Wednesday, November 28, 2012


flashing] BAGHDAD – World Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, Tuesday, that the budget for next year 2013 will be the new currency after deleting three zeros from the current currency, arguing that the reluctance of traders and companies from trading in the Iraqi currency behind the
adoptionof the Cen
[flashing] Central Bank project to delete the zeros. Said committee member Najia Najib said in an interview for “Alsumaria News” that “the budget next year will see a deal in the new currency after deleting three zeros
[flashing] from the current currency,” indicating that “the process of switching the currency and delete the zeros will take nearly two years after the preparations for the process, which began over a year ago
[3than] flashing do you think they might just drop the zeros and not change the actual rate?
[flashing] 3than i think i answered ur question this morning. How u balance abudget with a deficit of 20 trillions dinars.
[ [3than] flashing yeah you did, thanks!
[flashing] The answer that “the Council of Ministers approved during a meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank on the project to delete the zeros and switch Iraqi currency after deciding earlier to wait the project as a result of the high price of the dollar in the local markets over the past months,”
[flashing] noting that “the project to delete the zeros and the currency exchange aims to restructuring of the Iraqi currency and a way that is consistent with doing business in Iraq, internally and externally. “
[flashing] She stressed that “the Finance Committee and the central bank agreed at its last meeting to be next year as the date to start deleting zeros and be balanced in 2013 in the new currency only if there is an obstacle transmitting without it,” emphasizing “the need to support the
[Stitch] flashing ty
[flashing] government and parliament of the project to restructure the Iraqi currency.”
[flashing] Naguib considered that “the reluctance of traders and companies for the use of the Iraqi currency and trading may push the central bank to adopt the project to delete the zeros”, stressing that “this project would reform the system of currency management and ease of use.”
[sandytob] flashing hi. so maybe this is all done. They have already printed that currency from what I have heard…and now they are announcing it.
[flashing] sandytob agreed . they were using a british company for such purposes.
[findmoney] International trade is really nothing more than bartering. You got Oil, I got Wheat lets do business
[flashing] sandytob They are giving us a lot of hints about our current position regarding the rv.
[Stash] flashing I missed most of that….does that mean that 1 million dinar will be worth $10,000.00
[sandytob] Stash no, this is not a lop
[sandytob] flashing so here’s what I think this means. Iraq was completely ready. But now the PTB are willing to let the global reset go and therefore Iraq can make these announcements as if they just decided.
[flashing] sandytob could be
[flashing] Stash for me that means they have something hidden and budget figures are not reliable.
[Stash] Ok thanks you all
[Stash] Ok thanks you all
[flashing] sandytob could be
[sandytob] flashing not a lop. the new currency is just to make the currency more usable.
[flashing] sandytob i never said it is going to be a lop
[sandytob] flashing oh, what were you referring to when you just said, “could be”?
[flashing] sandytob whe u said iraq can make these announcements

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