Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1-23-2012 Guru Doc More great hints as to the CBI’s strategy…One article was very forth coming and said the target exchange rate in the near term will be 1150…we are very excited that it appears the CBI has begun it march toward its stated ultimate RV rate of $1 to $1.3. The problem right now is that the CBI is constrained as to how fast it can move the rate due to chapter 7 and the lack of passed laws to support the ultimate RV value. The budget HAS NOT been approved…Erbil was also reported as being very close with a vote in Parliament 2-3 weeks away. The only reported timing for chapter 7 by the UNSC is June. We maintain that the minimum time for resolution of these issues is mid to late February. We report, you decide.
1-24-2012 Guru Breitling They have to change the note & the rate at the same time, otherwise it won’t work. They can’t introduce the new money & have the old money at the same rate, you just completely washed out your entire economy. They have to raise the value, retire the notes you want to take off, they co-exist at the same time at the same rate. Shabibi has stated it is going to be a 1 to 1 exchange. They need to do this quick.


Lunch Chat with BGG 1/24/12

    12:52 PM [juiceplus+] rileyjones , tks, what do ya think about Libya being next in line? Heard this needs to happen 1st before Libya.????

    12:53 PM [rileyjones] Alot of bombings going on over there

    12:53 PM [rileyjones] juiceplus+ Haven't heard anything about Libya.... Why does that need to happen before?

    12:54 PM [BGG] juiceplus+ - We're getting lots closer to that than you know.

    12:54 PM [juiceplus+] rileyjones , who knows?

    12:54 PM [juiceplus+] BGG , closer to Libya or RV?

    12:54 PM [BGG] Both.

    12:54 PM [juiceplus+] or both?

    12:54 PM [rileyjones] BGG Really? I figured Iran would have been next

    12:55 PM [juiceplus+] BGG , I think so too, this is good!

    12:55 PM [BGG] rileyjones - It is odd they are "monkeying" with the assets of the Central Bank of Iran.

    12:55 PM [BGG] That strikes me as very curious.
12:56 PM [juiceplus+] BGG , did you listen to Lagarde yesterday? And what is your take on her speech?

    12:56 PM [BGG] Anybody got a line on Talibani - where is he and when will he be back?

    12:56 PM [rileyjones] BGG I remember hearing about 7 countries on the chopping block

    12:56 PM [juiceplus+] BGG , just he's out of surgery and returning asap.

    12:56 PM [rileyjones] BGG I saw wed and thursday

    12:57 PM [rileyjones] Retiring in 1 month

    12:58 PM [silence123] talbani returns home in one week article below

    12:58 PM [silence123] http://en.aswataliraq.info/(S(ff0g3055menl3a45pxpxnk2r))/Default1.aspx?page=article_page&id=146600&l=1

    12:58 PM [mona lisa] silence123 ty!!

    12:58 PM [Baller] BGG last night Poppy3 said 3 to 10 days. So are you on the same page of the RV within the next 9 days. Even A.Q. had a feeling of right before or right after O's speech tonight. Thanks

    12:58 PM [juiceplus+] BGG , what about Lagarde? wasn't sure you saw the question.

    12:59 PM [mona lisa] BGG and... who was "monkeying" with the assets of the CBIran? Did I miss a posted article?

    1:00 PM [BGG] juiceplus+ - That's really good news.

    1:00 PM [BGG] mona lisa - The world and the UN - freezing assets.

    1:00 PM [ONEDOWN] One article said by the middle of Feb so there is definitely a range of time frames for him to return

    1:00 PM [mona lisa] Oh yeah ... duh me ...

    1:01 PM [rileyjones] BGG They said on the news Iran said No Big Deal!

    1:02 PM [BGG] rileyjones - We'll see how big a deal it is. I bet to Iran - all their _ _ _ _ in hock is a very big deal.

    1:02 PM [BGG] lol

    1:03 PM [BGG] Baller - We'll see shortly.

    1:03 PM [BGG] rileyjones - i heard about his retiring - we'll see.

    1:04 PM [mona lisa] http://www.iraqinews.com/politics/ta...ange-his-mind/ Talabani says wants to retire, but may change his mind

    1:05 PM [BGG]silence123 - Thanks for that article. That was interesting - however, I find it hard to believe "spinal surgery" being done, over with and walking around in a week. That's hard for me to believe.

    1:06 PM [BGG] I had my "spinal surgery" 2 1/2 years ago - I'm still only right every other day.

    1:07 PM [mona lisa] He says he wants to retire and write his autobiography, but might reconsider if his party asks him to run for another term in office.

    1:08 PM [david7] Bgg do your sources still like the rv to happen later this week?

    1:26 PM [wealthbytrade] BGG, do you think Talibani's sudden exit to Germany was a ploy, or maybe for medical reasons...not just spinal surgery? Up and around already seems way too fast in my mind as well

    1:27 PM [BGG] david7 - There are no guarantees. They are working this out as they go.

    1:27 PM [juiceplus+] wealthbytrade , I thought about the same thing, crazy huh? Very secretative people.

    1:27 PM [juiceplus+] BBL

    1:27 PM [mammat] BGG Hey there...yesterday's articles I posted said Talibani home this WED

    1:27 PM [mammat] and that he is indeed retiring

    1:27 PM [mammat] and named a succesor

    1:27 PM [BGG] There might have been some "implied date" at some point in the distant

    past but for now it's all about the politics. Wrangling...

    1:28 PM [mammat] BGG he may be back that quick if they just fused a disc

    1:28 PM [mammat] or did a procedure for pain

    1:28 PM [BGG] mammat - He might be retiring from this position - but not "retiring". No

    doubt. They have another spot "lined up" for him already.

    1:28 PM [wealthbytrade] maybe Prime Minister

    1:28 PM [mammat] you are probably right

    1:29 PM [BGG] I'm just not sure what it is.

    1:29 PM [mammat] maybe!

    1:29 PM [BGG] wealthbytrade - That was my first thought.

    1:29 PM [wealthbytrade] BGG, me too! I've always thought he should be PM

    1:29 PM [BGG] It will depend (on Maliki's attitude lol)

    1:29 PM [mammat] lol oh gosh

    1:30 PM [mammat] that man seems to be all ego and attitude

    1:30 PM [BGG] wealthbytrade - I kind of doubt the PM spot - but the Security Minister would not shock me.

    1:30 PM [mammat] ahhhhhhh

    1:30 PM [wealthbytrade] BGG, interesting...

    1:30 PM [BGG] Or Defense...one of the two most powerful Ministers in the GOI...

    1:30 PM [wealthbytrade] That man can't leave. He's the only one that is doing anything!!!

    1:31 PM [BGG] Kind of like the Chair of the Senate Finance committee...

    1:32 PM [BGG] wealthbytrade - If you recall - Talibani was the only real "compromise" candidate for the PM-ship early on...

    1:32 PM [BGG] He's a guy most of the factions can get along with.

    1:32 PM [wealthbytrade] BGG, that's my point.

    1:32 PM [wealthbytrade] everyone can deal with him and vice versa

    1:33 PM [wealthbytrade] It would not shock me if he eventually ends up PM (maybe during an official election) IMO, it will take someone like him to get Iraq to greatness like it's intended to be

    1:35 PM [david7] Bgg I agree no guarantees but was curious about what you have heard this week good or bad?

    1:36 PM [wealthbytrade] That National Conference is important.

    1:55 PM [BGG] I'll BBL - got to work.BGG, can Iraq get done what they need done, or are we indeed waiting for the National Conference to take place?

    1:55 PM [BGG] david7 - I have not heard - but at this point - I doubt it. Maybe next week.

    1:55 PM [BGG] wealthbytrade - That National Conference is important.

    1:55 PM [BGG] I'll BBL - got to work. 


Poppy3 Update & Chat  1/24/12

    6:49 PM [poppy3] got just a min.

    Wanted to drive by and remind everyone that   today is day two

    of the news i gave you two days ago that two of my sources were saying
    the rv couldn't happen for 3 to 10 days

    well guys tomorrow is the third day.

    President Talibani returns on Thursday afternoon.

    Very interesting.
    I still think my contacts that have never been wrong will be
    the ones with the right intel. So there you go.

    Now don't cry because   there is 7 days left for them to be right????

    Lol,lol poppy3
 22:22 [Poppy3] i am proud all these peeps thinking the rv will happen tomorrow. I truly hope my intel is bad wrong but my guys are saying things are still days away. At least 3 to 10 days. I will know more on wed. Evening late if there is a change. Poppy3

    22:23 [Daisy] Hey Poppy... how are ya...

    22:23 [ReadytoRetire] Poppy3 TY for your continued information. I really appreciate it whether it is good or bad. God Bless.

    22:24 [Daisy] I know the dinar world is really crazy right now...we just have to be patient and wait... we know who is in the driversseat....

    22:25 [Daisy]Poppy are you hearing China and some of the other players are getting pretty heated?

    22:25 [Poppy3] i will be back tomorrow evening got to take my step dad for surgery early in the morning. Poppy3

    22:25 [Daisy] Ok goodnite Poppy...we will pray for him...

    22:26 [Poppy3] Daisy i am hearing they are still placing pressure on but they just like the usa can only place pressure on iraq but they can't force them to do anything period. Poppy3

    22:27 [ReadytoRetire] Poppy3 GN Poppy...Hope your Step Dad is better soon.......

    22:30 [Poppy3] i have two great sources that don't give much detail but when they do it has been solid. They have never missed if they tell me a meeting is not happening it doesn't and if they tell me a meeting is happening and all the articles say its not then they are right. 

When they told me parliament was meeting during what was supposed to be their vacation guess what they where meeting . So if i am wrong then it will be the first time these sources have ever missed. Poppy3

    22:32 [Daisy] Thanks Poppy...

    23:30 [Meatman4dinar] It will happen, one day. Wish I knew the date.

    23:31 [suez] Yep...hope im not to old by then...lol

    23:33 [Meatman4dinar] With the state of many different economies around the world, and the different articles that have stated resolutions that are in the works, I personally feel this needs, NEEDS, to be soon.

    23:35 [suez] Makes sense but then again sense and this potential rv are polar opposites so far...lol

    23:36 [Poppy3] why do you think Obama, Bernanke & Geithner were to speak over the weekend and they did not WHY the state of the union ????? (he will not mention the RV) the IMF is supposed to do some things tomorrow or Wed re: the economy????

(THINGS ARE NOT READY) the RV WILL happen but people need to pay attention that schedules mean absolutely nothing to these political leaders and they have absolutely have never Met a deadline and especially not any ultimatum. 

Think about it the people above didn't speak when they where scheduled because things just are not finished to the degree they have to be for DR Shabibi to release. If it was we would be talking about our cash in . 

So bash all you want and listen to all the hype if you like but I like SOLID SOURCES NOT GUESSES. POPPY3

    23:36 [Meatman4dinar] suez -This is true, but if you have been in this for more than a year, then you would have witnessed Iraq making great strides on the RV course as opposed to 3 years ago.

    23:37 [suez] Meat thats true!

    23:38 [Meatman4dinar] Poppy3 -No bashing from me, 3-10 days is very soon compared to how long I have already waited.

    23:39 [Poppy3] Meatman4dinar you are correct and those of us that have been here know a little about how they operate with deception Poppy3

    23:39 [suez] Ditto meatman!

    23:40 [Meatman4dinar] Poppy3 -I am way past all the hype and depression crashes. It's coming, just not tomorrow.

    23:41 [suez] Allright folks gn

    23:41 [Meatman4dinar] suez -GN.

    23:42 [Poppy3] Meatman4dinar hey meat 3 to 10 days to me is awesome. I hate waiting for anything and GOD has had me on standby for my sons complete restoration for 26 years now. i stand in faith solid daily. i can't believe all the people crying about their wait to be blessed with wealth. Poppy3

    23:47 [Dinarnewbie] Hey my house is still active. So all is good. As soon as it RVs we will buy that house and begin out year Sabbatical and preparation for ministry

    23:48 [Dinarnewbie] I can wait, with Gods help, I wait with JOY 




We are all being bombarded daily (hourly) with the news that the RV is imminent. Has anyone
been right yet? Not so far. 

But let's look at some facts: Iraq is running out of money, the
average citizen still has 3 hours of electricity a day, and they live in a desert. That's about the
same as it was under Hussein.

The stories of the incredible wealth the country has waiting to be
developed is not a secret to the people. They look at their lives on one hand and the potential
future that should already be theirs on the other. 

They are slipping back into sectarian violence
and potential civil war. And they realize that it is their own supposed "leaders" that are allowing
this to continue because of their own personal agendas. Politicians. Sound familiar?
But, guess what? At the "last minute" someone is going to have to finally do something. Will it be outside pressure from the rest of the world that causes it, or will it be pressure from the citizens of Iraq that will finally cause these wretched, vile politicians to do the right thing? And then, without fanfare, the RV will be released. And the world changes.

That means that, finally, one of the gurus will be correct.........and it just takes one lucky guess to make us all happy. They can have the glory; no one really cares except them.
All of this just to remind you that like Blaino and Steve (Enorrste) keep saying, "Be prepared".

Those Tuesday and Thursday night trust presentation calls that Robert, the attorney, and Ray, the trust guy offer contain information that you really do owe it to your family to have. You have a choice. 

The reality is that many of you (sad to say) will wind up a few years down the road like the majority of the lottery winners; broke and in deep trouble with the IRS. 

Some of you have the idea that since you finished high school, or have a college degree, or used to sell insurance, or are a school teacher, or have done some day trading, (or slept at a Holiday Inn) or many other reasons means that you are more than capable of protecting your assets from predators now that you are worth millions.

And that the IRS can just kiss your grits because you heard on the
internet that someone told you their trust would keep you from paying taxes. And since they were going to let you be the trustee also, that was all you needed. 

Doesn't matter what the IRS and the legal system thinks, right? And you are thinking about using a bank account in Belize and use a debit card to keep the IRS from ever finding out about it. (Average jail time, 2 years).

Your first concern needs to be that if you take the cash out into your name or that of any entity owned or controlled by you that you are in all probability going to be audited and then stay on the IRS radar screen the rest of your life.

And you will have no protection from scammers or creditors. Your estate will eventually go through probate and face estate taxes. Maybe that doesn't bother you. 

But what about the rest of your family? Do they want to see the family estate vulnerable both now and in the future? Wouldn't you be interested in how the super rich in this country keep that from happening to their families?

That's what the trust calls are all about. These guys will give you a free education, the rest is up to you. Please go to the website and read the educational material and then come to one of their calls. What do you have to lose? 

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