Monday, November 26, 2012


[footforward] hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good people of dinar land

 [ok rocks] footforward whoa, now there is a name have not seen in a chat room for a long time

 [footforward] ok rocks thats because i havent been in one for a long time lol

 [ok rocks] footforward well that makes sense then lol

 [paradisegirl] footforward what a nice surprise, just got here :)

 [footforward] paradisegirl hey you :)

  [ok rocks] footforward what is going on?

 [paradisegirl] footforward thank you for your calls

 [footforward] ok rocks oo not much. just being insane. you know lol. .how are you?

 [footforward] paradisegirl your welcome. .thank you for being nice to me :)

 [jpgaughf] Thank you that was it!

 [ok rocks] footforward ughhhhhhh hoping for an rv now now now need it like many others do... other than that I am good lol

 [footforward] ok rocks i know what you mean. ;but the whole financial system seems to basically be at a stand still. i dont believe that can carry on forever

 [Bigdogone] A big how-dee to Foot forward!

 [paradisegirl] footforward funny how the few bashers get all the attention. They are few, and most of us appreciate what you bring.

 [aberry] footforward honest thoughts are we there by the first or still 30 days away

 [footforward] aberry im not sure by the first, but something has to give here at some point

 [ok rocks] footforward its nuts... thought for sure this would have been done long ago... everyday its just crazier.. have no idea what to even look for now... only wait it out

 [footforward] ok rocks thats why we pray

  [ok rocks] footforward yes but I dont pray for what is already promised :) I give thanks and pray for serenity in the mean time lol

 [footforward] ok rocks im with you there my friend

  [cowboyforkids] footforward can u explain how Iraq currency is or was at 1400 to 1 the other day

 [aberry] footforward ok thanks hate to put you on the spot but would have thought something would have allready gave

 [footforward] aberry you and me both...

 [Bigdogone] footforward Have you heard about the fmc1 packages being sent out by marshals for post?

 [footforward] Bigdogone i hear that one all the time. im not a believer in those

  [cowboyforkids] footforward can u explain how Iraq currency is or was at 1400 to 1 the other day

  [footforward] cowboyforkids on a sight somewhere?

 [cowboyforkids] footforward I thought I read it in article could be wrong

 [footforward] cowboyforkids what you see on the CBI and what is going on in the streets of iraq are much different. could be reflecting what the street value is of the dinar. but it will continue to plummet on the streets.  until the rv

 [Bigdogone] footforward Just curious---on The Big Call--Since the numbers changed---How come no Q and A?

 [footforward] Bigdogone just havent had time to do any lately. either ive had other plans or bruce has had other calls

 [ok rocks] Euro Zone, IMF Reach Deal on Long-Term Greek Debt: http://www.cnbc.com/id/49971387

   [footforward] ok rocks watch for something to come out tomorrow saying that they agreed on the frame work but have yet to work out the "details"

 ok rocks] footforward yikes... they keep doing that...

 [footforward] ok rocks i know. its not just by chance

 [Expendable3] BluWolf claims Prosperity Packages are already on the desks of many banks

 [ [Expendable3] April 10th, 2012

 [footforward] Expendable3 im just someone who doesnt believe in them.. id gladly be wrong

  [ok rocks] footforward ok i have noticed a pattern... so now what is next in that pattern? rv?

  [footforward] ok rocks ok rocks that would break the pattern but that part hasl to come at some point

 [intheriver] Foot do you think O's recent trip to Asia was connected in any way to the RV

 [footforward] intheriver i personally dont

 [intheriver] footforward okay...thanks

 [footforward] here is something else

 [footforward] i have reason to believe that hilary would not step down until this was done

 [footforward] anyone happen to notice when she's stepping down?

 [footforward] ;)

 [paradisegirl] footforward isn't it January?

 [911GTS] one year

 [intheriver] Febuary

 [Paladin] . . . . and the next UN meeting on Iraq is January 20

 [911GTS] march

 [Expendable3] Next Jan no doubt lol

 [911GTS] may

 [footforward] paradisegirl sure is!

 [footforward] 911GTS jan

 [footforward] 911GTS know when the marshall plan ends?

 [footforward] ;)

 [911GTS] may

 [911GTS] june

 [footforward] 911GTS january

  [paradisegirl] footforward I remember she said she would not be there when O's 2nd term started, which is Jan 21st

  [ok rocks] footforward this month I think...

 [intheriver] Why do you have reason to believe the RV will happen before she steps down?

  [paradisegirl] footforward Dec 31st?

  [footforward] intheriver something a little birdy told me a long time ago

 [footforward] paradisegirl jan 2013 the marshall plan is supposed to be over

 [intheriver] footforward awesome

 [ok rocks] footforward I thought for sure it was before that ... this month or Dec...

 [paradisegirl] footforward do you have any info that Obama is trying to delay this until 2013 since he is trying to up the taxes on "the rich"??

 [footforward] ok rocks either way its coming up soon. thats my point

 [ok rocks] footforward true enough

 [footforward] paradisegirl i dont worry about obama. i pray for him and trust God to do what is best for us

 [dsatmhk7] Soon is what I need; was hoping for Christmas $$

 [Expendable3] They can retro taxes no biggie

 [Truscot] paradisegirl I doubt he will have any luck raising the capital gaines rate

 [paradisegirl] Truscot hope you are correct and that our blessing will fall under the IRS rules for capital gains

 [ok rocks] footforward believe there are many things that need to be taken care of BEFORE Jan

 [footforward] i dont worry about the taxes honestly. i pray. its more effective

 [footforward] ok rocks as do i.

 [Truscot] FF I believe free will is God's second greatest gift to us. Unfortunately, I am afraid that we have free willed ourselves into a heap of trouble

 [footforward] so someone will have to ask bgg about his no banning policy lol. i guess it only applies to people who arent insane

 [paradisegirl] footforward not worried about it, just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, if that is at all possible. God is in control, amen

 [footforward] Truscot i agree with you on the first part but i know prayer changes things

 [footforward] Truscot and i know not everyone voted the same

 [Truscot] FF I cant argue that point and wouldnt want to, I certainly dont pretend to know God's will, but I sure dont have ANY clue what he has in mind lol

 [footforward] Truscot i dont claim to know either but id like to think i have a handle on God's nature and know he moves when people pray

 [keiji] footforward do you still beleive this can happen anytime or is there a delay? It's been super quiet lately.

  [footforward] keiji i still believe it can go any time

 [inwest] Footforward do you think there is anything that needs to be done before the RV can happen?

 [footforward] inwest yes but anything that has to happen is being taken care of behind the sceens. we arent waiting for anything in iraq. i can tell you that

 [inwest] thank you

 [keiji] footforward have you been getting good positive intel?

 [footforward] keiji what i have been getting has been positive yes

  [dsatmhk7] footforward - did you ever hear what happened when it didn't go thru on Sat. a couple weeks ago? The things that need to be done can't be huge, can they?

  [footforward] dsatmhk7 depends how you define huge. we have a couple of pieces that need to fall into place but that can be done in a second. i havent gotten the additional info ive been after yet

  [footforward] keiji keiji my main contact was busy having a life the last week. i know....the nerve lol

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - sounds good - let's get those seconds moving son!

 [ok rocks] footforward what about the VND showing with foreign currency not USD? a glitch or a sign?

 [Bigdogone] footforward--Hopefully you will have more on the big Call tomorrow night!

 [keiji] footforward lol, just RV so we can all have a life

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 im all for that

  [footforward] ok rocks its not something i pay much attention to. its like when the dinar shows up on these public sights. it doesnt mean anything

 [footforward] keiji that works too

 [ok rocks] footforward ok ty

  [footforward] just dont give up guys.  we have come this far...we might as well get er done

 [dsatmhk7] If it was supposed to happen already, that's where I get confused. How in the world can it take this much longer, and what in the world is keeping it from happening, when obviously it isn't Iraq

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 its like having your kids birthday party. lets say you had a party planned outside but the day of a hurricane came through. would you still have your party on that day?

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - oooooookkkkkk ;)

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 does that make sense?

footforward] dsatmhk7 or you plan a trip but you got a flat tire and you dont have a spare..

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - yes and no - this has been rehearsed over and over........but when the storm passes, you have the party - OR - you get another tire! Solve the issues and bring it on!

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 they are working on that

 [hub] footforward economic laws teach us that certain fundamentals have to prevail unless an artificially manipualted situation occures, and in this case , i dont think iraq can do much manilipulation, it has to happen very soon, in order for the iraqi economy to survive and be in stride with the world global trade economy,

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - I have learned in all my years to never let anything steal my JOY, but.............that doesn't mean that the circumstances don't affect my happiness :)

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 i know how you feel.  im not happy with the situation currently either

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - as long as we know that the RIGHT forces are ready to git 'r dun!

 footforward] dsatmhk7 they are. and they are trying. its why we need to buckle down and keep praying

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - that's a definite, don't worry

 [Bigdogone] footforward AMEN!

 [SassyDinar] footforward - Hey there, good to see you here . . . Question for you ... Have you heard anything regarding the US Treasury notes?

 [footforward] SassyDinar no, but i think its going to be a while before we see them. dont ask me for sure how long a while is. i think they will be phased in over time

 [Mitzi] footforward sorry I just got here, did you say gonna RV before 2013 maybe, please

 [lovely] Delta just said between now and feb. 23th. 2013

 [Expendable3] The GOI has no affect over the RV. The HCL is done and if it is not they can use the old one while they work on the new one.

 [footforward] Expendable3 its true

 [hub] a country expecting to pump 10,000,000 barrels of oil in 4 years with a worthless money supply, i dont think so

 [footforward] hub i dont think so either.  its funny-people seem to think they can thrive with a worthless currency.  Ok, why have they not thrived at all in the last 10 years?

 [hub] footforward nothing to thrive on...........

 BULLY! BULLY!] Its not worthless, why do people say that?

 [hub] eatin rocks is not romantic

 [hub] BULLY! BULLY! because it is

 [dsatmhk7] I thought this wasn't "about" Iraq? A global reset?

 [SassyDinar] footforward - thanks, I've heard diff scenerio's, month or two after RV, and I've also heard at same time as RV, guess it will be what it is when it happens . . . lol

 [cowboyforkids] footforward in recaps their gdp was a 10.5 better then any other country with that currency

 [footforward] BULLY! BULLY! because its basically worthless

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 its not about iraq

 [footforward] SassyDinar i heard the space ships were coming too lol

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - OK – TY

 [SassyDinar] footforward - lol yep, heard that too lol

  [footforward] cowboyforkids well thats misleading because they are talking about the USD. not the dinar

 [hub] the question to claify the question, is would you invest in iraqi dinar if you did not think you could make a million on a thousand

 [cowboyforkids] footforward but the country can move on with the usd

 footforward] cowboyforkids until the USD dies

 [hub] cowboyforkids our money is not their money.................

 [BULLY! BULLY!] Here's an example... you can buy a big box of laundry detergent that does 200 loads or a little bottle of concentrated detergent that does 200 loads....

 [hub] the question to claify the question, is would you invest in iraqi dinar if you did not think you could make a million on a thousand

 [footforward] hub i wouldnt

 [cowboyforkids] hub it may not be but I am saying the country is moving with that money right now, and what makes them have to quit using it

 [Expendable3] The RV is done, everything is done except for this going live. This is ready to go.

 [dsatmhk7] They want to grow............can they pay the foreign contractors in dinar?

 [SassyDinar] hub - yes, I've been in since 2005 and initially the speculation was as Iraq rebuilt, the dinar would increase in value, I initially planned to start cashing in when it hit .50

 [hub] SassyDinar there you go..........perfect example

 [hopeful2&2] Expendable3 it is done

 [BULLY! BULLY!] Hub sorry I'm old school lol

 [hardtorecall] hopeful2&2 I knew that was coming! lol lol

 [hub] BULLY! BULLY! i am old school, could you spell louder , i cant hear you....................

 [footforward] hub can you hear me now?

 [footforward] hub poo


 [footforward] that didnt work

 [charps84] footforward Good to see you in here.

 [hub] footforward yes, go ahead..................hehehehe

 [Expendable3] I need a drink

  [SassyDinar] Expendable3 - are you passing those drinks around . . . I need a few over here please lol

 [Expendable3] SassyDinar :drink: :drink:

 [SassyDinar] Ahhhhh, thank you!!!

 [footforward] we are supposed to drink AFTER the rv lol

 [hub] any country that uses the usd as a currency will never be their own country, they have to have a currency that is Iraq, they produce more exportable product than most countries on the earth, now why would they want the dollar, their currency historically has been in the top valued money for a long time prior to hussien, why would they not want the same now?

  [footforward] hub you are starting to sound like me lol. careful. that will get you banned in certain chat rooms lol

 [hub] footforward already have..................................hahahhahahaha

  [intheriver] footforward lol

 [BULLY! BULLY!] Foot what do you think about the scenario that this was to go last year then the fight over millionaire taxes and however it was put on hold somehow. Now that o has another 4 and the republicans are gonna have to play ball as soon as o's taxes pass we will see it and that won't be before the new year.

  [hub] footforward go to the britannica 1955 version, the dinar was $2.55 in 1955

 [footforward] BULLY! BULLY! i agree with the first part of that, but i dont think its just because of the taxes

 [Expendable3] So we have to accept taxes on the job makers business owners to get an RV? Lol

 [footforward] hub you keep sounding like me lol

 [rider460] hub you are my horse even if you nev er win a race

 [hub] rider460 just gimmy some oats..................hehehhehehe

 [911GTS] congress can't figure out the taxes we have now, let alone pass a new tax

 [hub] footforward i have a few interesting conversations in here , to say the least, people dont even pay attention to me anymore................hehehe

 [footforward] hub lhub ol. people dont pay attention to me much anymore either lol

 [BULLY! BULLY!] Yes I'm sure you are right about that, not JUSTabout taxes

 [Ram1] footforward are you still thinking double digits?

 [footforward] Ram1 ya i am i cant explain why..

 [BULLY! BULLY!] Foot but what about not until the new year?

 [footforward] BULLY! BULLY! i dont think it will be that long

 [Ram1] footforward that's ok with me

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - just ONE day to shop would be wonderful!!

  [BULLY! BULLY!] That would be nice

  [keiji] footforward Tony seemed to indicate he thinks by Friday(end of month). Do you think it's a good possibility? TY

 [footforward] keiji its possible yes

 keiji] footforward good possibility? :) :)

 [footforward] keiji im hesitatnt to say any specific date, but again...something has to give here

 [footforward] keiji yw. im not trying to dance around it. it just should be done already

 [keiji] footforward I know, it just seems that all positive intel has dried up and looking for a little hopium.

 [footforward] keiji there just isnt anything new in terms of intel.. but put it this way. i wake up every day expecting to see something happen

 [dsatmhk7] footforward - just know that you are waking up with company around the globe :)

 [Sparkles] dsatmhk7 yes expect it everyday

 [footforward] dsatmhk7 i do know that :)  i have to run for a bit… ya'll hang in there

  [dsatmhk7] footforward - thanks!!!

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