Wednesday, February 8, 2012


booyahoohoho] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 no bad news?? thinking tonight?
[soonerfan62] booyahoohoho I think as soon and the greedy boys get their hands out of the till, we will have an RV

[booyahoohoho] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 shoot! are they still causing trouble? 

[soonerfan62] booyahoohoho No longer IMO

[punkin] soonerfan62 Can O stop this from happening?
[soonerfan62] punkin Absolutly not

[spiderman] Soonerfan62 you still say its under $5
[soonerfan62] spiderman Yep

[blessing7] soonerfan62 didn't they announce the GOI yesterday? Thanks
[soonerfan62] blessing7 Seated not announced

[andisgram1] soonerfan62 how long before they announce IYO?
[soonerfan62] andisgram1 As soon as right now

[c1432] soonerfan62 did you see in the news the petrodollar is going to be eliminated?
[soonerfan62] c1432 Yea no big deal

[blessing7] soonerfan62 so we got them to sit down but no talking? giggle
[soonerfan62] blessing7 Took them 10 minutes to seat the security minister then played Texas Holdem the rest of the night

[shalala] soonerfan62 Still feel that tonight's gonna be a good, good night?
[soonerfan62] angelbeliever They don't haven't you figured that out yet

[Jake617] soonerfan62 still thinking before the weekend?
[soonerfan62] Jake617 Yep

[phoenix13] soonerfan62 Is the security minister the last one to be seated?
[soonerfan62] phoenix13 Yes

[ctgal] soonerfan62 - Hawaii closes soon. Should that matter?
[soonerfan62] ctgal ctgal Yep

[blessing7] soonerfan62 I have a friend that will be in trouble with his house on Monday, is he going to make it?
[soonerfan62] blessing7 Close but I think so

[soonerfan62] Guys remember I got a call late last night and was told not to go to bed. I think whatever kept it from happening last night hopefully has been dealt with today. Hope I get that call again

[Littlepaws] soonerfan62 Did I understand one of your answers to mean that the greedy hands are no longer an issue? Thanks.
[soonerfan62] Littlepaws I think they now all know not what they are getting

[soonerfan62] If I do I know how to get ahold of jonny so that he can announce it, I won't

[cookie] soonerfan62 Don't take this badly, but I hope you have to stay up tonight !!!
[soonerfan62] cookie lol Me too

[Littlepaws] soonerfan62 Thanks. Not sure I understand the answer. My emphasis was that they are not holding it back any longer... Is that correct?
[soonerfan62] Littlepaws No they are not IMO

[c1432] soonerfan62 so it may go past the weekend?.....monday may be close.....sorry if you answered
[soonerfan62] c1432 not imo


vic1: Hello and Good Evening To ALL MY OOM Family....


vic1 to mogul1: Hello Brotherman....KEEP IT On the UP UP and REAL.... DEAL!!! No TURNING BACK NOW!!!

vic1 to JOHNNYcashin: Johnny.... NOW you KNOW better Than That .... NO DATE.... YES ON THE RATE!!! So GET READY FOR .....JOHNNYCASHING....IN! CUZ WE GOT NO TIME JOHNNY CASH to SING the FOLSOM BLUES!!!! KNOW WHAT I MEAN....$4.24USD!!! IMHO!!!

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vic1 to loadplane: A conversation with my Older brother....Things are looking dismal for the People of Iran.... said last night on my call... 23rd of this Month Might be A NEW Beginning in IRAN! Let's Pray that the People of Iran will SEE the Light... Allow Democracy in and Send MULLAH'S OUT!

vic1 to topgun: ON Their CBI and Oil Company and shipping and ALL Bank ACCOUNTS...YES! The People will experience a BETTER LIFE... with Clergy ....GONE!!! Talk about HYPER-INFLATION!!! that is Why .... IRANIAN CBI will LOP 4 ZEROS!!! That should start soon and be done by 2014!


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vic1 to topgun: 50/50.... Maliki VPM...AllawiVPM.... Maliki Interior Minister... Allawi... Defense Minister..... Interior and Defense RULE over SECURITY... SOO ....LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT!!!!

vic1 to Kini: LOOKS TO Be ALL DONE! announcement will ALL INCLUSIVE!

topgun to vic1: Oh, I agree that Ahmadinejad is the Jack-a$$ of theyear. I will ALWAYS support the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.... And while I respect the OFFICE of the President, I still worry sometimes about how we are percieved by ME countries. I know they hate us, but we need to show strenght!

Kini to vic1: So, all parliment are seated???

vic1 to Kini: LOOKS TO Be ALL DONE! announcement will ALL INCLUSIVE!

vic1 to topgun: We are .... I do not See a STOP SIGN on His CHEST... I think " O " demands respect... All GOOD In that area!

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topgun to vic1: ok. great to know. he did sign an executive order for sanctions on Iran and there was a WH press conference today on Iran and Syria.

vic1 to ram1: You Read it correctly.... IMHO... 4USD! Cuz Shab's said my Largest of my Smaller DENOMS will BE = to 100.00 USD! remember? So, I will VERY HAPPY to Not only to FLY in a 747 and have 747 RATE and 7/11 at the Craps table!!!

vic1 to topgun: Yes,,, he is DOING It with STRONG BACKING TOO!

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wildwes35 to vic1: Vic do you feel that this will come soon enough....say in Feb or March? I am believing I will not lose my home no matter what In Jesus Name!

Vic1 to wildwes35: We are at the CUSP .... REACHING the very TIP of MT.^ DINAR! This will be sooner than WE ALL CAN IMAGINE!

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Arizonaheat] Dear 3S Please understand it is difficult to hold information back.

It pains me to see so many people wanting to know the truth, the information that could set them free of worry and debt. But in reality, information not revealed is not only necessary, but a responsible act by the individual keeping such information held back.

There is one thing that is evident in this investment, this is much more complex than you can imagine. It is so simplistic they say, (just push the button). That sounds easy enough, but it’s just not that simple.

I am not insulting the intelligence of anyone in this room, or any other room. But the fact remains we as commoners are not given full disclosure by our government or world leaders.

You may ask why? It’s not a simple answer, but as an example. Look at what happen with the Cuban Missile crisis.

Very limited info was divulged to the US citizens at the time, but later, years later we were given explicit details that were alarming. Why we were not told.

That’s simple, PANIC. I’m not comparing this to a nuclear event. But the information being a worldwide event is basically the same.

It has implications on every country in the world. So the security and financial stability is being considered, you may not agree with this type of behavior from our country and other world leaders, but that’s the way it is.

It’s always been that way and will continue to be that way for some time. So when you come into the room looking for continuous updates and (where are we?).

Don’t be disappointed when we have no info as we may have something and can’t share. Or we may not have a single thing.

To 3S, to any and all reading this, we are close, things are finalizing and this is going to be done sooner that most can imagine


[soonerfan62] Guys remember I got a call late last night and was told not to go to bed. I think whatever kept it from happening last night hopefully has been dealt with today. Hope I get that call again.............


papajack: If it's true and I think it probably is, things pop up that can cause delays, now take the news about Europe being bailed out TOMORROW then you have to think that might just be a good sign it's about to happen soon. That being said I don't think anybody outside of people involved in the process can say when it will really happen.

papajack: CNBC is talking of meetings going on in Athens for the bailout of Greece. CNBC is leaning that there will be a deal tomorrow for Greece causing Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal markets to increase. The Euro Economic Crisis is real quickly approaching the point of no return. Typical for UN, IMF, WB, BIS, and UST to allow this situation to the breaking point.

papajack: DISCLAIMER from papajack, I don't have the inside connections to give anybody a date or rate, I have friends that are connected but probably not at the levels that can say when it will really happen. I get info because I read, and I study patterns. That is all.

Awesome777 to papajack: Have you heard anything about dinar alerts sending out an email on the Erbil agreement announcement just minutes ago?

papajack: Awesome777 Not yet!!!



Replay 760-569-7699   pin 105455#

86 Minutes


because so many sites have jumped the gun imo, on what this erbril article actually means so imo, ill try to explain this..

.erbril isnt finished altho it does seem close....let me just put the article in 1st then ill talk about it....

Keywords: parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce it to the media
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 11:28

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the coalition of state law on the Keywords that political parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce the content of the Convention to the media.

The political blocs took place in Erbil in late 2010 on an agreement under which an end to the dispute between the National Alliance and the Iraqi List, about the consistence of the formation of the government included several items

And he said: Agency News} {Euphrates on Wednesday that "the political leaders who signed the agreement Erbil more than once expressed their willingness announce the terms of Irbil to the Iraqi people that these items do not include political leaders feared something to say about him."

He added that "all political blocs familiar with the agreement of Arbil and achieved most of its articles and has remained a small part of its debate taking place in the corridors of the judiciary and the government and the House of Representatives."

He emphasized that "the National Alliance carried out all its obligations to the Convention and by this more than once confirmed its strong commitment to it."

Some of the deputies pointed to the existence of secret agreements within the Erbil Convention has not disclosed the leaders of political blocs and demanded that the announcement of those agreements to the Iraqi people. Ended 2


ok so it says.....****Keywords that political parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce the content of the Convention to the media.**** 

and thats just what it means...there were agreements that were made between the kurds and allawi called the agreements of erbril, this was signed by all 3, and maliki became prime minister, most of the kurds demands were constitional and will more than likely get passed and emplimented, 

the majority of allawis demands were not constitionally and would require changeing many parts of the constition to allow allawi to have his way, many of the goi and parliment didnt agree to changeing an rewritting the constition just so allawi could have his demands and to give up portions of there powers 

just so allawi, who should have done his home work for starters and knew what the constition said, he was pm for several years , youd think he would know what was constitutional and what wasnt 

but i guess he didnt, so weve seen barzani and talabani and maliki and many others saying we have to abide by the constition and protect the constition, and when dealing with the erbril agreements we must abide by the constition, and almost a year later finally after holding up progress and growth in iraq allawi finally says he wouldnt seek his supreme council post and agreed to abide by the constition, 

now, on to a different part, when the kurds agreements came out we knew they wanted the hcl and for article 140 to be fully implimented and for them to have more say so over there money and there contracts, so when the hcl was finally read and passed to the next level, barzani says hey wait a minute,

thats not the terms we had agreed upon in the erbril agreements, and there was some heated debates exchanged between maliki and barzani, and barzani comes out and says if u go ahead and pass the hcl like it is, ill make public what was actually in the erbril agreements...

so then after that we didnt hear much from either of them about it, altho we heard at many different times from other people deputies and ministers saying we dont even know what is in the erbril agreements, 

only a few were privy to those details, barzani, allawi, talibani, maliki not sure who all knew but it wasnt many...so in this article its saying what...???? lol..

Keywords that political parties that have signed the Convention on the Arbil is ready to announce the content of the Convention to the media....

.this doesnt mean erbril is finished an about to be annouced as completed and done with like many are mis translating this to mean, altho like i said it does seem like its very close to comming about,

as they talk about the ministers of defence and interior, theres a good chance dulami, a sunni, will be able to be permenant minister of defence but on that we have to wait and see, allawi is a sunni lol just a fyi, 

and the guy that theve seemed to agree on for the minister of interior***** Al-Sunaid: unanimity in the National Coalition on Al-yasseri for Interior .***Al-Sunaid: unanimity in the National Coalition on 

Al-yasseri for Interior ... Waldlimi may remain in defence 
Date: Monday, 06-02-2012 11: 35 am 

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Detecting the State of law coalition member of National Alliance Deputy//Hasan Al-Sunaid for a near-unanimity in his Alliance to take over the Interior Ministry Tawfiq al-yassiri, noting that Al-yasseri professional personalities and enjoy relationships with all political forces, as well as independence.

He said Al-Sunaid (News Agency news) Monday: the National Alliance has three names candidates for the Ministry of the Interior, there was unanimity on the Ministry, did not give Al-yasseri concealed the existence of opponents within the Alliance Al-Sunaid to Al-yasseri, but "very few".

And between: the Al-yasseri, acceptable to all Iraqi political forces and is a professional and independent personality, and has a good vision Ministry management and dealing with our members.

National Alliance Deputy said: that his Alliance candidate will be announced during the next 48 hours to resolve the crisis, in particular the security ministries, after receiving information that Defence Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi agency may approve the Iraqi list to his Ministry as Minister for genuine./finished


so i dont know if any thing will ever actually make allawi happy, even haveing a perminant sunni as defence minister if parliment passes these 2 or not wont take long to find out tho, 

but we would have a complete government this way, and hopfully the hcl, the money for emplimenting all of article 140 which is in the budget, and the demands for the people to recieve 1 share each of iraqi oil,

imo that requires the hcl and those demands are in the budget, so im assuming theyd have to pass the hcl to be able to pull that off, as the part of the hcl thats been under heated debate is the profit sharing part of it, who gets what and how much, to give them a share would be along these lines i would think....

any ways lets all try to stay grounded and know were in such exciting times per this investment, all thru the years these articles weve been seeing comming out every day we could only dream of seeing these kinds of actual news pieces, hcl, art. 140, ch 7. dinar cbi articles so many many positives, 

please try to stay grounded and remember were seeing democracy being born in iraq, there 1st shot at freedom and a free country, things have never apeared better in all these years in this investment, 

have faith and try to enjoy the ride, and hopefully we will be able to enjoy our own forms of freedom soon....hope this post has helped and as always i hope ive been acurate....drops the mic an walks off..BondLady


What everyone wants... it's not what you expect!
I think that persons familiar with the currency trade aspects of Forex would love to see the IQD posted the same way I would love to see APPLE split a few times so I could afford the stock! 

Traders know it will come out at a rate (no matter where) and will be adjusted INSTANTLY to a market standard. From that point on, their trade rules based on charts, etc. and buy and sell points will become valid, and they can make money whether 1 dinar buys more today OR less tomorrow. 

Forex wants this trading soon because they (can) make money on the mere trade... they don't have to hold the currency to complete the transaction and hopefully generate profit. 

That is not true for the HOLDER of the Dinar though! HOLDERS of the currency require the purchasing value to increase, or they lose money. There is no break even, money must be transferred to have value!

What is often misunderstood is that Forex trades will have ZERO impact on the "in wallet" value of the Dinar for about a year!

For ANY currency to be trade-able, the notes have to have a PRE-SET value and that is ALWAYS 1 = 1. That means the 1.00 Note = 1.00 in purchasing power. 

Forex deals with the fluctuations in ESTIMATED FUTURE VALUE of the purchasing power, because they know that the currency will not always have the same purchasing power (it rises and falls based upon the base or basket or standard used to create the currency). 


If they set the value of the Dinar at 1 Dinar = $10,000 USD then they will be forced to create notes or coins worth 1 millionth of that value to be able to buy bread and make change. The most common note will be the 1/10,000 Dinar note! If they set the value at 1 Dinar Note = 1 gumball then they will be lugging around dump trucks full of dinar to buy a Lexus. 

Whatever they choose, they MUST have a currency in hand that relates to the purchasing value in a scale-able manner. 

When we talk about RV it is about CREATING AND COMMITTING TO a NEW STANDARD that all future purchases (including Forex transactions) will deal with. Foreign holders of Dinar want that standard to be set high to guarantee they make money... but Iraqi's that use the dinar every day will get a one time bump... and from that point on, any dinar they need will COST more if the value is set high! 

If the dinar is set at 1 now and tomorrow it is REVALUED to 3, they make money on what they hold. But when that money is spent they will need three times the dinar to get the same purchasing power! They need a way to afford the new valued Dinar without increasing costs three fold everywhere else (talk about inflation!).

And as a side note, I believe that since they are counting on the government to give them each a portion of the oil sales, then they are also counting on that to generate part of their livelihood! This is how I believe the government is planning on giving citizens a way to get the new Dinar and not cause massive inflation. 

You can rest assured that Erbil is important. 

Forex = Can make money no matter which way the dinar moves. Has no bearing whatsoever on the INITIAL rate. Changes initial rate instantly and constantly from that point forward. Usually it takes about 9-12 months for the Forex valuation to actually impact the average citizen's purchasing power... and it may go up!

Dinar investors = make money only if purchasing power increases and a one time new rate reflects that. Dinar holders CAN lose some of those gains based on how Forex responds to the initial rate.

Iraqi's = want easier accounting and fewer bills to lug around, and pride in currency. They are GUARANTEED TO Lose as much as they make on initial bump no matter how high it goes... unless secure and profitable investment options are available! 

Iraqi's want a high INITIAL valuation and massive infrastructure investment opportunities. Raising the rate slowly will kill them... literally. Inflation is impossible to overcome when investment opportunities are not available that allow you to overcome the loss of purchasing power. 

Without the ability to overcome inflation it is impossible to create wealth, and without true wealth there will not be investment, taxes, trade, or a currency that is respected or traded easily.

If CBI announces a rate today, they better have the very next comment be about massive infrastructure investment opportunities and banking laws regarding personal financial security (Erbil), or FOREX will slam the bejesus out of the Dinar in about 1 minute.