliki has been involved in the past 3 months with this RV.

[BWM] wittsend it's the "stability" of the government...

 BWM] ok got a little time left before I have to run... anyone got any questions besides the obvious date and rate... lol

[brsuperduty] BWM they have a knack dont they, personally i think its been M with the blankity blank stuff

 [drob1111] Bwm how long will it take to get maliki out

 [BWM] drob1111    hours...

[BWM] drob1111 to replace and get going... not like counting down

wittsend] BWM So, in spite of this becoming a global event managed by the IMF and inserted into a basket of currencies to RV for their benefits, that this is still in Iraq's hands is still an accurate assessment is your position.

BWM] wittsend not in the sense that they can push or not push the button... I believe this is more of a situation where the IMF and world governments are looking for some semblance of stability before allowing this to go through... simply put, if a government holds a large portion of dinar and the country fails... they have nothing

 [averysgrampa] BWM in your opinion do you think that they already have a replacement and do you think that if this replacement is put in place will buisness resume without glitches?

BWM] averysgrampa they've even named replacement in articles... that doesn't mean anything... I belive for this to be settled properly M will step down... a no confidence merely puts civil disorder in play which I think they want to avoid

[wittsend] BWM Interesting, but if that is the case, we may be in for a several month wait.

[wittsend] I personally do not feel that Iraq has that amount of time.

[BWM] wittsend I think you see the immediacy in the articles even... Iraq wants/needs this done, as does the world

wittsend] We have a chicken and egg argument.

[BWM] wittsend not really... the farmer can always step in, in this case

[wittsend] I think the wrong head of state is being blamed, but that's my personal opinion.

[bamanana] Me too

[wittsend] BWM Ha, who do you think plays the farmer role?

[averysgrampa] BWM so if in the event maliki is out and a replacement is put in will this give the impression that they have a fluid seated govenment and then business will continue?

[BWM] averysgrampa yes because you would have assurances from all sects there... including the "religious fans"

[BWM] wittsend right now the U.S. has made the most promises...

[averysgrampa] BWM so that would be a win win for all of iraq, the sects, and all of us then right?

all of us then right?

[BWM] averysgrampa under the current conditions yes..

[brsuperduty] BWM do you think china got permission

[averysgrampa] BWM cool thank you very much

[10walleye] BWM I have had 5 contracts with Iraqis. On every one of them they always tried to renegotiate if they thought they had the upper hand. I walked on 3 contracts and sued and collected on 2. I think that they are incapable of being honest IMO. So I don't think Maliki will step down.

[wittsend] 10walleye I think it may take someone "stepping him down" before anything happens.

[bamanana] Can we hire someone to kick him out? Lol

[BWM] brsuperduty I don't think it's so much "permission" as much as when they can do it vs. the rate the vnd would be worth without the dinar

[10walleye] wittsend Agree!

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] 10walleye Gotta agree with you. I think Maliki will take this all the way to the end. He has to much vested in his power just to step down no matter how much logic it may seem to us Westerners. He has a dictators belief that his goons will rescue him at the last minute. It's also misplaced.

[brsuperduty] BWM i was just wondering if they go would without the dinar, if not then things might get done in iraq sooner

[BWM] brsuperduty I think they could BUT they would have limits on how quickly they could RV again AND it would affect the value of deals they have on the table IMO

[BWM] 10walleye you know... you only have so many "choices" in life... at some point, someone will TELL you what to do

[wittsend] BWM The Chinese have offered public support of a higher rate of exchange but the finance minister in Hanoi prefers to be able to support their currency without Chinese assistance. Can't blame him, but the Chinese may get their way.

collie] Austin-Powers-For-PM hello neighbor

[brsuperduty] BWM that makes sence i forgot about deals they have

[BWM] wittsend chinese own most of the financial world there...

[wittsend] BWM ...ergo, they get their way.

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] BWM And yet it's a proven fact that Maliki does not want to be told what to do. Hence his belief that only he will call the shots and therefore has an irrational belief that he makes all the "choices."

[10walleye] BWM So- the concensus is Maliki will go willingly or not? I agree!

[BWM] Austin-Powers-For-PM he doesn't have the power to do that

 [averysgrampa] i take it that maliki has no concept of how a democracy works or maybe he could care less?

 [SCgunner] One of the problems is thinking the Iraqis are anything like the normal person :(

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] BWM He "Thinks" he has the power to make those choices. That is his fatal flaw.

[bamanana] Agreed

[BWM] Austin-Powers-For-PM he thinks the gun isn't loaded either

Austin-Powers-For-PM] BWM Exactly, and hence he thinks he is bullet-proof. If we look at the mentality of dictators from Saddam, to Kaddafi in Libya, to Hitler, they all had one thing in common; an irrational belief that common sense rules did not apply to them, thus their irrational behavior.

[brsuperduty] averysgrampa he has a dictatorship mind...... dictatorship; big boat that dick owns that ships tators rofl

[bamanana] Arrogance

Cgunner] 10walleye their thinking is almost 180 degrees from the norm

[GinnyS] BWM Thanks for the chance to ask questions. I heard that our tax may be a lot higher than we first anticipated. Have you heard that?

[BWM] GinnyS tax in regards to our currency?

GinnyS] BWM I heard it could possible be 48%

[BWM] GinnyS negative... I'd go NO WAY IMO

[GinnyS] SCgunner CC call yesterday

[averysgrampa] so who didnt think this thru when maliki was set in that position? didnt somebody at some point know that he wasnt going to be a good idea becaus eof how he thinks and does things, i mean youd' think that somebody somewhere might have said."hey were rid of sadaam why put another dictator in there? i dunno any thoughts?

 [10walleye] averysgrampa Our gov't did it- no wonder it's the wrong politician....

[brsuperduty] averysgrampa sounds like some reall intellagent thinkin goin on somewhere huh rofl

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] averysgrampa At the time our biggest problem was Sadar and the Sunni thugs who were terrorizing everybody. Maliki had the brass iron balls to jerk their chains and put them under his thumb. We didn't want a "Wilting Nancy" in 2005. Now we need a PM who can do politics. He can't.


[SWFloridaGuy] 5-25-2012 [poppy3] ok saturday will be big for all of us and it is the last day of the required 7 for m .. I am sure all of you noticed they have scheduled their deciding meeting for that day also. They are in a hurry just like we are. They will rid themselves of the 900 lb gorilla on their back and we will see some sunshine. I will be back after meds and some time. Poppy3

[SWFloridaGuy] Bigdog55 There's a lot of reports that came out today saying they have until Saturday to find a replacement for Maliki. All we can do is wait and see what happens. There was an interesting article that came out today that mentioned the 3 different ways they can go about unseating him.

[eagles4] Skyman This is the first time I have really felt it is over. Hope that feeling is right. No intel just a feeling. MY wife says I am scary because I am usually right

 [eagles4] Skyman she won't admit I am right in public however

jvbuckster] eagles4 i am pulling hard for your feeling to be right

[Skyman] eagles4 They NEVER do.... rofl

 [jvbuckster] eagles4 i have/had the same feeling about yesterday and today. no intel. just a real feeling it was going to happen

 [eagles4] jvbuckster I really think it is a spirit thing. We will know for sure in a couple of days.

[~PETERSMA] OK I realize that you all may not be Huffington Post fans as I am but humor me and take a look at this article title and photo considering the caption "How do you feel about Iraq revaluing their currency in the near future?" Hope you enjoy your morning smile. :) http://www.huffingtonpos ··· 00000009

[panzer] its monday believeing this rv will happen soon soo all my day turn into saturdays!

[djodyb] panzer I understand the feeling.....I know my banks arent open Saturday and Sunday.....so I kick back and enjoy them....and we wait for Monday.....but we never know...its only 11am in the east...lets see what the day brings

[M64] IMO with FreewayBill, what else is there to say? He said he would be around post RV. So let's pray that post RV is soooooooooooon, like over the weekend.

tigers] Skyman how are = yeah I haven't been around much just gets frustrated following everyday to not have it happen have to go on assuming that it may never happen that way I don't get as mad

[Skyman] tigers Understand, That is why it is really good to just step away and remember how to live every day. When this hits, it'l be viral in minutes and everyone will know, so take some time off and relax. Forget about this...

ArizonaHeat] tigers I for one NEVER think this will never happen, way too much info that says different. this will happen, we just dont know when. so kick back relax and see what happens in the next couple days

[Osthaffn] tigers the fundamentals are there; 1) the currency has been artifically DEvalued; 2) Iraq has LOTS of oil and other resources, 3) buy low, sell high; those that do not really have a strategy because they're pinning their hopes on an RV are the ones who suffer the most as days go by

[tigers] ArizonaHeat will do keep the faith and hope 

[ArizonaHeat] tigers there ya go. im right there, i have lots of faith!!!

averysgrampa] drob1111 ummmm yes looks like imo maliki may just be a thing of the past very soon and we can get on with bein rich!

[averysgrampa] drob1111 looks like everyone is tired of maliki and his bull and when hes out of the picture all should go better

[drob1111] Averysgranpa does it look like no confidence vote or that he'll start playing nice

[averysgrampa] drob1111 imo i dont think he knows how to play nice, i think he has a dictator mentality which isnt going to fly and even his own party is starting to jump ship and turn on him...........i gotta say this......JMHO


TailDragger] MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS,PLEASE BE KIND TO EACH OTHER AND REMEMBER GOD DID GIVE US THIS DAY TO REJOICE IN. Don't fear tomorrow, it may never come, Yesterday can not be done over, Let's learn from it. Love and serve today, rejoicing and being glad in it. We love Him because He first loved us. GOOD NIGHT MY FRIENDS. WE JOIN PRAYING THIS ENDS SOON. AMEN.

[windhawk] I have been staying out of the chat rooms lately,, Man it is really dismal out there concerning this RV,, lol,, I have really lost heart on this.. I hope all of you are faring better then I am on thinking this is going to happen sometime this year

Rocky49] windhawk I understand your feelings. Right now there are some positive signs. It is my understanding that China is really pushing for the VND to be RV. and that is putting pressure on getting the Dinar RV.

daniandquin] windhawk we have never ever been as close as we are right now. seriously. dont' dwell on the days and months and years of waiting, dwell on how much closer we are!

[windhawk] Rocky49 Have you ever believed that China has any one in America best interest. I suspect that if china wants this RV,, it is for their benefit and not ours

Mamapajama] So the breaking news is there is no breaking news?

 [Capt Ron] There's news but I'm still broke..

[Capt Ron] jwg is saying that the vnd might rv independently from the iqd.

[Capt Ron] Poppy says we have to wait another week for the political pot in Iraq to cool down.

Capt Ron] Politics AFFECTS the rv process.Which has a great EFFECT on us.

[Capt Ron] Bob, what we have here is that 'zone of confusion' we were told to expect in the days/weeks prior to rv.

[Capt Ron] Would the Chinese allow a dong rv prior to the rest of the global rvs knowing that we all would double dip? I think not.

[nevis] I hope the VND goes 1st at .20 or higher and I get my feet wet and things all set up nicely and then the Dinar hits weeks later.... But will be happy any way it happens...

[steveg] Jonny said last night that raising gold is an issue, well it is up 7 today so far. Can anyone tell me what "direct" relationship gold has on the timing of the RV?

[kenbo] rising gold prices is usually an indicator that the USD is falling in value.

[justaguy] steveg Just a guess, rv then a run on gol and the price rises to false heights. Then your currencies are based on false values which will  drop rapidly. just a guess. gold and drop

[Osthaffn] steveg well, if you think about it, discussions have "probably" been taking pace for years already - I mean, we've had the Fed since the early 1900s; it didn't take 100 years to see the effect of manipulating interest rates on measures of inflation

 [Osthaffn] kenbo I think it might depend on what else they have to offer... I mean, look at Greece, are they going to put up the olive harvest as collateral for their currency? what else have they got? (time to start digging)

[Osthaffn] steveg I think it has more to do with "the trend is your friend"... when commodities are trending high, when you flood the market with liquidity (an RV), it will magnify the trend; when trending low, same thing - there is a camp that believes the global reset is designed to inflationary damaged...

 [sananddan24] Guys are we still thinking this could happen today?

 [kenbo] sananddan24 I think that every day

[sananddan24] kenbo I do too!

[_waterworld] FYI... (Reuters) - Greece will probably remain in the euro zone....European countries are ready to introduce common euro zone bonds.

[justchecking] Osthaffn Define intellectual capital.

 [Osthaffn] justchecking intellectual capital will be tricky to define; but look at it this way, who has the better opportunity to create the next technical equivlanet of the iPod? the US or China? The culture of Asian countries means they are really good at refining other people's designs, but the... ..."group problem solving" culture, does not lend itself well to risk taking, innovation, and radical breakthroughs (not to say that there aren't exceptions)

 [Osthaffn] justchecking and for that matter, which country has the better shot at cracking "cold-fusion"? US? Germany?.... probably NOT Iraq....

[jcole] Russia

[Osthaffn] justchecking so you can look at intellectual capital as an attempt to measure technical innovation

Osthaffn] wirelessguy see, I don't think "debt" is ever, really, "forgiven".... its traded for something, often something geopolitical... like my grandma used to say "nothing in life is free"

[_waterworld] steveg ... the weaker nations want Eurobonds because it would dramatically drop their cost of funding. Of course Germany and their stronger EU countries do not want it because it would dramatically raise their cost of funding. Nations, in the end, will act in their own self-interest, so we wait. 

steveg] Osthaffn if in the works would we be seeing France yesterday asking for EU bonds to cover cost?

[Osthaffn] steveg ref: bonds, well, yes, very well possible, because it all depend on how bonds/debt will be handled through all the changes - it could very well be in a country's advantage; so much depends on agreements we are not privvy to

[steveg] Osthaffn still confused. bond/debit - fiat currency vs asset backed. why would a solution for the current EU crisis be the old system? 

[Osthaffn] steveg bonds are debt - its a commitment to pay bond holders an interest rate return on their investment over the long haul in exchange for cash now (to keep the lights on)

 [justchecking] The whole world's economy is wobbling at this point. It ain't rocket science.

 [Osthaffn] steveg fiat currency isn't backed by anything other than a country's willingness to honor its value as a promisorry note; not dissimlar from insurance which is simply a "promise to pay" until the company doesn't want to - it's been the US's stregth that they would do all that was ncessary to support

[Osthaffn] steveg ...the currency, up until this most recent debt ceiling debacle, which held our country's fiscal integrity hostage

[_waterworld] Fiat currecny has 3 parts.... Taxes.... Debit.... Inflation

Osthaffn] steveg but understand that countries around the world that possess large quantities of USD as a reserve currency, since the US has ALWAYS agreed to support its vlalue, all of a sudden will get squirrley when they see US politicians fighting over things that directly impact their holdings

[Osthaffn] steveg they may decide to dump USDs in favor of other currencies, and then supply and demand kicks in, having an even greater effect on the USD... who knows, "maybe" that's the politicans plans all along as a mechanism to devalue the dollar on the free market

[duffy] Well, Bella & Jonny wg last night broke to be on continuous phone calls and Okie & Bd75 said our prayers have been answered. I assume they meant the Rv. Sooooooooooo..I wonder where it is hiding this mornin???? Anyone have it and not passing it on????

duffy] I think we will find it under a rock in Bagdad someplace. Maybe next to Malikis' castle.

Finance Committee: Deleting the zeros depends on the CBI’s control over the dinar exchange rate; Calls for adoption of new monetary policies before implementation, 25 MAY

Finance Committee: Deleting the zeros depends on the CBI’s control over the dinar exchange rate; Calls for adoption of new monetary policies before implementation

FRIDAY, MAY 25 / MAY 2012
Confirmed to the parliamentary Finance Committee, on Friday, that the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency and restructuring depends on the extent of control and control of the Central Bank of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, as called for the adoption of new monetary policies before the implementation of the project.
A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib in an interview with “Twilight News” that “the project to delete the zeros and the restructuring of the currency made by the central bank depends on the extent of implementation of control and control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar.”
Najib said that “the central bank and government in the event will allow them to take action and contribute to a new monetary policies to control prices of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, they will be able to cancel the wait and start deleting the zeros and the restructuring of the currency.”
The Cabinet decided, in the middle of the month of April last, be patient in the application of the deletion of zeros from the national currency.
She Najib that “the central bank is still working to control the lifting of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar,” afterthought by saying that “political and security situation and economic development at the present time does not help to delete the zeros and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency.”
The Central Bank of Iraq began to modify the search categories dinar, last year, and is still a large part of the payments being in cash due to the evolution of the banking system.


jeffusa] BGG are they going to No confidence vote on Saturday

 [BGG] jeffusa - Don't know. We'll see.

[BGG] Soon - I think. Too many mad, mean, ship-jumpin', back stabbin' MP's for Maliki to survive this one.

[BGG] and the bad news is they are all (the good, bad and ugly) on the other side.

keithb] BGG how quick can they vote and make all the changes that they need to...

[love it 2] BGG Can you explain ..why some "think" he will stay ? 

[love it 2] BGG seems all your articles point to him leaving... not seeing anything out there that shows him staying ...so strange they would say that

[BGG] keithb - There was an article by Najafi saying he could call an emergency meeting at any time. I said that 2 weeks ago...I was just speculating    

[BGG] "spectatin" an "speculatin"    

[keithb] BGG thanks and thanks for all of your hard work

 [BGG] love it 2 - There isn't anything saying he'll stay - outright. The SLC has given up on that angle. Now the best they can manage is to try and "imply" that opposing Maliki is futile. Arrogant. 

[BGG] Most of the legit articles past that talk about Maliki getting "yanked" in some way.

[love it 2] BGG AHHHH okay ..thnx for esplaining to meeeee ...thought I missed something    

[leonardo] Resistance is futile. That explains it...Maliki is Borg.    

[booshay] BGG sorry if asked. I've been reading tariffs have been pushed back to July. Your take in this please

 [BGG] booshay - I'm very focused else where. So is everyone else. Tariffs won't trigger an RV - Maliki's head on a platter will.

[leonardo] I believe Poppy dismissed that idea a couple of days ago.

 [booshay] BGG also if I may inquire to your thoughts on if they need RV prior to tariffs. I understand ur focus is elsewhere just trying to understand n learn sorry for slowing down the class n ty for ur time

[BGG] booshay - the politics will trigger an RV. Nothing else.

[keithb] we just need one person to leave...

[BGG] Deputy for the law: the survival of Maliki as prime minister or determine his mandate is debatable


Freeway Bill: 3S’s 5/23/12

Ever since I was in High School, I always went to parties after they started and left the party before it was over. This way I was not sitting around waiting for the party to get started and I was not hanging out while the party was winding down… Make sense?

I, along with many great friends I have made during this journey, have worked tremendously hard to try to keep you all grounded and well informed about this RV of the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong. I started out on Planet Dinar, then a time on PTR, moving on to 3sintel and also intel4u.

As you might have noticed,
I have not been posting as the closer we have gotten to the end of this journey, the more misinformation that seems to get posted on the boards.

I have watched as really good intel providers have went from being good friends to family to competitors to enemies. This is not why I started posting and not what I want to be a party to. I have seen posters with very little intel ride gunshod over people that bring in great intel. I have watched as what was at the beginning a great idea, XXX become an empty site because of the competitiveness of who is right and who knows more against who is in this for the money and fame.

So, my friends, as I came in, I will go out. I believe that this RV will happen and happen soon. Today? Tomorrow? Next week? I can’t say for sure, but the weather is perfect for it to be very soon. 

I want to ask all of you to do me one favor… Let’s remember that this purchasing of dinar actually started as a Christian effort to help Iraqi people …therefore, it IS A GOD THING… This is a BLESSING, not just an investment.

This is not a scam….

I will leave you with this…. my favorite prayer
GOD grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can and the WISDOM to know the difference… AMEN

Thanks to all of you for being my friend and walking with me through this journey. We will reach the top of the mountain, by the GRACE of GOD at the same time. In GOD’S TIME, not ours…

This will be my last thread…. I will be around Post RV to help in any way I can to all of the dinar holders that desire my assistance. I will be your friend forever! 





12:00 AM [Bulldog75] all systems green.

12:02 AM [Ween1] Bulldog75 How are you doing today? We have been with the holy spirit
12:03 AM [Bulldog75] Ween1 ..journey mofoxtrot1 Go Rving Barb luckyme glanny Grace4Me2 SpiritualWarrior txtrkrwife MiddleClassMaiden kybo schooler dillon229 whatupnoweh dillon229 ouison ninnypickles : WHATS UP? 77777777

12:04 AM [STH1] Bulldog75 please tell us sir
12:04 AM [Bulldog75] sth1 musiclady5 dillon229 SpiritualWarrior : gold and silver down; oil staying down. Odds are good.

12:05 AM [Bulldog75] ghost: my carpet is thin; i need new floor

12:06 AM [SpiritualWarrior] Bulldog75 You got your caps back ... Things are REALLY looking up today
12:07 AM [Bulldog75] my 'caps lock' work only when they have had sleep, nutrition and an rv.

12:08 AM [Bulldog75] .dinarmama7 : guess i will bake my own cookies. 

12:12 AM [Brian1] bulldog75 I want to thank you for everything you have done...and want you to know that you are more than welcome in our home
12:13 AM [Bulldog75] Visionary1 : better look over the WEEKEND........... Brian1 : do u serve pecan pie? 

12:14 AM [Brian1] Bulldog75 you are a man of God and we have a great respect for you

12:16 AM [Frenchy] Bulldog75 So it is safe to look at Cars and a House this weekend. I like to play it safe you know. I have not even so Much as Looked..
12:17 AM [Bulldog75] Frenchy : better get with it quick. I have mine already picked and done.

12:17 AM [Bulldog75] i was shopping for new homes and cars 6 months ago. I am about to manifest the thought pattern. Hint.

12:19 AM [Kenzie] Sir, a TRUST concern if I may….. Mr Jims Trust allows you to be a Trustee AND a Beneficiary. 911 says Beneficiaries cannot be a Trustee. Help please
12:20 AM [Bulldog75] kenzie: i have both trusts. I trust in god. Pls call them.

12:21 AM [ehmjr] Bulldog75 once a trust has been setup is it a hastle to change the address on it to a different state?
12:21 AM [Bulldog75] ehmjr : answer: well, the trust is registered with the irs and it has an ein#. The state is not INVOLVED.......
12:22 AM [Bulldog75] no prob changing the adrress.

12:22 AM [debits67] Bulldog75 I have my non interest bearing account, I don't have my passport..I'm not holding a ton but I think I'm ready with a plan. I work way to many hours to get it all done, I'm a new comer thanks to a wonderful gifting friend and then a small purchase.
12:23 AM [Bulldog75] debits67 : get passport now pls. Never use home address or dr. License. See security post. Ty.

12:22 AM [kybo] Bulldog75 do we need to get a different EIN # every time we get a new trust?
12:23 AM [Bulldog75] kybo : yes. And no co-mingling of funds. Ty.

12:23 AM [Olordplease] Ein is trust ss number right
12:25 AM [Bulldog75] Olordplease answer: ein : is 'employer identification number assigned by irs'. One time shot. Cannot ever be used by anyone else period. (this is hotel california. People sign in but never sign out. )

12:25 AM [mkraintz] Bulldog75 What are the pros/cons of cashing in at a bank versus Dinar Banker? TY
12:25 AM [Bulldog75] mkraintz answer: db is private banker and has your money.. One would go to a b4 bank! Ty.

12:26 AM [Ween1] I am the Grantor the settlor and the trustee now I have 2 Trustes and 2 Back ups I also need to name someone to take over in case of death. would that be the benificiarys?
12:26 AM [Bulldog75] Ween1 : would love to help u but that is a legal Q. Seek counsel pls. Tyvm.

12:26 AM [noah] Bulldog75 Should I buy wife a new car or a old used car?
12:27 AM [Bulldog75] noah : both; if she wrecks the new one; she still has one left over.

12:27 AM [Frenchy] Bulldog75 Is it Possible to Take out a Loan from a Trust since we are Not Taxed on Loans and do they Have to be Paid Back?
12:28 AM [Bulldog75] Frenchy : answer: if one is careful, loans are good. Don't let the wife know. Lol.

12:28 AM [FieldOfDreams] Bulldog75 Regarding the EIN #'s, do you know if we use the same type of EIN# for a ministry, as we do for our personal trust?
12:29 AM [Bulldog75] FieldOfDreams : all ein# are assigned indiv by the i r S. Cannot be duplicated. Just like indiv. Have ss#s. thanks.

12:29 AM [RetiredBulldog] Bulldog75 If we currently use drivers license and home address won't it bring any attention if we just stop using them?
12:30 AM [Bulldog75] RetiredBulldog : we cannot be 'sheeple'. Ok to use passports . Thats all i have used for the last year. And no prob.

12:30 AM [Bulldog75] RetiredBulldog : we cannot be 'sheeple'. Ok to use passports . Thats all i have used for the last year. And no prob.
12:32 AM [Bulldog75] chilibuzzard : here is trust contact info for your review, imho: the two trusts that i have are : #1) Irrevocable, Discretionary, non Grantor, Complex, Spendthrift Trust at : www.911trust.com and #2) business trust, see jim Jenkins: jimscd@comcast.net . Best wishes.

12:32 AM [spirit12] I would like to set up something for my youngest son and granddaughters for college. Can I use the 911 trust I am setting up or should I set up different trusts for them?
12:33 AM [Bulldog75] spirit12 : many different types of trusts. Seek counsel and review with two references from above, imho.

12:33 AM [Brian1] bulldog75 is it possible to be track when using P.O.Box?
12:33 AM [Bulldog75] Brian1 : no. As long as everything is legal it is best way., imho.

12:33 AM [modelwoman] A little confused on the Trust Account Info....At cashin the amount we want to go into Trust Account goes directly from Dinar to it Right? Not into NIB Account first. You told us to close and open another NIB Account so rats could not steal. Can we do that
12:34 AM [modelwoman] With Trust account too?
12:36 AM [Bulldog75] modelwoman : if u have trust acct opened when in bank for cash in ; place money into trust. If not, imho, wait til trust is set up. Better to have trust set up first. Best not to co-mingle funds. Dangerous at time. Take caution with this. Seek legal advice.

12:36 AM [Ween1] When I set up my EIN they asked me if I would payout more then 4 thousand in one year. I said yes. Was this the right anwer?
12:37 AM [Bulldog75] Ween1 : i set up my " e i n" on line thru irs with no problems and no questions like that.

12:37 AM [Kenzie] Bulldog75 .....Sir, are YOU the Trustee AND the Beneficiary on Both of your Trusts? Thank you
12:38 AM [Bulldog75] Kenzie : ANSWER: I am the : Trustee, and Compliance Overseer only.

12:38 AM [Brian1] Bulldog75 can I have like trust layers so one can cover the other?
12:39 AM [Bulldog75] Brian1 : have a specialized Trust Lawyer review the final paperwork I M H O. thanks.

12:40 AM [AMB3] Bulldog75 how hard is it to set up a trust post rv/post cashin? I know this is not advised I'm just curious.
12:41 AM [Bulldog75] AMB3 answer: good Q. if one has not the $$$ prior to cash in; then, set up Trust paperwork immediately and have all ready to go. then at cash out take enought to pay and get going Pronto Quicko..

12:41 AM [Brian1] Bulldog75 the Nevada Business corp is good to protect my assets or do you have a better suggestion?
12:42 AM [Bulldog75] Brian1 answer: Depends on objective. if protecting Dinar $$$$$$$$$$ ; business corp prob not sufficient. Seek legal advice. Move quickly. Time is of essence.......muy pronto amigo. thanks.

12:43 AM [RetiredBulldog] Bulldog75 What is your best advice for international travel considerations? (Vacations)
12:43 AM [Bulldog75] RetiredBulldog answer: stay out of middle east. ty.

12:43 AM [angelbeliever] Bulldog75 long ago, bluwolf mentioned getting rid of our computers, so u agree?
2:44 AM [Bulldog75] angelbeliever answer: Need two computers. One for on line. One off line. if possible, get new updated. ty.

12:44 AM [Famog] Bulldog75 My wife and I have a Trust already should we use that one or get a new one for cash in
12:45 AM [Bulldog75] Famog : answer: depends on Type. This is serious. Caution. Seek Counsel.

12:45 AM [muteswan] bulldog75 is there a reason you do not talk about opening a corporation with an ibc added for aditional returns? thank you in advance
12:46 AM [Bulldog75] muteswan answer: fine lines between what works best for each personAL or business situation. Different corps and diff trusts. Many are out there. Seek counsel. Act quickly. Train coming.

12:46 AM [Brian1] Bulldog75 Do I have to keep the dinar on my hand 'till I got the deposit receipt?
12:47 AM [Bulldog75] Brian1 : ok on the wealth mgrs desk; in his office. Let it not from your eyesight. Get receipt, coffee and donuts.

12:47 AM [Kenzie] Bulldog75 ..........Sir, what % are you placing into each of your trust accounts?
12:48 AM [Bulldog75] Kenzie : answer ; i have two trusts: both are for the golden eggs accounts: big bucks. Then i will have smaller checking accts. My trusts will not be accessible on line. Only walkin . Too big to trust internet. I will try to work system with banker if possible. Ty.

12:49 AM [txblondie] Bulldog75 The 2 types of trust you named, are thet for both a husband & wife or do they each need to set these types of trust Thank you

12:50 AM [Bulldog75] txblondie : one trust for h&w is fine. (must play by wife's rules, lol) lol. Can have separate trusts for each but encumbered paperwork is necessary.

12:50 AM [chilibuzzard] When I set up our trust will they give us an ein or is that something else we need
12:50 AM [Bulldog75] chilibuzzard : you are responsible for ein# . Can do it online. Ty.

12:50 AM [soblessed] Bulldog75 God Bless for all you do for us. When Okie announces the RV. Will be in here to help us?
12:51 AM [Bulldog75] soblessed : no , he will be standing in line holding my PLACE......... Lol. Just kiddin.

12:51 AM [Brian1] Bulldog75 I am going to the bank, ok...what am I suppose to drive to get there...do I have to be concern about the people near by or we are going to have some kind of security in place?
12:52 AM [Bulldog75] Brian1 : call for appment. Rent a car good. I will not be taking my car.

12:52 AM [magnificent] Bulldog75 : I have Trust Bank Account already set up, when I deposit currency into it, do we need to set up another to transfer into for security?
12:53 AM [Bulldog75] magnificent : no . .......*NOW, if its a wire transfer different story. Change acct #s if its wired to prevent a 'back wire' or theft of acct of those who see your first acct #s. Smart thinking . Thanks.

12:53 AM [AMB3] Bulldog75 I already have an EIN number for my business sole proprieter. Should I (or is it even possible) get a new EIN for my trusts?
12:54 AM [Bulldog75] amb3 answer: must have new 'ein' for any trust or business accts. Always. Ty.

12:54 AM [mikesbabe] Bulldog75 If I have my money in trust will it be gaurenteed as if it was in a dodd frank account if the econ falls
12:55 AM [Bulldog75] mikesbabe : must be NIB......NON- interest bearing acct. Ty.

12:55 AM [Frenchy] Bulldog75 When Properties are sold which were Purchased throught the Trust the Proceeds then go Back to the Trust for Purchase of another, Correct?
12:56 AM [Bulldog75] Frenchy answer: everything stays with trust . If sold outside , everything becomes taxable event. , imho.
12:57 AM [Bulldog75] ok for trust to buy home and sell home. But money stays with trust. If given, its taxable.

12:56 AM [ehmjr] Will the cashin window still be 24/7 for 7 days?
12:57 AM [Bulldog75] ehmjr : yes, at this time

12:57 AM [Kenzie] Bulldog75 ....Sir, are we creating a "taxable event" if we cash in to our NIB acct then place it into our Trust when we can financially set it up?
12:58 AM [Bulldog75] Kenzie : cash in just enough to set up the paperwork of trust. Then legally set up trust. Then cash in after set up, imho.
12:58 AM [Bulldog75] irs might consider co-mingling if done otherwise.

12:58 AM [abbababy] Bulldog75 I have heard you say you have two trust. Do you favor one over the other or are you just trying to cover you back end? TYIA
12:58 AM [Bulldog75] abbababy : i am spreading my money honey.

12:58 AM [jms41664] [Bulldog75] I have my inital paper work being processed by the 911 trust referral, will finalize the deal when more positive about it due to the cost and being unemployed at the time. Have money reserved in savings just incase to speed things up will I B Ok.
12:59 AM [Bulldog75] jms41664 : we pray for best. See them personally. Best wishes