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Ground is prepared for the process of lifting the zeros from the currency in 2013, 16 DEC

Majida al-Tamimi: Ground is prepared for the process 
of lifting the zeros from the currency in 2013

12/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad - where excluded member of the Finance 
Committee parliamentary Magda Tamimi, raise zeros
 from the currency in 2013, noting that "the earth
 is ripe for replacement." said Tamimi told all 
of Iraq [where], "The process of lifting the zeros
 from the currency in in 2013 depends on the nature
 of policy the central bank governor's New, "adding
 that" according to Vision Bank's previous supposed
 to be raised. " and noted that its Committee "did 
not arrive until the day the book from the central 
bank about the process of lifting the zeros or 
postponed", drawing attention to "The ground is 
ripe for the lifting of the zeroes from the currency,
 especially if there is fear from entering the
 currency forged and replace currency original 
thus happens inflation allowance reduce trading."
 and the Cabinet had in its meeting held on April 
10 last patient in the application process deletion 
of zeros from currency National until further notice.
 was the Iraqi Central Bank, and on the lips of bank
 adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, has confirmed 
to [where] the need for Iraq to process administrative
 reform of the currency cash, and that the project to
 delete the zeros is a step comes as part of the 
country's need to process administrative reform of
 the currency, of order to reduce the cost of cash 
transactions in the economic process, in addition 
to the need to provide coins denominations small 
used in trading small transactions daily. mentioned
 that officials at the central bank, as well as 
some politicians and economists, urged the government
 to delete the zeros from the currency, and the
 issuance of a new currency denominations cash a 
great addition to the presence of Coins small.
 Observers say that the government intends to 
delete the zeros from the currency as a step 
towards improving the purchasing power of the 
Iraqi dinar, but economists played down the 
importance of this step, considering that the 
cost of raising the zeros will be greater than
 benefit desired lifting of zeros .

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