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 3/22 Chat with Poppy/BGG - PARTS 1 - 2 - 3

    10:58 AM [poppy3] guys i wouldnt worry about how the iraq people adjust to the change in value of their money.

I can assure you there will be very little confussion on their part. If the value of our money changed I bet you would figure it out very fast..

 If any confussion happen it would be the confussion of the retailers changing pricing on all inventory. THEY will figure it out very fast . 

THE MAIN FOCUS FOR US AT THIS TIME IS GET READY. OH AND SOMEONE ASK WHERE THEY COULD cash in a few notes . Well once the RV goes live within 4 to 5 days many banks will exchange and amount but I would just go to the exchange window at the AIR port to exchange a note or two. POPPY3
11:03 AM [templejc] [luap] i work at an airport. i just went up to the currency exchange to check on live rates. the teller told me 

[luap] all U.S. banks were told today that they are to trade IDQ. their bank has not posted a rate yet but when they do, they MUST trade IDQ

    11:04 AM [DOUBLE B] there you go, then it was verified by templejc's credible source

    11:04 AM [templejc] Update -----> [luap] well, nothing different. someone else was standing there. she said basically the same thing. "banks were told to trade the dinar but some banks aren't and the bank we use isn't. we don't have any to sell and we don't even have a trade rate."

    11:05 AM [templejc] I promise to bring in anything I get regarding this

    11:05 AM [OfCourse13] Thanks templejc !

    11:05 AM [poppy3] friends things are very quiet right now and all sources are still saying this will be activated anytime now before the 29th. It can happen any hour of any day. 

I am very confident in the intel. I actually called my financial strategist yesterday and my trust atty to see if they both have a time for appointment in the second week of april and i have them set. 

The three of us will have a full day meeting to make plans for my families future. Poppy3

    11:06 AM [OfCourse13] Do the other 2 in that party have dinar too poppy3 ?

    11:06 AM [DOUBLE B] Maybe I got confused, 1 teller, at an airport currency exchange, said, all us banks will be cashing out ?

    11:07 AM [AZMike] poppy3...that is excellent advice. The Iraqi people may not be the best educated populace in the world, but that doesn't mean they are stupid. They have been buying, selling and trading for thousands of years. They are perfectly capable of figuring out the value of their currency.

    11:07 AM [DOUBLE B] I want to open the calculator concession stand.

    11:07 AM [DOUBLE B] poppy and I will go in partners

    11:08 AM [poppy3] OfCourse13 negative but they know about the potential --- just not believers that it will happen. I didnt hire them because of the rv but because of their knowlege and expertise in their fields. They are the best. Poppy3

    11:10 AM [OfCourse13] That's the kind of info I really need NOW.

    11:10 AM [templejc] DOUBLE B - he said this: "all U.S. banks were told today that they are to trade IDQ." If you want my opinion I am looking for to the afternoon when ALL US banks will be open - now that is my speculation

    11:13 AM [templejc] Maliki: Iraq resolved all outstanding files with the UN, Arab States 22/03/2012 16:28:00 Baghdad (NINA) - Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki stressed "Iraq is witnessing these days development in its relations with the countries of the world, especially the Arab ones.

" He said "Iraq was able to settle all outstanding files, both with the United Nations or the Arab countries. Hosting Baghdad Arab Summit is a proof of the return of Iraq to the Arab surroundings."

 A statement issued by Maliki’s office quoted him as saying during a meeting with a number of notables and tribal Sheikhs of Baghdad today "throughout history and every time Iraq experiences harsh phase; its sons of tribal Sheikhs, scholars, and intellectuals face up to those challenges.

 Maliki said that "Iraq is still a target and there are countries that are afraid from Iraq’s return to its previous policies, armed and aims at targeting its neighbors and brothers, but, we say that this image is over and Iraq today is seeking to establish go

    11:13 AM [DOUBLE B] back to the same question, 1 teller at a currency said this, correct, then you verified that through a credible source

    11:14 AM [OfCourse13] Can we read...OUT of Chapter 7?

    11:14 AM [templejc] DOUBLE B - verified the location of this from my creditable source

    11:14 AM [DOUBLE B] the location of the 1 teller that said that, correct ??

    11:14 AM [poppy3] you need a trust for the daughter and the rest of your family so provisions can be made for the childs future and to help any other siblings to see that the care and support is provided for her future. Then you need a trust and will for the family.

 If you have enough family welth post rv you definitely need a financial strategist. (notice i didnt say financial planner ) there are huge differences. If you have a small amout of money say less than a million then a planner may surfice. Poppy3

    11:15 AM [DOUBLE B] let's clear the floor until poppy is gone

    11:15 AM [DOUBLE B] sorry poppy, forgot my manners

    11:15 AM [templejc] DOUBLE B - someone ask me the location - I said I could not - received this info from a creditable individual - a personal friend

    11:17 AM [OfCourse13] Thank you very much poppy. Should I WAIT to cash out most of my dinar till all that is set up? Or... is it ok to cash out first, and set this up after? TAX wise?

    11:17 AM [Dinarnewbie] Is a financial advisor the same as a planner?

    11:18 AM [poppy3] OfCourse13 no you can't read that till they rv but it is and has been announced several times that chapter7 sanctions will automatically be lifted and they will also automatically become a full member to the wto .

 You can read that all agreements have been met for their release to make it possible for sanctions to be lifted and all they need for that to happen is rv. Poppy3

    11:18 AM [OfCourse13] poppy3 Excellent!

    11:20 AM [poppy3] OfCourse13 i would maybe cash a small amount and then get these things in place . It may or may not make a difference because virtually every family situation and amount of money and your desires for that money will be different.

 Just remember the tithe because atty's, and other don't ask that question or take that in coonsideration. Poppy3

    11:21 AM [OfCourse13] Roomies, not meaning to be so personal with my questions to poppy. I figured lots of us could benefit from the answers.

    11:21 AM [OfCourse13] poppy3 Thank you! And YES! The tithe may be the most FUN part! Can't wait!

    11:22 AM [poppy3] OfCourse13 yes most peeps need to hear that same info. I have answered those same questions many time because they are very important to all investors. Poppy3

    11:23 AM [templejc] And Maliki just ordered the bridge and all roads leading to the Green Zone closed! Let me see if I can get a link!

    11:24 AM [OfCourse13] I copy/pasted your answers. Won't ask the same ? again

    11:24 AM [DOUBLE B] templejc If you don't mind, where did that come from ?

    11:28 AM [poppy3] Dinarnewbie could be the same. What you don't want is a insurance sales person who calls themself a financial planner because they sell annunities . 

These are just glorified insurance peeps that only sell the annuities that their company represents. I been through this personally and leard my lesson the hard way . 
These are things that i have been refering to when you guys hear me daily saying get ready get prepared. All this can be done without money. I haven't paid a dime yet and i have the two highest rated in my area.

 My la firm has been rated in the top 10 in america. Granted they know i can pay them and i am well known but guys i wasnt years ago and i did the same thing when i had nothing. You can do it.

    11:28 AM [rileyjones] Najafi calls display the "Declaration of Baghdad," the House of Representativeshttp://www.dinarupdates. ··· post3713

    11:29 AM [poppy3] ph bbl 

    11:41 AM [poppy3] just got a call saying the meetings going on today with all tribal leaders along with all regional political leaders could be considered as their national conference. 

They could not be sure because they anticipated it to be chaired by talibani and they have not confirmed he is in attendance. Remember this is unconfirmed ??? Hang loose things are moving. Poppy3

    11:43 AM [rileyjones] I had Talabani in a meeting earlier in an article....I think..will go look

    11:43 AM [honugirl] poppy3 That's great news! thank you!

    11:43 AM [poppy3] i have a call in to a couple sources to try and confirm. Poppy3

    11:45 AM [templejc] poppy3 - Perhaps Talabaina is the 1st in line to cash in his old dinar from some fresh ones

    11:45 AM [poppy3] wonder where the hippy is this morning poppy3

    11:45 AM [honugirl] poppy3

    11:45 AM [rileyjones] poppy3

    11:46 AM [rileyjones] poppy3 They were just calling on Talabani

    11:46 AM [honugirl] poppy3 Probably having some wheatgrass or a spiralina smoothie somewhere...lol

    11:46 AM [poppy3] honugirl LOL,LOL

    11:46 AM [OfCourse13] honugirl Somehow I doubt that!

    11:48 AM [poppy3] rileyjones he still could be in attendance and will address the group later ? We just not sure at this point. Poppy3

    11:50 AM [poppy3] ok guys i have a erron to run bb in couple hours keep digging and anticipating good news. Poppy3

    3:29 PM [poppy3] someone sounds confused again---- the n/c will be completed prior to a/s absolute fact one will not work without the other for iraq. Poppy3

    3:30 PM [poppy3] seems like it may be in session today but can't confirm?? Ss is confused also at this point? Get ready poppy3

    6:48 PM [thebuzz] Rnunge: it is in Maliki's hands Producer: Rnunge have you ever thought about what you are hearing is smoke, lets not get everybody upset Producer: lets see how today plays out ricdonna45: papers was signed yesterday Maliki signed off on them that is what hammerman said last nite Rnunge! 

Rnunge: hammerman's info is wrong in my opinion 
Rnunge: and just watch 
Rnunge: i would love to be wrong
 Rnunge: i pray i am wrong Rnunge: because i bet a fortune on reserves Producer: We need to post facts 
Rnunge: i just texted hammer my info
 Producer: Rnunge lets not get people upset
 Rnunge: and i will talk to him later personally
 Rnunge: Why are people upset?
 Rnunge: i told everyone i will check back with them today

    6:51 PM [thebuzz] Rnunge: i will know when to bet.

 hammerman: Rnunge imo opinion all al agencies have signed an are ready ,, we have 3 at the table we know for fact maliki signed off ,, this is fact ,,, it just when shabbs says go ,, again there is zero doubt maliki has signed of he is not even involved in the meeting at this point ,,,

 Rnunge: when my intel says maliki has signed off. then i will bet. 
Rnunge: im sorry hammerman, but my intel says he did not sign off. 
sheardog: Rnunge If it helps I have heard just the opposite of what you were told! just saying
 Rnunge: lets pray 
Rnunge: it pops tonight then

    7:04 PM [juiceplus+] On a positive note, maybe, just maybe this is all the confused and misinformation being received just before the RV

    7:23 PM [BGG] Sorry to say but nunge really is wrong.

    7:24 PM [BGG] no matter what he wants...

    7:24 PM [BGG] and Hammerhead isn't far behind.

    7:25 PM [BGG] and since I've already given my final thoughts - no need to win the "popularity  contest"

    7:25 PM [BGG] which is partly why I haven't been on much lately - nothing else to say.

    7:26 PM [BGG] (and I'll be out of town most of tomorrow)...

    7:27 PM [Evangelist] BGG remind us please. Did you say RV before Arab summit?

    7:27 PM [BGG] Evangelist - Yup - probably sooner.

    7:28 PM [BGG] I've been saying for sometime the politics would be settled by the 3rd week of March - from what I understand this has been done.

    7:32 PM [BGG] glryan11 - I don't listen to others too much - I'm convinced there are only about 2 or 3 legitimate sources of info "anywhere".

    7:33 PM [BGG] and what's funny is the ones who have been consistently right are the ones most folks don't really want to listen to.

    7:33 PM [BGG] won't matter soon.

    7:34 PM [newmonies] WoooooHooooo

    7:45 PM [poppy3] ok rich friends do you remember that BGG and I kept preaching for months that DR SHABIBI was looking for some confidence that their goi would last and that the tribal leadership would show the punblic they can and would support their new government regardless of their personal and religious differences well I am about to post a statements from today. 

That shows just that here at the last minute. GUYS HAVE THEY EVER COMPLETED ANYTHING BEFORE THE LAST MINUTE?? POPPY3

    7:46 PM [poppy3] GET R DONE AT THE LAST SECOND."Iraq was able to settle all outstanding files, both with the United Nations or the Arab countries. 
Hosting Baghdad Arab Summit is a proof of the return of Iraq to the Arab surroundings." 

A statement issued by Maliki’s office quoted him as saying during a meeting with a number of notables and tribal Sheikhs of Baghdad today "throughout history and every time Iraq experiences harsh phase; its sons of tribal Sheikhs, scholars, and intellectuals face up to those challenges. 

Maliki said that "Iraq is still a target and there are countries that are afraid from Iraq’s return to its previous policies, armed and aims at targeting its neighbors and brothers, but, we say that this image is over and Iraq today is seeking to establish good relations with everyone." 

Maliki called on the tribes to "support the security services and maintain the bond between all segments of society, because this stage is important and will be an important part of the stages of rebuilding Iraq." /End/http://ninanews.com/English/News_Det...ar95_VQ=FKIIJF POPPY3

    7:49 PM [glryan11] poppy3 so r we close

    7:50 PM [Sugar Pie] Awesome, Poppy3! TYVM for sharing

    7:50 PM [glryan11] poppy3

    7:50 PM [juiceplus+] Hosting Baghdad Arab Summit is a proof of the return of Iraq to the Arab surroundings.? Are you talking Summit already?

    7:50 PM [poppy3] this type action is what the dr stated he had to have so their gov. Will survive for the future. Its about time. Poppy3

    7:50 PM [BGG] jam777 - I disagree... you watch. Maliki will cave or face very grave consequences.

    7:51 PM [BGG] jam777 - None of these other Arab nations wants another Dictator next door and most of them don't like him at all. 

7:52 PM [templejc] BGG - and shabbie will push the button very soon

7:53 PM [jam777] BGG ok

7:54 PM [jam777] Problem is ... none of those arab nations have democracies ... and probably all of them have IQD

7:58 PM [poppy3] i am still convinced he will activate before the summit. Poppy3

7:58 PM [juiceplus+] Poppy3, Glory, Glory, Glory, The Lord Reigns and now we know Iraq will host the Arab Summit.

8:13 PM [poppy3] Iraqi Stock Exchange stopped trading activity over the next week MARCH 22ND, 2012 04:18 PM · POSTED IN NEWS (IRAQ & WORLD CURRENCY) BAGHDAD – and babysit – Board of Governors decided to Iraqi Stock Exchange suspended trading activity for five days.

8:14 PM [poppy3] this aslo shows they are preparing for the summit every min of every day. poppy3

8:15 PM [poppy3] guys i have been away today but i have still been working for you. seem iraq is now busting their bunns to get every detail completed but like I said they do everything at the last second. poppy3

8:16 PM [johnsulano] Did they sign the Erbil agreement yet?

8:17 PM [poppy3] i can say that the viet nam according to one of my sources stated they where told by a international banker that the banks in vn have been told to prepare for the dong to rv this week. poppy3

8:17 PM [poppy3] johnsulano yes just not activated. poppy3

8:30 PM [poppy3] ok the dong rate will be pushed by china since they have been purchasing most of the vn banks and lots of their factories and land for commercial developement over the last 3 years. 

i truely expect the dong will come out around .03 to.06 cents but will float unlike the dinar that i feel will be fixed . I think the dong will rise over the next couple years to around .14 to 16 cents. use your own judgement. poppy3

8:31 PM [thebuzz] poppy3 Any idea when the ministers will be seated?

8:33 PM [poppy3] thebuzz that was supposed to be the reason for the national conference to set all ministers , activate the erbil, hcl, budget etc. It has all been done they just plan to activate and announce all of it at the same time. Like the full membership to the WTO and full release of 7 . all at one time . POPPY3

poppy3 What does it mean that the CBI is closed for 5 days?

8:35 PM [OfCourse13] Oops! That was me

8:35 PM [poppy3] i haven't heard the cbi closed for 5 days only the exchange center ???? Poppy3

8:35 PM [OfCourse13] poppy3 Oh. I misunderstood. so no effect on the rv then?

8:36 PM [OfCourse13] I confess. That one confuses me.

8:37 PM [thebuzz] poppy3 Thank you Poppy

8:38 PM [poppy3] no need to get confused it is this simple right now the rv is happening before monday morning today is thursday and there are two more full days left before sunday which would be the last minute for them to act. Today it is just that simple. Poppy3

8:39 PM [OfCourse13] poppy3 Good enough! Thanks!

8:40 PM [poppy3] the summit being on the 29th says they have to act or go into the summit as failures to complete what they promised all the arab nations do you think they want that kind of embarrasment on their face. Absolutely not. Rv poppy3

8:41 PM [OfCourse13] That part I get!

8:42 PM [poppy3] i am going to get icecreem and celebrate . Poppy3

8:42 PM [juiceplus+] Amen Poppy, celebrate!

8:42 PM [Sugar Pie] poppy3 You deserve a double dip!!!

8:43 PM [juiceplus+] with chocolate and nuts on top

8:45 PM [8th1der] i'm sure ben & jerry's will come out with an RV Flavor soon. tastes like money....

8:45 PM [OfCourse13] 8th1der oooooooooooooooooooo

8:58 PM [Dinarnewbie] I don't think I have ever seen Poppy3 and BGG this excited. I am sooooooooo ecstatic!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOO

8:59 PM [juiceplus+] Dinarnewbie , I know, and BGG and the rest, speechless.

8:59 PM [juiceplus+] newmonies, what are you feeling? Talk to me

9:53 PM [poppy3] oh ye of so little faith !!!!!! guys we have told you for over a year that the imf had $3.22 to $3.86 approved posted on their site in october last year and here you go talking down on what GOD has laid up for us.

 We have also told everyone many times their figures no our shows their budget is based on $3.41 so why does everyone insist on listening to these people that have never backed up one word of their predictions???

 there is no game to this and nothing funny for them to offer a sucker rate how childish for anyone to even suggest.


9:54 PM [mona lisa] Our awesome ModHonu is getting the chat posted to forum.

9:54 PM [lobster] mona lisa: YES, we need it!

9:55 PM [juiceplus+] See h-spot, there you are. Thanks to Poppy for all his wisdom from God.

9:55 PM [mona lisa] poppy3 thanks for all your updates today!

9:55 PM [lobster] poppy3 : AMEN! Gotta have FAITH!

9:56 PM [mona lisa] lobster hey haven't seen you for awhile

9:56 PM [mona lisa] lobster might be my fault I've been MIA a few times lately

9:56 PM [h-spot] poppy3 ty for reassuring me....AGAIN

9:56 PM [juiceplus+] H-Spot, you will be fine and all those people you want to help, God is providing with your investment.

9:56 PM [h-spot] juiceplus+ ty

9:56 PM [lobster] mona lisa : I know. Thanks for remembering. I've been around , just haven't been saying much.

9:57 PM [mona lisa] lobster

9:57 PM [poppy3] lobster you also got to confess it live it talk it and walk it and backsliding and talking negative distroys faith when we are supposed to,lift it up daily. Good night all poppy3

9:57 PM [h-spot] poppy3 gn

9:58 PM [juiceplus+] Good Night Poppy3, Love you! Sleep well!

9:58 PM [juiceplus+] Good night everyone!

9:59 PM [bamanana] good night JP+ ttyl

10:00 PM [mona lisa] juiceplus+ gn!

10:01 PM [phase2] poppy3 Thank you! and Amen!