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Adam Montana] ok, happy Wednesday all!
[Adam Montana] there are a LOT of questions this week about Talabani - he is not dead, I just posted an update on that in the DinarVets Iraq news section

[Adam Montana] But obviously this DOES have an impact on the Dinar - there are two possible scenarios here

[Adam Montana] 1. He had a heart attack. Being President of any country is stressful, I don't know who cooks his meals, but he doesn't look like he eats extremely healthy and his job isn't exactly easy... so it's very possible that he actually did have a heart attack and not much is going to be happening until his vital signs are stable one way or another

[Adam Montana] 2. - actually there is no 2. The heart attack is real, he is really in the hospital, and we have no way to know what will happen between now and the time he is "publicly" declared "not in the hospital". I'll indulge all the conspiracy buffs for a moment:

[Adam Montana] this COULD be a genious ruse, taking him out of the spotlight so they can RV in a swift and unstoppable manner. This could be Chapter 2 in the "Take Out The Key People" saga, where Shabibi was Chapter 1. This COULD be a great opportunity for magic to happen (when the Cat's away, the Mice will play!)
  [Adam Montana] but quite honestly... I think it's simply another set-back for Iraq, which will delay their plans for the improvement in the value of the Iraqi Dinar.

I know many of you will be looking at me like the Christmas Grinch right now, and I apologize for that... but as always, I'm not here to sugar-coat things. I know most of you respect that, and those that don't... well, you know where the door is Posted Image

[Adam Montana] ok - other than that, there is nothing huge to report. we are still watching the tennis match between Iraq and the UN, Kurds and Shiites, etc... if all the cards are playing in our favor, there will be an RV tomorrow (just in time to buy some BIG Christmas presents!)

[Adam Montana] but most likely this is going to drag out and not happen until AFTER the new year just being honest about how I see things

[Adam Montana] one more thing, then I will get to the Q&A - my wife asked me to take some time off  so there will be no chat next week Wednesday (unless there is a big announcement!)

[Adam Montana] *pssssssssssst... I'll try to sneak in a few times when she is showering or at the gym Posted Image

[Adam Montana] ok, questions!

[kcw] jeepguy hello adam and mods,, o,k, here it is --- i wish for a nice red coupe ,with removable hard top , also a nice red head with renmovable,,,, ohhhhhh heck that is for santa , sorry ,,, oh here it is ,, hey adam buddy , if the rate of currency is going to go from 1160 to 1000 , the rate moves only , then if this is true they drop the zero`s off the 1000 , now this is 1 rate , as in 1 to 1 , i`m not sure but would this be the only thing effected by the drop of zero`s , or do you think when the 1000 becomes 1 there might be another effect in the currency too { i.e.: 10,ooo to 10 or 25,ooo to 25 ,, the l-o-p story }

i guess my question is what is to keep them from just taken only the 1000 to 1, and then call it 1 to 1 rate and be done with it , and anyone with 25,ooo dinars has 25,ooo dinars ? it is confussing,, thanks have a great holiday

[Adam Montana] jeepguy, that is the quintessential, perpetual, and omnipresent question of this investment. "Will they shoot themselves in the foot and hobble forward, or will they grab the reins and gallop ahead?"

[Adam Montana] I can't answer that, nobody can. We know that it is possible for them to capture a massive amount of WEALTH with an RV, which would counter the devastating LOSS they suffered when the value of their currency plummetted... but there is no way to guarantee what they will actually do.

[Adam Montana] Personally, I think it's a no-brainer - why not RV? There is so much supporting them, so many ways to improve on the value, and it makes so much SENSE to increase the value - why wouldn't they do that?

[Adam Montana] That's why I am in this investment. Those of you that got in early - you've already seen a huge gain. Those of you getting in now - you might see a huge return tomorrow, or maybe it will take 5 years to double your money. Either way, it's a great investment.

[kcw] waitingondinar Hi Adam, Reading an article titled: United Nations recognizes Iraq’s commitment to international resolutions; Next few months is a period of confidence building and time to settle issues This information was in the article and states the UN is not pushing as hard to get them out of Chapter 7; 12/16/2012 12:00 am……. Do you think this is a bit of smoke to throw us off their trail of info? Thanks

[Adam Montana] I don't believe anything out of Iraq that states a date. Appointments are rescheduled, commitments are delayed, and things happen whenever they are darn-well-ready.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] SPOTLIGHT Whats Cracking Adam hope your weekend was blessed.My question to you is arent you tired of being ask the same a$ questions weekly I would be mentally exchausted.If I was in your position I would be listening to Rick James Mary Jane daily.
Posted Image

[Adam Montana] Spotlight, I know where you are coming from... if I wasn't 100% sure that my efforts were appreciated here, I would not do this

[Adam Montana] But - I know there are new people here every week, and every day.
You know who should really get the credit... the mods here

[Adam Montana] Mods, let me take a moment to thank all of you. This site, this community, this FAMILY we have here... it's supported by you. I know most of the questions and commentary are directed at me, but if it weren't for you all... it wouldn't be possible. Thank you all, and Merry Christmas to you

[Adam Montana] ok, next please!

[kcw] chess Adam: Might the CBI still be a bit hesitant to RV right away, if they can just keep on selling Dinar for our dollars? But, I expect X,Y has to cross on the graph sometime.....thx

[Adam Montana] chess, you're 100% right - X and Y have to cross at some point. In my opinion, that crossing will happen sooner than later - obviously there is benefit to selling the Dinar, but the benefit of Revaluing is higher, so that junction can't be too far away.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Ragar44 Hi Adam! Can we use the OSI strategy for the VND? Thanks!

[Adam Montana] absolutely yes

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] localcats Can Iraq get out of Chapter 7 without the Erbil agreement in place and/or the HCL/article 140 not being passed. If so do you think the UNSC would remove them? Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Adam and Dinar Vet Family

[Adam Montana] That's a tough question Can they? Yes. Will they? That depends.
The two events can be almost simultaneous. Let me explain

[Adam Montana] There is no way that Iraq will get out of Chapter 7 without a harmonious agreement on Erbil/HCL/etc. The exact order of the events is not important, but the big picture must be completely painted before anything will happen. So, if there is a "closed door" agreement to complete Chapter 7, or HCL, or Erbil - then any of them can happen first with the understanding that the rest of the chips will IMMEDIATELY fall into place.

[Adam Montana] In other words, if the agreements are in place... it doesn't matter which happens "first". They can all happen at the same time, and we will simply hear about one before the other. We might THINK one happened first, but the truth is they will all be decided and agreed upon before we even know about the "first" one.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Boozer Hello Adam Could this be staged, I mean Talabani was in a meeting with Maliki just hours before he had a stroke, the U N is in a closed door meeting. and I hear Erbil agreement is just a rubber stamp away.If I remember Kuwait did this just days be for they R Ved.. what is your thoughts ?

[Adam Montana] I think you could be right. And if you are right, I'll just have to apologize to my wife because I will not be able to take the break she asked me to

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] dwells92250 Adam, From your post last week a statement was made by someone about Maliki listing a small piece of property for $ 900,000 US dollars. If this information is in fact true, what would this same piece of property have sold for 2 years ago? Not having any idea what property in Iraq has sold for in the past, this information potentially means ......???

[Adam Montana] That's a great question - I don't know the answer.

[Adam Montana] Out of all the sectors I have researched and prepared and even currently invested in, real estate is one that I have left alone - I invest in real estate locally, and that is tricky enough.

[Adam Montana] Well, that's it! Thank you mods, thank you DV Family! I don't bring religion into our chats here, but I'm going to break the norm and say it here. God bless you all, and Merry Christmas -

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