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B.I.W.]hey mr rich
[B.I.W.]you were talking about pips
[B.I.W.]this doc is a good 1
[B.I.W.]now every body talks about the forex
[B.I.W.]but the forex is where the little boy play
[B.I.W.]i found this old doc enoch
[B.I.W.] What moves exchange rates? I •Exchangerates are determined by supply and demandfor currencies. •Supplyand demand for currencies depends on: –Macroeconomicconditions –Domesticand foreign interest rates –Otherfactors •Importanceof each factor can change over time.
[B.I.W.]What moves exchange rates? II •Macroeconomicconditions Andersen,Bollerslev, Diebold, and Vega (2003) Faust,Rogers, Wang and Wright (2003) –Positivemacroeconomic news strengthens dollar •GDP •Non-farmpayroll •Retailsales •Consumer confidence
[Enoch8]Any number of conditions , based on the Exchange Rate Regime Policiesof that Central Bank.
[Enoch8]They are all different.
[Enoch8]The IMF Lists the types of Regimes.
[Enoch8]Iraq has been on typically a Fixed Peg Regime.
[B.I.W.]some time i wonder if all know that the forex is the small guy in thetrading of currencys in the world
[Enoch8]The US…. Japan and Switzerland are on Free Floats. [B.I.W.]http://www.londonfx.co.uk/autobrok.html
[Enoch8]Forex is an interesting topic concerning rate changes andadjustments.
[B.I.W.]http://www.icap.com/markets/electronic-markets/ebs.aspx [B.I.W.]the ebs lookslike they are the real traders
[Enoch8]It is possible that Forex can be a Supply vs Demand Factor, but doesNOT…. I repeat DOES NOT Drive the market, as Okie suggests.
[*Tenmillion]Enoch8 which of these factors would apply to the IQD? [Enoch8]Great question
[Enoch8]Iraq does a number of typical internal adjustments….
[Enoch8]1. They can increase the Foreign Reserves or Decrease them to makeadjustments against market forces…
. [Enoch8]A decrease for example is called Sterilization.
[Enoch8]2. They can manuver interest rates, but IRaq is not strong in thatsuit, as of yet….
[3-BALL]so the high auctions are ?
[Enoch8]3. They increase or decrease circulation according to Supply vsDemand and Market influences
. [Enoch8]Increase is called Capitalization or Monitization of Liquidity….
[Enoch8]A decrease is call contraction.
[Enoch8]All these factors are what determines the actual strength of anynation’s currency, based on the strength of it’s bank and bondsmarkets
[Enoch8]In a Fixed Peg Regime, the Exchange Rate is held stable by thesefactors by adjusting them up or down.
[B.I.W.]and confidence in the currency
[Enoch8]In a Crawling Peg or a Banded Peg….. the rate is managed to adesired level as the market determines, but only as allowed by theCentral Bank, who determines that as part of the actual Regime.
[Enoch8]Banded is like crawling, but is restricted and limited to a set % ofincrease or decrease over a set peroid of time.
[B.I.W.]hey enoch here is a us state department email dec 13 2007
[Enoch8]Managed floats are like LOndon, China and Russia….
[B.I.W.]Classified By: Economic Section Deputy James Freund, reasons 1.4 b,d1. (C) SUMMARY: Demand for the dinar has risen this past week in response to the holiday period, a reported drop in imported good prices in Baghdad due to an appreciating dinar against the dollar and improved security, and speculation among money traders of a sudden appreciation of the dinar that occurred around this time last year. How the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) handles growing demand for the dinar will be critical, especially in terms of expectations management and injecting dinar liquidity into the market This is an encouraging development for Iraq and reflects a vote of confidence by  Iraqis in their domestic economy and the government’s monetary policies. END SUMMARY. [B.I.W.]so even in 2007
[Enoch8]thos are like free floats but are more restricted by internal control of the above mentioned factors, among others.
[B.I.W.]they were aware of us
[Enoch8]Did that answer for you Ten?
[*Tenmillion]yes, thank you Enoch8
[3-BALL]so 4 points in 3 years is like “snurtle crawling”
[B.I.W.]COMMENT: How the CBI handles growing demand for the dinar will be critical, in particular on expectations management and injecting dinar liquidity into the market. The TF-BSO consultant notes the CBIis taking this situation very seriously, and when she was at the CBI this morning all the key managers were going to a meeting on theissue. She also said she had never seen such a long line of armored trucks snaking around the block waiting to get dinars in her entire three years consulting with the CBI. The CBI also issued an immediatepress release today to dispel the rumors of sudden appreciation to1,000 dinar per dollar or lobbing off any zeros to the exchange rate. The CBI’s foreign currency auction’s daily volume has fluctuated, but not substantially diminished.
[Enoch8]OK….. BIW…… that article is about demand on the streets and with respective dealers.
[B.I.W.]this is the only time the cbi has issues a story about the (ooo)
[B.I.W.] LOL
[Enoch8]It has nothing to do with world market forces, because it is direct demand
on trades and exchanges and does not represent actual buying power, but factors trade spreads. and a different kind of demand, somewhat like the effect of  Forex markets. [Enoch8]They again…… Do NOT Drive the Market. [B.I.W.]so you think the iqd will have to be careful on how it makes it moves [Enoch8]Reduction of Zeros is a common practice of many countries who reduce circulation by getting an assigned new ISO and issue a new currency and monetize that, while contracting and demonetizing an older currency. [Enoch8]That is called Redenomination and is a lop….. unless there is aliquidity increase, supported by a bonding of debt, authorized by that respective government. [Enoch8]that might allow a greater exchange than 1000 to 1 in a case like IRaq. [Enoch8]It means simply, that the Old IQD units will be worth 1 /1000 of the value of the new units. [Enoch8]The way we might prosper, is IF the GOI can Bond enough liquidity to increase the value of the monetary base enough, to justify giving a better exchange ratio than 1000 to 1 [Enoch8]Like Germany did in part, with certain restrictions and time limits, in the Marshall Plan. [Enoch8]That in effect accomplishes contraction of the monetary circulation, while at the same time, increasing it’s value overall. [Enoch8]The estimated cost projected in the new CBI plan is about $130Million. [Enoch8]That is one of the issues Parliament must approve and authorize MOF to instruct CBI and cover that cost. [Enoch8]CBI does not pay for that. [Enoch8]GOI Does [Enoch8]It must be set in the GOI Budget [Enoch8]I doubt if the IMF Partners are going to pay for it, this time asthey did in 2003. [3-BALL] ya think they can afford it with the countries who keep forgiving debt [Enoch8]Sure they can [B.I.W.]here i’m share some thing i found [B.I.W.]take a look at this E [B.I.W.]alway been talk about who payed for the dinar to get printed [B.I.W.]it all started here
[B.I.W.][B.I.W.] it all started here [B.I.W.]http://www.cfr.org/iraq/iraq-madrid-…nference/p7682 [B.I.W.]IRAQ: Madrid Donor Conference Author: Esther Pan October 30, 2003 [B.I.W.]Spain: $300 million through 2007; [B.I.W.]hum [B.I.W.]this is the only doc i have ever found that talks about paying for the printing of the iraqi dinar [B.I.W.]SUBJECT: SPAIN: FULFILLS IRAQI DINAR DONATION PLEDGE REF: MADRID 2397The Spanish Council of Ministers approved the donation of EUR 14.4million (USD 17.4 million) on July 16 to finance the production of the new Iraqi dinar. This allocation of funds will fulfill Spain’s pledge of USD 18 million for production of Iraqi dinars during2004-2005, promised at the Madrid Donor’s Conference. This disbursement is a further sign of Spain’s intention to fulfill its USD 300 million commitment to Iraq reconstruction (reftel). ARGYROS [B.I.W.]i think this proves Spain did [B.I.W.]for at least 2004 2005 [Enoch8]Yes BIW….. it proves the coalitions  paid for the original changeover and over saw all of it. [Enoch8]We have had UST agents embedded from the start. [B.I.W.]Year 2004 (some of which has been disbursed) Total: $ 60 million IRFFI: $ 20 million (Min. Econ) IFC Small Business Facility: $ 5million (Min. Econ) Production of Iraqi Dinars: $18 million (Min.Econ) Not programmed: $ 17 million (Min. Econ and MFA) 5. (U) Years2005-2007 (Note: this allocation is notional and will likely change)Total: $ 140 million Ministry of Economy non-reimbursable credit lines (FAD): $75 million Bilateral donations (MFA*Spanish Agency for International Development): $ 55 Nonspecific technical assistance: $10 million (Min. Econ and MFA)
 [Enoch8]It may have been printed and inventoried at perhaps BIS or even a USFed Bank….. all along and was all paid for in advance?
 [3-BALL]so who then paid for the rest of the years of 30 trillion ?
 [Enoch8]Not sure on that 3ball [B.I.W.]or at least some
 [Enoch8]It could have also been covered by funds and simply repayed by these countries over time, by agreement.
[Enoch8]It could have also been covered by funds and simply repaid by these countries over time, by agreement. [Enoch8]Maybe? 
[3-BALL]but is it 150 million a year for 3 trillion in dinar since 2003
 [B.I.W.]it cost 140 million to print 6.38 Trillion in 2003
 [3-BALL]trillion yes
 [Enoch8]They only delivered 6.38 BIW
 [Enoch8]How do you know that did not cover all of what could have as easily have been stored by the contracted printers? 
[B.I.W.]i agree 
Enoch8]I understood in the beginning, that the US Treasury and Fed Reserve were involved along with Central London and Bank of International Settlements. 
[B.I.W.]so i have always wondered something [B.I.W.]on the forex 
[Enoch8]How do we know, they did not simply warehouse ‘Inventory’ during that time?
 [B.I.W.]Countries We are unable to send funds to the following countries :Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lebanon ,Liberia, Libya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe.
 [B.I.W.]so i started looking
 [Enoch8]But…. there may be a clue.
 [B.I.W.]ofac list before they could get off the forex ban list [B.I.W.]? 
[Enoch8]CBI Law defines Inventory as not being a liability of actual circulation [B.I.W.]http://www.ozforex.com.au/why-us/supported-currencies [B.I.W.]i have always wondered this [B.I.W.]Countries We are unable to send funds to the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Democratic , Republic of Congo, Coted’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq,  North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan ,Syria, Zimbabwe. [B.I.W.]this is the list of banned countries on the forex
 [Enoch8]OK…. do I understand you to be asking if this OZ forex trader not supporting
 Iraq trading has to do with our investment?
 [*Tenmillion]Why is Iraq on that list?
 [Enoch8]It is OZ Trader policy. [Enoch8]Has nothing to do with central bank trading, really. 
[*Tenmillion]what do they have in common with N. Korea and Iran? 
[Enoch8]all that means is that that one clearing house cannot deal in that currency at this time. [Enoch8]I think [Enoch8]Not certain.
 [B.I.W.]http://export.stanford.edu/country.html [B.I.W.]all those countries are on this list
 [Enoch8]They are still IMF Art IV Consultations and on a Art XIV agreement. [Enoch8]It restricts international trading [B.I.W.]and Canada [B.I.W.]http://www.international.gc.ca/contr…ang=eng&view=d [B.I.W.]i agree
 [Enoch8]They have to be Art VIII compliant to be a recognized trading partner and currency on international banking. [B.I.W.]im asking do you think they need to be off those lists to move towards our goal [B.I.W.]i agree 
[Enoch8]That also is the set standard for WTO final accession for all oil producing nations, as well. [Enoch8]Yes to that last question, BIW
 [B.I.W.]i think we are on the right path
 [3-BALL]I do also
 [Enoch8]there are some lists involved and it applies directly to US Treasury Issues….. OFAC and 13303, 13315, 13350 and 13364….. and are defined as the very basis of UNSC Resolutions 1483, (Memory) and all that apply with the UN Chap 7. [Enoch8]That was the US President who unilaterally made those EOs and the UNMUltilaterally adopted them. [Enoch8]Ohhh heck yes…. we are surely on the right path 
[B.I.W.]some may not know [B.I.W.]but the us gov has done a slick move
[3-BALL]more than I can remember 
[B.I.W.]with those Enoch [B.I.W.]http://www.thefederalregister.com/d….-13-2010-22546 
[Enoch8]You better believe they did, B
 [B.I.W.]DATES: Effective Date: September 13, 2010. DOCUMENT SUMMARY: The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control(“OFAC”) is adding the Iraq Stabilization and Insurgency Sanctions Regulations as a new part to the Code of Federal Regulations, to implement Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, Executive Order13315 of August 28, 2003, Executive Order 13350 of July 29, 2004,Executive Order 13364 of November 29, 2004, and Executive Order 13438of July 17, 2007. [[Page 55464] [B.I.W.]slick
 [Enoch8]Anyone around after 911 can recall how Russia, France, Germany and China squacked about those EOs [Enoch8]But those guys were all in bed with Saddam stealing oil for food money and had their own contracts with Saddam go bad. [Enoch8]Right…TY again BIW…. you rock! 
 [*Tenmillion]I remember France for sure
 [Enoch8]Those were all under US the authority of presidential declaration of Economic Emergy Act [Enoch8]Ya….. what was that crust old bastards name in France?
 [B.I.W.]this is why sometimes i feel they just let iraq act like they are in control 
[*Tenmillion]I remember France for sure
 [Enoch8]LOL…. we all boycotted Brie and French wine…. LMAO [Enoch8]Not just that BIW…. go deep [Enoch8]They also allow the UN to think they are actually running something! [Enoch8]That is a very interesting thing that happened…. because it means after 3 solid years…. shabs has held up his end of the IMF Art XIV agreements. [Enoch8]He proved he could hold it locked witout signifigant inflation for 3years as on Jan 2012. [Enoch8]It means he has shifted the regime back to a crawling peg ? [Enoch8]I think so.
 [B.I.W.]me too
[Enoch8]That is significant by itself
 [JayP]Enoch, is it true then that this is why we saw them make the change 3years to the date 
[B.I.W.]can he just flip back at any time 
[Enoch8]It also means he can set a new monetary policy with a 2 year stated objective.
 [B.I.W.]hold 1166 [B.I.W.]? 
[Enoch8]That is good news for us…. because that allows additional value increases based on stated objectives. [3-BALL]which are what now ? 
[3-BALL]stated objectives ?
 [Enoch8]He already held 1170….. he is done with that agreement…. IOW….proved IRaq has the strength as an Emerging Market Economy to be allowed to do a 2 year stated objective… [Enoch8]that translates into allowable increases in liquidity and balance of the allowable circulation can be dramatically increased, from $26Billion in US Value….. [Enoch8]That translates to a greater potential yield if you hold dinar…..IF the Parliament will just approve the Government Bonds to increase the liquidity.
[*Tenmillion] Thank you Enoch8


[soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, my day is finally over and I have received call all day and I can assure you this ride is finally over. Everyone I have talked to today is on exactly the same page

[soonerfan62] imagine What has been my raye doe a Month?

[soonerfan62] rate

[Major] soonerfan62, 8.63

[soonerfan62] Major You win the prize

[MotorCityGuy] soonerfan62 8.63 works for me...

[soonerfan62] MotorCityGuy Won;t stay there

[KYRV39] soonerfan62 Iknow ff said on his call that the rate would go higher with all the waiting do you feel it will be higher than 8.63 now

[soonerfan62] kyrv39 no
Jake617] soonerfan62 if i may ask, when you say "same page" could you say that is the LAST page of this book we are all reading titled "Waiting to RV" ?

[soonerfan62] Jake617 Index at the back of the book

[soonerfan62] Guys let me say something I found out today then read it later from on of the other intel givers

[soonerfan62] Be ready to pay your taxes at the bank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[soonerfan62] Have you guys heard that IMF, CBI, and IRS had meetings today?

[soonerfan62] They are trying to make us pay the Capitol Gains taxes at cashin

[heycowboy] soonerfan62 ...any idea what percent??

[soonerfan62] heycowboy 15%

[dmama] soonerfan62 flat15%?

[soonerfan62] dmama Yes

[MRP] soonerfan62 Hon, is that gonna be a flat 15% tax, with a new ruling then?

[soonerfan62] MRP Heard that also change attorneys so you won't have to go to jail

[sandytob] soonerfan62 can you elaborate please?

[soonerfan62] sandytob I am only saying what I am hearing, 15% when you cashin, now drop it I am not an attorney or CPA

Mauiboy] soonerfan62; Aloha Soonerfan62, Would you happen to know if we chose to cash-in at DB would they be required to collect the taxes also? Mahalo Nui Loa

[soonerfan62] Mauiboy Don't know talk to them

[soonerfan62] Guys just realize this is the first time that the IRS has even been mentioned in any meetings

[Eagle Has Landed] soonerfan62 if you exchange at Dinar Banker or Trade will they be authorized to collect taxes as well? Thanks

[qf1] Eagle Has Landed NO
[soonerfan62] Eagle Has Landed Who knows don't know what the dealers rules are

[soonerfan62] What did I say last night in the short time I was on, ENJOY your last weekend without an RRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVV

[rjg] soonerfan62 i trust your opinion, if u say this is my week to go to the bank, i say YiPPEE KYYE

[soonerfan62] rjg Not just me many,many others

[evadevad] soonerfan-What are the chances of seeing this RV this week in a scale of 1-10 ??????????

[soonerfan62] evadevad 11

[sln1987] soonerfan62 Can you share when the window will start that we should be looking at? Tonight, tomorrow?

[soonerfan62] sln1987 Monday morning 2-4 am

[soonerfan62] Guys think about the hours, days,weeks, months and years you have been on some chat and the fact that we are this close you shouldn't be able to sleep from the excitment

[ctgal] would you please ask if this is part of the announcement tomorrow, and by whom? Thanks.

[soonerfan62] Asells Didn't say announcement, meeting

[marshww] soonerfan62 where and when can we look for the meeting tomorrow.... was the last question...thank u

[soonerfan62] marshww Nobody will know, not public


1-21-2012  Guru Checkmate   We have been told that some things needed to be done before this goes. There is a no turning back and we have already reached that point of no return. There is no way to turn this off. It is moving inch by inch.  Can’t believe that it isn’t here by now.
1-21-2012  Guru Poppy3   i personally think it can happen at anytime…It is in play…got a call…from…iraq contact. Contract worker on airport security and he stated the meeting that had been scheduled for today will not take place till monday…tells me the rv is still a ways off.  [read entire post in Dinar Guru Blog - link above]
1-21-2012  Guru Dinar Wishes   UPDATE!!!  Sunday night late into Monday morning Early is a Great Window of Opportunity!!!




Dan Call Notes - Saturday Evening 1 -21- 2012
People worried about RV happening already. Misinformation out right now is intentional and nothing else. Don't know why. Wealthy doesn't want anyone else to have money. But everyone knows that the rate is moving alittle.

Q and A starting 
Q-Do you think that it is starting a timeline now because of it moving alittle? Dan-We have got every agency watching this. I am giving out a warning for this person that does not have a physical adress to send you free dinar on the call. 

Dan-We have been told that some things needed to be done before this goes. There is a no turning back and we have already reached that point of no return. There is no way to turn this off. 

It is moving inch by inch. Dan said that this is a big step. Q- Go into Feb. Dan- no! Can't believe that it isn't here by now. Some bankers out there know more then we do, believe it or not. Some of the stuff that Dan has heard, he wished that he didn't know and don't want to be a part of
It can happen at any givin time. This event is bigger then what we can imagine. Just things being done at banking level that Dan was not even aware of. He is surprised at some of the things that he has found out that he would have never have known about if he wasn't in this. 

Dan has got good calls and some of the things just didn't make since, but today by the calls that he got, he now understands and these things make since now. You can see this happen on any day of the week. Just don't pinpoint that it can't happen on a certain day. That is not true. It can happen any day!!! 

Q- Lady talking about weather :unsure: Geesh! :lol: Lady is in real estate! What are you recommending as far as real estate? Yes, it is a great investment. Biggest reason why is there is so much earth that you can purchase for an investment.

 Any currency markets and the stability is going to change. You can rent out or buy as time shares or own it and hold on to it. Excellent investment to get into. So many diffent things you can do as far as real estate. Land and commercial properties, condos. We will be talking more about this in SF. /b] 

Real good markets out there for foreclosures or government subsidized homes. Rent would always be on time if government pays these rents. :unsure: :P Sorry, I had to put faces in there. 

There talking about different ways that they can be reached. Dan is real busy and there is an 800 number that you can call. Get ahold of the mods if you are interested in investing in real estate for the call tomorrow if you want to be on the call for expert advice to give out to other people. 

[b]Q- Thank you for all that you do and all the information. Do't have a question and just amazing all the time and effort that you put out for the members. Dan is asking him a question. What is your strategy. 

Cashing in one note at first to get set up and then help some friends. Dan is asking if he wants to post his phone number to help alot of friends!! :lol: :unsure: The man said "NO!".

 Dan was teasing of course. You have the currency now. Just watch your back and watch everyone when you go to the bank. Just a note at first. When you go to the bank, ask them how much that I can touch the first day. 

Let the banks know that you just want a couple thousand now and get an extension on your debit cards. Just get your plans together as far as the bank goes. Just be familiar with your bank and your banker. Don't panic over this. 

As long as you can access a little at a time, should be alright with alot of people. Banks will work with you. Don't tell the banks that you knwo the laws and don't push that on them or else they will show you what the law is!!! :blink: :unsure: 

Q- Black squirrel is caller! :blink: Can you share debit card with other people as a gift, what is the tax law? $13000.00 is tax limit. You have to get a debit card extension alittle at a time. You just can not get a huge extension at once. 

Dan knows other ways to do this though. A person on another forum talking about loading up a visa card and sharing it. Lady is thanking everyone again about sharing all this information on real estate and everything. Some people like to bash then help.

 Dan asking there is bashing? Where? :unsure: He is making fun!! Dan talking about wanting to do the real estate call tomorrow. If something comes up, may do it Monday. 

Q- Caller is confused because of the area code coming up. She said that it isn't hers. She forgot, she is visiting her sister. :unsure: :blink: Most of my questions have been answered. Where do we stand, Dan? Tony would say tonight, Dan said! Dan said he likes being excited. 

Dan thinks that it is going to be the direction of the west timeline. Somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday and Dan seems to think that the last person will call it anytime now!! No timeloine now. Any time is the answer!!!! 

Anything can hold this up. but barring some unbelieveable dissastger, there sis nothing holding this up. If this doesn't happen soon, nobody will know the true meaning of depression if this doesn't happen. He juts doesn't feel the world woul let this happen. 

So people saying that this would happen in a month or evn a couple of weeks, doesn't understand what they are talking about. The entities that are listening to these calls, know that we are close and that is why they are listening to these calls. 

Q- Happy to listen to these calls. Cash in question in Canada. Higher levels here know that there is something big coming. This man doesn't want to tell banker alot of things right now. Dan- if they tell everyone that this was going to happen, think about this a minute.

 If everyone waiting for this to happen kept putting stuff off to buy that was needed, think of the economy. The misinformation that is put out mainly is a protection barrier. Alot of people just hasn't thought about the big picture if everyone knew about this. 

Man is talking about the ID protection advertised on the main page of forum. People can not take your protection for granted. Have to keep ourselves protected. 

Dan talking about Facebook pages and joining contests and posting pictures. The tracking on your cell phone with pictures. This thing is going to be all over the tv and is going to be alot of disgruntled people that did not get into this. 

They don't follow the millionaire home. They jsut want to track you online mostly for your money. This is a great idea to have for a program. 

This is a real thorough program along with the redaction program. Great program for the money. Drastically cut on price. We are trying to help alot of people with their protection program.

 Dan will tell us alot of things that we can do afterwards!! Will dsicuss also in SF. 15-20 protection companies will be in SF along with the webcasts after RV. 

Talking about the cars that are going to be given away after the RV at SF. Q- Genny in a bottle is next caller :lol: Don't really have a question. I think that she just wanted to talk to Dan for a minute! :blink: Hes asking lady if there is anything that she has a question about? 

If you don't use our ID protection company, you can use someone elses. We just don't want to charge our members alot for a protection program. Dan is not interested in selling high dollar programs to the members. 

Dan is saying that a call is coming up with Hatcher about the charity remainder trusts information. He also specializes in other trusts as well. He has specialized in trusts for 23 years. 

Misinformation going out in threads about some of the trusts because they don't understand them. They need to listen to the call. Dan wants to learn more about trust for his mom. He appreciates Hatcher for the call. Dan is done and music is playing by Golfer Dan.