Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Rainy) the rv will happen soon. my wife works at wf and she says theyre training specifically for the rv. its not a secret there anymore as to why theyre learning the things they are learning. they hope to transition people quickly and easily. she even said what rate that wf is expecting. its a little over 4!

 [burk50] WCW thoughts on your timeline ?

 [deniseanderson] WCW we have 2 mondays this week : 

 [WCW] burk50 we just wait for the release it is close

[jetpack] WCW at this stage if taxable it's hard to imagine release in 2012 but hope I'm wrong

 [WCW] jetpack we wait and see

 [burk50] WCW do you still think within next 2 weeks ?
[WCW] burk50 yes

 [wolverine7] WCW That's the best thing I've heard all day so for.

[Tradewind] WCW did you see where parliment took off till jan 8? or said they did

[tornado] The PTB cannot hide this RV from us, period.We all are looking out for this 24/7 so how are they gonna hide this.....

[burk50] WCW do you think this is out of Iraq's hands?

[RubyRed] tornado I agree...when it happens, we'll all know

[cisco411] It's kinda hard to say "when you least expect it" when you are expecting it everyday

[garfield] WCW - what do you think they are waiting on to release it, thanks

[WCW] burk50 Tradewind yes out of iraq s hands

 [tornado] A matter of fact,the longer this RV takes,the more we will know about the fraud that is and has been taken place.Wait till this gets out to the mass,the army would not be big enough to stop them.........JMO

 [garfield] WCW - Do you think the fiscal cliff and Pres. O are stalling it until they get the cliff resolved

 [WCW] garfield yes

  [tornado] WCW -IYO,do you think the fiscal cliff would be resolve by jan 1 2013??

[garfield] WCW - thanks, a lot of people believe the same. It is a shame that one person can screw the entire world around.

[WCW] lets all just pray that they can work this out to where that we can keep our bush tax cuts

 [sandytob] WCW yes indeed!

aceman] they will work out the bush tax cuts but it may not happen until after we go off the cliff

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