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3-27-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni    [Post 5 of 5]  The CBI is on the clock…time to get the RV in motion. Shabibi has 60 days to get this rate where it needs to be for the economic advancement of the country.  He needs to make his move now.  

3-28-2012  Intel Guru Poppy3   Progress was made today at the preliminry meeting planning the timing agenda for the Summit. OUR announcement can come at anytime but more than likely instead of announcing prior to the SUMMIT like I thought they may use the Summit as a large venue stage to announce all their progress and hopfully it will include what we need to hear. I can't and neither can my sources understand what has changed in the last few hours to slow or deture the activation . I and They still think very positively that we will hear the announcement of the RV at any moment. I and the sources are all still working to get more updated information on the timing...all information is still good to go and solid that the announcement will be soon.


3-28-2012  Intel Guru BellaGrits     It is felt MOON is coming from the United Nations representing the world's countries to make a formal announcement...we look at "dates of opportunity"...and if there was one date I'd be looking for...it would be the one that MOON should be officially releasing IRAQ from Chapter 7 to Article 8...we fully expect this announcement to be preceded by some great news for us Dinarians???...to be released from Chapter 7, they must have a viable currency...as written as a condition for removal. Of course, as pointed out, my intel is my opinion.

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [Post 2 of 7]   if I can give you anything solid to take from this...it's this. 1. Don't be afraid of a redenomination, because it MUST happen to make a reValuation successful. 2. When a country suddenly focuses on IMPORT TAXES, they are planning on the citizens spending some money. In order for that to happen, the citizens must actually HAVE some money! Pretty obvious, right? And 3. Watch for the HCL. Until the HCL is complete, this ordeal is NOT over and cannot be completed.  ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Doc   [Post 2 of 4]  In a recent article Dr. Al-Allaf is quoted as saying concerning deleting the 3 zeros"...stressed that external debt is at acceptable levels, and completed a series of legal enactments which are associated with this process".  This seems to allude to the laws that need to reconcile debt post RV.  We can take two things from this quote.  Either the laws have been enacted or they are in process.  We have seen no comments from Parliament suggesting these laws are complete but information has been sketchy. In addition to this we would also like to see Ebril, etc. reconciled. We see the good news as all the puzzle pieces seems to be slowly falling into place.    ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Intel Guru FreewayBill    I believeIN MY OPINION that we have been fed a load of BS for months trying to throw us off track...The MOON is rising tomorrow in Iraq and regardless of what has been put out by the sources that are trying to confuse all of us, THERE CAN BE NO LIFTING OF CHAPTER 7 without an RV taking place first...IRAQ CANNOT be put into the WTO without an RV happening first...You do not sit down at a poker table with all of the big players with NO CHIPS in front of you...common sense... uhoh...I have Nixon and Reagan on a three way call and Nixon is insisting that the line is tapped.  [OMG, LOL, now that's funny]

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni    [Post 4 of 5]   So now we need a new timeline…A timeline that make sense with these articles...we already all know we have seen many that state sometime from Sept –Dec this must be accomplished as they want to start the 2013 budget with this new rate. I think we can do better. I think we can move that up quite a bit.  Quote…"Iraq will begin on June 1st, 2012, the implementation of the tariff customs,"  They are not going to impliment tariffs with a .10 rate. They will have to get the rate to a acceptable level before these tariffs take effect...if what was stated above [Guru Kaperoni's post 3 of 5 below], your currency is a symbol of national sovereignty, the rate will not be .10 in June.   This is great news! They will not delay it again, which puts the RV on the clock…tick tock.   ["continued in post 5...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Intel Guru Jonnywg    just a note to state the obvious...Mr Hackie Sack...lol...is visiting IRAQ at 10 AM Iraq time (4 am est) Thursday...and this should end all speculation as to IRAQ's position. Expect full disclosure to be announced today before midnight. We are told they will keep at it until it ends no matter how long....On another note, we have it on good authority that one of the agencies has full access to the teller screens and has been changing the rates every hour on the hour in different parts of this country as to confuse people into thinking love rates were posted...NO ONE KNOWS THE RATE YET BUT IS YOU CAN COUNT ON $4 plus...anything more will make you happy...Be prepared for some great disclosures today and we hope of course that it is the end.

3-28-2012  Intel Guru FreewayBill  to clarify.....Shabibi DID make the statement that the in country rate was to be 3.17 and that Iraq would soon have the strongest currency in the world...That was INDEED on Iraqi TV and is running every half hour over there right now.  I am not delusional, now I have to go...Ronald Reagan is calling me on my shoe phone.  [heehee, LOL]

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [Post 1 of 7]  I came in on Saturday and let you know I was waiting on a confirmation...i never received it, unfortunately, but I'm at the SAME place I was 4 days ago - I STILL don't have anything negative to share, and that's a GREAT feeling! To let you know what I was waiting for - it's the HCL. I belive Chapter 7 is a huge key in this. However, I don't believe that "June" is set in stone, I think it can happen any time. Either one can happen first, and I expect either one to trigger the other, but it is NOT mandatory for one to happen before the other.  ["continued in post 2...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Doc   [Post 1 of 4]  As we've counseled, the hype going into the summit has elevated to ridiculous levels.  We will just say what some sites are reporting as to delays at banks due to software or decimal glitches is outlandish...we know that when the RV happens it will be sent as a single data base to all banks so no one bank can get a wrong decimal point.  The update will also take micro seconds.   Remember the RV DOES NOT have to happen prior to the summit.    ["continued in post 2...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni    [Post 3 of 5]   The CBI states that the new lower denominations will be introduced slowly (graceful) once they have “delete 3 zeros” (collected larger notes), which is mostly done. Once again we see that the CBI will raise the value of the dinar “gradually” to the point they start giving out the new currency. A point at which the dinar is equivalent to $1 USD.   ["continued in post 4...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Intel Guru FreewayBill   today has been a roller coaster day as has the whole week. We have been so close and then zippo! The word is that we are still on track to see our blessing this week, but when?  This is a complex issue and they have to get this right on the first try. They have already seen one...in country.  Shabibi announced a revaluation of the Iraqi's money to 3.17...Been playing over and over on Iraqi TV.   we have all been waiting way too long, but many things that are such a blessing take time.

3-28-2012  Intel Guru Footforward   i got 3 intel related calls today...thats it...there isnt much to say...waiting for this to show up...thats it.

3-28-2012  Newshound Guru Kaperoni    [Post 2 of 5]  Clearly are the words directly stating…[article quote]   "gradually raise it’s value against the dollar to equal” or “raise its value gradually against the dollar up to be equal any dinars per dollar.” We can take from this that the dinar will not LOP or redenominate ...sorry LOPsters, but you're wrong.  a great quote…”intentions of raising the value of all Iraqi dinars to equal one dollar”  That is spectacular because LOPsters want you to think your large 3 zeros notes will only be worth $21. Clearly, this article holds no bias. All notes will appreciate in value. That is the reason for the collection now of the larger 3 zero notes. The shear danger of having them in circulation post RV.   ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

3-28-2012  Intel Guru Poppy3    the plan for new currencies was passed back last november when they agreed to print new bills that will have 3 languages on them and yes they will co exsist for a time with the new lower denoms they have in hand now. It doesnt effect the bills we are holding...the new bills are to show up in september. But has no relation to the rv happening now. 



(TY RacerX at PTR, great job)

DAN: Incredible day as far as mornings go! I dont think we've ever had a day w so much perspective n talking possibilities n scenarios as today. I believe it's that way cuz its extremely close. Could happen at any second. AND we're entering the Summit movement - they're now starting things. They're doing things now that they're supposed to do. Hopefully in the midst of this all we r going to hear the announcement we've been waiting for. In the middle of the Summit? At the start of the Summit? As they're doing things in the Summit? IDK. What we're hearing around the globe is that basically things cant go much further cuz its already been announced in places. Rembr, I'm repeating what other ppl r telling us! 

D: Do I believe it's today? I believe it's very very close. But, today from alot of higher up places here's whats goin on. We've been asked not to discribe what they're saying. Watch the times. Watch the clocks. Listen to the news. Watch whats happening. Forget whats in print n watch the things that r goin on. U might be able to figure out this timeline. Cuz its right here. 

D: It's immentently possible for anyday. It's possible for today.

Tony: its gona be a great day! We didnt give u guys as much info as we could have yesterday. Its good cuz u would have been disappointed today cuz it didnt happen last night. Lots of depressed ppl yesterday. U have good reason to be cuz it shoulda been over. Putting all that aside...I'm gona tell u that it is over. Thurs not here yet. It IS over. In fact, there r gona b some announcements. They'll b happy n they'll b excited today too. 

D: This is a TNT statement. Not a PTR statement! 

T: Yeah...TNT! 

D: Altho, I agree, I still hafta do that! 

T: Really guys, there r some things suppose to take place this eve that I am hearing about between 3-5. I'm not sure if its what we're looking for but alot of ppl seem to think it could be. Here's what I will tell ya... I firmly believe that u'll hear on Thurs that Iraq has been removed from Chpt 7. U r gona hear that. Everythings been resolved n they've been removed. Could they release them from Chpt 7 w out us seein the RV? I can tell u this right now. I actually got a call during the call they said "Yes and u will." U may hear about Chpt 7 on Thurs but not heard about RV yet. Not HEARD just that u havent heard.

***Rapid fire info- my fingers cannnot keep up guys! 

T: cuz it didnt happen last week prior to the Summit, they will not create mass confusion during the Summit. Mskes sense. Streets blocked off, traffic being redirected, ppl being searched, n today their communication has been cut off in Baghdad. Mark can call Kurdistan but cannot call into Baghdad. Phones r not working. All comm has been cut off. That's no secret. Anyone tryin to call in will know that. Mark was outside of Baghdad so I called him on Skype. While talking w Mark, his Iraqi guy came in n said "all Iraqi's will have money in 2 days!" They're all happy n excited! This is a great week. These type of things r happening. A guy out of Kuwait, a political guy, says u will see this by Fri morning. Our Friday.

D: Oh man! Did u just start a mess! 

(((Joking around now between D n T!)))

D: Seriously we r hearing these things n keep them to ourselves cuz cant validate them, but we r getting validation from strange places today. We're not saying its for sure today. Tony, ur not calling it b4 Fri r u?

T: No, I'm not. I'm saying something is goin to happen today from what I heard. Something this afternoon n ur gona see some things, but I dont know if its gona be. I hope all 3 of the ppl that told me Fri r wrong! I hope it's today! If its not, I can live w Fri myself!

D: We r repeating, believing n buying into what we're hearing. But when it doesnt happen, what does that mean? The sources were bad? If we tell u what we're hearing n our ppl r wrong, isnt that what this has been since the beginning? We're hearing these things from very very high places. Shouldnt we b able to tell them that? Our answer is usually "not yet." Now we have alot of serious ppl sayin serious things. My Q? is "is it real?" "Is it real this time?" I hope so. It looks good, but I still hafta check.

T: It's coming from everywhere tho! Simple- if u see Chpt 7 removed on Thurs, guess whats gona happen on Fri?! Thats real simple. So, we'll see! 

T: Gary has some really good info tho....

D: He hung up!

T: U guys, I'm having a great day if u cant tell! Lotsa good info today!

D: Gary DID leave! 

G: No! I'm right here. I'm just goin, I dont know how I'm gona follow up! That's for sure! LOL!

D: U were gona give them the rate, cuz we already gave them the date!

G: The rate... hmmmm.... the rate....

D: We r jokin around here everybody...but we're also very serious. We're playin a lil bit w some incredibly good news n I dont want anyone to take this disrespectfully. We know that there r some serious things goin on. We're jokin now cuz we're goin "really?!" "can we believe this?!" This is kinda where we sit too. We r sitting where u guys r sitting too... 

D: We're playin a lil w this great news...but there is serious info comin in. 

Gary: All I know is the info is coming from good sources n as real as it gets. How accurate is this? There is a political dynamic here. Will it continue to move fwd as everyone is expecting? They're ready at the banks. Training complete. Ppl from overseas say it's done as far as they're concerned. They're very positive and they're very credible. Do we dare believe them THIS time? 

G: The ol' Charlie Brown concept! Will we end up on our backs again? At this point there r alot of good reasons to.

G: Lookin at an article this AM. 2 different papers. Iraq is going to b restored to its financial n political power n everybody is goin to recognize it today. Can we read into this article? Yes we can. The ppl that showed me the article says that exactly what we can do. The restoration is coming n everyone is going to be aware of it. We wait, we watch, we're eager to see how this comes out, how it's goin to be reported to everybody. 

G: Just as Tony, altho I didnt get a time, I am hearing between today n tomrrw that we will see alot of things happen. We r gona see alot of things happen. Does it mean the RV? I think it means we will evidences of it moving fwd dramatically. *sigh* Oh boy.


T: Tony has a time too!


G: Trying to put it into perspective cuz there's alot of positive things that we've heard before! It scares me...

D: We put so much horsepower to that, that u had to hit the gas peddle like 4 or 5 times!

D: It's true tho!

Dan needs to get to a Dr appt now... Tony n Gary doing Q&A without Dan!
Dan gives his tips to have in place! If this RVs, dont waste ur time going to Atlanta. Make an appt before u go. No matter who u r cashin out w. Be thinkin about Wealth Mgrs NOW. Whether they believe u or not, have u begun notifying ur banks now that something is about to come as far as ur accts? Say, I've invested in some financial securities, some currency exchanges, when they come to fruition, I want to alert the bank that I'm gona have some infux in the balance of my acct. How can I best do that so my money is not held up to the least amt of time? Or something of that order. Ask G n T about that, they know what I'm talking about....Have a great Weds everybody!

If he can, he will pop back into the call on the way thru the hills...

"I dont know" as the subject line for 5for10 

The meat of the call is done, but here r the 5for10 Qs, beginning w the mods from the boards:

Q: Clarify the 2 tier payouts mentioned on the calll yesterday?

T: Really confusing.... We heard a rate that was so ridiculous that I hope its true. If so, paid out in portions so a payment for u given in portions. Heard there's another rate that there will not be a paymt plan but able to pay u out completely. Let's just wait n see what the rate is. I like the outrageous rate n it comes w a paymt plan n all the reasons behind it. Based on info 2day n last nite, it wont work that way... too much confusion. Wait n see what happens n then we'll discuss it.

Q: Have u heard anything about Shabs being on tv every half hour in Iraq saying the new rate is $3.17?

T: 2 days ago heard he was on tv Was announcing the RV, but there was no rate given via our guys in Iraq. Heard from other sources that it was $3.71. Alot of different info out there. On tv 4-5 hrs, not every half hour. Also Shabs saying currency is now international n some other things. Still waiting to see it tho.

Q: If this does not happen by the end of the Summit, what is the outside wall/date for RV?

T: April 10th. 

Happy bday from the BSP chat to Tony!

(Happy bday from the free side too, Tony!) 

Bday wishes again...from WA State! (Hello from RacerX to the WA peeps!) Also doesnt have any Qs but will pass along the 10K to the person who told her about the IQD. 

T: Thank the person who got u into the IQD! Unfortunately for me, it was Dan!


T: Ur the 1st person who has said u r giving ur 10K to the person who got u in! 

More nice chatter...

C: Keep the faith!

T: If it happens today, then great. If it doesnt, a good announcement will come tomrrw. Good things will happen Fri. If something goes wrong? I already told u the date to look for... April 10th. If u noticed, it was something I didnt hafta think about. It was something I already knew. 

Bday wishes again to Tony n thanking the person who got him in...

What does Gary say the highest the IQD will be - iho?

G: It's all over the board! Heard everything from double digits ($23- n thats impossible) to $1. So confused from all thats out there. Sayin "u guys have got to be kidding me!" EVerybody has their justifications for the rate. At this point, I am comfy n happy around $3.50-4.50. But everyone is telling me I'm crazy. But that's where I'm sittin. 

C: anything about 3 is gona be gravy

G: Kuwait will readjust, so when that moves everything will be moving around it... so we're just gona wait n watch.

Q: For those of us setting up TAG accts, who do we talk to? Mgrs tell him that ... (sorry, couldnt keep up w that part)

T: Ask Gary about the TAG and what else the bank will do for u!

G: Uhmmmm..... What's a TAG acct? Ur the one who has all the details about that Tony!

C: Transaction Guarantee Acct. Fully insured thru end of 2012...assets or asset-backed currency will keep the character if there's change to treas notes.

G: That's whats been told to us-trying to verify. Most banks do not have TAG accts just non-interest bearing. Some do have them-certified but an extension of the Dodd Frank. Then they need to get more info themselves. Very few banks will even talk about them. I believe the banks r just as confused. Trying to get an official answer to that. Nobody wants to go on record at this point. Big frustration as nobody will talk at this point. I'm reluctant to even say anythiing cuz we r not the experts. Must rely on the experts. I'm only telling u what we're told at this point. Needs verification.

C: Rumtel til verified.

G: Yep. Until we get the confirmation!

C: Let us know when u know! 

C: Bday wishes to Tony...

Q: If can come out as high as $23, can they really afford to come out that high w so many investors?

T: Shabs said last yr that they could support $15-16. EVerybody is comfy w that. That was a yr ago. Still same now. Could come out low n run up high. Ppl r comfy w that. Reason $23, is cuz US was hit w a penalty n gona use that to pay back the oil. Scenario that goes w that... Not based on Iraq, but based on US. Sounds crazy to me! Even the pay out is crazy! It's so far out there I will be totally shocked. Believe me.

Q: Rumors that if ur Iraq u can purchase IQD n invest on ISX?

T: If ur over there, absolutely. If here, lotsa documents. Even tho 13303 says we can do anything Iraqi citizens can do (extended til May 2012) after that, we r outsiders investing. Is it the right thing to do? I'll tell u what I got this AM: Mark said today, there's been no attacks, no bombings, no insurgents, nice n quiet. Not in Baghdad, but peaceful there! Also heard today from 3 letter agency saying it is hell over there - oops sorry - pure chaos over there. All within 30 mins of each other! Keep that in mind if investing. I dont do long term investments myself, so I'm not the best person to ask if thats something good to do at this point (my paraphrase) 

T: It's about us stimulating the economy. Many industries will be hurt cuz the professionals have lotsa IQD! Ppl will be quitting their jobs! Ppl will be moving up the rungs (bankers, lawyers etc) to replace those who retire on their billions. Jobs will be opening up. This will help create more jobs as well. (that was paraphrased as well)

C: Shout out to Rana! 

Q: Heard it will not RV cuz getting ready for One World Currency in 2013. Is this the beginning of eliminating the middle class in the US.

T: It has the poss of doing that if we do not stimulate the economy. Makes tier 1 larger by us moving up w our IQD... This last year we r getting rid of the middle class cuz of losing all the jobs. Top tier is getting the billions. (answer was way longer)

Q: glitches in the system or waiting on Shabs or waiting for announcement of Chpt 7 release? Which is it? Does anyone know?

T: let me give u the scenario that I'm aware of... the rate is in the system n has been released by everyone n is awaiting the final word. Waiting for NSC mtg. delayed delayed delayed. Mtgs taking place. Every agency now signed off. Cant have chaos during the Summit now. Summit over on Thurs. Yes, even those dates r off - they r not correct! Blackout now cuz in the thick of it now. Major decisons being made by the countries now. Big thing is done n waiting. now working on little things. UST - system must be put in place so everyone doesnt run to the bank ASAP n have lines out the door.

T: somebody needs to ask Gary what the banks will be doing for us! 

Q: Gary! What about the banks?!

G: waiting on a number of banks who r monitoring. Made the statement that they r aware that we r on top of it. They're waiting to open their doors. All entities involved in finance r waiting for this to happen. All the banks r waiting...w us... This is a plan in process. Mid-course corrections that happen, creates other problems. Waiting to see things, waiting for some calls...

Q: Pmt plan for higher rates?

T: part is cash up front then credit line. 6 mo restriction of the credit line. Complicated mess. Lets not all get confused on this.

C: Is that part of the US penalty?

T: yes it is. non-interest bearing... it is confusing... if it happens, I'll be here to explain it.


T: 10-18 

T: I like what was said, u guy's skates work! Gary know how to talk right around (skate around) that one!

Lovejoy: Explain what the banks will do as far as cash out? WM (wealth mgr) only not others?

T: branches couldnt take a mil IQD. That high n up goes to WM. To help u. They really want to control ur money, control ur life. Not a bad thing, but choose this WM carefully! Let them know not to send out ur name to all his partners. He will be ur central person in ur life. They've recently hired a whole bunch of them. So...not too well versed in what they're doing. Make sure u interview them!

T: have a super fantastic day! We r looking for something this afternoon, if not, it's ok!

G: clarification regarding bank - we're not saying run to a bank or the bank will open the door tomorrw morn. It's looking good n they have a plan together to handle the process. No reason to jump ahead. It can happen at any time. We r waiting for confirmations. It's all still in the works.

T: If u go to the bank, every teller will not u/stand. They've been told for years its been a scam. Not everyone will know about the packages. So dont go in there getting mad n upset n cussing them out. It's not the way to go in as a multi-millionaire to set up an acct n getting established w that bank. Be professional n courteous. Patience. Dont be running over each other there either. Get ready to enjoy this!

Mods singin happy bday to Tony! (Scarey - LOL - I'm sure this was a good idea on paper!) 

T: pls enjoy today. I seriously seriously believe this is our week! 3 ppl have confirmed Fri. 2 others r sayin something will happen this afternoon. Either way, we r where we want to be!

Call over!