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[Adam Montana] First - happy Aaron Rodgers day!

[Adam Montana] I have a shopping date with my wife (she didn't get the memo that I don't Christmas shop until the 23rd) so I am going to keep this as brief as possible

[Adam Montana] There are ongoing talks about Chapter 7. Even though the Moon meeting went well last week, we have not seen that "stamp" come down yet

[Adam Montana] Shabibi is posturing as if he is not concerned about the warrants, but he is still conveniently "busy" outside of Iraq and has not returned home yet

[Adam Montana] In my opinion, he's stuck right now. He can yap all he wants about how baseless the warrant is, but facts are facts - Maliki is in control of the situation and Shabs is forced to sit and watch. Hopefully this is a good thing for us - there has to be a reason Maliki wanted Shabibi out of the picture for a while, and with the positive Chapter 7 and HCL news lately we can certainly hope an RV is on the horizon

[Adam Montana] One other thing I found noteworthy this week is Maliki selling a piece of his property. It's a 600 square meter property, and the price is 900 THOUSAND us dollars. 600 square meters is about .14 acres. POINT ONE FOUR - not fourteen! My thoughts on this... if you can get almost a million dollars for a property smaller than a baseball diamond, how "destitute" can Iraq's future really be? Think on that for a while

[Adam Montana] ok, questions! TG, fire away

[Adam Montana] uh oh... someone is kidnapping TexasGranny?

[TexasGranny] Luigi1 Recent articles of the Indonesian Rupeah RD in 2014 suggests a bunny-ear with no increase in the value or rate. The old & new currencies will co-exist for at least a year till the old bills are removed. Do you think at this late in the game, this could be a last minute possibility with the IQD?

[Adam Montana] whew! She's ok

[Adam Montana] I have two answers. 1. A bunny-ear or RD is always a possibility, but 2. Iraq is not Indonesia. Iraq is a completely different country in a different situation with different assets and a different future.

 [TexasGranny] BigBear I recently read that no RV has ever happened other than around the 1st of the year? IF this thing doesn't happen around Jan 1, 2013 are we on the wait until Jan 2014 in your opinion? THanks!

[Adam Montana] Hey BigBear - My answer is the same as the last one. Iraq's situation is different than any other country or situation anyone has ever seen before. We have no reason to bet they will follow the "guidelines" that other countries have followed in different situations.

 [TexasGranny] Candy01 Adam, What do you know regarding how the meetings with Ban Ki Moon went last week? Do you really think this time Iraq will be released from Chapter 7? If not this month, then when? Or if they pass the HCL, will Chapter 7 just be a rubber stamp after that?

[Adam Montana] It truly does look like Chapter 7 is a rubber stamp away from being done - with a resolution on the HCL, I can't imagine Chapter 7 will be too far behind! And they have indeed been releasing very positive news on the HCL

[Adam Montana] All in all - it's a positive outlook on those two matters.

 [TexasGranny] ladyGrace'sDaddy Good morning Adam, Thanks for all you do. I don't usually have a question but this time I would love to hear your take on a specific article. "Talabani and I made great efforts to build a new Iraq" In your opinion is this telling us that HCL has been agreed upon?

[Adam Montana] That's a tricky question - when you are trying to understand what a politician is saying, you have to drill down to the specifics. He didn't say they agreed upon the HCL, he just alluded to a positive conversation with Talabani. This tells me that he is still holding back, his position is reserved, and there is no concrete "YES IT IS DONE" statement. While there is nothing negative about it, I have to say "No" - it is not quite done.

[Adam Montana] Sorry to be negative on it, but I'm not here to blow smoke up anyone's skirt. Just telling it the way I see it

[TexasGranny] rockfl9 Hi Adam:: I have read on some posts that it is speculated that the CBI/MOF have been using the auctions to remove dinar from circulation ,but not reporting it in the financials? If true that would be a good thing why would they hide it?,,..What is your take on that ,. Thanks,

[Adam Montana] rockfl9, great question. This is something we should all be aware of and understand: The CBI and MOF is NOT transparent with their accounting or actions, and we do NOT believe the numbers they release. They tell us what they want us to believe, and that's it. There is no guarantee of truth when you hear or read about their reserves or any other accounting matter

 [TexasGranny] coorslite21 Adam......as always....thanks……(an) article discusses the reality that some major US oil companies are opting out of the Iraqi oil grab for various reasons. If China becomes the major foreign player in the Iraq oil industry.... pre RV... do you see this having any potential impact on us as investors?

[Adam Montana] I can understand how some people would get nervous... but let me ask you this. Is China interested in profits or losses? The answer is obviously profits, and China won't suddenly own our Dinar, so regardless of who the major players are over there - when Iraq gains, so do we.

 [TexasGranny] jaman Hey Adam,just one question if I bought my dinars through my company money ,do I own it or does my company ?or have they been gifted already?

[Adam Montana] If your company is a domestic company, it does not matter. There is no benefit to a domestic company owning the dinars. At the end of the year, gains flow through to the owner(s) of the company and taxes are paid just the same.

![TexasGranny] rope If Maliki is the holdup for the UN to withdraw Iraq from Chapter 7, will he need to be removed in order for that to happen? If so, wouldn't this be a set back till they replaced him? I realize there are more pieces to the puzzle than Chapter 7, but how can they be a independent country without the ability to defend themselves-which means removal from Chapter 7? It just seems that the revalue of their currency would need to be simultaneous with Chapter 7.

[Adam Montana] Hey rope, I have seen a few people talking about Maliki being the "hold up" - I disagree with that idea. Maliki has done more to move the country in position to RV than anyone else.

 [TexasGranny] vietnam1969 good morning adam, staff and fellow dv members. I am wondering if i joined this for the ride, to meet great people here in dv, or just love to be adventurous and take on the gamble of making any money at all. No matter how the final destination ends, i will feel like a winner hands down for i have met some of the most wonderful and amazing people i can imagine ever meeting and having the privilege of knowing.

The members are fantastic and you and your staff are on the know of it all. The mods are great and deserve a round of applause as well. Sure hope this train is coming to a stop pretty soon for i am out of questions to ask today. Oh, i have one. Just how hard was the session 65 test? Thanks for supplying us with all the up to date news and for all your time watching over us.

[Adam Montana] vietnam, I can't agree more with you - the community here is amazing and I have developed friendships with people that I would have never met if it weren't for the dinar and dinarvets.

[Adam Montana] The 65 wasn't too bad - it's harder than most of the others (7, 63, etc) but if you take the time to study and learn the material it's like anything else. Apply yourself and succeed.

 [TexasGranny] Saint Adam, Who are the Patriots going to play in the Super Bowl???? You think your Packers are going to be healthy enough. Just saying. Any more news concerning the rate and date as Christmas is almost upon us. My stocking is already hung and hoping Santa exchanges my Dinar with Dollars so I don't have to make a trip to the bank nor tell the IRS. Just a thought. Go Rrrrrrrrrrrrr Vvvvvvvvvvvv By the way thanks to you and your staff and for all the mods who keep us in line . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

[Adam Montana] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

[Adam Montana] I just checked my crystal ball and the battery died before it could tell me who plays in the super bowl

[Adam Montana] ok, one more. next please!

[TexasGranny] jeepguy hey adam thanks for keeping all in touch ,,,, i would like to applogize to the dinar vets land ,,, i said the rate on 12/12/12 would be 1.20 -----> dear lord i didn`t think they would do it in euro`s ,, sorry folks next time i`ll do it in u.s. currency ,,,, thanks again adam

[Adam Montana] Thanks jeepguy. On that note, I'm off to help the wife stimulate the economy by burning up one of the credit cards. You all have a great day!

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